The corona crash destroyed 19 trillion euros on the stock exchange

Bull and bear in front of the Frankfurt stock exchange Historically unique losses in global equity markets. (Photo: Oliver Ruether / laif) Dusseldorf The money could be used to repay all of Europe’s public debt, and there would still be five trillion euros left: the 50,805 listed companies worldwide lost 19.4 trillion euros in just […]

These are the considerations of the Dax companies

Dusseldorf Germany’s companies wanted to transfer a dividend of over 45 billion euros to their shareholders after this year’s Annual General Meetings. Actually. The total is calculated from the corresponding proposals of the groups in their business deals for the past year and the annual press conferences. But after Dax– Newbie MTU has announced that, […]

What challenges founders are now facing

SAP co-founder Dietmar Hopp The patron of the Bundesliga soccer team TSG Hoffenheim and major shareholder of the pharmaceutical company Curevac has been committed to charitable causes for years. (Photo: dpa) Frankfurt As a major shareholder of the biotech company Curevac, Dietmar Hopp has given many people hope to be able to deliver a vaccine […]

How a billion dollar bet by Ray Dalio made profits in the Dax

Ray Dalio The Bridgewater boss speculated on falling prices with comparatively stable Dax values. (Photo: Reuters) Dusseldorf Hedge fund Bridgewater contributed its billion dollar bet on falling stock prices Dax– Companies significantly reduced. That goes from the information of the “Federal Gazette” and the corresponding database of the Handelsblatt forth. As a result, the world’s […]

China gives the world economy new hope

Düsseldorf, Beijing Masks and face masks, virus tests and respirators: China supplies large quantities of equipment for the fight against the coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 all over the world. Chinese medical teams are also on the way to help countries from Italy to Iraq to fight the epidemic. While the US is dealing with the crisis itself, […]

Candied bodies # 1: shaking with David Wampach

Is it because this enthusiastic Cévenol practices every day, and sometimes for an entire hour, the whimsical and too little-known art of body shaking that David Wampach has become the best dancer in the world (or at least in the Gard community)? His “shaking“Bypassed the” booty “zone to wake up the whole body and prepare […]

Respirators from the car factory? Dräger doubts it

Hamburg A few days ago, US President Donald Trump staged his first major press conference on the corona crisis as a joint action: among other things, he met with the heads of the GoogleParent company alphabet and the dealer Walmart and praised the efforts of US companies to help the state fight the virus. Chancellor […]