Toyota Land Cruiser: the history of the legendary model

Kruzak is produced longer than all other Toyota models.

Toyota Land Cruiser is a true legend of the Japanese automobile industry. The car was born back in 1951 and was produced in convertible, hardtop, station wagon and truck bodies. Thanks to the supporting frame and all-wheel drive, Kruzak instantly won the hearts of motorists, it became especially popular in Australia.

Toyota BJ

The first “Cruiser“, which the, by the way, called Toyota BJ, equipped with a 3.4-liter 85-horsepower engine, combined with a 3-speed “mechanics”. “Ponizhayki” was not provided, but thanks to the sturdy body, frame and elements from trucks, the car showed impressive off-road capabilities. In 1954, the model was renamed Land Cruiser – a kind of “otvetochka” Land Rover.

Toyota Land Cruiser 20

The second generation of “Kruzak” was produced from 1955 to 1960. When creating this car, engineers focused on comfort and a more civilian appearance. Body features have become more streamlined, the interior has become more spacious, there is also a “stove” and air conditioning.

Initially, the car of the 20 series was equipped with the same engine, from Toyota BJ, later it was replaced by the Toyota F engine with a working volume of 3.9 liters, which initially produced 105 hp, and then its power grew to 125 “horses”. Since 1956, Kruzak went for export.

Toyota Land Cruiser 40

The third generation Toyota Land Cruiser was born in 1960 and was produced until 1984. Externally, the car remained about the same as its predecessor, but technically the engineers did what they needed. Finally, a downshift appeared, and the engine range was expanded by diesel engines in volumes from 3.0 to 3.6 liters. The transmission is still the same 3-speed manual transmission, and since 1974 – 4-speed.

Toyota Land Cruiser 55

The fourth generation Toyota Land Cruiser lasted on the assembly line from 1967 to 1979. The developers paid special attention to comfort – the 55 series car has significantly increased in size. Under the hood, a new 4.2-liter 2F unit appeared, which generated 135 “horses”.

Toyota Land Cruiser 60

The fifth generation of the legendary Kruzak was produced from 1980 to 1989. The 60 Series SUV received an impressive wheelbase of 2,730 mm, which allowed it to accommodate the third row of seats in the cabin. Spring suspension made softer, and power windows and seats with lateral support added comfort to the car.

It was driven by a 4.2-liter gasoline engine or 4.0-liter diesel engine. Their power was the same – 137 horsepower. A pair of units was a 5-speed manual transmission, and in 1984 the first “automatic” in 4 gears appeared. In 1987, a small facelift was carried out – Land Cruiser 60 became available in new body painting options, got big wheels and new square-shaped headlights.

Toyota Land Cruiser 70

The sixth generation of the model came out in 1984. The 70 Series SUV was the direct successor to the Fortieth and the last truly off-road Land Cruiser. This indicates that when developing, the priority of engineers was to make the car passable and reliable, and not comfortable. It was set in motion by a 4.2-liter 131-horsepower diesel “aspirated” and a gasoline engine of 4.0 liters and a capacity of 228 hp.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

It was during this period that the first four-door version appeared, which received the well-known name “Prado”. By the 1990s, Toyota Land Cruiser Prado had become an independent model, the way we know it now.

Toyota Land Cruiser 80

The seventh generation of “Kruzak” was released in 1990 and was produced in 1997. Toyota LC 80 Series was simply unrecognizable – many rounded body lines made the exterior of the new items incredibly “fresh”. Alsothe SUV received electronically controlled locks of all differentials – two interwheels and an interaxle.

Under the hood of the car were placed 4.0- and 4.5-liter gasoline engines, as well as 4.2-liter diesel and turbodiesel engines, which produced 130 to 215 “mares”. Also on this SUV for the first time appeared ABS and two airbags.

Toyota Land Cruiser 100

The “Land Cruiser” of the eighth generation was produced from 1998 to 2007. The SUV remained reliable and passable thanks to the new frame with shock-absorbing elements. Unlike its predecessor, the Land Cruiser 100 received an independent suspension of all wheels and brakes, as well as improved noise and vibration isolation.

