Bet on comfort for the C-Series special edition of the C4 Cactus

YE. MADRID Updated:03/27/2020 02: 00h save Related news Citroën proposes in 2020 a special transversal series, called C-Series, in reference to the initial C of the brand, in addition to the Comfort and Character of the design of its models. Launched in early 2018 and completely reinterpreted in relation to the first generation, this new […]

What to do in the quarantine in Spain: books, series, movies and pear for today

BOOKS, BY LUIS ALEMANY LIDIA CHUKOVSKAIATE ‘SOFIA PETROVNA’ Going through the shelves of the books released by their publishers is as fun as browsing a bookstore of opportunity and seeing everything happen:best sellersforgotten, romance novels, outdated academic books … and then, by surprise,a book that once touched our hearts, How is it goingSofia PetrovnawhatGive Errata […]

Series for gourmets, Lorenzo Mejino’s guide to the days of confinement

Lorenzo Mejino, one of the greatest series experts, offers you several suggestions every week to choose the best productions during these days of closure due to the coronavirus. DV Sunday, March 22, 2020 1:06 PM The blog ‘Series for gourmets’, by Lorenzo Mejino, aims to help you personalize your television menu with the world series […]

10 series and documentaries to calm the sports ‘overalls’

Resigned to making a virtue of necessity, sports fans seek in these days of house arrest and absence of competitions imaginative ways to calm your voracious appetite. Discarded as unsupportive and irresponsible the option of putting on shoes and going outside to jog and stretch muscles, they are forced to watch old games over and […]

video platforms forced to restrict themselves on the Internet

Before the Covid-19 epidemic, Netflix already represented 25% of traffic in France in the evening. To avoid saturation of the networks, it will reduce its speed, as well as YouTube. Through Caroline Sallé and Elsa Bembaron As telework increases sevenfold, the use of the Internet to watch movies and series via streaming is seriously questioned. […]

Around the world in 80 series

Now everyone is an expert in T.V. series, but Lorenzo Mejino was also a pioneer in this. “Due to my work as an engineer I traveled the world and when I arrived in a country I preferred to watch the local series to get to know their customs or ways of life and their language […]

The moment of the series

Now that the consumption of culture is reduced to the walls of your home, the phenomenon of the series acquires a significance as never before. In fact, this has always been the secret of its success: it is a product that has come into our home, easily accessible and has changed our habits as few […]