Worlds 2020: European teams are already in Shanghai

The 2020 Worlds do not start until September 25, but many organizations, especially those that dispute the Play-In, are already arriving in Shanghai to comply with the security protocol established by Riot Games.

That is, a quarantine bubble shaped 14 days that they must carry out, in addition to some PCR tests to verify that the players are healthy. Even if they test negative, they will have to serve the 2 weeks of isolation for the good of the competition.

The European teams are already in Shanghai, as we have been able to confirm, and both Rogue, how Fnatic, MAD Lions and G2 Sports They are already in the Chinese country and have crossed the borders in a satisfactory way and without any problem.

The most atypical League of Legends World Cup in history has already begun, although not the competition as such, but a preliminary phase that will be crucial for Worlds to be played.

We remember that each team can carry 2 alternates in case there is any problem. After the 14-day quarantine, all the teams will travel to the space prepared in Shanghai to compete in a bubble that will last about 1 month.

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Tesla Shares: Plays securities available to retail investors

The American carmaker Tesla has decided to take advantage of the steep growth of its shares. It will send securities to the market in several waves for up to five billion dollars, which will also be more accessible to retail investors after the recent division of shares.

The electric car manufacturer will sell the shares “from time to time” through several banks, Tesla said in an announcement for the US stock exchange regulator SEC. According to the document, it intends to use the proceeds, among other things, to strengthen its balance sheet.

The carmaker’s shares reacted with a fall of almost four percent at the beginning of trading, then wiped out part of the losses. Since the beginning of the year, Tesla has grown by almost 500 percent on the stock exchange, making the company’s founder Elon Muska the third richest man in the world.

Tesla is more open to investors as it builds new factories in Germany and Texas. The company recently completed the construction of a plant in Shanghai, China. And all this at a time when the competition for the leader of the electric car market is growing on the part of established car manufacturers and many startups from all over the world.

If Tesla sells shares worth at least $ 2.34 billion under this program, it will be the largest increase in the company’s capital to date. Over the past ten years, Tesla has raised about $ 14 billion through secondary stock offerings.


Decline of an outbreak of Corona in Beijing again – one world – out of bounds

China reported 12 new cases of corona virus during the last 24 hours, where they showed the process of negotiation in Beijing declined again.

Reported that Chinese health authorities on Wednesday that among the new cases, seven cases have been registered in the capital, and two in Hubei.

Also recorded two cases coming from abroad in Shanghai and one in Shaanxi province.

Was confirmed a total of 256 new cases in Beijing since early this month.

Since then, it has taken the Chinese capital steps strict to contain the virus outbreak, which has conducted comprehensive tests of the closed schools and imposed a closure in the neighborhoods and all activities unnecessary travel.

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Coronavirus – The situation on Sunday: Boris Johnson released from hospital – EU wants to prevent Chinese takeovers with state holdings

The British prime minister retires to his country house after his release. The EU Commission calls on the member states to protect companies from takeovers. .

Coronavirus – The situation on Sunday: Expert group presents criteria for exit plan – Federal President calls for solidarity and patience

The United States has the most deaths worldwide. Experts propose a gradual withdrawal of the restrictions – but only if certain criteria are met. .

Coronavirus – The situation on Saturday: More than 120,000 corona infected people in Germany – Federal President delivers speech

Worldwide, more than 100,000 people have died of Covid-19. Many countries are extending their exit restrictions. Family businesses are facing the end. .