New units were found in the engine compartment: in-line “six” with a volume of 4.5 liters and “eight” for 4.7 liters. New diesel engines also appeared – a 4.2-liter 131-horsepower aspirated engine, as well as a turbocharged 204-horsepower and biturbo 250-horsepower engines of the same volume. A pair of engines was a 4-speed “automatic” or 5-band “mechanics”.

In 2003, Toyota conducted a restyling – “Sotka” acquired a new grille, headlights and bumpers, as well as some changes in the trim. Engineers changed the mounting of the steering rack and the threads on the steering rods and tips. Also appeared 5-speed automatic transmission.

Toyota Land Cruiser Cygnus

Particularly noteworthy is the version of Land Cruiser Cygnus, which entered the Japanese market in 1998. In fact, this is a representative “Sotka”, created taking into account the wishes of customers. The car was distinguished by four-section front optics, leather trim with walnut elements and a rear view camera.

Under the hood of the Cygnus was placed an uncontested 2UZ-FE 4.7-liter engine with a return of 235 horsepower. As part of the restyling in 2002, the SUV was replaced by a 4-speed “automatic” with a 5-speed one. Interestingly, Cygnus was shipped to Russia as the Lexus LX470.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200

Finally, the current generation of Toyota Land Cruiser 200. The SUV stood on the conveyor at the end of 2007 and boasted new engines: an improved 2UZ-FE with a VVT-i system and an “eight” 1VD-FTV. It was with these engines that Dvusotka was initially supplied to Russia, and 4.0 and 5.7-liter were also available in other markets.

To date, the 200th Kruzak is presented in Russia with a diesel 4.5-liter 249-horsepower and gasoline 4.6-liter 309-horsepower engines. Transmission – exclusively “automatic”, the drive, of course, is full.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Available with a 2.7-liter 163-horsepower and 4.0-liter 249-horsepower gasoline engines, as well as a 2.8-liter 177-horsepower diesel engine. “Junior” gasoline is combined with both “automatic” and “mechanics”, the rest – only with automatic transmission.

Toyota Land Cruiser 300 (render)

As for Toyota Land Cruiser 300, he will lose engines V8 and will receive more environmentally friendly installations, among which there will be a hybrid. In the “base” the 300th Kruzak will receive 3.5 liter gasoline V6, and the top one will be a hybrid based on the same motor and electric motor. Where further the motor scale of the Japanese legend will develop, only time will tell.


Netflix. “The Eddy”, an ambitious series in the world of jazz

The eddy , with André Holland, Leïla Bekhti and Tahar Rahim, has eight episodes shot in Paris and available on May 8 on the Netflix platform.

The first series by Damien Chazelle, Franco-American filmmaker who, with La La Land (2016), paid homage to the Hollywood musical, acclaimed by the public, critics and a handful of Oscars, is bound to be an event. Produced by Netflix, toured in France, it takes place again in the world of music, jazz in particular, dear to the director of Whiplash.

A Parisian jazz club

Elliot, a New York jazz pianist who had his heyday (André Holland – Moonlight, The knick) opened a club in Paris, The Eddy, which he is struggling to insure financially. Around him gravitate his partner (Tahar Rahim – a prophet), his companion (Leïla Bekhti – Polar day), the singer of the club, who is also his mistress (Joanna Kulig – Cold war), musicians, but also little suburban thugs and the Serbian mafia. Elliot’s daughter (Amandla Stenberg- Hunger Games), a determined teenager, arrives from America in the middle of this little world to find her father.

Great narrative freedom

Behind the camera, Damien Chazelle, then Alan Poul (The Chronicles of San Francisco), Houda Benyamina (Divine, gold camera at Cannes in 2016, bought by Netflix) and Laïla Marrakchi (The Legends Office). The Eddy is a beautiful object, ambitious, apart. With eight episodes, some over an hour long, each devoted to a character and the last to the jazz box that gives the series its name.

Carried by a fluid, elegant staging, sometimes even virtuoso, by music as well, of course, always showing great narrative freedom, the sequences take their time: tense confrontations between the characters, snapshots of life as if stolen from the streets of Paris and its suburbs, improvised jazz pieces on the club scene… The grain of the image, thick, soft and rough at the same time, brings realism. But the whole thing sins a bit on the script side. The purpose, thin, with an air of deja vu, stretches beyond measure. Difficult to be captivated. We then choose to let ourselves be carried. Or not.

