House on fire dies woman,serious daughter – the Last Hour

(ANSA) – PALERMO, jan 14 – A woman of 79 years, Francesca
Maria Acanfora, is dead this night in Palermo in a fire
broke out in an apartment on the ninth floor of a building on via
Pacinotti 19, a residential area of the city. In the fire is
was severely burned also the daughter of the victim, and
it was transported to the civic hospital. In the course of the
rescue operations are also nine police officers were
intoxicated and transported code yellow to the hospital.

The alarm went off shortly after 5, when the neighbors
have been woken up by the smoke that had invaded the stairs, and that
came from the house where there lived two women. Five
teams of firefighters entered the place they are still
working to secure the building. All condos
were evicted in anticipation of the verification of occupancy of the
palace. Among the hypothesis of the fire brigade, there is the
short-circuit of the electrical system, but also a cigarette
forgotten turned on.