what end of season for european football?

While UEFA intends to end the current football season, suspended because of the coronavirus pandemic, several scenarios are emerging to organize the resumption of the main European championships, according to the countries concerned. Obviously behind closed doors.

Fans in need of football are getting impatient and clubs fear the financial consequences of the competition paralysis due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It was in this climate that UEFA issued a “strong recommendation” on Tuesday 21 April to close the national championships and the continental tournaments, while suggesting a resumption schedule.

“A variety of scheduling options” for national and European club competitions were presented in a telephone meeting with the 55 member federations, the UEFA press release said. The latter also excluded the question of outright cancellation of the championships. According to sources cited by AFP, the European confederation could recommend, Thursday, April 23, at the meeting of its executive committee, to finish national competitions at the latest in early August, in order to be able to compete in the Champions League, suspended at stage of the 8th finals, during the month of August.

In an interview published Monday by the Italian daily newspaper Corriere della sera, UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin, said the European championships were ready to resume behind closed doors to limit the financial crisis, which is looming for many clubs. “It is too early to say that we cannot finish the season. The impact would be terrible for clubs and championships. It is better to play behind closed doors than not at all,” he said.

However, UEFA has no authority to impose its agenda and calendar on the National Leagues. If in the Netherlands, the Dutch Football Federation (KNVB) announced on Tuesday that “the professional football commission intends not to continue playing the 2019/20 competition”, the resumption of the main European championships seems to clarify.

A resumption of Ligue 1 scheduled for mid-June

In France, where the deconfinement of the population is scheduled for May 11, two recovery scenarios are favored by the Professional Football League (LFP), according to the newspaper L’Équipe. The more plausible of the two calendars envisaged fixes the resumption on June 17, date on which would be played the 29th day of a Ligue 1, which would conclude, during the 38th and last day, during the weekend of July 25. For the national cups, the final of the Coupe de la Ligue would take place on June 27, and that of the Coupe de France on July 11. Always behind closed doors, even if this idea provokes the ire of the majority of groups of supporters of French clubs.

Only certainty, the working group of the LFP, which met Tuesday to discuss the “recovery scenarios”, postponed the idea of ​​a white season, that is to say outright cancellation of the current exercise (defended by Olympique Lyonnais and Toulouse FC), if the championship does not resume. A decision that should relieve the supporters of OM and Stade Rennais, respectively 2nd and 3rd in the ranking, behind the untouchable Parisian leader, and allow them to continue dreaming of a qualification for the Champions League next season .

It remains, however, to convince the main parties concerned, namely the players and the refereeing corps to return to the pitch. According to a consultation launched by the National Union of Professional Footballers (UNFP), a majority of players refuse to replay without health guarantee.

In a column published on April 20 by Le Monde, UNFP co-president Sylvain Kastendeuch, said that a recovery would be “hasty and dangerous” and argued in favor of stopping the competitions. “The economic emergency must not take precedence over the public health imperative,” he said.

Premier League delays, La Liga eager to resume

In England, the Premier League clubs, which met by videoconference on Friday, are procrastinating. If they intend to play the entire championship, promised to Liverpool, leader with 25 points ahead of its runner-up Manchester City (with a late match) nine days before the end, the clubs have still not set a date of recovery. Sky Sports says the season could not resume until June 8, as the UK extended its confinement until May 7. The scenario envisioned would be to finish the season in five weeks. A new meeting between Premier League residents is scheduled for May 1.

In Spain, one of the countries most affected by the Covid-19 with Italy, La Liga and the Federation have agreed to bring the 2019-2020 season to a close. According to the sports daily AS, the recovery would take place on the weekend of June 5 or 12. At a press conference held on April 7, Javier Tebas, the boiling president of La Liga, expressed the wish to resume competition on “May 28-29, June 6-7 or June 28 “.

However, the Spanish Minister of Culture and Sports José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes warned on Tuesday night on Cope radio that the resumption of sports competitions in the country and in particular the football championship would be determined by his health counterpart. And this, while the Liga clubs hoped for a return to training from May 4.

In the event of non-recovery, the Iberian Federation has indicated that it will use the current classification to freeze its classification, and the last full day carried out by the 20 clubs. In this specific case, FC Barcelona, ​​leader of the classification, Real Madrid, dolphin of the Catalans with two points behind, FC Sevilla, 3rd, and Real Sociedad, 4th, would be qualified for the Champions League.

Lat Series A in favor of a takeover, the Bundesliga already ready to take the plunge

On the Italian side, which has registered more than 24,000 deaths linked to Covid-19, the Professional Football League announced on Tuesday that the Serie A clubs are unanimously ready to resume the championship. Suspended since March 9, the championship is hotly contested this season, with Juventus leading by just one point ahead of Lazio after 26 games played.

The League, however, clarified that the recovery can only be effective “if the government authorizes the development, in full compliance with standards of health and safety protection”.

The Italian federation was to present, Wednesday, the medical protocol established to allow the resumption of the competition to the Minister of Sports Vincenzo Spadafora. In particular, it provides that players can resume training, in small groups and under strict medical supervision, from May 4, the date on which the government plans to start easing the containment measures imposed since March 10. It would then be a question of resuming the matches at the very end of May or the beginning of June.

Finally, in Germany, where the coronavirus epidemic is “under control”, the Bundesliga, suspended since March 13 and suspended at least until April 30, is ready to resume. The decision to compete for the remaining nine days could be made on Thursday during a videoconference meeting between representatives of the first and second division clubs. While in recent weeks, players from several clubs, including Bayern Munich, have already found their way to training in small groups, the Federation has insisted on the need to resume play to touch the windfall of TV rights. A question of survival according to her for many clubs.

Even if large popular rallies remain banned at least until August 31, Health Minister Jens Spahn said on Tuesday that “with caution, closed games are certainly again possible”. And to add: “For millions of football fans, this would be a return to normal from May 9, even if it is in an empty stadium.”

According to “Bild”, all matches will be played behind closed doors until the end of the season on June 21. Everything seems to indicate that the Bundesliga will be the first major European championship to resume, and to finish a very special season.


Amateur football: “A club like AS Saint-Priest, you can’t shoot it like that!”

Stade Jacques Joly of AS Saint-Priest, March 7. The pennant team (in N2, fourth echelon of French football) narrowly bowed at home against RC Grasse (2-3), and fell to 14e place (out of 16) in the ranking. At this moment, the players do not know it yet, but they have just disputed their last meeting of the season. Worse: this precise defeat condemns them to relegation to national 3, while there are still nine games to play on the calendar. Consequence of the decision made by the French Football Federation (FFF) last Thursday to stop net the amateur championships due to the epidemic of Covid-19, by freezing the classification on the day of the interruption while maintaining the system of three ascent-descent… only for passages from N2 to N3 and vice versa For all other championships, there will only be one ascent, one descent. “I’m scared, it’s an aberration. We add woe to woe ”, fulminates Patrick Gonzalez, president of this popular club in the Lyon suburbs.

Already hard to swallow, the defeat turns to undrinkable. During the first 21 days, Saint-Priest was almost never relegated and had just faced the formations at the top of the table. “The calendar was much more favorable for us then. The following weekend, we played Marignane, one point ahead of us, and we recovered six injured », rages the leader, for whom a white season – the championships purely and simply canceled, with no rise or fall between divisions – would have been more logical. Definitely poissard, AS Saint-Priest: its team B, in regional 2 (7e division), first at the truce, third at the time of the glaciation, will not be promoted.

Sad irony of fate: the leader san-priod had co-written two successive letters at the beginning of the month with Eric Thomas, president of the French Association of Amateur Football (Affa), for the attention of Noël Le Graët, so that several measures are taken in order to best manage the end of the 2019-2020 fiscal year. Approved in the meantime by some 3,000 amateur clubs, the letters went unanswered. “The instances [districts, ligues, fédération, ndlr] never consulted us, castigates Patrick Gonzalez, for five years at the helm of the club. Now we’re going to open the cages, let go of the lions. ”

Three-quarters less employees next season

Such an unexpected descent would be catastrophic for the club. From 1.050 million euros, the budget would drop to around 500,000 euros. A drop of half to be linked with those of the town hall grants (300,000 euros today) and the withdrawal of many sponsors. Without forgetting the aid from the Federation, divided by 4 in the event of demotion (from 35,000 to 8,000 euros, allocated to team travel every weekend).

At the same time, an amateur club like Saint-Priest pays a subscription of 70 euros for each of its 650 licensees, or around 45,000 euros which are found each year in the coffers of the FFF. To this must be added the costs of arbitration (20,000 euros), training, but also fines (around 10,000 per year) … “A large amateur club pays between 80,000 and 100,000 euros a year [à la FFF]”, summarizes Patrick Gonzalez.

If the demotion is activated, the manager will only be able to keep a quarter of the twenty employees currently employed by the association. “We risk stopping training, but also closing sections, teams.” The female structure, strong with 80 people and growing, will also have to review its ambitions. He will no longer be able to pay all of his educators “Who also have training courses which are excessively expensive”, explains Robert Mouangué, sports director since the position was created in 2017.

Up to now, Saint-Priest is one of the only two structures in the eastern part of Lyon to be labeled Eite (the highest level for youth training). The reputation of “blood and gold” as a nursery in the Lyon suburbs is no longer to be proven (Luis Fernandez, Youri Djorkaeff or more recently Nabil Fékir have shaped their game there as a junior). Over the decade, an average of fifteen players signed up each year in professional clubs (18 in 2019). “Many L3 players sometimes have as many as five of our former players, adds Robert Mouangué. So a club like AS Saint-Priest, you can’t shoot him like that. “

A pledge of support that extends beyond the lawns. Visits to museums, cleaning of neighborhoods, awareness of waste treatment in collaboration with local missions: several socio-educational activities allow young people to also become “Good citizens of tomorrow, underlines Robert Mouangué. Without forgetting the internships and training that we find for older children. All this is threatened. Some kids will have to go back to neighborhood clubs with even lower means

It was heartbreaking for Franck Valente, member of the recruitment unit for under-19s for seniors and assistant coach for under-20s. For three years in the staff, this former san-priod player from the 90s is aware of the difficulties that could be those of the club. His included, from next season. “If I am kept in my post, I will not have the same means. And it’s not as easy to attract players in N3 as in N2 “, assures this territorial agent at Lyon-Métropole, which until then pocketed 350 euros per month for its activity within the club. A little more “who [m’]help for the end of the month, like many “.

Close the budget “at all costs”

Despite everything, clubs like Saint-Priest must find the financial resources necessary to be on track for the two deadlines in June. The first, the payment of contributions to the FFF on June 11. For Saint-Priest, the invoice amounts to 500 euros. A reasonable amount, “Because we paid everything in advance”, crop Patrick Gonzalez. “But a lot of small clubs are not in this case and can no longer make money by then. How are they going to do it? ” More worrying, the closure of the budget before the 30th of the same month, date on which the club must go to Paris to present its annual balance sheet to the National Directorate of Management Control (DNCG), the financial police of football. The balance sheet must be balanced, under penalty of sanctions (demotion, for example).

Problem: “Many partners who were supposed to give us money between March and June are at the bottom of the hole. Their employees are on partial unemployment, how do you want them to help us? ” wonders Patrick Gonzalez, who estimates that to be afloat today, he would have to recover between 150,000 and 200,000 euros. A sum that was to be provided in part by raffles and other end-of-year youth or inter-company tournaments, all canceled since. Impossible to count on the traditional recipes of the refreshment bar, after the redevelopment of the sports complex by the town hall this year (it also includes two new synthetic fields, but also a natural lawn, changing rooms and grandstands redone).

