Coronavirus that is causing a pandemic has eight species – World

Intelligent virus “is just a metaphor for the director general of Health, Gra├ža Freitas. What scientists discover with their sequencing machines, the size of a desktop printer, turns out to be much more prosaic: the SARS-Cov genome -2 has about 30 thousand base pairs of nucleic acid and variations in only eleven pairs identify, for […]

What are the prospects for a Covid-19 treatment? | Science

The anti-malaria drug: chloroquine Chloroquine is an inexpensive and widely available drug that has been used regularly since 1945 against malaria and other conditions and can be safely taken by pregnant women and children. Laboratory studies have found that the antiviral drug was effective against coronavirus, at least in one Petri dish, and the results […]

The corona pandemic shows the aesthetics of resistance

The varnish of human civilization history is also a kind of armor – over thousands of years old. One would think that it protects us from irrational panic for a while, when an oil, financial, trade or political crisis shakes the planet again. In my case, a visit to the supermarket in Corona times was […]

Coronavirus arrests punch the Chinese economic gut

SHANGHAI – Commercial activity in China became largely negative for the first time when home sales, construction activity, retail sales and industrial production plunged, pushing unemployment to a record high, signs of the expensive economic damage associated with trying to control the spread of coronavirus. Taken together, the data, which dates back to the first […]

Antibody to corona had been in the freezer for years

Dutch virologists were the first in the world to make a targeted antibody against the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 that blocks the virus. This antibody can potentially be used as a drug against Covid-19, but it can also be used in a rapid diagnostic test for the infection. The discovery of the antibody is a first […]

The EU plans to ban entry to its borders, but barriers are rising within the blockade

BRUSSELS – The European Union has stepped up its battle against the new coronavirus, unveiling a plan to ban non-essential travel to most of the blockade, but EU-wide efforts face decreasing support among members more focused on national well-being . On Monday, President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen proposed a 30-day ban […]

Spanish SARS-CoV-2 mutates less than influenza

Snic Agency Madrid Updated:03/16/2020 15:12 save Related news The coronavirus is mutating in Spain but no more no less than in other countries. Analysis of the first genome sequence of a coronavirus isolated of a Spanish patient still does not reveal information about whether aggressiveness is changing, virulence or transmission patterns of the virus. Research […]

Hospitals push surgery to make room for coronavirus patients

Hospitals that are preparing for an influx of coronavirus patients are canceling some surgeries and shifting routine care to virtual visits, an effort to make room for those critically ill and prevent infections as the global pandemic spreads wide. national. An increasing number of hospitals, including Brigham and Boston Women’s Hospital, the New York Presbyterian, […]