How much would you be willing to pay for this Singer Porsche 911?

In the world of selling second hand cars We have seen cases of all kinds: since barn finds Hidden for four decades from impeccable cars but that have ended up submerged in a lake, of course, those cars that are falling apart due to rust. The latter has been the case with some classic Porsche 356s that were still priced at a premium sports car. However, not many times have we seen a state as tragic as this one Porsche 911 de Singer what has ended completely calcined, but that has still been put up for sale on the sale website Copart.

One of the victims of a home fire

The model was discovered on Facebook and is now on sale labeled as a 1969 Porsche 911T, although it is actually one of the prized restomod of Singer, which are usually based on the 911 of the 964 generation. Singer Vehicle Design to our Road & Track colleagues, this state was the cause of a fire inside the owner’s house that spread to destroy several of his cars, including this 911 from Singer.


Jump your eyes seeing the images that not much to save from this car. Its bodywork has partially disappeared due to fire, although its exotic original material can still be seen in carbon fiberHowever, we have doubts as to whether its original paint was the black that is still present on its rear, the most “whole” part of the whole car, or is it due to calcination. Inside it is also completely destroyed and only the skeleton of its sports seats is sensed, as well as the dashboard and surroundings.

There are also other details of these special editions on the outside such as a high-performance central dual exhaust, large Fuch-style fenders and rims, an Audison amplifier, among other hard-to-distinguish features.

porsche 911 by singer burned for sale


At a premium sports car price

The funny thing is that despite this state this 911 burned to be auctioned at a Copart event in Hartford, Connecticut, along with other models also in similar status as a 911T from 1969, Y two Targas, one from 1973 and one from 1989. For the moment Copart already estimates a value for this calcined scrap of $ 78,000. Some 66,185 euros to change. Do you deserve them?

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porsche 911 by singer burned for sale


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Stardust, when Bowie ‘loser’ was looking for Ziggy – People

Forget glam rock and the White Duke think rather of rhythm and blues, long hair and confused yet swaying steps on women’s heels: David Bowie in search of himself, of an identity, determined to find it with the aim of successful, self-centered like any self-respecting artist. It is the Bowie, let’s face it, still loser from the beginning who arrives on the big screen in Stardust, the film by Gabriel Range with the musician Johnny Flynn who plays the future musical genius when at 24 he makes his first (disastrous) tour in America. At the Rome Film Festival today (in the room soon with I Wonder Pictures) it was presented by the director and protagonist: “it is a love letter to Bowie, written in absolute respect” they said. The family, claimed the director, did not see the film or approve it: “the son – said Range – clearly explained that he did not accept works on his father”, nor were the rights to the songs granted because here the songs of the young Bowie, who was trying to launch Space Oddity, are very few. Rather it tells the nightmares of the aspiring rock star, his uncertain and clumsy steps with the media, the determination to break through and the skepticism, with rare exceptions, of his own Mercury record companies: the Bowie of the film until in the final scene he literally transforms into the alien from outer space, Ziggy Stardust, his alter ego character. The emphasis is on the bond with his stepbrother Terry who has ended up in a manicon like other relatives of theirs, which is why the London singer feels he is about to become schizophrenic in those years. “For our part – continued the director, author of an appreciated documentary on Churchill – absolute respect for the great art of David Bowie: if the public expects to see and hear the great successes, this is not the film. our goal: we were interested in something more reflective, intimate without having to use the catalog of his masterpieces, a film that could produce a studio not us. And anyway Stardust is based on facts – continued Range – David Bowie in ’71 goes to He uses but does not have the documents, the green card and so he has never been able to perform except on small private occasions or talking on the radio. As for the story of the family madness we did a lot of research with co-writer Christopher Bell and it is all authentic ” . Bowie leaves for America to promote his latest record, The Man Who Sold the World, leaving behind his pregnant wife Angie (Jena Malone) and finds himself touring with Mercury Records press office Rob Oberman (Marc Maron) without getting any attention until he realizes the need to reinvent himself in order to truly become himself. “His life – said the protagonist Flynn – is seen through a prism. I found the idea of ​​the film funny in imagining what this person was like at the time with all his existential problems, a film list of performances and songs not I would have been interested because I believe that showing the beginnings of Bowie, who has always believed with determination that he would be successful, can also encourage today’s young artists to believe in themselves. “


