Dispute over Woody Allen’s autobiography: poetry and truth

DMost cases that can be subsumed under the hashtag MeToo, whether Harvey Weinstein or Kevin Spacey – regardless of whether they end with conviction or termination of the proceedings – have one thing in common: It took years for the victims to start speaking . The social pressure to remain silent, it was said regularly, […]

British Labor Workers Tear Up on Islamophobia

An anti-racism activist, angry with his leader, was excluded for criticizing positions taken by Muslims. Trevor Phillipps was sacked after notably rebelling against the significant percentage of Muslims who understood the motivations of the Charlie Hebdo killers, comments dating back several years. Stuart Paul / Camera Press / ABACA By the very admission of a […]

Guanajuato. Medical students protest rape of partner

León.- Medical Students of the University of Guanajuato protested the sexual harassment of female students and the mistreatment they receive from doctors during their internships or provision of the Professional Social Service; and demanded justice for the young “intern” who was allegedly raped by a doctor from a medical unit of municipality of Dolores Hidalgo. […]

an acquittal for sexual abuse does not require deletion of previous news on Google

The National Court considers that The right to freedom of expression and information must take precedence over the right to be forgotten on the Internet and the protection of personal data on the Internet.. This is ensured by the Administrative Litigation Chamber in a ruling that partially estimates a resource filed by Google against the […]

They report cases of sexual harassment in the Chamber of Deputies of Mexico

The deputy of the Social Encounter Party Olga Sosa Ruiz has denounced eleven cases of alleged sexual abuse in the medical and administrative area of ​​the Congress of Deputies of Mexico. “I cannot omit that here in the Chamber there are at least eight cases reported in the medical area, and at least three others […]

Opera star Plácido Domingo admits sexual assault

opinion Sexual misconduct Plácido Domingo apologizes – how opera houses should react now As of February 25, 2020 | Reading time: 3 minutes Domingo explains: “I accept full responsibility for my actions.” Source: AFP After further accusations by over 20 women, which the star is said to have harassed, opera stages in Germany must also […]