The eddy available on Netflix


colleague Marina Alexandrova exposed the relationship with the actress

Sergei Makovetsky made it clear that he is more than a friend for the star of the series “Catherine”. What will the artist’s husband say?

2019 was a fruitful year for Marina Alexandrova to cooperate with Sergey Makovetsky. First, they starred in the comedy “Odessa Steamboat”, and then became the main characters of the play “Papa”.

It was the last project that incredibly brought artists together. Apparently, during rehearsals, Marina and Sergey had feelings for each other. Alexandrova herself hints at this. She said that when creating the play, she had to literally live it. She experienced a huge range of feelings – from falling in love to love. And this was a surprise even for the actress herself.

Makovetsky responded with an Alexandrova reciprocity. The other day, he exposed his relationship with a colleague. Under her Instagram photo, the man asked why the actress was so thin. She replied that she was bored and added a smile with eyes in love. This moved Sergey, and he gently turned to Marina: “My girl, me too.”

It is unlikely that the connection between Makovetsky and Alexandrova can be called a serious novel. Relationships are more like a light affair, which is generated by a too deep implantation in the role. You won’t go against acting nature.

But despite the fact that the star of the series “Catherine” is not going to leave her husband yet. In her posts she continues to call Makovetsky a lover. And he pays more attention to him than to his wife Andrei Boltenko.


Details surfaced than Kolya from “Real Boys” made a living before filming in the series

The video confirming this was definitely shot before the release of the first episode of The Boys.

While the country expects the release of the new 13 season of “Real Boys” with Nikolai Naumov in the title role, details of the actor’s life surfaced before filming on TNT. It’s very difficult to accurately date the video, but according to the style and quality of the picture, we can assume that it was shot in the zero years, exactly a few years before the first episode of the first season.

The guy in the lead role of this Goodyear commercial is so much like a Russian actor that there is no doubt that this is the same Kolya. Moreover, according to the plot, a car broke down on his road, and he climbed to repair it. It’s worth remembering that in “Real Boys” Nikolai and his friends, some kind of mechanics “from God”, are working on tire fitting, at least at the beginning of a career.

Thus, the picture emerges that Nikolai Naumov earned his living before filming on TNT by participating in commercials. It is likely that he also had other episodic roles. In this case, we can safely assume that his film career began long before the filming of the famous series.


Until Meladze sees, Brezhnev dresses up in latex and kisses girlfriends

Faith is cheating on Costa already publicly, without embarrassment.

While Konstantin Meladze is completely busy promoting the members of the collapsed MBAND group and does not see what his wife Vera Brezhneva is doing, the singer certainly does not miss being alone. After a series of her recent publications, it became clear that in her free time from fulfilling marital duties, the ex-participant of “VIA Gra” dresses up in latex and kisses girlfriends.

In the video published by Brezhnev, it is noticeable that she chose a playful cat costume for herself, clearly intended for role-playing games in bed. It was in this form that Vera came to her friend’s birthday, who licked her cheek in one of the published videos. A kind of friendship! But it’s one thing if the singer did this quietly and secretly, but Vera, on the contrary, was not embarrassed by her adventures, and the series of videos of a piquant nature is like a slap in the face to her husband. However, even this seems a trifle in comparison with the adventures of Constantine himself.

In the family of the Meladze brothers, apparently, there is a rule that they must betray their wives. While the younger Valery does not appear at home with Dzhanabaeva, the elder cheats on Brezhneva with ward Erica Herceg. According to rumors, she had already managed to have a baby for her, and judging by Vera’s revenge, Kostya’s lawful wife found out about it.


Maria Poroshina showed her stretch

Maria Powder is a participant in the 11th season of the show “Dancing with the Stars.” People’s favorite pleases the audience with unusual images. She was already a glamorous diva of the 20s of the last century, and an oriental beauty, and even incendiary danced cha-cha-cha in bold mini and pantyhose in a net. This time, the mother of five children appeared on the floor in the image of a charming policeman.

Maria Poroshina and Evgenia Raeva enjoy wildly popular with the audience of the show “Dancing with the Stars”. The partner of the actress is a titled dancer and choreographer. Of course, without incidents on the floor is not complete. But stars cope with all difficulties for the sake of one goal – victory on the project.