The informative codes of Raphaël Bastide

It’s a separate diary, at the same time melancholic, claustrophobic and interactive, with, sometimes, a few beads of colored lights… Evasive. tech, very beautiful project of Raphaël Bastide, is a digital marathon of the forties which advances without really knowing where it goes, according to the ideas and the mood of its author. Of its technical capacities too. Everyday since the start of confinement, the artist has been coding a new chapter in his hybrid story, between a poetic website, a graphic journal and a computer challenge. It all started, the first day, of a small drawing of pixels that grows on a scorched earth, like fragile vegetation clings to life in a ruined landscape. An invisible narrator delivers his sensations in yellow subtitles: in this dark and hostile environment, he is exhausted, suffocated, worried, lost in meanders then clings to tangible elements, a tree bark, a mushroom smell, a breeze of fresh air. One day, he dives underground and explores underground passages; the next, he clings to a ladder, is blinded by holes of light, hypnotized by blinking stars. Of course, the story gropes. From this imperfection and the mysterious identity of the narrator is born the salt of this travel notebook of confinement, like the leap into the unknown that the health crisis imposes on us. The storyteller’s profile “Takes shape as the story unfolds, I still don’t know the details of her identity”, explains Raphaël Bastide, obstinate, but not very fresh since he finished his page the day before at 4:30 in the morning … “I had to learn to manage 3D scenes. It is not possible for me to postpone the work until the next day, I continue, until I have a result that meets my expectations. The next day, I rediscover what I coded overnight in a sort of frenzy. “ With his nose in the handlebars, his mind immersed in his programming, Raphaël Bastide does not produce a narrative on current affairs but discovers afterwards echoes with it. Confined in his workshop in Bagnolet, the author works with the means at hand and transforms uncertainty into stimulating data and urgency into positive energy: Evasive. tech try to find beauty in what we live. If this period is disturbing, it allows us to consider things differently, to forget a daily newspaper and to invent a new one. “

The net artist, also an art school teacher, is not at his first marathon of its kind. In November, Raphaël Bastide had produced magmatique for thirty days, subtle diarist mix of photographs, animations, morphs and GIFs… With Evasive. tech, the virtuoso of the Web flirts with the fantastic dark of the venus of Ille (Merimee) or the movie Fly (Cronenberg). His project has just been selected by the Chronus Art Center (CAC) in Shanghai for “We = Link: Ten Easy Pieces”, an international online art exhibition, produced in collaboration with the Nabi art center in Seoul and the New York Museum’s Rhizome site.

Clementine Mercier


“We don’t know when we can get back on the road to the stadium, normalcy”

Our Let’s JO series, collateral victim of the coronavirus. “It’s a shame: the Olympics are just postponed, they are not canceled! I think people like to know the daily life of a top athlete. “ Here is the reaction of Pierre-Jean Vazel, trainer of the hammer thrower Quentin Bigot, when we told him the news. The postponement of the Tokyo Olympics has made the series obsolete. The aim was to chronicle, through monthly meetings, the pre-Olympic season of four champions: the fencer Ysaora Thibus, the pentathlete Marie Oteiza, the handball player Michaël Guigou and Quentin Bigot, vice world champion in throwing hammer. “The postponement of the Olympics is clear, I am disappointed, reacts to the phone from his Metz apartment, Pierre-Jean Vazel. But it was also the only thing to do in this situation. We could not have gone there under these conditions. The most difficult thing for a top athlete, who has been preparing for this deadline for a long time and who devotes himself to it body and soul, is to be in complete blur. We don’t know when we can get back on the road to the stadium, normalcy. ”

March 24, the date of the announcement of the postponement of the Olympic Games, was also a day of mourning for the duo Vazel-Bigot. “The same day it became known that one of the Spanish federal coaches whom we had encountered during our weekly training course in Sant Cugat, near Barcelona, ​​had died from the coronavirus. He was almost 80 years old but he still threw the hammer. Then even within the club (Metz Métropole Athletics), we were touched. Our secretary is in the hospital, attached to a respirator “, relates, disappointed, Vazel. Chantal Simonet, 40 years in the service of sport in Metz, had been fighting for a few months against cancer, she had to go to the coronavirus.

Musk and hammers

In this gloomy atmosphere, Bigot’s coach tries as best he can to stay the course: “We’re trying to keep doing activity everyone at home for now, Quentin isn’t the worst off because we had anticipated this. It is necessary so as not to fall into depression. You have to be creative and supportive, you have to focus on the essentials. What makes us human and not sheep? These are our passions, what makes us laugh, it’s good, for example, to have humor on the virus, it gives us the necessary distance for our psychological and physical hygiene. Sport helps you go through the trials of life. During an FFA training we could meet the former jumper Robert Emmiyan (still holder of the European long jump record with 8.86m in 1987). He told us how his high level practice helped him get out of the drama at home in Armenia in 1988, during the earthquake in which he lost his family and property. “

