thousands of fans pay for Ankama to produce a new season

It’s crazy total ! “Matthieu Levisse did not return. Not more than the employees roubaisiens of Ankama. Since Monday, the counter, monte, monte. On Wednesday morning, 8 168 fans of Wakfu have already given away nearly 675 000 euros for a new season of the animated series may see the light of day. ” It is incredibly touching, this is love “, quickens the marketing director of the company, which shares its activity between animation and video games as with Dofus. ” Wakfu, this is our baby, a member of our family !

However, a new season means the day was not obvious, far from it. In 2008, France Télévisions will broadcast the first season of the cartoon born from the imagination of Tot – Anthony Roux, co-founder of Ankama. But with the time, the characters have grown up, matured, and did not fit in the box youth. For season 3,” Netflix has worked with us on a half-season. It was thought that this was going super well, it has not been the case. “Big disappointment for Ankama, which despite the insistence of the community, has struggled to revive themselves on this project, mainly for reasons of financial.

“To make an animated series, it takes huge amounts ! “

No diffuser, which is financing part of the investment, this means no public support from the CNC. Gold” to make an animated series, there must be huge amounts. ” A episode, it is 300 000 euros. Multiplied by thirteen,” it is expensive “. For a long time reluctant, Ankama has finally yielded to the call of the crowd-funding wanted by his fans.

A project Kickstarter was launched on Monday, with of course rewards for the backers. It provides that Ankama is committed to produce three episodes as soon as the first level of 100 000 euros has been reached, each additional tier of 100, 000 euros for unlocking one more episode.

Things are so well under way, and we can glimpse the writing and then the production of future series, in Roubaix and Paris. But this does not resolve everything. By 29 June, the end of this crowdfunding, Ankama, which will assume the major part of the cost of production, will account and will measure what it is possible to do. Find a diffuser is still required. ” The first two seasons have spent ten years to become profitable
! “With the help of his community, Ankama hopes to force the destiny for the new season.


suspension of relegation to Amiens and Toulouse, the season will not resume

The Council of State has suspended the June 9, the relegation of Amiens, and Toulouse in the second division, and dismissed the action brought by Lyon to resume the season 2019-2020 football, stopped in the face of the sars coronavirus. According to the press release of the proceedings, the judge hearing the application “valid to the end of the season and the standings but suspends the relégations “.

→ THE DEBATE. Coronavirus : stop, or even to professional football ?

The magistrate also enjoins the professional football League (LFP), in connection with the French football Federation (FFF), to review, by June 30, 2020, the question of the format of the League 1 for the next fiscal year, which could play to 22 teams instead of 20 currently.

The supreme administrative court gave reason to the clubs in Amiens, and Toulouse, who sought to challenge a demotion “arbitrary “ and “unfair “then they had nine days to play to try to maintain themselves on the land.

No resumption of the championship or the play-offs

But for Lyon, which called for the resumption of the season or, failing that, a “white season “ retaining the european qualifications of the previous year, it is a defeat. The judge validated the decision to stop the championship recognised by the board of directors of the LFP on April 30, as well as the final standings, to be decided according to a performance index.

The president of the Olympic lyonnais, Jean-Michel Aulas, defended publicly the possibility of resuming the exercise interrupted by means of the play-offs, while Italy, Germany, England and Spain, have taken over or are going to do it. The Council of State has also condemned the club lyonnais to pay 3,000 euros to the LFP with the cost of the procedure.

The demotions are not automatic

If he / she has validated the order of the final classification, the court emphasized that it was not automatic to make demotions. “The decision to proceed with a classification of the championships, League 1 and League 2 will not necessarily, by itself, the relegation to League 2 of the last two of the championship, League 1, not more, moreover, that the accession in Ligue 1 the first two of League 2 “is it written in the ordinance. The relegation of the two clubs also leads to a “serious and immediate threat “ to their interests, notes the judge.

This decision increases the risk of upsetting the French football, while the president of the FFF Christmas Graët was harnessed to meet the ups and downs in each division, professional and amateur.


Confcommercio: only 20% of Italians will be able to go on vacation – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, MAY 13 – The tourist season will be all in
lost. Confcommercio said it during the hearing at
Senate Industry Commission explaining that over
the health emergency “there will be the problem of filling the rooms
hotels. “You can go on vacation, except for whom
has second homes, only 20% of Italians. In the field
tourism – explained Alberto Corti, tourism manager
of the association – due to the emergency from Covid, the losses
it could be 120 billion between now and the end of 2020. With the
closure of commercial and tourist activities and the difficult
restart blocked by social distancing against the
contagion from Covid, according to the association, could be
over 400,000 jobs lost. (HANDLE).