Aquarius radiate charm, and the generous Lions / news Agency “the”

General astrological forecast for the week of June 15-21st for all Zodiac signs.

Aries. Aries may feel typical of this sign of calm and confidence. Instead of conflict and rivalry, they will be ready to cooperate and implement past plans, ideas and plans.

Taurus. You perfectly catch the mood of others, effortlessly give them as purely positive impression. In General, practically read minds and anticipate the desires.

Gemini. Be cautious, don’t overestimate their capabilities earlier in the week. At work in front of the Twins there will be new tasks will have to communicate with strangers. Saturday is not only to plan but to begin to implement this plan.

Cancer. Home and business require financial support. Neighbors and relatives seeking to borrow money. Influenced by their own motives and instincts, the Cancer will begin to do many things.

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Leo. Important is your trump card this week – warmth and generosity. Don’t turn away from someone else’s misfortune, do not pass, if someone from your family was the victim of manifest injustice. By allying truth and faith in victory, we can overcome any trials and tribulations.

Virgin. Feeling tired will not leave those born under this zodiac sign throughout the week. You will want to call in sick at work and just sleep, watch movies and not go out all week on the street.

Libra. Sometimes it seems that others are hiding something from You. Don’t even try to delve into the matter and sort things out. It’s just a misunderstanding.

Scorpio. Almost throughout the week, the Scorpions will solve their own financial problems, but they will definitely achieve the desired success. Most importantly, do not stop before difficulties and not give up.

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Sagittarius. To truly increase something only when you let it in. Money makes money (everyone knows that), knowledge, knowledge, and relationships make a relationship. Now is the time to invest capital funds, information, contacts. And another thing: don’t haggle much on the subject of interest.

Capricorn. Capricorn stars advise more aggressively and decisively to defend its interests. This is the time when You can and want to regain their place under the sun. Don’t let anyone infringe on their rights, assert them firmly and vigorously.

Aquarius. Aquarius all week will radiate charm. Because of this people will be attracted, they want to make friends, become closer. During this period, You will be able to make a lot of good and useful contacts. Aquarius is often on public.

Fish. Dissatisfaction some circumstances childhood influences some of Your decisions in the present. Follower of Scientology would say that it involved Your childhood engram… But leaving the terms of peace, say: “In partnership, You prefer to be more an observer than an active party.”

Astrologer: Of Waldemar Naboodam


Sagittarius needs to plan spending, Pisces easily resolve conflicts / news agency

The general astrological forecast for the week from May 11 to 17 for all zodiac signs.

Aries. All week you will not leave the desire to create some kind of madness. However, it is highly likely that you will not succeed in implementing your plan. It is worth remembering that this can even lead to unpleasant consequences.

Taurus. Taurus stars are advised to save power. Your list of top priority tasks may include things that you should not spend energy and energy on. Better to do less, but better – this is the motto of this week.

Twins. This week you are likely to get good results in a business that previously did not bring the desired results. It is possible that you, desperate to succeed, will go “from the contrary”, do something that at first glance is completely illogical, but it turns out to be extremely effective.

Crayfish. Now is not the best time to go on a long journey. Those representatives of this sign who prefer to stay at home can visit the Muse. This is a good time for creative work at home.

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a lion. Creative ideas will be embodied in interesting projects and home improvement. In the shortest possible time, Lions will manage to change a lot in your family nest.

Virgo. Virgin in the first half of the week will get tired of the noise and festive fuss. You will feel an increased desire to disconnect all phones, cut yourself off from civilization and relax in peace and solitude.

Libra. Libra at the beginning of the week may quarrel with a partner. A possible cause of a quarrel may be unnecessarily independent behavior of a partner who will not be inclined to fulfill his obligations.

Scorpio. What led you and inspired hope, like Mary Poppins, flew away to others in distress. And you should not wait for the wind to change, and it will fly back, now you yourself are in a position to control your fate. This is not to say that you have nothing left. And the memories? What about hope? And self-confidence?

