Corona virus: Italy shuts down economy

In Rome, a policewoman stands next to a man who fills out a curfew form. Picture: dpa In Italy, companies that do not produce and offer essential goods or services should stop working. Rapidly rising death rates are forcing the EU’s third largest economy to take this step. I.In view of the ever increasing number […]

Ultra Yogurt | TIME ONLINE

content Read on one page content page 1 –Ultra yogurt Page 2 –That is part of being a fan Putting on a face mask before it rings the doorbell is always a strange feeling for Marian Wolff. “But security comes first. I don’t want to put anyone in danger,” he says. Until last week he […]

Mitt Romney and Andrew Yang say they give people money

Instead of talking about automation, I should have been talking about a pandemic. Read: How Andrew Yang’s ideas could survive the 2020 campaign. Adam Harris: These coronavirus closures will put many Americans in financially precarious situations. Does a one-time injection of money help? Or is it something that needs to be continuous? Andrew Yang: It […]

New scam through the corona virus

I.You can usually set the clock according to when fraudsters sense their great chance. For example, when there were several evacuations in the Rhine-Main area two years ago because of unexploded bombs from the Second World War, criminals reported to the elderly and pretended that an aerial bomb had also been found in their neighborhood. […]

Catherine Mavrikakis, in the footsteps of Anne Frank

Published on : 03/12/2020 – 21:35 Catherine Mavrikakis was born in Chicago to a French mother and a Greek father who grew up in Algeria. University student in Montreal, essayist, playwright, she is also the author of several fictions. His new novel “L’Annex”, a very literary tribute to Anne Frank’s journal, is published in France […]

Polars under the sign of the swastika

For the past fifteen years, Eric Giacometti and Jacques Ravenne have been the delighted creators of Antoine Marcas, Freemason curator who, according to his investigations (sold over two and a half million copies in France!), S ” specializes in the fight against the dark forces and secret societies of all persuasions, as evidenced by the […]

Another love in the “Land of others”

It all started in 1944, when Mathilde met Amine. The Moroccan regiment was stationed in the village of Alsacienne, a few kilometers from Mulhouse, and the young woman had served as a guide for the soldier who was waiting to leave for the East. Mathilde was not particularly pretty, very tall, taller than he, with […]

A fairy tale from military psychology

Could it be that some soldiers are too inhibited to shoot the enemy? The British-American sociologist Michael Mann questions myths about military psychology. ,

How the Tupper share keeps falling

es started with buckets of paint. Their lids were the inspiration for the chemist Earl Tupper to develop airtight plastic storage jars for the household. This should help families in the period after the Second World War to keep their food fresh longer and thus save money. The first products came on the market in […]