Biden approaches insurmountable lead in the presidential Dem race

Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont practiced social removal by waving goodbye in Sunday’s debate. Photo: courtesy AP Lesbian political commentator Rachel Maddow put tough democratic presidential competition in tough and blunt terms on Tuesday night. He did so after it was thought that former Vice President Joseph […]

Self-driving Uber cars are returning to San Francisco

Self-driving Uber car in Pittsburgh So far, Uber has only resumed autonomous driving with its newly converted SUVs to a very limited extent. (Photo: AP) San Francisco About tests his robot cars for the first time in years in his hometown San Francisco. Initially, only two vehicles should be on the road in autonomous operation […]

HIV: Second patient worldwide is considered cured

WWhen something is done a second time, it’s usually not a big deal. Repetitions are not records and are therefore rather boring. It is different with the recurrence case, which doctors now present in the specialist journal “The Lancet”: they have managed to free the world’s second HIV-positive person from the virus. According to the […]