Tuberculosis can be cured with shorter treatments

Life According to the study Image for illustrative purposes. EFE. Almost half of the nearly ten million patients with active tuberculosis (TB) diagnosed every year can be cured with shorter treatments than those currently recommended, according to a study published in "Nature Medicine." A new analysis by the University of California in San Francisco (UCSF) […]

Box Office champions: box office, kneeling before “Bohemian Rhapsody”

Driven by the Queen's followers, in a short diary, Freddie's biopic had more than $ 140 million in revenue Freddie celebrates heaven: "Bohemian Rhapsody" exceeds expectations and breaks the box office / Outnow In full immortal hymns of Queen, November began with everything at the box office. The awakening of the national box office was […]

Another American company in the crude oil business

With an investment of 36.4 million dollars, the North American giant ExxonMobil joined the oil transportation business of the Neuquén Basin when it bought from Pampa Energía 90.9% of its participation in the Pipelines of the Valley (Oldelval). The transaction took place last Friday and represents the income of the second American company to the […]

From Colombia to Mexico: “Narcos” enters a new home

Netflix reaches the fourth season of the successful drug trafficking that, on this occasion, with Escobar will leave the photo, explore the war in the Aztec country against drugs Diego Luis gives life to the boss Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo, founder of the powerful Guadalajara poster that had its apogee in 1980 and then derived […]

The dogs were taught to hear parasites of malaria in children’s clothing

British doctors have presented a study according to which the noses of dogs can be a powerful weapon in the fight against malaria. Doctors trained animals to crush malaria parasites in children's clothing. Previously, dogs have been very useful in identifying various diseases, such as prostate cancer and thyroid cancer, as well as in the […]

Leliq for Lebac, a new snowball

When in January 2016 the new government decided to opt for gradualism to avoid a cimbronazo on the economy at the beginning of the management and determined that it would finance the program with external debt, there was a secondary problem on the horizon. The inflow of foreign currency to finance the treasury indirectly involves […]

“Rojo”: secrets, fury and silence in a small city of the 70s

The local theaters received this week the new Benjamin Naishtat movie, starring Darío Grandinetti Scene of "red", the film of Benjamin Naishtat that has been awarded in San Sebastián / archive Alejandro Castañeda RED, by Benjamin Naishtat.- It is from these films that what is involved is more important than what is shown. Nothing […]

My grandmother was deactivated? He never grew up: he took out our chocolates and played with dolls

He said "mom" to our mother. And the word "mom" was not the only thing that our grandmother has argued for. Also attention and praise: he demanded his gaze ("look at mother", said that every time he did something minimally admirable), he asked him to return from work with treats or gifts or to take […]

Attending: A simple footage shows two passenger planes that line each other in perfect precision at the San Francisco airport

Now that there is parallel parking. A simple footage shows two passenger planes on one side of the other a few meters away from the San Francisco International Airport. United Airlines and American Eagle passenger planes landed in perfect symmetry on a track that is next to San Francisco Bay. The airport of San Francisco […]

The opening did not solve the structural problems

Economic orthodoxy supports a conceptual matrix that supports the normative framework on which classical theory bases its entire analysis. However, the data that arises from the application of these precepts to the real economy usually produces conclusions very different from those that have the theory. One of these concepts indicates that economic openness is essential […]