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Sagittarius. Sagittarius needs to plan spending so that there is enough money for everything you need. It is better to refuse large acquisitions, and also not to take a loan from a bank.

Capricorn. The first half of the week is quite successful and stable. On Wednesday, new cash receipts are likely. However, fortune is not always supportive, so it is advisable to minimize costs on weekends, as you may urgently need money for something more important.

Aquarius. This week, when initiating changes that affect not only you, but also someone from your environment, you should be careful; remember that what is good for you can negatively affect the fate of other people.

Fishes. Serious passions will boil these days in the professional sphere, but Pisces has nothing to worry about – your fault is not here, and all conflict situations at work are quite easy to resolve.

Astrologer: Waldemar Skywalkers



Lions are risk averse, Gemini will make new friends / news agency

The general astrological forecast for the week from April 27 to May 3 for all signs of the zodiac.

Aries. This week, you will most likely have to assert your power in some community. It is possible that after this incident an influential person will pay attention to you and offer you a new, higher position.

Taurus. At Taurus this week will become relevant topics of training, travel and future planning. If you study at a university, try to focus on individual lessons.

Twins. Twins in the first half of the week, stars are advised to communicate more with people. Perhaps you will be involved in the affairs of your friends, relatives, neighbors or just acquaintances. It is your active participation that will help them find a solution in a difficult situation. Your friendships are expanding.

Crayfish. Crayfish this week will communicate a lot and intensively, passing through a large amount of information. Perhaps you will spend a lot of time on the road. Strengthening intellectual abilities will allow you to develop a vibrant activity and conduct several tasks at once in parallel.

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a lion. Conflicting aspirations are possible. This is a tendency to risk, including financial, and the desire for peace and security. This situation contributes to waste of energy and the loss of opportunity to generate income.

Virgo. This week, Virgo may experience changes in business partnerships and marital relations. Perhaps the partner will behave excessively independently. This behavior may hurt you, especially if you are set up for a constructive dialogue and joint discussion of action strategies.

Libra. On Saturday, the love boat in which Libra floats will be aground. This will cause serious disagreement with your loved one. And no one wants to give in. Until this week will be smooth and calm in every sense.

Scorpio. You attract others thanks to the ability of a leader, popularity and talent. Although you are not always tactful, your enthusiasm, optimism and laughter are very contagious, and everyone forgives you. Stars mark your highly developed intuition, imagination and ability to have an inner hunch.

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Sagittarius. This week, you may lose the favor of a person who was previously very loyal to you, helped you and forgave you many of your mistakes. Try to prevent this, since it will be very difficult to return his favor.

Capricorn. You have to make the right choice, but keep in mind that the concept of “right” depends on the circumstances and the person making that choice. To make it clearer, let’s put it another way: it must be made in accordance with the ideas that you profess and the values ​​that you value.

Aquarius. Pay attention to health. If you are awake, cheerful and active, everything will turn out: You will finally be able to realize the idea of ​​repairing an apartment or bring official questions to a logical conclusion.

Fishes. A benevolent attitude will help Pisces surround himself with equally benevolent people. Take the initiative in contacts and acquaintances, evaluating people, listen to the prompts of your intuition.

Astrologer: Waldemar Skywalkers



Coronavirus. Health authorities alert to signs of worsening that should not be overlooked

The Director General of Health, Jérôme Salomon, held Friday March 27 evening at to alert patients with coronavirus, especially young adults, on the signs of worsening illness leading them to call the Samu.

Asked during his daily press briefing about testimonies from doctors, who told AFP to observe patients arriving in serious condition because they had not consulted earlier, Mr. Salomon mentioned an alert I wanted to share with you, especially for younger subjects.

What we do know, even if it’s quite rare, is that people who have symptoms mild may worsen after a few days, with onset of breathing difficulties, he said.

Young adults less attentive to their health

As soon as you have the impression in your daily life that you are out of breath while going for a few steps in the apartment, moving furniture, putting away your things, preparing the meal, that’s it a sign that should alert, not only call the doctor but potentially call the 15 if really it is difficult to breathe, he continued.

