“You passed, mother!” Urgant publicly insulted Sobchak / Showbiz Boulevard

Russian TV presenter Ivan Urgant spoke about the appearance of his colleague Ksenia Sobchak.

Russian TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak on her Instagram page shared a video of communication with colleague Ivan Urgant.

“The case in Ostankino. Mask, I know you!” She wrote.

In the video, Sobchak shows Urgant in a protective mask.

“You’d take yourself off so people can even see how you are without everything,” he says.

“What am I? I passed my tests!” – Sobchak answers.

“No, you just passed already, mother!” – interrupted her TV presenter.

Ksenia Sobchak was born on November 5, 1981 in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), became widely known as the host of the reality show “Dom-2” on TNT channel, and later led the project “Blonde in Chocolate”. She created the project “Sobchak alive” on the channel “Rain”. She led the program “Barabaka and the Gray Wolf” along with Sergei Kalvarsky at the Silver Rain radio station. Now he is the author of the project “Caution Sobchak!” on your YouTube channel.


Syutkin revealed the source of income of artists during the pandemic

“The family is calling, they want you to congratulate, without a microphone, just with a guitar. You sing for half an hour, congratulations. Such conversation, communication takes place. But so far the pricing policy is shaky, because everyone has hard times,” Syutkin said.


Semenovich amazed fans with an unusual photo

MOSCOW, May 11 – RIA Novosti. Singer Anna Semenovich amazed her fans by posting a comic shot on Instagram, which is captured with a double chin.

“What do you think, after self-isolation, what will we look like in the first photo or in the second?” – the singer commented on the post, also posting her usual photo.

“Can you really scare me like that? A little kondrashka wasn’t enough for me!” – wrote one of the subscribers of the singer.

“Lord, Anna, why are you so scaring?” – said another commentator.

“Anya! Oh well, I’ve scared you,” added another user.

At the same time, many Semenovich fans supported the singer, positively appreciating her sense of humor.

“You will not spoil the beauty!” – wrote one of them.

“Well done, with a sense of humor, a person has all the rules, keep it up!” – noted another user.

“Finally, without Photoshop,” the third commentator joked.


“80 percent of the lungs are affected”: Babkina spoke about her illness

According to the artist, before hospitalization, she felt bad: it was difficult to breathe, nausea rolled up. Babkina called an ambulance.

“I’m lying on a gurney, for some reason my legs have refused. I just walked, I don’t go anymore,” Komsomolskaya Pravda quoted her as saying.

Babkina said that she had undergone computed tomography of the lungs several times, since initially the doctors could not believe what she saw. After the third shot, the doctors took her to the operating room.

“I don’t remember anything, they put me in an artificial coma. That’s right. About 80 percent of the lungs were affected. <…> There, everything was overgrown with a film and dragged on – it’s such an infection, it manifests itself very quickly and begins to work, “she said.

The singer also admitted that, according to doctors, she continued to talk even in an unconscious state.

In early April, Babkina was hospitalized with pneumonia. It was reported that she was introduced into an artificial coma. According to representatives of the singer, she was tested for coronavirus, the test was negative.


Bari Alibasov wrote a statement to the UK

According to the TV channel, Sobolev asked to bring the spouse of the client to responsibility under the article on fraud.

The defender said that Alibasov took advantage of the wife’s helplessness and got her to sign a donation agreement for an apartment in New Moscow. Subsequently, the producer “presented” the living space to his assistant Sergei Mozar.

According to the lawyer, the deal must be declared null and void, since Fedoseyev-Shukshina was not fully aware of what was happening.

Bari Alibasov and Lidia Fedoseeva-Shukshina got married in November 2018. For spouses, this marriage was not the first: the producer had previously been married five times, the actress was married six times.


sensational video from Shukshina and Alibasov. Let them talk. Release from 04/28/2020

“Thank God that she sold this apartment,” Lydia Fedoseyev-Shukshina commented on the conflict with her granddaughter. Let them talk. Fragment of the release of 04/17/2019

The granddaughter of Lidia Fedoseyeva-Shukshina in one of the broadcasts “Let them talk” turned to her grandmother and asked for forgiveness for the sale of the apartment that was transferred to her. The actress commented on this episode.


Choi spoke about the impressions of performing on the same stage with the Valley

Moscow, April 27. Performing on the same stage with Russian singer Larisa Dolina was a great honor, said the performer Anatoly Tsoi, who won the Mask contest. The musician was hiding under the guise of a lion.

In the finale of the Mask show, the MBAND soloist in the Lion costume impressed the audience and the jury with an incredible performance, being able to prove his superiority and become the winner of the competition. As Tsoy later admitted, he does not believe in his victory, since each of the finalists was worthy of becoming the first. However, he expressed particular admiration for the performer Larisa Dolina.

“For me, in principle, it is a great honor to stand on the same stage with Larisa Alexandrovna. I, like many, grew up on her songs. I love her voice, ”said Tsoi on NTV.

Recall that the final stage of the competition was held on April 26. The issue was attended by artists hiding under the costumes of “Deer”, “Parrot”, “Lion” and “Wolf”.

Earlier, comedian Anton Lirnik, who had already dropped out of the list of participants, expressed the opinion of who was to become the winner of the program. According to the comedian, championship laurels should be given to the speaker under the guise of “Ice Cream”.

In addition, it later became known that the authors of the show offered to participate in the program for singer Sofia Rotaru. The producer of the program Yulia Sumcheva shared the details. On the air of the TV show “New Russian Sensations”, she said that the creative group could not find a candidate for the “Deer” costume. Many artists refused this role because of the outfit with horns.


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