Maria posted a series of photos on her blog. In the frame, she and her partner are captured during the performance of an incendiary number. Poroshina appeared as a policeman, and Raev – in the image of a biker.

Maria Poroshina fell during the show “Dancing with the Stars”

“Having fallen on the floor, I believe we did not fall before your eyes. We are preparing something interesting …”, the 46-year-old actress signed the pictures. In one of the photos she famously threw her foot at Eugene.

Stretching the star of the series “Always say” always “” made a splash. Fans were delighted with what they saw. They supported the star mom and daughters. Seraphim and Agrafena went live to express their admiration for Mom’s talent and convince the judges not to give her low scores.

“It was wonderful! I really liked how my mom suddenly threw her leg up. The stretch is good! Give her good marks … Mom is trying hard!”, One of the daughters said.

By the way, raher Poroshina admitted that very worried before agreeing to participate in the show. But she took up this challenge with her children. “I have five of them. All this is done for them and for their sake. Therefore, I went to dance. Not everything works out, but I tried,” said the actress. In a marriage with actor Ilya Drevnov, she gave birth to three daughters – Seraphim, Agrafen and Glafira. From the first husband of Gosha Kutsenko, she has a daughter, Polina. And in January 2020, the artist had the long-awaited son Andrei. She does not advertise the name of the boy’s father.

Maria Poroshina struck on the spot with her banner


“I will do something very emotional about La Masia”

At 46 years old, Albert Espinosa i Puig (Barcelona, ​​November 5, 1973) has fulfilled “My boyish dream & rdquor ;. He has signed for Barça, in his role as writer and screenwriter to elaborate a series about La Masia which will start rolling in 2021.

-How did the signing come about? When I presented years ago at the Teatre Nacional Our tigers drink milk I invited children from La Masia. The stage was a soccer field. With what they explained to me I thought that a very cool series could come out. I spoke to Dídac Lee, I was able to go to the residence and investigate, but then they did not have an infrastructure to do it. They did not have Barça Studios. Now yes, and they have wanted to recover that original idea. Since September I have been going to La Masia, meeting educators, teachers, tutors, coaches, players & mldr; They have opened the doors for me, they have explained everything to me and I am very happy.

-What process is the series in? Finished the investigation, in the writing process. It is not a series about football, but a series about emotions. It will be very emotional. I want it to reflect all the ages of the resident kids but we will not speak to or rely on anyone in particular who is or was. It will be based on my perception of the reality that is lived there, what I have seen and explained to me. I will set my sights on what I have felt. I have spoken to many children and they have points in common, of course. It will be easy to write, it will come out on its own.

“It will be based on my perception of the reality that is lived there. I will set my sights on what I have felt. I have spoken to many children and they have points in common, of course. It will be easy to write, it will come out on its own”

“They have given me full freedom to plan. I will do something very emotional, very much in my style. I cannot talk about the plots. For confidentiality. I have bitten my tongue for six months, I had not told my mother or my brother that I was signing for Barça “

-Didn’t they give you guidelines? I have been told to do what you want. They have given me complete freedom to plan. I will do something very emotional, very much in my style.

-And what will you do? I can’t speak to the plots. For confidentiality. I have bitten my tongue six months, I did not tell my mother or my brother who signed for Barça.

-Human or sports stories? Human. They dedicate an hour to training, but they are boys who are alone, who have left their home and live this experience intensely. They have told me many things, I have asked many things from a very unknown place, where you cannot take photos or publish anything, and I want to do something that touches hearts.

-Which audience will it be aimed at? What audience? It will be a family series that both children and adults will see. You don’t have to be a Barça player or a football fan. They will be stories of dreams, of children fighting for something so difficult to achieve and the emotions they feel in the process. It makes you feel very reflected in many orders of life. Of Vermelles bracelets have been made 14 remakes. Those children confined in hospitals seemed a very distant subject and now it is something much closer. In the end, the little local stories become universal.