“We will all go to war”

“Today, it is not up to us to restructure ourselves. It’s up to Mr. Le Graët to change. If they don’t reverse their decisions,it will be very, very hot. We will all go to war, “threatens the president, who has just addressed a new open letter published this Friday to the Minister of Sports, again supported by Eric Thomas. Among the urgent demands: the cancellation of all the descents, but also the “Implementation of a relief and emergency fund for amateur football”, at least 300 million. As revealed by the Team, this special fund is between 12 and 15 million today. “All 15,000 amateur clubs donate 150 million euros each year to the FFF. It’s an organized racket “, denounces Eric Thomas, who points out that in four years, nearly 4,000 clubs have disappeared. For him, the distrust of amateurs towards the authorities will reach a point of no return. “Football should advance on its two legs. Today he is hopping on his professional leg. “

Roman Métairie


“Colonia Dignidad”, a Nazi ogre in Chile

According to online tour operators, Villa Baviera, in Parral, Chile, offers undeniable tourist attractions: this Alpine chalet-style establishment where one speaks Spanish, English and German, with outdoor pool and restaurant, is only found ” 9 km from the hot springs of Quinamávida and Panimávida. But how to explain on Trip Advisor that this small piece of Bavaria in the middle of the Andes was, from 1961 to 1997, the HQ of a sect, the Colonia Dignidad, led by a former Nazi, Paul Schäfer, guilty of rape on 200 young boys? And also a place of detention and torture of opponents of the Pinochet dictatorship, where the Dina, sinister political police led by Manuel Contreras, was responsible for burying the tortured in the garden of this pretty Bavarian villa, while in the common rooms, the children of Schäfer followers played theAlceste Gluck? Or that the Teutonic colony was also a secret laboratory for manufacturing weapons, including biological weapons, sarin gas for example?

Fresh flesh

Psychological hold, rape of children, forced labor, participation in the torture of victims of the Chilean dictatorship, arms trafficking … the list of crimes by Paul Schäfer is long. As long as the list of his protectors, since the former Nazi could count on General Pinochet, his police and his money, but not only. “The German Embassy, ​​I hold it in my hand”, said Schäfer, and it was true for a long time. German diplomats in Santiago did not hesitate to send back in the mouth of the wolf several little boys raped by the guru of the sect, poor fugitives who came to seek help and protection from the embassy. All this under the indifferent gaze of the government in Bonn, which considered, as Chancellor Helmut Kohl put it in 1991, that what was happening at Colonia Dignidad was exclusively the problem of Chile.

The casualness of the German and Chilean authorities will in particular allow Schäfer to rape children for forty years. After he gradually forbade the followers of the Colonia Dignidad to reproduce, separating men and women, children and parents, the birth rate of the sect finally fell in the 90s. In lack of fresh flesh, Schäfer the Minotaur therefore transformed the Colonia Dignidad into a daycare center for Chilean children. It is the latter that he will then rape, until one of them, Cristobal Parada, isolates himself in the toilets of the colony, the only room without a surveillance camera, to write “Help me, get me out of there, the man puts it inside me” on a piece of paper which he will discreetly slip to a friend who has come to spend the weekend, who will transmit it to his mother.

The following complaint nevertheless leads slowly but surely to the arrest of Schäfer, who nevertheless manages to evaporate in 1997, towards Argentina where he lives until his arrest in 2005 – he will die five years later in prison. He founded the Colonia Dignidad in 1961, but it is not the date of the beginning of his misdeeds, since in the 1950s, in Germany, he had taken in war orphans in his children’s home, where he committed a unspeakable number of rapes.


This monstrous story has been relatively little told on television or in the cinema, except for the thriller Colonia by Florian Gallenberger, released in 2015, and in any case largely fictionalized. Available on Arte.tv, the documentary series Colonia Dignidad, a German sect in Chile (four episodes) is all the more essential, especially since it perfectly points to the remaining gray areas of this file, notably political – the attitude of the German authorities, among others. All this is all the more analyzed as there is a large quantity of video archives on the subject, television reports, propaganda clips for the “Charitable works” Colonia Dignidad, Schäfer recordings and even amateur footage taken by cult followers during the arrest of their guru to intimidate the police. But the series above all has the merit of having collected an impressive number of testimonies of primary importance: from former followers of the sect to those tortured by Pinochet, German victims of rape to the Chilean investigator who had set himself the objective of arrest Schäfer, passing by relatives of the pedophile guru. They tell everything, in simple words and lots of details.

Take Karl van den Berg, for example. This former colony leader, one of Schäfer’s right-hand men, candidly explains that he participated in the torture of an opponent of the Pinochet regime, detained in a bunker: “Paul Schäfer asked me to bring a man something to eat and drink, to evacuate his needs. I also gave her water to wash. And then the man disappeared, overnight. I don’t know how he got there, I don’t know how he got away. ” Before letting go of this chilling sentence, heard a thousand times during the trials of former Nazis, from Adolf Eichmann to Oskar Gröning: “Schäfer ordered me to do this work. I fulfilled my mission. I don’t know more about the bazaar downstairs. “

Johanna Luyssen

Colonia Dignidad, a German sect in Chile Four episodes, available on Arte.tv until April 9.


List of sporting events affected by the coronavirus pandemic


The ISSF international solidarity championships in Dhaka, Bangladesh, from 22 to 28 February have been postponed.

The World Cup in Shanghai canceled from 4 to 10 May.


The indoor world championships in Nanjing from 13 to 15 March have been postponed to March 2021.

The half marathon world championships in Gdynia, Poland, on March 29th, have been postponed to October 17th.

Hong Kong Marathon canceled on February 9th.

The indoor Asian Championships in Hangzhou were canceled from 12 to 13 February.

The Asian cross-country championships in Hong Kong on March 29 have been postponed.

Tokyo Marathon on March 1st, reserved for elite runners.

The Paris half marathon on March 1st was postponed to September 6th.

Nagoya Women’s Marathon on March 8, reserved for elite runners.

Rome half marathon canceled on 8 March.

New Taipei City Marathon in Taiwan canceled March 15.

Suzhou half marathon in China canceled on March 15.

Barcelona Marathon on March 15th postponed to October 25th.

The New York half marathon on March 15 was canceled.

Seoul marathon of March 22 canceled.

Chongqing International Marathon in China canceled on March 22nd.

Wuxi Marathon in China canceled on March 22nd.

The Mersin marathon in Turkey on March 22nd has been postponed.

The Lisbon half marathon on March 22 was postponed to September 6.

The Prague half marathon on March 28 has been postponed.

Rome Marathon canceled on March 29th.

The Madrid half marathon on March 29 has been postponed.

Paris Marathon on April 5th postponed to October 18th.

The Milan marathon in Italy on April 5 has been postponed.

Daegu International Marathon in South Korea canceled on April 5.

The Rotterdam Marathon in the Netherlands on April 5th has been postponed.

Kiev half marathon in Ukraine on April 5 postponed.

Berlin half marathon on April 5 canceled.

Wuhan Marathon in China canceled on April 12th.

North Korea’s Pyongyang Marathon canceled on April 12.

Yangzhou Jianzhen International Half Marathon in China on April 12 postponed.

Vienna marathon of 19 April canceled.

The Hamburg marathon on April 19 has been postponed.

Dongying International Marathon in China canceled on April 26.

Cancellation of the invitation meeting in Florida in Miramar on 9 May.


Formula 1: canceled the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne on March 15.

Formula 1: Bahrain Grand Prix in Sakhir on March 22nd, no spectators.

Formula 1: Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai on April 19 postponed.

Formula E: Sanya E-Prix in Japan on March 21 canceled.

Formula E: Rome E-Prix on 4 April postponed.

Formula E: Jakarta E-Prix on June 6 canceled.

12 hours of Sebring in Florida, from 21 to 22 March, postponed to November.

NASCAR: Atlanta 500 on March 15th; Miami 400 on March 22nd, no spectators.


China Masters in Hainan from February 25th to March 1st postponed.

Asian Championships in Manila in Manila from 11 to 16 February: China and Hong Kong have withdrawn.

German Open in Mulheim canceled from 3 to 8 March.

Portuguese international championships in Caldas da Rainha canceled from 5 to 8 March.

Polish Open in Krakow from 26 to 29 March postponed.

The Vietnam International Challenge in Hanoi was postponed from 24 to 29 March to 2-7 June.

The Asian Championships moved from Wuhan, China to Manila, April 21-26.


MLB: cancellation of the preseason from 12 March. The regular season is expected to start on March 26, postponed.

Nippon Professional Baseball in Japan: Preseason from February 26 to March 15, without spectators. The regular season is expected to start on March 20, postponed.

KBO League in South Korea: cancellation of the preseason from 14 to 24 March. The regular season should start on March 28, postponed.

The Olympic qualification tournament of the Americas in Arizona postponed from March 22nd to 26th.

The final Olympic qualifying tournament in Taichung and Dou Liu, Taiwan, from April 1-5, has been postponed to June 17-21.


NBA suspended March 11.

The women’s Olympic qualification tournament moved from Foshan, China, to Belgrade, Serbia, from February 6 to 9.

The 3×3 Olympic qualifying tournament has been postponed in Bangalore, India, from 18 to 22 March.

The Asian Cup qualifiers have been postponed: Philippines vs Thailand on February 20; Japan vs China on February 21; China vs Malaysia on February 24th. The matches scheduled for Hong Kong have been transferred to the opponents’ homes.

South Korea Basketball League: all matches from February 25th, without spectators. From February 29, suspended.

Serie A in Italy: matches of 7 March, no spectators. From 8 to 13 March, postponed.

EuroLeague: Milan vs Real Madrid in Milan on March 3rd; Valencia vs Milan in Valencia on March 5. Suspension of the competition on March 12th.

EuroLeague Women: Famila Schio vs. Sopron on February 26; Reyer Vs. Riga on February 26; USK Praha against Famila Schio on 11 March; Ekaterinburg against Montpellier on 11 March, canceled. Competition from March 13 suspended.

EuroCup: Brescia vs Reyer on March 3, Monaco vs UNICS Kazan on March 4, Darussafaka vs Bologna on March 5, no spectators. Competition from March 12 suspended.

EuroCup Women: Castors Braine vs. Valencia on March 12; Reyer vs Girona on March 12th, canceled. Dynamo Kursk against Avenida on March 12th was canceled. Competition from March 13 suspended.

The 3×3 Asian Cup in Changsa, China, from 13 to 17 March, has been postponed to 9-13 September.

Basketball Africa League is expected to start late March 13th.


The Olympic test event in Zhangjiakou, China, canceled from February 27 to March 2.

World Cup in Nove Mesto, Czech Republic from 5 to 8 March, no spectators.


The Asia-Oceania Olympic qualifiers moved from Wuhan, China, to Amman, Jordan, from March 3 to 11.

Suspension of the Olympic qualifiers of the Americas in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from March 26 to April 3.

The World Cup in Cologne, Germany, canceled from 17 to 20 June.


The Asian Canoe Slalom Championships in Pattaya, Thailand on March 22 were postponed to April.

The Asian Olympic canoeing sprint qualifying tournament in Pattaya, Thailand on March 26 was postponed to April.


Asian Championships in Chongqing, China, from April 25 to May 3, to be transferred.

Tokyo Olympic test event on March 6, no athletes and spectators.

The World Cup in Wujiang, China, canceled from 18 to 19 April.

The World Cup was canceled in Chongqing, China, on April 22nd.


India-South Africa 2nd ODI in Lucknow on March 15th, 3rd ODI in Calcutta on March 18th, no spectators.

ODI Australia-New Zealand in Sydney on March 13th and 15th, 3rd ODI in Hobart on March 20th, no spectators.

Indian Premier League, expected to begin on March 29, without spectators.

Pakistan Super League: matches in Karachi from 13 March, without spectators.

Australia The women’s tour of South Africa, which will start on March 22nd, has been postponed.

The men’s A league of the World Cup of Cricket Challenge between Canada, Denmark, Malaysia, Qatar, Singapore and Vanuatu in Malaysia from March 16 to 26 has been postponed.

The Everest Premier League in Nepal, which is expected to begin March 14, has been postponed.

The women’s ODI quadrangular between Thailand, Ireland, the Netherlands and Zimbabwe in Chiang Mai, Thailand, canceled from 3 to 11 April.


The Hainan tour of China from February 23 to March 1 has been postponed.

The United Arab Emirates tour was canceled on February 27 after 5 of 7 stages.

Strade Bianche in Siena, Italy, March 7 canceled.

Paris-Nice from 8 to 15 March: the Mitchelton-Scott, Ineos, Astana, United Arab Emirates, CCC, Movistar, Jumbo-Visma teams withdrew. From stage 2 of 8, without spectators.

GP Larciano in Pistoia, Italy, March 8 canceled.

Tyrrhenian-Adriatic canceled in Italy from 11 to 17 March.

