The Ministry of communications has issued a schedule of the export flight prior to July 1,:: Society :: RBC

The Ministry has published the schedule of export of flights from 20 June to 1 July. It is housed in the Ministry of Telegram channel for the removal of the Russians from abroad in connection with the pandemic coronavirus.

The date of the 32 planned flight. On 20 June the Russians evacuated from Osh (Kyrgyzstan), Ho Chi Minh city (Vietnam) and Tashkent. The next day scheduled flight to Moscow from Bishkek, Chisinau and Belgrade and from Tashkent to Ekaterinburg.

June 22 will be five flights on route Phuket — Novosibirsk — Moscow — Saint-Petersburg, Bangkok — Novosibirsk — Moscow — Petersburg, Larnaca, Moscow, Dushanbe — Novosibirsk — Ekaterinburg and tel Aviv — Moscow.

The Russian Embassy reported cases of foreigners for export from USA

On June 23, scheduled flights from Tehran to Moscow from Tashkent to St. Petersburg with transfer in Moscow, and also two flights from Yerevan to Kaluga and Voronezh. On June 24 scheduled flights Hong Kong — Vladivostok and Yerevan — Rostov-on-don.


Phase 2: return to school in Valle d’Aosta, also from May – Valle d’Aosta

At the exam of the Executive. Councilor, particular region conditions

The Valle d’Aosta regional council is examining a “return plan” to schools which does not exclude the return to class in May and throughout June, but which also looks to September. The councilor for education Chantal Certan reiterated that “the social aspect and the role of the school must be taken into account for the families who have to leave”. “I don’t know the situations of schools in other regions – he added – but in Valle d’Aosta 80% of the classes (or 820 out of over 1,100) have less than 20 pupils, there are mountain schools with a teacher-pupil ratio from one to three to one to five. The conditions are particular, therefore it is possible to plan to return with reduced hours and numbers. In this regard, a first draft of the Return Plan, with a health protocol, is under examination by the Government regional”.
“We believe that doing this type of work – said the President of the Region, Renzo Testolin – can be positive in order not to find ourselves late, even if the opening will be in September. A process of discussion and sharing with the school leaders and with local authorities “.