Pierre-Jean Vazel and Quentin Bigot managed to organize themselves well before confinement thanks to the news they received from China. Their informant was their physiotherapist, a Portuguese who practiced for a long time in France and who now works in Shanghai: Fabio Martins. “Fabio had told us about the Chinese situation since his confinement in a sports center in Shanghai. He stayed there for six weeks without going out. So we understood that it was not a small flu “, says Vazel who, with his foal, has made arrangements: “In terms of equipment, Quentin had time to build a small weight room in his garage and bring home the hammers he normally stores at the stadium. On the psychological level, I started to tell him that the season would have taken a particular turn. We shouldn’t panic, just keep doing things as usual, keeping an eye on the window to see what could happen … “

Quentin Bigot should have played his first competitions in May, today there is no calendar: “At the end of August, we have the European championships in Paris. They have not yet been canceled… I see that the circuits of the meetings which include the hammer throw in their program begin to replace dates at the beginning of September: we will see. We will be ready anytime anywaysays the champion. We should also learn from what is happening to us. Asians do not put on a mask to look pretty; social distancing has a meaning, like temperature control. In France we were told that it was useless… Now there are pharmacies without thermometers or gel, not to mention masks. The Chinese regard us as extraterrestrials. We are able to take others high but not to organize collectively: it’s a shame! ”

Field and garage

Quentin Bigot is not in the habit of complaining, his course of action will not change even under confinement conditions: “We are at home, no problem, when there are a lot of people who have to go to the hospital for treatment.” Since the postponement of the Olympic Games, he has taken a few days of rest: “We will take the opportunity to make a week break. But before I continued as usual: we were well organized, indeed. In my garage I had installed a kind of weight room and to launch I used a land belonging to my grandparents. I installed a tray there a while ago to launch. As it is private, very close to my home, there is no problem getting there. In addition, the Federation had sent me a certificate, we are trying to limit the damage “, says Bigot, who shares the confinement with a promising young launcher: “We had to go on an internship in Germany with Enguerrand Decroix-Têtu, he came to my place to leave afterwards, but the day we left the government decided to confine, suddenly, here we are, sharing the sessions: in the morning, in the field to launch and in the afternoon, bodybuilding.

Video and Instagram

Not everyone is equipped like Quentin Bigot to train at home and, while waiting to be able to regain possession of the stadium and the weight room, Pierre-Jean Vazel must also concoct training programs for his group of sprinters from Metz Athletics Metropolis. “Now that we can only do activities at home, it’s time for instagrammers!”. Coaches via social networks have the wind in their sails: exercises in the kitchen, in their living room, using furniture, sofa, bed, home trainer or rower for the wealthy. Otherwise, rolls of toilet paper and a broomstick. “Indeed, these coaches on social networks have already invented everything: you just have to be a little curious and see what they do”, emphasizes Vazel who takes the opportunity to plead in their favor: “Pro sports coaches look down on them, but many of these coaches are doing a good job, which is now available to everyone. ” Pierre-Jean Vazel is not limited to advising the Instagram accounts of others, he himself publishes on the club website videos with exercises to do at home. He also takes the opportunity to tell little-known or forgotten stories of athletics.

Luca Endrizzi


Formula 1: ghost race because of Corona? Bosses review secret plan for 2020

formula 1 After a corona break

This secret plan is supposed to save the Formula 1 season

| Reading time: 3 minutes

Felipe Massa with embassy for Italy

Italy is the most severely affected by the corona virus in Europe. Felipe Massa, who was active in Formula 1 for Ferrari for a long time, sends a message to the Italians.

It is questionable whether Formula 1 races will still take place this year. Those in charge of the premier motorsport class try to save the season by all means. Special measures are also checked.

EValtteri Bottas was supposed to be driving a car in Asia these days. First on the newly designed street circuit in Hanoi, then in the Chinese metropolis of Shanghai. Instead, the Formula 1 runner-up trudges through Finland in snowshoes.

The Finn showed Instagram Photos from a tour of the 1029 meter high mountain Saana in his home country and sent a greeting message to his followers. “I am very well, I stay away from people. I’m very healthy and I was able to train a lot, ”said the 30-year-old Mercedes driver:“ It’s like a long training camp that has continued since the winter break. ”

If it is up to those responsible for the premier class, this break should be over as soon as possible. Formula 1 therefore wants to save its season with a few ghost races without spectators.