“You don’t have to be a Barça fan or a football fan. 14 remakes have been made of ‘Pulseres vermelles’. Those children in hospitals seemed like a very distant subject and now it’s closer. In the end, the little local stories become universal”

“I have received four thousand emails from young people who say they play soccer well but are better actors. We will need good actors who play soccer well. How will we have to shoot there at the residence & mldr; It will be in the summer of 2021”

-It was a success, obviously. If ‘Pulseres’, such a complicated subject, got where it came from, it can go further. I have received four thousand emails from children and young people who say they play football well but are better actors. We will need good actors who play soccer well. As we will have to shoot there in the residence & mldr; It will be in the summer of 2021.

-The boys’ living conditions are very different. I was one of those children before doing ‘Pulseres’. They are very different series, but they have in common that they are in places that are not their homes. And they experience very emotional situations. I remember the day after their debut that Ansu Fati came there and had a party with everyone. There is a feeling of belonging to a group in search of a dream that very few will achieve. It will be very vital.

How will you deal with football rivalry? It is a sensitive subject. I will do a series on formative football in Barcelona, ​​as I did a series of children who had cancer in a hospital. The basic idea is that of a special place, a dream factory where there are many emotions. Yes, it is La Masia, the first residence that was invented, but I am looking for emotions. Children come from all over and that’s what makes it special. You cannot make a series of La Masia without investigating or understanding it.

-But will you see the symbolism of Barça? Sure. If they wear Barça pajamas! ‘Bracelets’ has had 14 remakes and they were boys from different countries. Hopefully more series of “farmhouses” will come out as there were many “bracelets” from other parts.

“We have Messi’s first goal recorded in 35 millimeters. On celluloid, in cinema format. His people asked us. My favorite player was Lineker because when I was sick and they came to visit the hospitals, I had to sign a ball for me “

“I am very culé. I have always lived in Les Corts. When I grew up I looked for a studio from which the Camp Nou could be seen. It transmits a lot of energy to me, even if it is empty”

-What degree of contact do you have with sport? Very close to Barça. When we roll Your life in 65 minutes María Ripoll we were at the Camp Nou and we needed a goal. It turns out that a boy came out who put it in and it was Leo Messi. His first goal is recorded in 35 millimeters. In celluloid, in cinema format. His people asked us. I like football a lot. My favorite player was Lineker because when I was sick and they came to visit the hospitals, I had to sign a ball for me.

-Is it very cool? I am, I am. My parents were. My grandfather used to tell me when we were little that we lived in the best neighborhood in the world because many people came on Sundays. Then I discovered why: it was because Barça played. I have always lived in Les Corts. When I grew up I looked for a study from which the Camp Nou could be seen. It transmits a lot of energy to me, even if it is empty. Now my profession and my passion come together.

-What did you like most about La Masia? The passion of the children has me crazy. The day to day. It is a very powerful brotherhood. They take good care of each other. The same will be the Messi on duty. I have felt accepted by them.

-Do you contemplate the intervention of any Barça player? I haven’t even thought about it, because we make a fiction. The same cameo. I have some friends in the first team who like movies, ‘Pulseres’, and if we ask them they will accept.


Sries to get scared – Diari de Girona

When it premiered The Curse of Hill House, magnificent adaptation of Shirley Jackson’s novel, there was a certain quorum to say that it was one of the best series of its year, and also showed that the horror genre is living a splendid moment of form. Maybe not on TV as much as in the movies, where it has reached a level of acceptance never seen before, but it is still giving away a good list of titles that manage to stay in your subconscious and complicate your home traffic a bit. . The case of the Mike Flanagan series for Netflix is ​​particularly commendable, because it takes a very classic mold (that of haunted houses) and knows how to turn it around, and this is one of the main reasons why there are so many expectations with the second season. But above all it is fundamental because it will most likely mark the way forward for future productions of the genre.

In any case, many things have happened before, during and after the visit to Hill House. If we go back a little, we find productions with big names but that were unjustly punctured, like The River, ABC series that brought together the talents of Oren Peli and Steven Spielberg but failed in its attempt to export the found footage on television; o Hemlock Grove (Netflix), a war between vampires and werewolves that, despite good visual effects and the presence of Famke Janssen, never finished curdling among its natural audience.

One of the television customs of the genre is to adapt great films to the serial narrative, and so far has given rise to two great titles: one is, without a doubt, The exorcist (HBO), which never made large audiences but is a splendid revision of the classic, and the other is Scream, the last production of Wes Craven before his death and which has the success of reproducing the style of the four film installments without incurring cloning. Its first two seasons are on Netflix and the third must be just a few days from its premiere.