Ronde van Drenthe (women) in the Netherlands on March 15th: the teams from Mitchelton-Scott, Movistar, Rally Cycling retired.

Volta ao Alentejo in Portugal from 18 to 22 March canceled.

Milan-Sanremo on March 21 canceled.

The Mountain Bike World Cup was canceled in Lousa, Portugal on March 21-22.

The Alfredo Binda Trophy (women) in Cittiglio, Italy, has been postponed to June 2 on 22 March.

Tour de Normandie in France canceled from 23 to 27 March.

Vaulted in Catalunya in Spain from 23 to 29 March canceled.

Coppi and Bartali Week in Italy canceled from 25 to 29 March.

Tour of Sicily in Italy canceled from 1 to 4 April.

Tour de Bretagne in France canceled from 25 April to 1 May.

The tour of the Chinese island of Chongming (women) from 7 to 9 May has been postponed.

The tour of Zhoushan Island in China from 12 to 14 May has been postponed.

The Taiyuan tour of China on May 31 has been postponed.

Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, California, postponed from 1st to 4th October.


Longines Masters Series jump stage in Hong Kong canceled from February 14th to 16th.


Anaheim California Grand Prix on March 13-15 postponed.

Men’s Saber World Cup in Budapest, Hungary, postponed from 20 to 22 March.

The Epee men’s World Cup in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from March 20-22, has been postponed.

Women’s Sint-Niklaas Saber World Cup: March 20-22

Tashkent Women’s Epee World Cup: March 20-22

World Junior and Cadet Championships (Salt Lake City, Utah): April 3-11

African zonal Olympic qualifier (Cairo, Egypt): April 15

Asian zonal Olympic qualifier (Seoul, Korea), 15-16 April

European zone olympic qualifier (Madrid, Spain), 18-19 April

American Zonal Olympic Qualifier (Panama, Panama), April 18-19


The Pro League women’s hockey games between China and Belgium on 8-9 February and Australia on 14-15 March have been postponed.

The Australian Hockey Pro League games in Spain, Germany and the Netherlands between March 14 and 29 have been postponed.

New Zealand’s Hockey Pro League games in Germany on March 19 and in Holland on March 29 have been postponed.

The tour of Indian women in China from 14 to 25 March has been canceled.

The Irish women’s tour of Malaysia between March and April was canceled.


Tour of the United States PGA

Players Championship in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, from March 13, day 2 of 4, without spectators.

LPGA tour in the United States

Honda LPGA Thailand canceled in Pattaya from 20 to 23 February.

The HSBC women’s world championship was canceled in Singapore from February 27 to March 1.

Blue Bay LPGA on the island of Hainan canceled from 5 to 8 March.

Founders Cup in Phoenix canceled March 19-22.

Canceled Kia Classic in Carlsbad, California, March 26-29.

Cancellation of ANA inspiration in Rancho Mirage, California, April 2-5.

European tour

Kenya Open in Nairobi canceled from 12 to 15 March.

Indian Open in New Delhi from 19 to 22 March postponed.

The Maybank championship in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, was postponed from April 16th to 19th.

China Open in Shenzhen from 23 to 26 April postponed.

The Czech masters in Prague on August 20-23 were canceled.

LPGA tour in Japan

Daikin Orchid Ladies canceled in Okinawa from 5 to 8 March.

The Meiji Yasuda Life women’s Yokohama Tire tournament in Konan from 13 to 15 March has been canceled.

Asian tour

The Royal Cup in Pattaya, Thailand, has been postponed from 12 to 15 March.

The Bangabandhu Cup in Dhaka, Bangladesh, from 25 to 28 March, has been postponed.


Artistic World Cup in Melbourne, Australia, from 20 to 23 February: the Chinese team has retired.

World Cup in Milwaukee on March 7: the Russian team has withdrawn.

The artistic World Cup in Doha, Qatar, from March 18 to 21, has been postponed to June 3-6.

The World Cup in Stuttgart, Germany was canceled on March 20-22.

Rhythmic World Cup in Pesaro, Italy, on 3-5 April has been postponed to 5-7 June.

All-around World Cup in Tokyo on 4-5 April: the Russian team has retired.

The Artistic Cup of Jesolo in Italy was canceled on 4-5 April.

World trampoline championship in Brescia, Italy, from 24 to 25 April, postponed to 19-20 June.


Olympic women’s qualifying tournament in Montenegro from 20 to 22 March: China has withdrawn. Hong Kong has declined the invitation to participate.


Japan Racing Association: all races from February 27 without spectators.

Dubai World Cup on March 28, without spectators


NHL suspended March 12.

The women’s world championship was canceled in Nova Scotia, Canada, from March 31 to April 10.

Division I of the women’s world championship A in Angers, France, canceled from 12 to 18 April.

Division I of group B of the women’s world championship was canceled in Katowice, Poland, from March 28 to April 3.

The World Division II Women’s Group A Championship was canceled in Jaca, Spain, from March 29 to April 3.

Division IV of the men’s world championship in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, canceled from 3-5 May.

NCAA Division 1 men’s championship in the United States since March 11, no spectators.

The Asian Women’s Challenge Cup was canceled in Manila, Philippines, February 23-28.

Women’s Challenge of Asia Division I Division I canceled in Manila, Philippines, February 23-28.

National League and Swiss League in Switzerland suspended from 2 to 15 March.

Chinese clubs in the Supreme Hockey League that play home games in Russia.

The United States-based women’s hockey association association’s Japan tour canceled March 4-7.


Grand Slam of Paris on February 8-9: the Chinese team has retired.

Dusseldorf Grand Slam in Germany on 21-23 February: the Chinese team has retired.

The Rabat Grand Prix in Morocco on March 6-8 was canceled.

Swiss Open in Winterthur on March 7-8 canceled.

Ekaterinburg Grand Slam in Russia on March 13-15 canceled.

Santiago Panamerican Open in Chile from March 14-15 canceled.

Lima Panamerican Open canceled in Peru from 21 to 22 March.

The Grand Prix of Tbilisi in Georgia was canceled from 27 to 29 March.

Antalya Grand Prix in Turkey canceled from 3-5 April.


The world championships moved from Xiamen to Cancun, Mexico, from 25 to 31 May.

The world laser racing championships moved from Xiamen in May to Weiden, Germany, in August.



The Qatar Grand Prix in Doha canceled on March 8.

Thai Grand Prix in Buriram on March 22nd postponed to October 4th.

The Aragon Grand Prix in Spain moved from 4 October to 27 September.

The Grand Prix of the Americas in Austin, Texas on April 5 has been postponed to November 15.

The Argentine Grand Prix in Termas de Rio Hondo on April 19 has been postponed to November 22.

The Valencia Grand Prix in Spain on November 15 moved to November 29.

World Superbikes

The Qatar round in Lusail on March 15th has been postponed.

The Spanish Round in Cadiz on March 29 was postponed to October 25.

The French Round in Magny-Cours on September 27th has been postponed to October 4th.


World Cup I canceled in Sabuadia, Italy, from 10 to 12 April.

The Olympic qualifying regatta of Asia and Oceania in Chungju, South Korea, was canceled from 27 to 30 April.

The European Olympic qualifying regatta was canceled in Varese, Italy, from 27 to 29 April.

World Cup II canceled in Varese, Italy from 1-3 May.


Super League: Catalans vs. Leeds to Perpignan on March 14th, no spectators.


Six nations: Ireland vs Italy in Dublin on 7 March; Italy vs England in Rome on March 14; France vs Ireland in Paris on March 14, postponed.

Six women’s nations: Italy vs Scotland in Legnano on 23 February; Scotland vs France in Glasgow on March 7th; Ireland vs Italy in Dublin on March 8; Italy vs England in Padua on March 15th; Wales vs Scotland in Cardiff on March 15th; France versus Ireland in Villeneuve-d’Ascq on March 15th, postponed.

European rugby championship: Georgia vs Russia on 14 March; Romania vs Belgium on March 14; Switzerland vs. Holland on March 14; Spain vs Portugal on March 15th, postponed.

European Rugby Championship: Spain vs Russia on April 5; Spain vs Holland on 11 April, postponed.

Pro14: Zebras vs. Ospreys on February 29; Treviso vs Ulster on February 29, postponed. Competition from March 12 suspended.

Super Rugby: Sunwolves vs ACT Brumbies moved from Osaka, Japan, to Canberra, Australia on March 8. Sunwolves Vs. On March 14, Crusaders moved from Tokyo to Brisbane, Australia.

Japan Top League: matches postponed from February 29th. From March 14 suspended.

Hong Kong Sevens moved from 3-5 April to 16-18 October.

Singapore Sevens moved from 11-12 April to 10-11 October.

The Asian Women’s Championship in Hong Kong from 14 to 22 March has been postponed to 8-16 May.

The Olympic test event (Asia Sevens Invitational) in Tokyo was canceled from 25 to 26 April.


Clipper Round the World Race moved the sixth stage to Qingdao, China, Subic Bay, the Philippines, from 11 to 21 March.

The Asian Nacra 17 championship in Shanghai from 1 to 6 March moved to Genoa, Italy, from 12 to 19 April.

The 49erFX Asian championship in Hainan, China, from 20 to 29 March, moved to Genoa, Italy, from 12 to 19 April.


The World Cup in New Delhi from 15 to 26 March has been postponed to 5-12 May and 2-9 June.

Tokyo Olympic test event canceled from April 16 to 26.


The world speed skating championships on track in Seoul from March 13th to 15th.

The world figure skating championships in Montreal have been canceled from 16 to 22 March.


The Alpine World Cup final in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy, canceled from 18 to 22 March.

The Alpine World Cup in Yanqing, China, canceled from 15 to 16 February.

Nordic world cup in Oslo, Norway from 6 to 8 March, no spectators.

Engadin Skimarathon in Switzerland on March 8 canceled.

The snowboard world cup was canceled in Livigno, Italy on March 10th.

Ski jumping world cup in Trondheim, Norway, 11-12 March, no spectators.

The Alpine World Cup in Are, Sweden, canceled from 12 to 14 March.

Ski jumping world cup in Nizhny Tagil, Russia, March 13-15, no spectators.

Ski jumping world cup in Vikersund, Norway, 13-15 March, no spectators.

The Snowboard World Cup in Winterberg, Germany, canceled from 14 to 15 March.

Alpine world cup in Kranjska Gora, Slovenia, from 14 to 15 March, canceled.

The European Cup of the Alps finals were canceled in Saalbach and Reiteralm, Austria, from 16 to 22 March.

World Ski Flight Championships in Planica, Slovenia, from 17 to 22 March, without spectators.

Ski jumping World Cup in Chaikovsky, Russia, from 18 to 20 March, without spectators.

The junior world championships of ski cross and snowboard cross in Saint-Lary, France, canceled from 19 to 25 March.

Snowboard World Cup in Špindlerův Mlýn, Czech Republic canceled March 20-21.


China Open in Beijing from March 30 to April 5 postponed.


Asian Champions League: the matches of the Chinese clubs Guangzhou Evergrande, Shanghai Shenhua and Shanghai SIPG have been postponed to April-May. Beijing FC have been able to play since 18 February. Matches involving South Korean clubs Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors, Suwon Samsung Bluewings and FC Seoul will be played without spectators from March 3rd. Matches involving Iranian clubs Esteghlal, Persepolis, Shahr Khodro, Sepahan on March 2nd -3 postponed. All West Zone group games have been postponed since March 2nd. The East Zone games have been postponed to May 19-20 (Match Day 3), May 26-27, (Match Day 4), June 16-17 (Match Day 5) and June 23-24 (Match Day 6). Round of 16 postponed to 11-12 and 25-26 August, quarterfinals to 15-16 and 29-30 September and semi-finals to 20-21 and 27-28 October.

Champions League: Manchester City vs Real Madrid on March 17th; Juventus vs Lyon on March 17th, postponed. Valencia vs Atalanta on March 10th; Paris Saint-Germain vs. Borussia Dortmund on 11 March; Barcelona vs Naples on March 18; Bayern Munich vs Chelsea on March 18, without spectators.

