the grand restaurant is the cuban sandwich

In a professional life become routine, chef Carl Casper (Jon Favreau), tries to overcome when it comes to dinner, in the school of Los Angeles, the food critic who makes the rain and the good weather on restaurants in the city. It is straining. Furious, he invites its author to come back but is forced by the owner of the restaurant to offer a classic card, it cannot serve the dishes already mocked it. Casper takes it strongly to the criticism and the dispute made the rounds of social networks which it does not control the use. On a whim, he moved to Miami, where it all began : his vocation of leader, and his marriage with his ex-wife whom he remains close, the birth of his son, that he gave… There, he invents a new life as a chef aboard a truck with the street food.

After some of the blockbusters (the series of Iron Man and Avengers, and more recently The Mandalorian), Jon Favreau returns to independent film with #Chief he is the screenwriter, the director and leading actor. He is the embodiment of a fallen man back to the heights by a circuitous route, a father who reconnects a beautiful relationship with her child, a leader who finds the basics after being lost in a kitchen too sophisticated.

Beautiful relationships between the characters

Built in part on the elaboration of dishes, filmed in tight shots to put the water at the mouth of the viewer, the film will rejoice (or less) the French public with onions that rissolent in close-up, and will perhaps be his enthusiasm with the making of sandwiches, the ” best in the world “. Similarly, the careful observer may raise an eyebrow, puzzled by the serious conflict of interest for a “happy ending” made by the critic. No reservations, however, on the soundtrack latino full of energy, and the beautiful relationships between the characters, the sincerity is undeniable.