Over the past few years, horror series have proliferated on different channels and platforms, to the point that over the past five years they have been an almost ubiquitous genre on annual release lists. We have found failed series but with interesting elements like Outcast (right now it’s not on any platform), laudable attempt to refound the demonic tales; Slasher (Netflix), a unique Canadian production that wants to be an update of the style that gives it its title, and while it fails to bring great news, at least it is honest and entertaining, or the French production of Netflix Marianne, which is very erratic but introduces a character who wants to scare and actually does. The television boom of the genre has been especially productive in the format of anthologies, and this is thanks to the contribution of what is one of the fundamental series of modernity: American Horror Story. Ryan Murphy’s production, available on Netflix, has been dedicated throughout its seasons to exploring different styles and subgenres of horror with a truly admirable cause consciousness.

Maybe not all have the same quality, but there are some (like the second, set in a sanatorium, or the last, a tribute to the psychopaths of the 70s and 80s) that are unmissable. In their wake they have appeared Channel Zero (HBO), The Terror (Amazon) or the most sufficiently claimed Castle Rock (Movistar), a series dedicated to reinventing the universe of Stephen King based on some of his most popular scenarios and characters. Nor can we forget Into the dark, a laudable Hulu experiment (distributed here by HBO) that proposes a series of 90-minute episodes that premiere coinciding with some iconic holiday, such as Christmas or Thanksgiving.

As for the zombies, if it’s about being scared (to laugh we already have The Walking Dead) the best thing you can do is pull off Kingdom, Korean Netflix series about a plague that turns a feudal society into a nest of chaos and destruction. She’s worried because, no matter how fantastic, her hyperrealism makes her goosebumps.


burrs and serial abuses

The list of abuses committed by the security forces in Africa in the fight against “Terrorism”, gets longer month after month. Most often, governments deny and cover the bribes attributed to their troops before, sometimes, recognize them, as just did Cameroon, Tuesday, April 21.

In Cameroon, feedback on the Ntumbo massacre

The massacre at Ntumbo, in the northeast of this country, on the night of February 13 to 14, had caused a stir. According to the UN, 23 civilians, including 15 children (nine under the age of 5) and two pregnant women, were killed in an operation against the English-speaking separatists. Yaoundé then firmly denied the involvement of his security forces, citing a tragic accident.

→ EXPLANATION. Cameroon, one killing too many

A version disputed by observers, human rights NGOs and, discreetly, Western chancelleries. “Government forces and members of the Peul ethnic group killed at least 21 civilians, including 13 children and a pregnant woman (…) in horrible conditions”, had accused Human Rights Watch (HRW) on February 28. According to the NGO, the murders were committed by 10 to 15 “Soldiers of the Rapid Intervention Battalion, an elite unit of the Cameroonian army, and at least 30 armed Fulani”.

Yaoundé admits military responsibility

The Cameroonian presidency finally admitted that three soldiers and a vigilante group were directly involved in this affair, they were arrested. The first elements of an investigation launched by Paul Biya, released on April 21, indicate that civilians were killed in an exchange of fire between these soldiers and “separatist rebels”.

After having “ discovered that three women and ten children had died as a result of their action “Says this investigation,” three soldiers helped by certain members of the defense committee, tried to mask the facts by fires ” No senior officer, no regional official, no person in charge of the supervision and the training of these men, were worried in this file.

In Burkina Faso, the army strongly suspected of the Djibo massacre

As in Cameroon, the Burkinabé security forces are regularly suspected and accused of committing war crimes in the fight they are leading against “terrorism”. Last case to date, the execution of 31 detainees in Djibo (200 kilometers north of the capital Ouagadougou), on April 9.

HRW, who investigated the killing, reported on April 20: ” Residents said dozens of members of the security forces were involved in the April 9 operation (…). The victims were arrested in several neighborhoods or “sectors” while they were watering their cattle, walking or sitting in front of their homes. “They have been placed” aboard a convoy of ten military vehicles, including vans, an armored car and motorcycles “.