Australian Grand Prix

Empty grandstands could be the salvation for the Formula 1 season

Credit: dpa / Scott Barbour

World championship races behind closed doors would now be “seriously examined” by the top of the racing series, the BBC reported after a conference call with team leaders, rights holders and world association leader Jean Todt.

Silverstone as a possible starting point

Formula 1 hopes that the situation in the corona pandemic in Europe will improve enough to hold ghost races in July or August. A possible starting point could be the track in the British Silverstone, near which seven of the ten racing teams are located.

Because of the Corona crisis, Formula 1 racing will initially be suspended until at least June. Mercedes Motorsport Director Toto Wolff had recently told the newspaper “Österreich” at the start of a season: “I hope in autumn.”


After several racing teams, Formula 1 leadership is said to have taken saving measures. Managing director Chase Carey, sports director Ross Brawn and 15 other executives waive 20 percent of their salary for two months, according to a Daily Mail report.

In addition, half of the 500 employees of the Formula 1 operating company were sent on compulsory leave. This led to resentment among the employees, it was said.

Costs are expected to decrease further

Concern over possible team failures has also sped up a new discussion about further reducing the spending limit already decided. Instead of the planned annual budget of $ 175 million (161 million euros), the budget limit is now set to be a maximum of 150 million dollars (138 million euros) from next year.

A further cut to $ 125 million (€ 115 million) was initially rejected by the industry giants Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull, various specialist media reported.

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Red Bull - Helmut Marko

“Young, strong men”

The main point of contention is the cost of research and development. The three top teams supply most of the other racing teams with components or engine units and first have to invest millions in development. This had to be taken into account when setting a budget limit. Further talks should bring a solution in the coming days, it said.

Williams sends employees on forced leave

The Williams team has sent a number of its employees on compulsory vacation until the end of May due to the economic consequences of corona. The British racing team announced at the beginning of the week that this was part of far-reaching cost-cutting measures.

The team’s top management and Williams racing drivers George Russell and Nicholas Latifi waive 20 percent of their salary.

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The decision was not an easy one for the team, it said. “But it is our goal to protect the jobs of our Grove employees and to ensure that they can return to their full-time jobs when the situation permits,” said Williams.

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Number of infected people in Germany and worldwide

Dusseldorf A slight drop in the number of deaths has given the US state of New York, which has been hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic, some encouragement. Overall, the number of deaths from Covid-19 patients rose to nearly 4,200, Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Sunday. After 630 deaths from Friday to Saturday, 594 people infected with the virus died in the following 24 hours. Admissions of critically ill people in intensive care units were also declining and discharge from hospital treatment had increased.

That gave a spark of hope that the spread of the virus would slow, Cuomo said. However, it was still too early to say whether the pandemic in New York had reached its peak. “We can be very close to the summit, but the summit could also be a plateau on which we have now arrived,” said the governor. “The corona virus is really malicious. It is an effective killer. People who are most at risk must remain isolated and protected. ”

New York City, where the greatest number of deaths were reported, also declined. By late Sunday afternoon (local time), the death toll increased by 218 from the previous day, local authorities said. 387 new deaths were reported on Saturday, 305 on Friday.

US President Donald Trump was cautiously optimistic about the development of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States. “We are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel,” Trump said in Washington. “But you can never be happy when so many people die.” He hopes that the “flattening” of the Corona crisis will show up in some of the country’s hot spots.

By contrast, head of the public health system, Jerome Adams, warned that the pandemic would continue to spread in the coming days. Most Americans are facing “the hardest and the saddest week,” he said on Fox News. “This will be our Pearl Harbor moment, our September 11th, but it won’t be limited to one place. It will happen across the country.” Government experts estimate that between 100,000 and 240,000 Americans could die in the pandemic. To date, more than 9,500 people have been killed in the United States, and more than 335,000 have been tested positive.

In a New York zoo, a tiger was tested positive for the new corona virus. In addition to the four-year-old female named Nadia, three other tigers and three lions also had disease symptoms, said the zoo in the Bronx district. It is the first known infection in a tiger worldwide and the first time that the disease has been detected in an animal in the USA. According to the zoo, the wild cats were infected by an animal keeper who at the time had no symptoms of infection with the Sars-CoV-2 virus. However, health authorities assume that domestic dogs and cats cannot transmit the virus back to humans.