BTS, the kings of K-pop, make a big splash on the South Korean stock exchange

K-pop kings music label BTS made a triumphant entry on the South Korean Stock Exchange on Thursday, where its track nearly doubled in value, instantly turning its boss into a billionaire and swelling the septet’s fortunes. This success was expected, since the tranche of shares offered to ordinary investors – as opposed to institutional investors – had been oversubscribed more than 600 times before the first listing on Thursday.

BTS (abbreviation of Bangtan Sonyeondan, which means “Bullet resistant boy scoutsIs one of the biggest musical phenomena in the world today and generates billions of dollars in revenue for the South Korean economy. The group once again established its position in the world’s leading music market in August when its new hit Dynamite positioned itself as the number one hits in the United States upon its release.

BTS’s label Big Hit Entertainment had decided on an IPO price of 135,000 won (US $ 100) per share, the highest amount in its indicative price range. But minutes after listing on Thursday, the stock had already reached its maximum allowable daily value of 351,000 won.

«A coat for winter»

The stock subsequently fell to end the day at 258,000 won. The label nonetheless reached a market capitalization of 8.7 trillion won (€ 6.5 billion), placing the company in the group of the 40 biggest valuations in South Korea.

Big Hit founder and chairman Bang Si-hyuk, who retains a more than 36% stake in the company, was $ 3.3 billion at the stock’s highest, according to Bloomberg News. During an event organized for the start of listing, he thanked “All the fans who have always loved and believed in the artists and productions of Big Hit” and “Our remarkable artists of whom we are so proud”.

The IPO also does business for the seven of BTS, with Bang Si-hyuk giving each of them more than 68,000 shares in August, or 1.4% of the company, worth around 17 million dollars. ‘euros at the highest price. “Taking into account all the information now available about the company, the IPO price may be the lowest price we will ever seePark Sung-ho of Yuanta Securities told AFP.

Some shareholders have decided to take their profits straight away. “I had received two shares which I sold. With 260,000 won (193 euros) in profit, I’ll buy myself a winter coat», Said an Internet user on Naver, the first South Korean internet portal. Others worried about a bubble doomed to deflate: “It goes up quickly, and it will soon fall back quickly», Predicted an Internet user.

The army as an obstacle

All the more so as the future holds in the short term an obstacle that is a priori unavoidable for Big Hit: the military service that the seven members of the Boys Band created in 2013 will have to perform. Any able man must indeed generally spend 18 months in the army, in a country facing the North Korean threat.

Thus Kim Seok-jin, 27, whose stage name is Jin, will have to start his service at the end of 2021 under the current rules. Born between 1993 and 1997, the other six will be called up in the years that follow. The debate is currently raging on whether stars like BTS should not benefit from exemptions because of their role in the cultural influence of South Korea, let alone their economic impact.

But no K-pop star has ever been reformed for this reason. The inability of BTS to provide concerts would be a setback for the finances of Big Hit, which last year derived 97% of its turnover from the group, according to documents made public at the time of the IPO.

The tube Dynamite alone could generate more than $ 1.4 billion for the South Korean economy and thousands of new jobs, according to a government study released in September. Big Hit acknowledged that the scheduled absence of BTS members was a “risk“. But the label relies on the sale of products that do not involve the direct participation of the seven to take the shock. He conceded, however, that by the time the Seven will be out of the limelight and away from the cameras “could have a negative impact on the profitability and growth of the company».


Danna Paola praises her Peruvian Yo Soy impersonator: I’ve seen her, she impressed me a lot

Danna Paola was presented this Wednesday, October 14 at Women in command, where she was interviewed by Maricarmen Marín. There, the famous singer referred to her impersonator Andreína Montilla, finalist of the last season of I am.