Europa League: Inter-Milan vs Getafe on 12 March; Seville versus Rome on March 12th, Basel against Eintracht Frankfurt on March 19th, postponed. Inter-Milan vs. Ludogorets on February 27; Olympiakos vs Wolverhampton on March 12th; LASK vs. Manchester United on March 12; Wolfsburg against Shakhtar Donetsk on March 12th; Eintracht Frankfurt against Basel on 12 March; Getafe vs. Inter Milan on March 19; Rome vs Seville on March 19, Copenhagen vs Istanbul Basaksehir on March 19; Bayer Leverkusen against Rangers on March 19th, without spectators.

Qualification postponed for the World Cup in South America from 23 to 31 March.

World Cup qualifiers: China vs Maldives on March 26 and Guam on March 31 moved to Buriram, Thailand, without spectators. Matches delayed from March 23 to April 9: China against Maldives, Philippines against Guam, Maldives against Syria, Guam against China, China against Philippines, Guam against Syria, China against Syria, Philippines against Syria, Philippines against Kuwait, Nepal against Taiwan, Kuwait against Jordan, Nepal against Australia, Australia against Taiwan, Nepal against Jordan, Taiwan against Kuwait, Australia against Jordan, Iran against Hong Kong, Bahrain against Cambodia, Hong Kong against Iraq, Cambodia against Iran, Iran against Bahrain, Iraq against Cambodia, Iran versus Iraq, Bahrain versus Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia versus Yemen, Palestine versus Singapore, Yemen versus Uzbekistan, Singapore versus Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia vs. Palestine, Uzbekistan vs. Singapore, Saudi Arabia vs. Uzbekistan, Palestine vs. Yemen, Bangladesh vs. Afghanistan, India vs. Qatar, Afghanistan vs. Oman, Qatar vs. Bangladesh, Bangladesh vs. India. , Oman vs. Qatar, Bangladesh vs. Oman, India vs. Afghanistan, Japan vs. Myanmar, Tajikistan vs. Mongolia, Myanmar vs. Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia vs. Japan, Japan vs. Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan vs. Mongolia, Japan vs. Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan vs. Myanmar, United Arab Emirates vs. Malaysia, Thailand vs. Indonesia, Malaysia vs. Vietnam, Indonesia vs. United Arab Emirates, United Arab Emirates vs. Thailand, Vietnam vs. Indonesia, Thailand against Malaysia, United Arab Emirates against Vietnam, South Korea against Turkmenistan, North Korea against Sri Lanka, Turkmenistan against Lebanon, Sri Lanka against South Korea, South Korea against North Korea, Lebanon against Sri Lanka, Korea South against Lebanon, North Korea against Turkmenistan.

Euro 2020 qualifying playoff: Slovakia vs Ireland in Bratislava on March 26, without spectators.

Women’s Qualifying Euro 2021: Montenegro – Ireland in Budva on 11 March, no spectators.

The Asian Women’s Olympic Group B tournament moved from Wuhan to Sydney from 3 to 13 February. The playoffs between China and South Korea on 6 and 11 March were postponed to 9 and 14 April and postponed to 1-10 June; China home game in Sydney. Vietnam vs Australia in Cẩm Phả on 11 March, without spectators.

English Premier League: Manchester City against Arsenal on 11 March; Brighton versus Arsenal on 14 March, postponed.

La Liga and Segunda Division matches from 10 March, without spectators. La Liga suspended from March 12th.

Copa del Rey final: Real Sociedad against Athletic Bilbao in Seville on April 18 has been postponed.

Serie A, B, C, D and Serie A for women in Lombardy and Veneto postponed from 22 February. Serie A: 6 games from 29 February to 2 March postponed. All matches from March 4th, without spectators.

Italian Cup semi-finals: Juventus against AC Milan on 4 March, Napoli against Inter on 5 March, postponed. The final was postponed from May 13 to May 20.

Bundesliga from 11 March, no spectators.

French league: Strasbourg against Paris Saint-Germain on 7 March, postponed. All Ligue 1 and 2 matches on 13 March, without spectators.

French League Cup final: Paris Saint-Germain against Lyon in Paris on 4 April has been postponed.

Algarve Cup final in Portugal on March 11: Italy vs Germany canceled.

The Chinese Super League, which is expected to start on February 22, has been delayed.

Iran Pro League: all matches on February 24, without spectators; season suspended from March 4th to April 2nd.

J League in Japan: All matches on February 25 have been postponed.

The K League in South Korea, which is expected to start on February 29, has delayed.

The Swiss Super League and the Challenge League have been postponed from February 28 to March 23.

V League in Vietnam from March 7, without spectators.

First league and second league in Bulgaria since 8 March, no spectators.

Romania, all league matches from 9 March, without spectators.

Primeira Liga in Portugal from 10 March, without spectators.

Ekstraklasa in Poland from 10 March, without spectators.

The Austrian Bundesliga and the 2nd Liga postponed from 10 March.

Premier League in Egypt from March 10, without spectators.

Denmark, all championships suspended from 11 March.

Eredivisie in the Netherlands suspended March 12.

First division A in Belgium from 12 March. No spectator.

Belgian Cup final: Club Bruges against Antwerp in Brussels on 22 March has been postponed.

Major League Soccer in the United States suspended March 12.

AFC Cup: All group stage and playoff matches in the east were postponed to April 7th.

The Asian men’s futsal championship in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, from February 26 to March 8, was postponed to August 5-16.

Qatar Airways International in Doha with Belgium, Croatia, Portugal, Switzerland canceled March 26-30.

Men’s friendlies: Holland versus United States on March 26; Japan vs South Africa on March 27; Wales vs United States on March 30, canceled. France vs Ukraine on March 27; France vs Finland on March 31st, no spectators.

Women’s friendlies: France vs North Macedonia on April 10, no spectators.


Spring tournament in Osaka, Japan, from 8 to 22 March, without spectators.


The Asian water polo championships in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan were canceled from 12 to 16 February.

Diving Grand Prix in Madrid from 14 to 16 February: the Chinese team has retired.

The world diving event in Beijing canceled from 7 to 9 March.

Olympic trials canceled in Italy in Riccione from 17 to 21 March.

The South American championships were canceled in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from 25 to 29 March.

Nordic Tour: the Bergen Festival in Norway canceled from 28 to 30 March.

Chinese Olympic trials in Qingdao from March 28 to April 4 moved from May 10 to 16.

The African Championships in Durban, South Africa, have been postponed from April 17th to 22nd.


The World Team Championships in Busan, South Korea, have been postponed from 22 to 29 May to 21-28 June.

Japan opens in Kitakyushu from April 21 to 26.

South Korea Opened in Busan on 16-21 June suspended.

Australian Open in Geelong on June 23-28 suspended.


The Asian Olympic qualifying tournament on April 10-11 moved from Wuxi, China to Amman, Jordan.


ATP-WTA: BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells, California, canceled March 11-22.

ATP-WTA: Miami Open from March 24 to April 5 canceled.

WTA: Zapopan Open in Guadalajara, Mexico, canceled March 16-21.

ATP: US Clay Court Championships in Houston, Texas, canceled April 6-12.

ATP: Grand Prix Hassan II canceled in Marrakech, Morocco, from 6 to 12 April.

WTA: Charleston Open in South Carolina April 6-12, canceled.

WTA: Copa Colsanitas in Bogota, Colombia canceled from 6 to 12 April.

ATP: Monte Carlo Masters from 12 to 19 April canceled.

ATP: Hungarian Open canceled in Budapest from 20 to 26 April.

WTA: Xi’an opened in China from April 13 to 19 canceled.

ATP: Barcelona Open from 20 to 26 April canceled.

ATP: Hungarian Open canceled in Budapest from 20 to 26 April.

WTA: Kunming Open in Anning, China, from April 27 to May 3 canceled.

ITF events from March 12 suspended.

Davis Cup: China lost the World Group I playoff against Romania in Piatra Neamt on 6-7 March.

Davis Cup: Japan vs Ecuador qualification for Miki on 6-7 March, no spectators.

Davis Cup: Italy vs South Korea in Cagliari on 6-7 March, no spectators.

The Fed Cup finals in Budapest, Hungary, from 14 to 19 April (with France, Australia, the United States, the Czech Republic, Russia, Belarus, Spain, Germany, Hungary, Belgium, Slovakia, Switzerland) have been postponed.

Fed Cup playoffs from 17 to 18 April (Poland against Brazil, Mexico against Great Britain, Serbia against Canada, Latvia against India, Japan against Ukraine, Romania against Italy, Argentina against Kazakhstan, the Netherlands against China), postponed:

The Asia-Oceania Group I Fed Cup tournament moved from Dongguan, China to Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates from 3 to 7 March.

ATP Challenger Tour

The Bergamo Challenger final in Italy canceled on February 23rd.

Qujing Challenger canceled in China from 2 to 8 March.

Nur-Sultan Challenger 1 in Kazakhstan on March 12, day 4 of 7, canceled.

Potchefstroom Challenger in South Africa on March 12, day 3 of 6, canceled.

Zhuhai Challenger canceled in China from 9 to 15 March.

Arizona Challenger in Phoenix March 16-22 canceled.

Shenzhen Challenger in China March 16-22 canceled.

Olimpia Challenger canceled in Brazil from 17 to 22 March.

Madrid Challenger from 23 to 29 March postponed to October.

Zhangjiagang Challenger canceled in China from 23 to 29 March.

Lille Challenger canceled in France from 23 to 29 March.

Machala Challenger in Ecuador from 23 to 29 March canceled.

Annullamento di St. Brieuc Challenger in Francia dal 29 marzo al 5 aprile.

Taipei Challenger a Taiwan dal 30 marzo al 5 aprile posticipato.

Annullato Marbella Challenger in Spagna dal 30 marzo al 5 aprile.

Annullato Nanchang Challenger in Cina dal 6 al 12 aprile.

Annullato Florianopolis Challenger in Brasile dal 6 al 12 aprile.

Annullato San Luis Challenger in Messico dal 6 al 12 aprile.

Annullato Murcia Challenger in Spagna dal 6 al 12 aprile.

Annullato Sarasota Challenger in Florida dal 13 al 19 aprile.

Annullato Changsha Challenger in Cina dal 13 al 19 aprile.

Annullato Tunis Challenger in Tunisia dal 13 al 19 aprile.

Annullato Yokohama Challenger in Giappone dal 13 al 19 aprile.

Annullato Alicante Challenger in Spagna dal 13 al 19 aprile.

Annullato Anning Challenger in Cina dal 20 al 26 aprile.

Annullato Manzanillo Challenger in Messico dal 20 al 26 aprile.

Annullamento di Tallahassee Challenger in Florida dal 20 al 26 aprile.

Matsuyama Challenger in Giappone dal 20 al 26 aprile annullato.

Annullato Francavilla Challenger in Italia dal 20 al 26 aprile.

Annullato Split Challenger in Croazia dal 20 al 26 aprile.

Seoul Challenger in Corea del Sud dal 27 aprile al 3 maggio è stato rinviato ad agosto.

Busan Challenger in Corea del Sud dal 4 al 10 maggio è stato rinviato ad agosto.

Gwangju Challenger in Corea del Sud dall’11 al 17 maggio è stato rinviato ad agosto.

Annullato Samarkand Challenger in Uzbekistan dall’11 al 17 maggio.


L’evento delle serie mondiali di Abu Dhabi il 7 marzo è stato posticipato.

La Coppa del Mondo a Sarasota-Bradenton, in Florida, il 22 marzo è stata rinviata.

La qualificazione alle staffette miste olimpiche si è spostata da Chengdu, Cina, il 9 maggio a Valencia, in Spagna, il 1 maggio.

La Coppa del Mondo a Chengdu, in Cina, il 10 maggio è stata rinviata.

Coppa del Mondo ad Arzachena, Italia, il 30 maggio è stata rinviata a ottobre.

Asian Cup a Tainan, Taiwan, 8 marzo, a Beihai, Cina, il 5 aprile, e Dexing, Cina, l’11 aprile, rinviati.


Coppa del mondo di beach volley a Yangzhou, in Cina, dal 22 al 26 aprile posticipata.


Il torneo olimpico di qualificazione femminile a Trieste, in Italia, dall’8 al 15 marzo è stato posticipato.


I campionati asiatici a Tashkent, in Uzbekistan, sono stati posticipati dal 16 al 25 aprile. Originariamente trasferito da Nur-Sultan, Kazakistan.

