Walmart and Target Take New Steps to Face Covid-19 Pandemic – Telemundo Miami (51)

Target and Walmart supermarkets announce the entry into force of new measures that will be implemented starting this Saturday to combat the coronavirus crisis, a pandemic that has already claimed the lives of 191 people. The new measures include more protection for employees, fewer customers inside stores and lines at the main entrance to enter, […]

Coronavirus Ireland: Lidl and Iceland reserve special opening times for senior customers

The Lidl supermarket chain has reserved special opening hours for seniors during the growing coronavirus crisis. The store announced today that it would implement “priority shopping hours for seniors” every day from 9-11 in the morning for the foreseeable future in all its stores nationwide. The German shopping giant said in a statement today: “We […]

Advice for going to the supermarket safely in times of pandemic

Going to the supermarket or pharmacy are two of the few reasons that take Portuguese people to the streets these days. But, especially in relation to food purchases, there are some rules that must be followed to avoid the risk of contagion. A food security expert listed several of these rules for the El Comidista, […]

Coles introduces new measures to combat the storage of basic necessities

Coles is introducing further measures to counter the purchase of coronavirus panic. In recent days, shelves that usually contain essential items such as toilet paper, basic medicines and long-lasting food in supermarkets across the country have been left naked. Watch the video above Stocks are attributed to customers who are preparing for the worst and […]