He called in particular the adults who are perhaps less attentive to their own state of health, in particular young adults, adults between 40 and 60 years who in general tolerate fever well, tolerate coughing well, to be attentive to this sign which can happen to after a few days of illness, this sign of difficulty breathing, a cough for which it is difficult to return to a normal state.

The whole thing is don’t waste time getting to the hospital system, he concluded.


Here are Connecticut schools closed or affected – NBC Connecticut

Some school districts and universities in Connecticut are changing their schedule of classes or activities due to worries about coronavirus. The Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference is canceling all remaining games of the CIAC winter tournaments due to worries about the coronavirus.

Schools with impact on classes or activities

Region 14 School district

The Region 14 school district, which includes Bethlehem and Woodbury, is closing for the rest of the week after a student came in contact with someone who tested positive for the COVID-19 test, school officials announced Tuesday.

Officials said students and their family showed no signs of illness and self-monitored in their home for 14 days, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.

The district decided to close all school buildings from 11 to 15 March to clean and disinfect in depth. There will be no activity during closing.

The closure will be treated in the same way as the snow days and the days will be made up at the end of the school year.

Region 14 is also postponing or canceling large events, including middle school and high school game tests, and canceling all field trips until further notice. Sports have also been canceled.

Wilcoxson elementary school in Stratford

The city of Stratford is closing a school for the rest of the week after a person connected to the school may have come into contact with the coronavirus.

Wilcoxson Elementary School will be closed until Friday, according to the mayor’s office.

The person did not confirm that he had coronavirus and the school was shut down due to an abundance of cautions to allow time for a thorough cleaning of the building, officials said. It is not clear what type of contact the individual had with the COVID-19 virus.

University of New Haven / UNH

The university suspends in-person lessons leading to spring break, as well as in-person lessons on March 23 and 24.

The athletic events from 9 to 24 March have been canceled.

The halls of the residence are closed from 17:00 on 10 March.

“While there are currently no confirmed cases of COVID-19 on our campus, these decisions were made after learning that people on our campus may have been exposed to a confirmed case of the virus after attending an out of state conference. “statement on the university’s website said.

The university has a special website created here.

University of the Sacred Heart

As of March 10, Sacred Heart University has suspended classes in person and is now switching to online instruction starting March 11.

The residences and dining rooms will remain open and students are invited to stay on campus.

International university-sponsored travel and non-essential business travel have been canceled.

The school has created a special website here.

Schools open but with travel restrictions

University of Connecticut / UConn

All UConn campuses work in normal operations. Academic and work schedules have not changed.

UConn has suspended university-sponsored travel to high-risk countries, including China, Italy, Iran, South Korea and Japan. The university asks anyone in the university community who has returned from a trip abroad in the past 14 days or who plans to travel outside the United States in the next three months to fill out a form.

“UConn has also suspended all national and international university-sponsored travel outside the state by faculty and staff until further notice,” according to the university’s website.

UConn has created a special website for the latest information on the coronavirus.

Central Connecticut State University / CCSU

Classes take place as scheduled on campus.

The school canceled all university-sponsored travel outside the state, including lectures and recruitment visits.

Students, faculty and staff are discouraged from personal travel outside the state, especially during the spring break. The school asks people traveling to check with the school before returning to campus. The CCSU requires members of the university community to complete a form prior to travel.

“There are currently no restrictions on employees or students returning to Connecticut from national or international travel (except for those areas designated by the CDC as Level 2 or Level 3), but be aware that they may change at any time”, according to the university website.

For more information, CCSU has created a special website for coronavirus information.

Yale university

Classes and catering activities continue as planned.

The university asked people to record all national and international trips and following the directions CDC and Yale Health.

Find the university’s special website here.


Nursing homes face unique challenges with Coronavirus – NBC Los Angeles

From Miami to Seattle, nursing homes and other facilities for the elderly host stocks of masks and thermometers, preparing staff shortages and checking visitors to protect a particularly vulnerable population from the coronavirus.