I campionati dell’Asia orientale a Seul dal 26 febbraio al 3 marzo sono stati posticipati.

Annullati i campionati mondiali junior a Bucarest, in Romania, dal 14 al 24 marzo.

Annullati i campionati africani a Vacoas, Mauritius, dal 13 al 20 aprile.

I campionati europei di Mosca dal 13 al 21 aprile sono stati posticipati al 13 e 21 giugno.


Campionati asiatici a Nuova Delhi dal 20 al 23 febbraio: Cina, Corea del Nord e Turkmenistan si sono ritirati.

L’evento di qualificazione olimpico asiatico dal 27 al 29 marzo si è trasferito da Xi’an, Cina a Biškek, Kirghizistan. Il Kirghizistan si è ritirato come host il 29 febbraio.


L’Italia dichiara tutti gli eventi sportivi senza spettatori dal 4 marzo; sospende tutti gli sport dal 9 marzo.

L’Iran sospende tutti gli eventi sportivi dal 24 febbraio per 10 giorni; sospende tutti gli sport a tempo indeterminato dal 5 marzo.

La Grecia dichiara tutti gli eventi sportivi senza spettatori dall’8 al 22 marzo.

La Bulgaria dichiara tutti gli eventi sportivi senza spettatori dall’8 marzo.

La Slovacchia sospende tutti gli eventi sportivi dal 10 marzo.

L’allenamento olimpico di Tokyo dei volontari in Giappone è stato posticipato da febbraio a maggio.

Tokyo, prova dell’illuminazione delle fiamme olimpiche, prova ad Olimpia, in Grecia, l’11 marzo; accensione della fiamma il 12 marzo, niente spettatori.

L’agenzia antidoping cinese ha sospeso i test dal 3 al 21 febbraio.

Eventi del Winter X Games a Chongli, Cina, dal 21 al 23 febbraio.

I premi dell’atleta dell’anno di Singapore il 26 febbraio sono stati posticipati.

Annullato il Forum continentale europeo dell’International Boxing Association ad Assisi, in Italia, il 29 febbraio.

Il 13-15 marzo è stato rinviato il Forum continentale africano della International Boxing Association a Casablanca, in Marocco.

La riunione del consiglio presidenziale della World Chess Federation si è trasferita dalla Cina agli Emirati Arabi Uniti dal 28 al 29 febbraio.

I campionati di sci di fondo della World University a Marrakech, in Marocco, il 7 marzo sono stati posticipati.

NCAA negli Stati Uniti, tutti gli sport dal 12 marzo annullati.

Annullato il Congresso internazionale della Federazione di sollevamento pesi a Bucarest, in Romania, il 13 marzo.

Conferenza mondiale sulla prevenzione di infortuni e malattie nello sport a Monte Carlo dal 12 al 14 marzo posticipata all’11-13 febbraio 2021.

Annullato il simposio dell’Agenzia mondiale antidoping a Losanna, in Svizzera, dal 17 al 18 marzo.

La riunione del Consiglio FIFA ad Asuncion, in Paraguay, il 20 marzo si è trasferita a Zurigo tra giugno e luglio.

L’associazione delle nazioni del Sud-Est asiatico Giochi di parapendio nelle Filippine dal 20 al 28 marzo è stata rinviata.

I premi delle star dello sport di Hong Kong sono stati posticipati il ​​24 marzo.

Annullati i campionati XTERRA Asia-Pacifico (triathlon offroad, duathlon) a Taiwan dal 28 al 29 marzo.

Gulf Cooperation Council Games in Kuwait from April 3-14 postponed.

International Equestrian Federation Sports Forum in Lausanne, Switzerland on April 6-7 moved to online.

Asian Football Confederation Congress in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on April 16 postponed.

SportAccord summit in Beijing moved to Lausanne, Switzerland, on April 19-24.

FIFA Congress in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on June 5 postponed to Sept. 18.

International Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation Congress on June 20 moved from Shanghai to Antwerp, Belgium.

Singapore bans spectators at National School Games from January-August.

University Athletic Association of the Philippines postponed all sports events.


More AP sports: https://apnews.com/apf-sports and https://twitter.com/AP_Sports


The ACC pauses sports; NCAA tournament in doubt

The latest news on the influence of the coronavirus epidemic on sports worldwide (all times EDT):



The Atlantic Coast Conference has suspended all athletics-related activities. This includes all games, practices, recruitment and participation in the NCAA championships until further notice.

The NCAA hasn’t – at this point – postponed the men’s basketball tournament scheduled for next week, but several schools have announced that they are taking a break from sports due to the coronavirus pandemic.

ACC Commissioner John Swofford said in a statement that “this is an unexplored area and the health and safety of our student-athletes and institutions remains our top priority.”



IndyCar will open its season on the streets of downtown St. Petersburg, Florida, without spectators.

The three-day event typically attracts more than 130,000 fans. Local officials said Thursday that general admission would not be allowed. Only essential personnel will be authorized within the fence surrounding the route.

The event will also be shortened in two days, with Friday used for driver health selections and to determine who is considered essential.



The NFL has canceled its main owners’ meeting scheduled for the end of this month in Palm Beach, Florida.

Commissioner Roger Goodell informed the 32 teams “after careful consideration and consultation with medical experts,” according to a League statement. Goodell said the decision was made out of “concern to protect the health of club and league employees and the public while allowing the league to continue with its essential business operations.”

Further changes may be on the way for the project, which will be held in Las Vegas from April 23 to 25.

The main football issues, including game rules, charter and resolutions, as well as other trade issues on the agenda for the March meetings will be handled during the spring meeting of May 19-20 in Marina del Rey, California.



The University of Kansas has announced that all sports travel has been canceled indefinitely. This means that the best Jayhawks, at this point, will not participate in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament next week.

Duke had previously suspended all athletic competitions for the foreseeable future.

Jeff Long, athletic director of Kansas, says the decision was made based on the recommendations of medical professionals.

The Jayhawks were the alleged favorite to be the number 1 seed in the NCAA tournament. The NCAA announced Wednesday that it would take place without fans.

Bill Self said: “While we are disappointed with the players, it was the right and necessary thing to do.”


2:30 in the afternoon.

The football season is months away, but the spring tests for the university teams were in full swing across the country. This is also put on hold in many places.

USC and Notre Dame both announced that they would stop the practice as their campuses closed. The suspension of the sport by the SEC in March will also bring the football teams out of the training fields.



Major League Baseball will likely cancel the rest of its spring training program because of the coronavirus. MLB will also likely announce that the start of the season will be delayed, according to people familiar with the discussions.

People spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because no decisions had been announced. They said Commissioner Rob Manfred planned a conference call with his executive board on Thursday to discuss the situation and then a phone call with the team owners.

The MLB continued to ring on Thursday, when Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said he strongly recommended that local authorities and organizers limit all mass gatherings.

The league’s main season had been scheduled to begin on March 26, its first opening, except for international matches.

– Report from baseball writer AP Ronald Blum



Duke University claims to have suspended all athletic competitions “for the foreseeable future” amid concerns over the spread of the new coronavirus.

This suspension includes all practices. The announcement came about an hour after the conference on the Atlantic coast canceled the rest of the men’s basketball tournament. The Blue Devils, tenth placed, should have played their first tournament game in Greensboro against the State of North Carolina in the afternoon.

In a statement, the President of Duke Vincent E. Price called it “clearly an unprecedented moment for our university”. And Hall of Fame male basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski said he supported the move, saying, “The well-being of our athletic students and all Duke students is paramount and this decision reflects that institutional priority.”



NASCAR will compete in the next two weekends without fans.

The events at Atlanta Motor Speedway and Homestead-Miami Speedway will be reserved for competitors, crews, officials and other staff necessary to conduct the race.

NASCAR is working with public health officials to determine future planning beyond those events.



NHL is following the lead of the NBA and suspending its season.

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman has announced the season’s hiatus amid concerns over the new coronavirus. The NBA announced Wednesday evening that it was discontinuing the game after a player tested positive for COVID-19.

Several NBA and NHL teams share arenas.

The NHL did not say that no player tested positive for COVID-19. The league is stopping the game with 189 games left in the regular season, raising uncertainty about how many more, if any, could have been played before the playoffs.

Bettman said NHL tried to follow the mandates of health experts and local authorities without taking premature or unnecessary measures. “Bettman’s statement states that news from the NBA made it” no longer appropriate to try to keep playing Right now”.



A spokeswoman for the women’s tennis tour tells the Associated Press that the WTA has not been moving to suspend its tournaments for six weeks due to the COVID-19 pandemic as the men’s tour did.

Amy Binder says in an email to the AP that the WTA will announce information on upcoming events “shortly”.

But Binder says that “at this point in time” the WTA “isn’t trying to” impose a six-week suspension like ATP did Thursday before.



The Big East Conference basketball tournament was canceled midway through Thursday’s first game due to the coronavirus epidemic.

While many other major conferences across the country canceled their post-season tournaments, the Big East resumed the program at New York’s Madison Square Garden. He started his second round game between Creighton and St. John’s at Madison Square Garden and not before the interval ended with St. John’s 38-35.

While the Bluejays and Red Storm were playing, a few subway stops from Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, the Atlantic 10 Conference was organizing a press conference to cancel its tournament.



Big 12 is canceling all its leagues until April 15, including upcoming gymnastics and horseback riding matches, and will reevaluate the rest of its spring sports program on April 15.

Commissioner Bob Bowlsby said he anticipated a conference-level policy for spring football, although athletic leaders have not yet discussed a plan.

The league expects a heavy financial blow from the sale of reimbursed tickets to men’s and women’s basketball tournaments and from the need to adjust the fees commissions it receives from its television partners.

Bowlsby also said that none of the conference, including staff members, coaches and players, had fallen ill or had been tested for coronavirus.



The Pac-12 and Southeast conferences have gone beyond canceling their men’s basketball tournaments alone.

The SEC announced within one hour of canceling the tournament that the league would suspend regular season competition for teams in all sports on the SEC campuses and league leagues until March 30th.

The Pac-12 said it had eliminated all championship events and all competitions with immediate effect and until further notice.


half past twelve

While several other major conferences across the country have canceled their post-season tournaments, the Big East has resumed on schedule, with Creighton seventh and leading the rankings that played St. John with the ninth seed in the first. of the four quarterfinal games scheduled for Thursday.

Just before the opening suggestion, there seemed to be some questions as to whether the game would be played. The teams emerged from their locker rooms later than normal for the pregame layup lines, but the public address presenter went ahead with the player introductions. Creighton’s pep band performed the national anthem in an almost empty Madison Square Garden.

The players waited on the field for the go-ahead after the noon break time, but at 12:06, official James Breeding gave a thumbs-up to the coach of St. John Mike Anderson, and the game has started.



All five Power Five conferences canceled their basketball tournaments, casting doubt on the NCAA tournament.

The Big Ten, Big 12, SEC, ACC and Pac-12 conferences were all preparing to play in large arenas across the country, but with few people in the buildings.

The NCAA announced on Wednesday that it had planned to play its men’s and women’s tournaments which will begin next week with limited access for the general public. The NCAA said that only essential staff and limited family members could participate in the games.

The ACC announced the cancellation about 10 minutes before the scheduled start of Thursday’s first quarterfinal match with no. 4 Florida State and Clemson. With the demolition of the tournament, the Seminoles will earn the league’s automatic bid at the NCAA tournament after winning the regular season title.

ACC Commissioner John Swofford gave the Seminole the tournament trophy on the field, while the Tigers joined them on the field instead of stopping the game.

The NCAA men’s tournament is one of the most popular events on the American sports calendar. March Madness draws hundreds of thousands of fans to coast-to-coast arenas.



The International Tennis Federation has postponed all of its tournaments sanctioned for six weeks due to the COVID-19 pandemic, joining the men’s professional tour to stop the action.

The ITF oversees various junior, wheelchair and lower level events.

The group says that no tournaments on the ITF World Tennis Tour for men and women, on the ITF World Tennis Tour Juniors, on the UNIQLO Disabled Tennis Tour, on the ITF Beach Tennis World Tour or ITF Seniors Tour will take place at least until the week of the 20th April.

