Coronavirus: Trump extends entry stop for Europeans

foreign countries USA extend entry freeze Trump speaks of “milestone” and talks about the head and collar of South Korea Status: 08:31 a.m. | Reading time: 5 minutes Trump extends the corona measures The new type of corona virus spreads to other parts of the USA. The city of New York was particularly badly hit. […]

Corona strategy: the fatal problem of the Germans with the masks

Culture Corona strategy The fatal problem of the Germans with the masks As of: 4:33 p.m. | Reading time: 4 minutes “We try to produce 100,000 masks a week” As a result of the corona virus pandemic, the sporting goods and leisure fashion manufacturer Trigema is converting a large part of its production to respiratory […]

Photo: how coronavirus has upset life in six places around the world

It often seems that the world is shrinking, that almost all of us are interconnected, our different cultures linked by things from Internet memes to the latest Netflix movie. But for generations nothing has tied the world as much as the coronavirus pandemic. It quickly became a common language: fear, helplessness, empty and unnerving streets, […]

Flights canceled, flying half empty on the fears of viruses

As a passenger seated on a budget, perhaps on a flight to Los Angeles or en route to London, the chances of landing a seat that turns into a full line lies somewhere between thin to none. But the industry has entered an unexplored phase that is perhaps not seen since 9/11 when global air […]

Across Asia, race to strengthen face mask supplies

(MENAFN – Gulf Times) In a mask factory just outside the South Korean capital of Seoul, workers churn out 300,000 masks a day – and that’s still not enough. Last year the Icheon CNTUS-Sungjin Co Ltd manufacturing center produced 30-minute masks. Amid this year’s coronavirus epidemic, it produced 19 million in January and February alone. […]

Kim sends “heal soon” wishes south

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has sent a letter expressing hope for South Korea to overcome a coronavirus outbreak, says the office of President Moon Jae-in, while the South is fighting the largest outbreak of the disease outside outside of China. The exchanges of the two sides almost stopped after the closure of the northern […]

Within the secret cult of South Korea that spreads the coronavirus epidemic

It is the secret cult of South Korea, whose leader claims to be the envoy of Jesus Christ on earth and whose followers with coronavirus infection have incubated more than half of the country’s 4330 known cases. The mysterious Shincheonji Church of Jesus, which has hundreds of Australian devotees, is led by 88-year-old Lee Man-hee. […]

The outbreak of the coronavirus leaves tourist attractions strangely empty

At any other time these famous attractions would be crowded with tourists, but the fear of the spread of the coronavirus has left them deserted. Some of these must-see places, such as in Milan and Hanoi, have been abandoned by tourists who tried to avoid the possible spread of the killer disease. Others, such as […]

Unidentified bullets fired, says the South Korean army

North Korea fired two unidentified bullets from a coastal area as it resumed demonstrations of weapons following a months hiatus. The launch took place two days after the North Korean state media stated that leader Kim Jong-un oversaw an artillery exercise aimed at testing the readiness for combat of frontline and eastern units. Seoul’s Chief […]

The Indonesian embassy in Seoul suspends operations as COVID-19 – World cases increase

The offices of the Indonesian Embassy and the Indonesian Investment Promotion Center (IIPC) in Seoul were temporarily closed on Friday due to concerns about the coronavirus following reports of a COVID-19 case in nearby Yeouido. The Indonesian embassy complex and IIPC office are located a short distance from Yeouido, Seoul’s main financial and investment district, […]