In China, where the epidemic started, the disease was basically deadly for the elderly. In Italy, the epicenter of the virus epidemic in Europe, the more than 100 people who died were elderly, suffering from other complications or both.

Of the 19 deaths in the United States since Saturday, at least 14 had been linked to a nursing home in the Seattle area, along with many other infections among residents, staff and family members. The Seattle Times reported that a second nursing home and a retired community in the area had reported a virus case.

This has alerted other structures in the United States, especially in states with large populations of older residents, such as Florida and California. About 2.5 million people live in long-term care facilities in the United States.

“For people over the age of 80 … the death rate could reach 15%,” said Mark Parkinson, president of the American Health Care Association nursing homes group.

The federal government is now focusing all inspections of nursing homes on infection control, identifying facilities in the city with confirmed cases and those previously mentioned for not following the protocol.

Federal regulations already require homes to have a specialist in preventing infections in staff, and many have already taken measures to deal with seasonal flow and other ailments that pose a greater risk to the elderly.

Even so, the response of structures to coronavirus has varied across the country.

In Florida, where some 160,000 seniors live in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, mandatory screening for visitors is not expected “because we are not at that point,” said Florida Health Care Association spokeswoman Kristen Knapp.

But aged care centers are posting signs that urge visitors to stay away if they have symptoms and are looking for alternative ways to connect to families, such as through video chats, Knapp said.

Concierges in the 14 Florida nursing homes managed by Palm Gardens Corporation are now offering all visitors a short questionnaire asking for information on symptoms, recent trips and contacts with others, said company vice president Luke Neumann.

Neumann said that nursing homes have also purchased additional thermometers in case they have to check visitors’ temperatures and accumulate preventive supplies, including medical masks, protective goggles and clothing. In laundries they make sure to use enough bleach and heat to kill any persistent viral germs, he said.

In the South Shore Rehabilitation and Skilled Care Center south of Boston, patient Leo Marchand holds a container of disinfectant wipes on a shelf near the bed that he uses several times a day. The 71-year-old Vietnam veteran and retired truck driver has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease which makes it difficult to breathe. The possibility of contracting the coronavirus scares him.

“It’s a concern,” said Marchand. “Really.”

Many facilities across the country have said they have trouble getting masks and medical clothes because of the shortage.

The more intense screening of visitors, meanwhile, isn’t going well with some.

“Some of the visitors have been quite reluctant to comply, and this has been stressful,” said Janet Snipes, executive director of Denver’s Holly Heights nursing center.

Under federal regulations, nursing homes are considered to be a patient’s residence and facilities want to keep them in contact with the family, especially when they are almost dead.

“I don’t think you can completely prevent visitors,” said Dr. David A. Nace, director of long-term care and flu programs at the University of Pittsburgh Department of Medicine. Supervise 300 facilities in Pennsylvania.

For now, facilities in most states are underlining basic precautions, including hand washing and the cough tag.

Centers across the country are also trying to prepare staff for the worst.

An adult daycare center in the Little Havana neighborhood of Miami purchased long-lasting ready meals in preparation for possible shortages. The Hebrew Home in Riverdale, New York is running nursing staff through exercises to see how they will handle situations in the 750-bed facility if the virus progresses. Their IT department is building an infrastructure to allow staff to work remotely if they get sick.

“If one of our sites has an outbreak, we will quickly run out of staff in that position,” said Randy Bury, CEO of The Good Samaritan Society, one of the largest nonprofit senior care providers in the country, with 19,000 employees in 24 states.

Some families are considering withdrawing loved ones from the facilities.

Kathleen Churchyard said her family decided to move her 80-year-old mother out of her retirement community near Jacksonville, Florida, and to her sister’s home nearby if the virus is confirmed in the area.

Churchyard, who lives in Concord, North Carolina, fears that her mother won’t take her seriously, and is particularly concerned about her dining room.

“I tried to get her to buy things to prepare … She said, ‘No. If (the virus) catches me, it takes it,'” said Churchyard.


Associate associate writer Philip Marcelo in Rockland, Massachusetts contributed to this report.