The men’s tour announced Thursday that it canceled the ATP Tour and ATP Challenger Tour events for six weeks due to the coronavirus epidemic.

The women’s tour of the WTA has so far made no comment on its schedule.



The Champions League game between Manchester City and Real Madrid was postponed after the Spanish team placed its players in quarantine amid the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Madrid has ordered its football and basketball teams to remain in solitary confinement after one of the basketball players has tested positive for the virus.

A new date for the return match has not been announced in the last 16. The city leads 2-1 since going to Madrid.



The 12 Hours of Sebring scheduled for next weekend in Florida has been rescheduled due to the ban on traveling from Europe. Many teams participating in IMSA sports car events use European drivers and team members.

The race has been rescheduled as the IMSA season finale to be held November 11-14 at the Sebring International Raceway.

IndyCar and NASCAR are still brooding options. IndyCar was told by the mayor of St. Petersburg that fans cannot participate in the opening race of Sunday’s season. NASCAR has received the same message for next week’s races at Homestead-Miami Speedway.



Several college basketball conference tournaments were canceled a few moments before the game started, putting the NCAA tournament at risk.

Officials from the Big Ten, Big 12 and SEC conferences announced that their tournaments had been stopped and that other conferences would have to follow suit. In New York City, the Big East Tournament started as scheduled.

In Indianapolis, Big Ten officials eliminated the tournament less than 30 minutes before Michigan and Rutgers were scheduled to play in the first game of the day.

The sudden announcement came shortly after a handful of Michigan players fled to the floor in a mostly empty Bankers Life Fieldhouse, waving their arms and begging for applause from the non-existent crowd. Big Ten officials, like those from many other conferences, announced Thursday that they would ban most fans, cheerleaders and school gangs from participating in matches starting on Friday.

The NCAA men’s tournament is one of the most popular events on the American sports calendar. March Madness draws hundreds of thousands of fans to coast-to-coast arenas.



The Dutch football authorities canceled all matches until the end of the month, including international friendly matches against the United States and Spain, due to the coronavirus epidemic.

The Dutch team was due to play in the United States on March 26 in the southern city of Eindhoven and face Spain three days later in Amsterdam.

The Netherlands has 614 confirmed virus cases and five deaths. The government has announced the expansion of new measures in an attempt to slow the spread of the virus, including ordering the cancellation of all events that will attract more than 100 people.



The Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, has postponed its first fanfest scheduled for March 21-22.

The decision was based on a state-wide recommendation and advice from state and local health officials to limit large meetings to protect the new coronavirus.

A new date will be announced, but fans who have purchased tickets for the event will receive a full refund and will have the first option to purchase tickets when the event is rescheduled.

The Hall of Fame Museum remains open during its normal operating hours, with additional cleaning procedures. Hand sanitization stations have been placed throughout the museum.



Major League Soccer is closing down due to coronavirus, according to Inter Miami owner Jorge Mas.

Mas says the target break period is 30 days.

He told the players and coaches, then held a press conference and said, “This morning we made a decision as owners that the game will be temporarily suspended.”

The expansion team owned by Mas and former British captain David Beckham had been scheduled to play his home opener Saturday in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.



The Sun Belt became the latest Division I conference to announce that it will limit fans’ access to its basketball tournaments.

The men’s and women’s semifinals and finals scheduled for Saturday and Sunday at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, home of the NBA pelicans and home of the women’s Final Four in April, will be played with only essential staff, some media and a small family members of players and coaches admitted to the arena.


half past eleven

The Belgian football league accused the decision to keep stadiums open to fans despite the coronavirus epidemic.

The league says the last round of regular season games in the top flight scheduled this weekend will be played in empty stadiums. The Belgium Cup final between Bruges and Antwerp scheduled for March 22 has been postponed to a date yet to be announced.

The Belgian federation added that all youth and amateur football has been canceled until March 31, and the Belgian national team’s scheduled trip this month has also been canceled. Belgium, Portugal, Croatia and Switzerland had planned to play friendlies ahead of the European championship in a mini tournament in the Gulf emirate.



A person with direct knowledge of the discussions tells the Associated Press that a recommendation has been made to the International Ice Hockey Federation to cancel the men’s world championships in Switzerland.

The recommendation will be accepted for a vote by IIHF members on Thursday, according to the person who spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity because a decision has not yet been made. The recommendation comes days after the IIHF has cleared the worlds of women that will begin in Nova Scotia in late March.

The person said that U.S. President Donald Trump’s announcement Wednesday to ban travel from Europe led to the recommendation to cancel the world championships. The ban on traveling for a month leads to uncertainty as to whether NHL players, traditionally part of the rounds of competing nations, will be able to travel from North America.

The tournament opening of 16 nations is scheduled for May 8.

In other hockey developments, the National Women’s Hockey League has postponed the Isobel Cup final on Friday night in Boston. It did not provide a new date.

And the NHL has announced the cancellation of skates and morning practices.

– Reporting of AP hockey writers John Wawrow and Stephen Whyno



The player league will not have spectators for the past three days at TPC Sawgrass in Florida.

A person involved in discussions on the new coronavirus says that the policy should be in effect for the next few weeks, starting with The Players and will extend to the Valspar championship in the Tampa Bay area next week. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because it was not announced.

The only time a PGA Tour event kept fans out of the courses were time related safety issues.

Players started on Thursday with fans. The only clause was that they didn’t ask for autographs. It remained to be determined who could enter. The source said that the media and key personnel would be admitted.

– Reporting by AP Golf writer Doug Ferguson



Atlantic Coast Conference Commissioner John Swofford says the league’s men’s basketball tournament is ready to play as planned Thursday without fans in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Swofford held a press conference on Thursday morning, a few hours before the first of the four quarterfinal games. The league announced Wednesday that it would not allow the general public to participate in tournaments amid concerns over the spread of the new coronavirus which has become a global pandemic.

Swofford called it “a very fluid situation” that “changes every day now and could change every hour”.

Swofford said, “We want to offer our players an opportunity to continue competing in this tournament. Our understanding and belief is that it is what they would like.”

Swofford’s comments came at the beginning of the third day of the five-day event, after fans had participated in six games at the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Thursday matches include no. 4 Florida State, no. 10 Duke, the no. 15 Louisville and no. 17 Virginia. The games will be held only with essential staff, teams, players’ guests and media with credentials present.

Swofford said he spoke to the commissioners of the other Power Five conferences, which today are all intended to play basketball with few fans in the arenas.

The NCAA announced Wednesday that it plans to conduct men’s and women’s basketball tournaments next week with only the essential staff and some members of the team family in the building.



A second player from the top Italian football division proved positive for the coronavirus.

Sampdoria says that 28-year-old striker Manolo Gabbiadini “has a fever but is doing well”. The Serie A club adds that it is “activating all the isolation procedures required by law”.

This will likely include self-isolation for all players and staff.

Gabbiadini, who also plays for the Italian national team, wrote on Twitter “I also tested positive for Coronavirus. I want to thank everyone who wrote me, I have already received so many messages. But I still want to reassure you that I am fine, so don’t worry. Follow the rules, stay home and everything will work itself out. “

On Wednesday, Juventus announced that defender Daniele Rugani has proven positive.

The outbreak of the virus led to a national blockade in Italy, where football and all other sports were suspended until April 3.



ATP has suspended all men’s professional tennis tournaments for six weeks due to the coronavirus epidemic.

No ATP Tour or ATP Challenger Tour event will take place during the week of April 20th.

The Indian Wells, California tournament was scheduled to begin the draw on Wednesday, had already been canceled.

The events involved are the Miami Open, the American Clay Court Championship in Houston, the Grand Prix Hassan II in Marrakech, the Monte Carlo Masters, the Barcelona Open and the Hungarian Open.

The next Grand Slam tournament, the French Open, is still scheduled in Paris starting May 24th.


2:30 in the afternoon.

Leicester manager Brendan Rodgers says that “some” of his players have coronavirus symptoms and are kept away from the team.

Rodgers was speaking two days before Leicester played Watford in the Premier League. He did not say whether there had been positive tests for the virus.

So far, only one Premier League game has been affected by the outbreak, with Manchester City’s home game against Arsenal canceled on Wednesday. This decision was made after members of the Arsenal play team went into isolation on their own to a precautionary measure.



The Pakistani Super League is closing 2020 cricket matches in Karachi for spectators on Friday after the provincial government council of Sindh.

The Pakistan Cricket Board said that “it is important for us to act quickly to ensure better protection of the well-being of all concerned” by the outbreak of the coronavirus, but the home game of the Karachi Kings on Thursday against Lahore Qalanders went on with the spectators.

Spectators are excluded from the league games on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and playoffs on Tuesday.

Another league game and three playoff games, including the March 22 final, are in Lahore. The council said that it had been in contact with the provincial government of Punjab on any health council for Lahore matches.



The Miami Open tennis tournament that was scheduled to begin later this month has been canceled due to the coronavirus epidemic.

The tournament was scheduled for March 23-April 5 in Miami Gardens. The tournament moved there from his former home in Key Biscayne last year.

Virtually all the best players in the world had been scheduled to participate except Roger Federer, who is recovering from arthroscopic right knee surgery.

It is the second postponement of a tennis tournament in five days. The BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells, California, was postponed on Sunday, less than 24 hours before the start of the qualifying matches.



The Toronto Raptors say they will go into quarantine because they recently played against Utah Jazz and Rudy Gobert.

Gobert tested positive for coronavirus.

“For great caution, members of the Raptors’ traveling group have been tested for the virus. We await these results. Our players, coaches and travel staff were advised to isolate themselves for 14 days, which means minimizing contacts in accordance with public health guidelines. Our team doctors remain in contact with infection control specialists and public health authorities and we will continue to respect their advice, “said the Raptors.



The Washington Wizards say that basketball players, coaches and staff will quarantine for the next 3-4 days.

Magicians played Utah Jazz – which has a player, Rudy Gobert, who tested positive for COVID-19 – on February 29th. Washington also played Tuesday against the New York Knicks, another recent opponent of Jazz.

Magicians say that players, coaches and basketball operations personnel who have flu-like symptoms will be tested for coronavirus.



UEFA summoned European football stakeholders to a video conference on Tuesday to address the effect of the coronavirus epidemic on competitions.

UEFA says they will discuss “all national and European competitions”. This includes this year’s European championship.

The matches will involve associations affiliated to UEFA and representatives of clubs, national leagues and player unions.

There is no general suspension of football across the continent, but national leagues have been closed by public authorities in some countries, including Italy and Spain.


twelve o’clock

The International Fencing Federation has postponed all international events for the next five weeks, including four Olympic qualifying tournaments.

The FIE made the decision after the coronavirus epidemic was declared a pandemic and the United States has banned travelers from 26 European countries as of Friday.

Postponed events included qualifying for Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas next month. Also scheduled are the Anaheim Grand Prix in California starting on Friday, and the junior world championships in Salt Lake City next month.

Four saber and sword world cups were also canceled next week.

“Full details of the rescheduling of the competitions will be announced later,” said the FIE. “Information on the Olympic selection criteria will be provided as the programs for the rest of the season are finalized.”



The Indian Premier League Twenty20 tournament could be organized without spectators after a government decree relating to the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Indian sports minister Kiren Rijuju has told all national sports federations to ban spectators in any case, but events can continue if “they cannot be avoided”.

The decision has an impact on the extremely popular IPL, which will start on March 29 and last seven weeks.

It has not yet been determined how it will affect the one-day international series between India and South Africa that started Thursday in Dharamsala. The second ODI is in Lucknow on Sunday and the third ODI in Calcutta next Wednesday.

Foreign players are expected to experience difficulties in traveling to India as the government on Wednesday suspended all visas, excluding categories such as diplomatic and work-related, until April 15 in an attempt to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Unless the government makes an exception, foreign cricket players will not be granted business visas with which they travel to play IPL.


half past eleven

McLaren says she retired from the opening Australian Grand Prix of the season in Melbourne after a team member tested positive for the coronavirus.

The British team said the person was isolated from himself as soon as they started showing symptoms and “will now enter a quarantine period”.

Team officials decided to withdraw from Sunday’s race “based on a duty of care” for McLaren employees and the larger Formula 1 family.

Qualifying has been scheduled to begin on Friday.