Donald Trump

“We’re going to a time that will be very terrible.”

(Photo: AP)

The economic crisis comes to the health catastrophe. The far-reaching consequences of the pandemic also reveal the weaknesses of the American economic and social system: the social system, corporations and politics. (Read the great U.S. special here.)

The further situation at a glance:

  • In Germany are by Monday morning at least according to Johns Hopkins University numbers 1,584 people, who were infected with the new corona virus died. The number of confirmed cases exceeded the 100,000 mark: more than 100,100 infections with Sars-CoV-2 were registered.
  • The Robert Koch Institute counted 1434 victims of lung disease Covid-19 in Germany on Monday morning. The number of deaths increased by around 92 compared to the previous day. The number of infections rose by 3,677 to 95,391 cases.
    Have particularly high numbers Bavaria with 24,974 documented cases and almost 437 deaths and North Rhine-Westphalia with 19,384 cases and over 250 deaths, show the numbers of the RKI. You can see the current figures for your state and district in the tables on our map below:

  • Finance Minister Olaf Scholz and Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (both SPD) have spoken out in favor of joint European aid measures in the fight against the corona pandemic. They counted as instruments in a joint guest contribution for several European newspapers Euro rescue fund ESM, the European Investment Bank EIB as well as the program proposed by the EU Commission “Sure”which, like in Germany, is intended to finance short-time work in the Member States. The euro finance ministers are discussing possible instruments this Tuesday.
  • Of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson went to the hospital on Sunday evening for medical examinations on medical advice. “This is a precaution because the prime minister shows persistent symptoms of the virus ten days after his positive corona test,” said a government spokesman. Johnson is therefore still at an elevated temperature. Johnson had continued to quarantine government affairs in the past few days.
  • Queen Elizabeth II (93) has called on the British to To counter the coronavirus pandemic with characteristic British self-discipline and quiet determination. “I hope that in the coming years everyone can be proud of how they dealt with this challenge,” said the Queen on Sunday evening in a Addressing the British people and the Commonwealth. The speech is a sign that the government is increasingly concerned about the rapidly growing number of deaths from Covid-19 lung disease.
  • Europe is in the corona crisis before its historical test, write the two former federal foreign ministers Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) and Joschka Fischer (Greens) in a guest contribution for the Handelsblatt. No European country would come out of the crisis alone. Germany should now go ahead and participate in an EU aid program for particularly affected countries, they demand. Read the full post here.
  • Malta has sealed off a refugee camp after eight migrants tested positive for the corona virus. Around 1,000 African refugees were quarantined in the Hal Far camp for 14 days, the Ministry of Health said. The eight infected would be isolated. The camp is surrounded by police officers to ensure compliance with the conditions. Army vehicles were also stationed.
  • The biggest US aircraft manufacturer Boeing has extended production stoppages at its Washington state plants as a result of the corona crisis. The production remains suspended until further notice, the company said. Boeing had temporarily suspended production on March 23. In general, it had previously been expected that this would be lifted earlier this week.
  • Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe According to a media report, Tuesday may be due to the Corona crisis state of emergency calling out. This Monday he will probably announce this, reports the newspaper “Yomiuri”. The move would give Abe additional powers to the authorities in particularly affected parts of Japan. They can impose extensive curfews, cancel events and close schools and other public institutions.
  • The Number of infections detected with the corona virus has the brand of 1.2 million worldwide exceeded. This emerges from current figures from the American Johns Hopkins University. The lung disease Covid-19, which the virus Sars-CoV-2, which was practically unknown three months ago, can trigger died so far worldwide more than 69,000 people.

    The Unreported should be high in case numbers and deaths, say scientists. First, the number of infections detected depends on how many people are tested. Virtually no country in the world has enough tests and laboratory capacities for evaluation. In addition, some countries started testing late or deliberately opt for a selective test strategy. On the other hand, many people with previous illnesses or in old age may have died from the viral infection without doctors having recognized or being able to check this at the time.

    The current worldwide number of detected infections and victims shows the Real-time map of Hopkins University:

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