The Associated Press receives support for health and scientific coverage from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Department of Education. The AP is solely responsible for all content.


Florida Mothers United in Tragedy pushes lawmakers to act – NBC 6 South Florida

For months Laurie Giordano had been telling her son’s story to anyone who wanted to hear – about how his self-styled 16-year-old Zach, should never have collapsed in the scorching heat of Florida nearly three years ago. He died days later.

For weeks Giordano drove six hours each to meet the legislators of the Capitol to push them to act, to understand the unbearable pain of a parent who was trying to make sense of the death of a child.

At Florida’s Capitol in Tallahassee, Giordano crossed paths on Thursday with Lori Alhadeff, who lost 14-year-old daughter Alyssa while filming the Parkland school. Both talked about how the tragedy and loss are motivating them to put pressure on legislation to save other children and parents from suffering.

Giordano and Alhadeff are connected for their grief over the loss of children and work to convince lawmakers to make schools safer, albeit in different ways.

Alhadeff has returned to urge lawmakers to request panic buttons in schools for faster help. This was one of the many school security measures generated by the shootings of February 14, 2018, at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School which killed 17. The bill, known as “Alyssa’s Law”, requires that every school campus elementary, middle and high schools both public, including charter schools, to establish a mobile system to alert authorities of emergencies.

And Giordano was back on Capitol Hill sitting in the public gallery that overlooked the floor of the Senate, where lawmakers unanimously approved a bill renamed “Zachary Martin Act”. The legislation would require public schools across Florida to do more to prevent heat-related injuries and deaths.

For a few minutes, they talked about their children and their shared mission. Giordano admired the pendant hanging on Alhadeff’s neck that bears Alyssa’s smiling face.

“I don’t know how it all happened in your tragedy, but I kept thinking that help was coming,” Alhadeff told Jordan on that fateful day in February 2018.

“And help wasn’t coming,” Giordano interrupted, finishing Alhadeff’s thought.

Another distressed Florida mother, Denise Williams, wandered the Capitol on Thursday to begin lobbying for a new law on behalf of her daughter Terissa Gautney, who died on a school bus in 2018.

Ever since they lost their daughter, Williams and her husband have pushed school boards and sought the help of lawmakers to request lifesaving training for school bus drivers and better communication equipment on school buses.

He drove 250 miles (400 kilometers) from his home in Clearwater to the Capitol, describing the trip as a decision sprinkles of the moment. She sat down to watch the Senate and the Chamber conduct business, and did everything she could to plan her next steps towards making change.

“I came here to see what I could have done,” said Williams.

Williams would later cross paths with Alhadeff on Capitol Hill. He said he wanted to learn from Alhadeff, who is now a member of the Broward County school board.

“Our children have been lost in a traumatic situation and my heart breaks for any other mother. And I can feel the pain they feel, “said Alhadeff of Williams and Jordan.” Even if it involved different types of tragedies, it is still the pain of losing a child. “

Giordano’s son died in the summer of 2017 after collapsing in the Florida heat during rehearsals.

After the death of his son, Giordano founded the Zach Martin Memorial Foundation, which worked to raise awareness of the dangers of heat-related stress. As part of its work, the foundation donated 40 cooling tanks to schools across Florida.

His son, he said, would still be alive if life-saving equipment were on the sidelines during rehearsals – perhaps a tub full of water – to immediately cool his body.

“I’m exhausted, but it’s okay. Once this is over, I’m going to collapse for a week, “said Giordano waiting for lawmakers to take action on his bill.

“A six-hour trip is a long time to be alone with your thoughts,” he said, “that’s when emotions are really difficult. That’s when tears flow.”

If approved by the legislature and signed by Governor Ron DeSantis, public schools should have a tub or other large container filled with cold water on the sidelines during all games and practices. Schools should also have defibrillators to revive affected athletes. The proposed law would also require schools to train staff on how to recognize signs of heat-related ailments, including potentially fatal heatstrokes, and to take life-saving actions.

But even on the verge of success, Giordano said there is little comfort.