Real Madrid says its football and basketball teams were quarantined after a club basketball game tested positive for coronavirus.

The Spanish club claims that the football team was also affected because it shares training facilities with the basketball team.



German broadcaster Sky says it will show some Bundesliga football matches on a free channel after spectators have been barred from the stadiums.

Sky will show four league games simultaneously on Saturday on its news channel without a subscription in a “conference” format, with the broadcast switching from one game to another to show the key action.

This includes Borussia Dortmund’s game against Schalke, which is one of Germany’s most heated rivalries.

There will be a similar procedure for some second division games.


11 in the morning.

The South Korean professional baseball league says it will postpone the start of its season in mid-April due to the coronavirus epidemic.

La Korea Baseball Organization afferma che spera ancora di mantenere un programma di stagione regolare di 144 partite, ma prenderà in considerazione il divieto di alcuni spettatori di alcuni giochi quando i rischi di infezione sono elevati.

Il KBO aveva già annullato la sua preseason.



Eurolega afferma di sospendere indefinitamente tutti i giochi a causa dell’epidemia di coronavirus.

La principale competizione europea di basket per club afferma di aver preso la decisione a causa “dei maggiori rischi per i partecipanti ai giochi, della grande quantità di interruzioni del viaggio che causano l’impossibilità di raggiungere determinate destinazioni e delle diverse raccomandazioni delle autorità sanitarie”.

Giovedì il campionato avrebbe dovuto disputare partite della stagione regolare a Mosca, Istanbul, Madrid e Tel Aviv.



L’International Basketball Federation afferma che sospenderà indefinitamente tutte le competizioni da venerdì.

FIBA afferma che la decisione è stata presa “al fine di proteggere la salute e la sicurezza di giocatori, allenatori, funzionari e tifosi”.

La sospensione include partite nella Basketball Champions League, che è una competizione rivale per la più nota Eurolega, e la Coppa Europa FIBA ​​di secondo livello. La Champions League è in parte a metà dei suoi playoff.

Le qualificazioni maschili per le Olimpiadi di Tokyo dovrebbero riprendere a giugno con una serie di tornei di qualificazione supervisionati dalla FIBA. Le qualifiche femminili sono già state concluse.



Il gioco del bandy simile a hockey ha rimandato i suoi campionati del mondo in Russia a causa della diffusione del coronavirus.

La Swedish Bandy Association afferma che il torneo, che si terrà dal 29 marzo al 5 aprile a Irkutsk, è stato rinviato a ottobre.

Il presidente della International Bandy Association Boris Skrynnik afferma che “sappiamo che ci sono preoccupazioni in altri paesi quando si tratta di viaggiare e trascorrere del tempo con gruppi più grandi”.

I campionati mondiali under 15 ad Arkhangelsk, in Russia, alla fine del mese, si giocheranno anche in un secondo momento.



I principali campionati di calcio della Danimarca si stanno chiudendo da almeno due settimane a causa della diffusione del coronavirus.

La lega danese ha fatto la mossa il giorno dopo che il governo nazionale ha annunciato un blocco. Il piccolo paese scandinavo ha 514 casi di test positivi.

“Vedremo esattamente cosa significherà per lo svolgimento dei tornei per le settimane a venire”, ha dichiarato il regista danese Claus Thomsen, aggiungendo ulteriori informazioni su ciò che accadrà con le partite rimandate e il resto della stagione verrà annunciato dopo.



La lega svizzera di hockey ha chiuso la stagione nelle prime due divisioni prima dei playoff a causa della diffusione del coronavirus.

La decisione della lega arriva meno di due mesi prima che la Svizzera ospiterà i campionati mondiali di Zurigo e Losanna.

La lega dice le decisioni relative all’assegnazione dei titoli e ai luoghi di promozione e retrocessione saranno decise durante una riunione speciale venerdì.

I campionati svizzeri di calcio sono stati sospesi fino a marzo e Basilea non è in grado di ospitare una partita di Europa League la prossima settimana contro l’Eintracht Francoforte.



Dopo che l’NBA ha sospeso la sua stagione, l’Eurolega sta valutando di fare lo stesso.

The league says it is consulting with clubs about a suspension, something which its players are demanding.

“Euroleague and the participating clubs cannot ask from players to put their health and that of their families at risk,” the Euroleague Players Association said.

The players’ union asked for the season to be suspended “until health, safety and freedom of movement can be guaranteed.”


10 a.m.

The Juventus player who tested positive for the coronavirus says he’s “OK” and wants “to reassure everyone who is worrying about me.”

Juventus announced late Wednesday that defender Daniele Rugani and “those who have had contact with him” are being isolated. It also said Rugani is not showing any symptoms of the disease.

Rugani sent a post on Twitter overnight in Italian.

“You’ll have read the news and that’s why I want to reassure everyone who is worrying about me. I’m OK. I want to remind everyone to respect the rules, because this virus doesn’t make distinctions! Let’s do it four ourselves, for those dear to us and for those around us,” he wrote.

Rugani is the first player in the country’s top soccer division to test positive for the virus.


9:55 a.m.

The season-ending men’s World Cup ski races were canceled Thursday to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, giving Norwegian skier Aleksander Aamodt Kilde his first overall title.

Giant slalom and slalom races were scheduled for this weekend in Kranjska Gora, near Slovenia’s border with Italy.

The cancellations mean Henrik Kristoffersen, another Norwegian, becomes the season champion in both disciplines by tiny margins.

A four-race finals week in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy, was canceled last week by the International Ski Federation.

“The health and welfare of the athletes and all other participants, as well as the general public are in the forefront and the priority of FIS and all stakeholders,” the governing body said Thursday.

Kilde’s runner-up finish in what proved to be the season-ending race — a downhill last Saturday in Kvitfjell, Norway — lifted him to the overall title above French rival Alexis Pinturault.

Pinturault also finished runner-up to Kristoffersen in giant slalom. Another Frenchman, Clement Noel, was runner-up to Kristoffersen for the season-long slalom title by only two points, 552-550.

Kristoffersen had an outside chance of winning the overall title if the final two races had gone ahead.

Kilde succeeds Austrian great Marcel Hirscher, who won eight straight overall titles before retiring in the offseason.


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the French football championship behind closed doors until April 15

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All the football matches of the Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 championships will be played behind closed doors until April 15, the Professional Football League announced on Tuesday.

Professional football clubs in France will have to do without their supporters until April 15. The French Professional Football League (LFP) has decreed behind closed doors on all L1 and L2 championship matches, in order to stem the epidemic of coronavirus.

The LFP said in a statement that the modalities of the matches behind closed doors will be defined at the meeting of its office Wednesday. Sports Minister Roxana Maracineanu said on Tuesday that all football matches between now and April 15 should be limited to the maximum gauge of 1,000 people.

Italy and Spain have adopted similar measures. In the Iberian Peninsula, the 28th and 29th days of the Spanish football championship, scheduled from March 13 to 22, will be held behind closed doors. Among the Italians, Rome ordered the suspension of the championship.


Liverpool lose their invincibility, Real offer the classic

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In England, Liverpool had their first loss in over a year at Watford. In Spain, Real Madrid regained first place thanks to its victory over Barça in a capital clasico. In Italy, Lazio passed Juventus, whose shock against Inter was postponed because of the coronavirus, while in Germany, Bayern increased their lead. Back on the results of the weekend.

• Premier League: Liverpool falls to Watford, Leicester in free fall

Liverpool, which had not suffered a loss since January 3, 2019, suffered its first setback of the season on Saturday, on the 28th day of the Premier League. History will remember that the Reds fell to Watford (3-0), the penultimate of the championship, the fault of a double from former Rennes Ismaïla Sarr and a goal from Troy Deeney. In the ranking, the consequences of this setback are anecdotal. Manchester City is still 22 lengths from the leader, with 11 games to play for the “Sky Blue” who won, Sunday, the final of the League Cup against Aston Villa (1-2). In third place, Leicester continues to disappoint. The Foxes had a fifth game without a win in all competitions by losing on the lawn of the Norwich red lantern (1-0).

• Ligue 1: Paris atomizes Dijon, OM takes over and Lyon offers the derby

Unsurprisingly, PSG crunched Dijon (4-0) on Saturday at the Parc des Princes, on the occasion of the 27th day of the French championship. A success against a misclassified, still good for the confidence at 11 days of receiving Dortmund in a knockout round of the Champions League crucial. Behind the double title holder, OM, who won Friday in Nîmes (2-3) thanks to a hat-trick from his Argentine striker Dario Benedetto, was reassured a week after his home defeat against Nantes. In third place, Rennes, victorious in Toulouse (0-2), keeps a point ahead of Lille which won on the Canaries’ lawn (0-1). Lyon, winner of the derby against Saint-Etienne (2-0), is 5th at six points from the Northerners.

• Liga: Real wins the clasico, Sevilla FC only third

Capital for the title race, the Clasico switched to Real Madrid on Sunday evening, at the end of the 26th day. Zinedine Zidane’s men dominated Barça at the Santiago-Bernabeu (2-0), and returned to the top of the ranking, 1 small point in front of uninspired Catalans. Earlier in the day, the Atlético, third before the day, was held in check on the field of the red lantern Espanyol Barcelona (1-1), and lost its place on the podium. Sevilla FC, who won against Osasuna (3-2), took third place alone.

• Serie A: Juve-Inter shock postponed, Lazio takes control

In Italy, the clash between Juventus and Inter Milan having been postponed due to coronavirus, like several other games, Lazio Rome took the opportunity to take alone the lead in the championship, after logically defeating Bologna (2-0) , Saturday, during the 26th day of Serie A. In 4th place, Atalanta Bergamo went to atomize Lecce (2-7), thanks to an offensive festival including its center-forward Duvan Zapata, author of a hat-trick, was one of the main animators. For its part, AS Rome (5th), remains in the race for qualification for the Champions League, thanks to its victory at Cagliari (3-4). After standing up to Barcelona in the Champions League on Tuesday, Naples (6th) confirmed its recovery with a fifth victory in six days, after its success against Torino (2-1).

• Bundesliga: Bayern take their ease, Dortmund get closer to Leipzig

Bayern Munich widened the gap at the top of the German championship on Saturday by tearing down Hoffenheim’s defense (6-0) on matchday 24 of the Bundesliga. A one-way encounter, interrupted because of insulting banners targeting the wealthy owner of Hoffenheim, and which ended in a surreal ten-pass between the players of the two teams, united in the face of the insults. Held in check by Leverkusen (1-1), Sunday, RB Leipzig remains second, but sees the Bavarians take their distance (52 points against 49). Dortmund, winner at home against Friborg (1-0) thanks to a goal from the English striker Jadon Sancho, remains 3rd and approaches Leipzig with 48 points.


Barça supplants Real, Lazio tracks Juve

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In Spain, nothing seems to succeed at Real Madrid, defeated Saturday at Levante (1-0), and dislodged from first place by Barça, carried by a new quadruple of Lionel Messi. In Italy, Lazio remains on the heels of Juventus, while in France, OM again tastes defeat, after a series of 14 victorious matches. Back on the results of the weekend.

• Premier League: Chelsea rule out competition, United replace

While waiting for the match of Liverpool, the undisputed leader of the championship which welcomes West Ham on Monday, Manchester City returned to… 19 points of the Reds, thanks to its success in Leicester (0-1), on Saturday, on the occasion of the 27th day of the Premier League. The Citizens offer themselves with this crucial victory seven points ahead of their opponents and direct pursuers. For its part, Chelsea consolidated its 4th place, Saturday, by beating Tottenham (2-1), in particular thanks to a titular Olivier Giroud and scorer. With 44 points on the clock, the Blues now have 4 lengths ahead of the men of José Mourinho, who drops to 6th place in the standings.

5th place, which will qualify for the C1 if Manchester City’s appeal against its exclusion for two years from European competitions for violation of the rules of Financial Fair Play is rejected, went to Manchester United, who fell at Old Trafford in Watford ( 3-0). The Red Devils took advantage of a new goal from Frenchman Anthony Martial to easily win against the 19th in the standings. For its part, Arsenal (9th with 37 points) emerged victorious from a balanced duel with Everton, at the end of a meeting with a stunning scenario (3-2). Italy.