Later, adds HRW, other villagers found “The bodies of 31 men who were last seen in the custody of the security forces. Many of them had their eyes or hands tied.

Based on this investigation, Corinne Dufka, West Africa director of HRW, publicly asked the Burkinabé authorities to investigate ” urgently and impartially on this alleged war crime and suspend the commanders of the security forces involved, pending the outcome of the investigation.

In Chad, too

In Chad, it is now the Public Prosecutor Youssouf Tom who announced on Saturday April 18 on television that 44 Boko Haram fighters, taken prisoner during the operation launched earlier this month against the jihadist group, had been found dead two days earlier by their captors in N’Djamena. He said the autopsy, performed on four bodies, revealed the presence of a toxic substance in the body, causing “A heart attack for some” and “Severe asphyxiation for others”. And to specify that the 40 other bodies have already been buried.

This announcement raised the amazement of civil society in Chad. Collective suicide, ill-treatment or assassinations? At the moment, it is not possible to decide. But the Déby regime is regularly criticized for its human rights violations and the brutal behavior of its security forces.

In addition to favoring popular support for these armed groups, these abuses raise the question of the armed support given to these three regimes – Cameroonian, Burkinabé and Chadian – by their international allies, France, United States and European Union, which lead them , equip them, and support them. As HRW writes about the Djibo massacre: “International actors should ensure that no part of the military assistance provided to the Burkinabé security forces is used by units responsible for this massacre, or other atrocities for which no one has been held accountable. this day. “


The strength of the character in the series

A great series can be based on a great idea or on immortal characters. The first model is not inferior, but it usually does more damage over time. F. Scott Fitzgerald said that there are no second acts in American lives. It may have been true in the crazy 1920s. In the not very sane of this century, the great characters hold two and even three lives, at least in fiction.

«Vis a vis: The oasis»
The series by Iván Escobar, Esther Martínez Lobato, Álex Pina and Daniel Écija could have been fired in style, but its creators have had the audacity to give it a new life, the fifth. Najwa Nimri and Maggie Zivantos, who do not know fear, endow the text with extra life. Oasis also recovers for our screens the desert of Almería, the land where Clint grew up and in which Peter O’Toole and Omar Sharif played their cards. It is a West that is also reminiscent of Breaking Bad. Another good thing about Vis a Vis is that he learns from the mistakes of Prison break, which ended in nonsense by stretching the tattoo. And because his premise was more interesting than the characters, despite the fabulous villain that Robert Knepper composed. Vis a Vis: The Oasis has premiered on Fox.

“The good fight”
Another spin off also contains a handful of top personalities, capable of handling their parents’ whims. Michel and Robert King bring fantastic creatures into the world, but then they make the same mistakes as any couple. Among the ‘children’, Christine Baranski has special merit, better known since she turned 60 than in her theoretical days of splendor on Broadway, where she was already a top comedian.

The good fight is an almost indestructible story, although the King should be careful; The last season begins delusionally, with Donald Trump defeated at the polls and
a world not necessarily better. After the exaggerated political militancy, which almost spoils the series, the songs and the animated videos, the couple perseveres in their voluntarism, which undermines the credibility of such a well-armed group. In return, they squander courage, unable to repeat what they already know works. The good fight has been broadcast since April 9 on Movistar +.

“The Office”
It’s been 15 years since the NBC premiere of this humor masterpiece. In this case it is not a continuation, but a copy by Greg Daniels of the British original by Ricky Gervais. Actually, it was about to be canceled after its first year, but the stars were aligned: a visionary executive trusted her, Steve Carell suddenly became a star thanks to Virgin at 40 and all found their own tone and , above all, to your audience. George Constanza is not so mean because after all he is just a dick and does not rule over anyone. Frank Gallagher has the “excuse” to be an alcoholic. Barney Stinson is almost a good guy at his side.

In a way, Michael Scott surpasses them as an incompetent and miserable boss, professional pimp. He is redeemed by the unparalleled mimicry of Steve Carell and because in the office there is someone even worse than him: the tontolaba by Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson).

It is curious that this comedy has aged in such style – young people adore it – and that it is unthinkable today to replicate that incorrect humor. It’s no coincidence that with a not-so-different role, Steve Carell had to switch to drama on The Morning Show. The office can be seen on Amazon Prime Video. .