“I still cry every day,” he said. “There is no consolation. No, it doesn’t improve. “


Prohibition of motorized scooter comes into force for catwalks – NBC 7 San Diego

The San Diego City Council approved the ban on motorized scooters on the city sidewalks in January. This ban came into effect on Saturday.

Signals rose in La Jolla in February warning bathers that motorized scooters and other devices were prohibited. The signs have yet to go up to Mission Beach, but NBC 7 has identified two officers conducting a speed investigation Saturday morning.

“It’s so easy to hit someone. We have always been concerned that someone’s dog or baby would come out in front of us, “said Mark Anderson, a San Diego resident who was happy that the ban would go into effect.

Today marks the first day of the ban on scooters on Mission Beach boardwalk. Still no sightings of scooters!

Published by Gaby Rodriguez Saturday 29 February 2020

There will be a grace period of 30 days before the police start
issuing citations, according to the San Diego police department.

“We will have an essential 30-day grace period where we come from
out and educate. We will make application stops. However, they will
generates a written warning about actual traffic citations, “SDPD traffic
said Agent Anthony Obregon.

After the grace period, the quotes will cost offenders $ 250, Obregon said.

In July 2019, new
dockless rules for bikes and scooters have been implemented
in the city,
including speed limits and areas prohibited by geofencing.

At the start of the new year, Lime Scooter extracted its devices from San Diego and 11 other markets.


How is South Florida preparing for Coronavirus? – NBC 6 South Florida

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have raised concerns about a possible pandemic epidemic in the United States for coronavirus, which has infected over 800,000 people and killed at least 2,700 worldwide.

According to the agency, only 14 cases of illness have been confirmed in the United States, none of which were in Florida.

However, they are asking the public to prepare.

“We are asking the American public to work with us to prepare for the expectation that this will be negative,” a senior CDC official told reporters in a conference call.

So if the disease reaches South Florida, what do local officials expect to do?


The Florida Department of Health says health care providers are following the strict guidelines of the CDC.

Patients who have a fever, signs of “lower respiratory disease” and have traveled to China in the past two weeks should be tested for the disease. The CDC has specific test kits for coronavirus, but health officials were unable to confirm whether Florida was one of the few states that received them.

Patients diagnosed will be asked to wear a surgical mask and be evaluated in a private room.


Nearly 10 million international passengers arrive at Miami International Airport each year – 2.3 million via Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

MIA claims not to provide projections for coronavirus to anyone who does not come from China.

They say that Americans flying to the United States from China will be diverted to the following airports:

  • John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), New York
  • Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD), Illinois
  • San Francisco International Airport (OFS), California
  • Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA), Washington
  • Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (HNL), Hawaii
  • Los Angeles International Airport, (LAX), California
  • Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (ATL), Georgia
  • Dallas / Ft. Of value
  • Detroit
  • Washington Dulles
  • Newark

MIA is also among the 20 U.S. airports that are working with the CDC to strengthen travelers’ projections. The jurisdiction of MIA includes the Bahamas and Aruba, Florida, Alabama and Mississippi.


Miami-Dade public school superintendent Alberto Carvalho announced the district plan if coronaviruses were detected in the area.

In order to reduce direct contact between students, the superintendent says that schools will benefit from digital or “tele-education” lessons.

However, electronic lessons are a last resort if a school is to be closed.

Education of the disease will increase for school reasons and electronic services will be installed that will connect school clinics with doctors for instant information.

Carvalho also said that if necessary, alternative layoff times will be implemented, increasing school cleaning cycles.

Florida International University has announced that it would restrict access to students and faculty while canceling study abroad programs to nations dealing with the medical crisis. All trips to Italy, Japan, Singapore and South Korea are limited.

At the same time, the school is asking anyone who has visited countries – as well as China, where thousands have died in the past few weeks from the virus – or have had contact with anyone who has visited to remain in quarantine for 14 days even if they they do not have any symptoms.

Miami-Dade public schools were forced to cancel two trips abroad, including one trip to Italy.

The University of Miami has also canceled overseas study programs in China amid concerns.

Check for updates