• Ligue 1: PSG soars to the standings, end of series for OM

Five days after its defeat at Dortmund in the knockout stages of the Champions League, PSG had to work to beat Bordeaux (4-3), Sunday at the end of the 26th day of the championship. A victory, marked by the 200th goal in the Paris jersey of his best historical scorer, the Uruguayan Edinson Cavani, which allows the club of the capital to increase its lead at the top of the classification (13 points ahead of OM ). However, the PSG who lost Thiago Silva on injury, still displays a certain excitement in defense, with three new goals conceded a week after conceding four to Amiens (4-4).

In addition, the fight for the podium has tightened behind the Parisians, even if OM are still 2nd (52 points) despite their defeat at home against Nantes (1-3). This is the first Marseille loss after a streak of 14 unbeaten league games. Doubled by Lille on Saturday in 3rd place in the ranking, after a clear northern victory against Toulouse (3-0), Rennes finally regained its place on Sunday by beating Nîmes (2-1). The Britons, who won in the last minutes of the game, are 8 points behind OM.

• Liga: Real’s new misstep, Barça takes control

Defeated 1-0 on Levante’s lawn on Saturday during the 25th day of Liga, Real Madrid lost their leader’s chair to Barça. This is the second defeat for Zinedine Zidane’s troops in the league this season, already held in check by Celta Vigo (2-2) last Sunday at the Bernabeu. Underperformances that fall at the worst time for Real, a week from the scheduled clasico March 1 in Madrid. Large winner of Eibar (5-0) thanks to a quadruple of Leo Messi, Barça, shaken by an extra-sport scandal, found colors to go back to his eternal rival, with two points ahead.

• Serie A: Juventus stays the course, Lazio persists and signs

Lazio Rome never lets go. By winning on the ground of Genoa (2-3), Sunday during the 25th day of Serie A, with a new goal from the inevitable Ciro Immobile (27 goals), the club of the Italian capital clings to the Basque of Juventus. Leader with a point ahead of Lazio, Juve beat Spal (1-2) on Saturday in Ferrara, in the middle of a weekend very disturbed by the advance of the new coronavirus in Italy, where areas containment have been established in the north of the country. Inter, meanwhile, are six points behind the Turinese and five of the Romans, with one game less. Antonio Conte’s men have had their match scheduled for Sunday night against Sampdoria Genoa postponed due to the increasing number of cases of coronavirus in Italy. Three other matches were also postponed for the same reason: Atalanta Bergamo-Sassuolo, Hellas Verona-Cagliari and Torino-Parma.

• Bundesliga: Bayern play with fire, Leipzig and Dortmund in ambush

The defending German champion was frightened on Friday against Paderborn, the red lantern of the championship, making the difference only two minutes from the end of the match (3-2), thanks to his insatiable Polish scorer Robert Lewandowski. The Bavarians remain leaders at the end of the 23rd day of the Bundesliga, with a point ahead of RB Leipzig, which did not leave any chance to Schalke 04, streaked on its lawn (0-5).

Third with 4 points behind Bayern, Borussia Dortmund won at Werder Bremen (0-2). The men of Lucien Favre, who aligned the same eleven holders who beat Paris Saint-Germain in the knockout stages of the Champions League four days ago (2-1), benefited from a new realization of the phenomenon Norwegian Erling Haaland, author of his twelfth goal in eight games for the Yellow and Black since his arrival in the winter transfer window.


Liverpool continue their stroll, Barça replace

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In the Premier League, nothing seems to be able to reach Liverpool, the author of a 25th success in 26 games. PSG, he did not reassure himself before the knockout stages of the Champions League, by being manhandled in Amiens (4-4). Here are the results of the weekend.

• Premier League: Leicester are no longer advancing, Liverpool are continuing

Liverpool never stops getting closer to the Premier League title. On the lawn of the Norwich red lantern, the Reds relied on a late goal from Mané to earn three new points, and are 25 units ahead of Manchester City, who will face West Ham on Wednesday.

In the wake of the Mersey club, Leicester missed the opportunity to take second place, missing the victory on the Wolverhampton field (0-0). Also noteworthy are Tottenham’s successes at Aston Villa (2-3) and Arsenal’s success at Newcastle (4-0). Chelsea and Manchester United meet on Monday evening.

• Ligue 1: OM consolidates its second place, PSG hooked after a crazy match

Big surprise at the head of Ligue 1, where PSG, after having been led 3-0 by Amiens, thought they had a difficult success on the lawn of Amiens. But that was without counting Guirassy’s last achievement in stoppage time, which allows the penultimate of the ranking to grab a point against the leader (4-4).

Behind PSG, OM confirms that it is more than ever pretending to return to the Champions League, thanks to its success in Lille (1-2). The Phocaeans now have an 11 point lead over Rennes, beaten in Reims (1-0). OL, hooked by Strasbourg (1-1) and Saint-Étienne, beaten at Brest (3-2), no longer advance.

• Liga: Barça pushes back Getafe and gets closer to Real

Big operation for FC Barcelona in La Liga, where Lionel Messi’s teammates beat Getafe, third in the ranking (2-1) and pushed back ten points. Barça, who are taking advantage of this weekend to get closer to the head, since Real Madrid conceded a draw against Celta Vigo (2-2).

In the race for Europe, Atlético de Madrid avoided the worst by keeping FC Valencia at bay after a game there also prolific in goals (2-2). The Colchoneros remain in ambush, in fourth place.

• Serie A: Inter lose big against Lazio, who are intercalated

The shock of the weekend in Serie A, which pitted Inter Milan against Lazio, saw the Roman club take over their direct opponent in the standings (2-1). A victory that allows Simone Inzaghi’s men to take second place in the standings, at a head length.

A first place that Juventus no longer shares with Inter, since the Old Lady took full advantage of this 24e day to glean three more points, against Brescia (2-0).

• Bundesliga: full box for the Top 5

No major changes at the head of the Bundesliga, where the top five in the standings all assumed their status last weekend. Winner of FC Cologne (1-4), Bayern Munich therefore keeps its point ahead of RB Leipzig, which did the job against Werder Bremen (3-0).

Special mention to Borussia Dortmund, third thief on the podium, who signed an encouraging card a few days before his duel with PSG in the knockout stages of the Champions League. The Ruhr club only made a bite of Eintracht Frankfurt (4-0), including a new goal from their Norwegian nugget Haaland.


May 4, 1949: the Torino team decimated in the plane crash

Every week with RetroNews, the BNF press site, a look back at a history of sport as told by the press at the time. This Saturday, the air disaster that decimated the team of the “Grande Torino”, May 4, 1949.

“The players of the best Italian football team are killed in a plane crash near Turin. The 31 passengers are charred ”, title in one Humanity May 5, 1949. The accident took place in the town of Superga, near Turin. “The plane from Portugal found itself in difficulty near the basilica which stands on a height”, informs the newspaper. The altimeter would then have frozen and the aircraft struck the bell tower of the basilica before crashing to the ground and catching fire.

Torino was the breeding ground for the Italian national team, double reigning world champion (1934, 1938) recalls fight. “Torino, Italian champion for the 1947-1948 season, after a long-standing undecided fight with Milan, was poised to win the title again. Among the victims is the Frenchman Emile Bongiorni, several times selected in the French team, who wore the colors of the Italian club since the start of the 1947-1948 season: he was a player whose ardor and passion had made the popularity. “ Another Frenchman, Roger Grava, died in the accident.

Dawn May 6 provides details of the cause of the accident: “The aircraft could not land on the Turin aerodrome made impassable by the recent rains. The plane then headed for Milan, but its disordered altimeter indicated a height of 2,000 meters when in reality it only flew at 600 meters. The poor visibility did not allow the pilot to see the dome of the Church of Superga which he struck at a speed of 400 km / h “ The newspaper focuses on the personality of the two French players who died in the drama. “Bongiorni,” Milo ” [son surnom, ndlr] hid in his great physical means an innate sense of football. Dangerous shooter, he had no equal to shake up a defense. […] The same size, the same power, Roger Grava also distinguished himself by his strong personality, both physical and moral. In Roubaix, his last club, with which he won the French championship in 1947, his services were unanimously appreciated. ”

“All of Italy is grieving after the tragic end of the Turin football team”, title Tonight May 6, 1949. The newspaper collected the testimony of a former “Milo” Bongiorni teammate at Racing, Ernest Vaast. “He was not just a teammate. He was a friend to me. We started racing together in 1942. And together we played for the national team. […] He had signed a two-year contract with Torino, but I know he was doing everything he could to join us again next season. For him, for his memory, we have one more reason to win Sunday against Lille. “ Far from this emotion, the newspaper delivers sordid details on the identification of bodies: “At the Turin morgue, it is difficult to recognize, in these horribly mutilated corpses, the magnificent athletes who, on the green lawns of the stadiums, made so many football enthusiasts vibrate. Relatives parade endlessly in front of the victims in order to identify them, here recognizing an alliance, there an old scar. ”

In its next day edition, Tonight publishes a full page of photos taken at Superga. They bear witness to the violence of the crash with a wing here, the propeller elsewhere, an engine in the outbuildings of the basilica and the grief of those close to the missing (Ossola’s mother, another player’s brother).

Tonight May 8 announced on the front page that the next day, during the final of the French Cup which will oppose them in Lille, “Racing players will mourn in Colombes their former teammate,” Milo “Bongiorni”. A photo shows two players: “After removing their equipment from the club’s headquarters on rue Ampère, Moreel and Vaast attach the black armband that was given to them by the managers on their jerseys.”

fight May 9 announces that the remains of Emile Bongiorni will be returned to Paris the same day. His former Racing teammates paid him homage by winning 5-2 in the Coupe de France final against Lille.

“Yesterday morning, the Parisian sportsmen went to the Parc des princes to pay a last tribute to Bongiorni and Grava whose bodies were exposed under the presidential tribune transformed into a burning chapel, recounts fight May 13. The Racing players taking turns mounted an honor guard around the body of their unfortunate comrade while players from the Italian US surrounded the remains of Grava. “

Seven months after the disaster, Paris Presse-l’Intransigeant from January 13, 1950 title “Superga is fading. Italy will go to Rio by plane. ” Understand: the national team will fly to Brazil to compete in the World Cup of which it is title holder. The calendar did not leave him any other option says the newspaper, “Highlighting the very short time between the end of the Italian championship (May 23) and the start of the World Cup in the first half of June.” The trauma of the Superga crash has not been erased: “However, it has already been established that the trip will be made in several groups.”

Continuation of the story. The Torino reserve team plays the last four games of the 1948-1949 championship and wins the title before Inter. It is the sixth and final coronation of the Grande Torino, as the best Italian team was nicknamed, national champion in 1928, 1943, 1946, 1947, 1948 and 1949, cup winner in 1936 and 1943 before losing its luster. The Torino is slowly waning, a situation all the more cruel as the big local rival, Juventus, is gaining momentum. The club experienced a revival allowing it to offer itself a new Scudetto in 1976. In the 90s, in the grip of big financial difficulties, it made the elevator between first and second divisions. In recent years, Torino FC has not shone or particularly dark, regularly finishing in the middle of the table. The Derby della Mole is a perfect illustration of the chasm that separates the two teams located on the banks of the Po since the Torino have won against the Old Lady only once since 1995. The saying goes, however, that the club of the inhabitants of Turin remains the Torino when Juventus is that of the rest of Italy.

Since the Superga drama, football has also been regularly marked by air disasters that decimate entire teams. In 1958, eight of the “Busby Babes”, the hypertalentent class of Manchester United trained by Matt Busby, die in the plane crash at Munich airport while returning from Belgrade where they qualified for the Champions Club Cup semi-finals. The Danish team, on July 16, 1960, those of the Bolivian club The Strongest, on September 26, 1969, of Tashkent, on August 11, 1979 also paid a heavy price. On December 8, 1987, 43 people including the 16 players from Alianza Lima, one of the most famous Peruvian clubs, perished after their plane crashed into the sea. In 1993, the entire team from Zambia disappeared in the accident of the military plane which took him to Senegal for the World Cup qualifiers. Last collective disaster to date, that which bereaved the Brazilian club Chapecoense, November 28, 2016: 19 players who were going to play the first leg of the Copa Sudamericana in Colombia die, three survive.

Gilles Dhers