The interpreter of “Notoriety”Is a follower of the Latina program, as she has seen the presentations of the young Venezuelan impersonator. He even praised his stage work and characterization.

“I tell you that here I have an imitation program that is 8 years old, it’s called Yo soy, and there is a Danna Paola impersonator. She is causing a sensation because you are very difficult to imitate, “he said. Maricarmen Marin. Right away, Danna Paola he yelled, “Oh, already, I’ve seen her”

“How strong, the truth is that it impresses me a lot, it is very heavy and I am very grateful that this girl does because she has done it quite well. I was very impressed by the look, the movements of the hands, “added the actress from the Elite series.

Also, he talked about his new topic “Journey into the light”Which will be part of the Netflix animated film Beyond the Moon. “I am excited about this song, I am very excited to share it. It’s such a beautiful story, the movie is going to change their lives, “he mentioned. Danna Paola.

Danna Paola at the peak of musical success

The singer has one of her best moments. He has recently released several songs, including “Don’t go”, where he sings with the young woman Isabela Merced.

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Danna Paola, the best Latin American singer

The GQ Mexico magazine recognized the singer Danna Paola as the best Latin American artist.

The interpreter of “Bad fame” shared his happiness with his followers. “Thank you for this beautiful recognition as Latin American Singer of the year. With the look in the sky and the feet on the ground, “he wrote in Instagram.

How was the casting of Andreína Montilla, Danna Paola impersonator in Yo soy?

The artist Andreína Montilla began her imitation of Danna Paola With a home video that she shared through her social networks, the images show her singing the song “Sodio” with a voice tone quite similar to that of the Mexican star.

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Thanks to her clip, the singer of Venezuelan origin was able to appear on the set of Latina, before Ricardo Morán, Maricarmen Marín and Katia Palma, who invited her to participate in the program I am, after witnessing his interpretation of “Bad Fame”

Danna Paola achieves two million video views of “Don’t go”

Danna Paola teamed up with Peruvian-born artist Isabela Merced for her latest song, “Dont ‘go.” The video clip recently reached 2 million views on YouTube and Latina performers did not hesitate to celebrate the achievement on social media.

“We are already 2 million views! I can’t believe it! Thank you so much!”, The young singer wrote on Instagram.

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Danna Paola revealed the reasons that kept her from Elite

In addition to her singing career, the Mexican is known for her acting talent. One of his last acting projects was Elite, Netflix series that captivated millions of viewers. However, Danna Paola decided to say goodbye to the production in its last season.

“I made the decision not to be in season four to dedicate myself 100% to music this year. So, for me it was one thing or the other, because I’m very perfectionist and delivered in that sense, “said the” Bad Fame “interpreter to her followers.

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Danna Paola and “Hey, Pablo”

During the delivery of the GQ magazine, the interpreter of “Notoriety”Was surprised to announce that he found the mysterious young man he met on his first visit to Spain for recordings of Elite.

Danna Paola captured that experience in her single “Hey Pablo”, One of his biggest hits to date.

At the end of his speech after receiving the award for Latin Singer, he ran from one microphone to another to announce “Pablo has already appeared.”

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Danna Paola, latest news:

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Cliff Richard turns 80: the first of many pop star knights

Updated on October 13, 2020, 10:38 a.m.

Cliff Richard celebrates his 80th birthday on October 14th. The pop singer can look back on a long career: in 1995 he was the first music star to be given the honor of being knighted by the Queen. Since then he has been allowed to call himself “Sir” – just like these legends. © 1&1 Mail & Media/spot on news

Producer and composer George Martin was knighted in 1996 and was henceforth allowed to call himself “Sir”. He received the recognition for his services to the music industry and pop culture – Martin was often referred to as the “Fifth Beatle”.

© Rob Verhorst/Redferns/Getty Images

In 1997 Queen Elizabeth awarded Paul McCartney the accolade for his services to music. As a member of the Beatles, McCartney had already been a member of the “Order of the British Empire” 32 years earlier.

© Dave Thompson/Getty Images

Since 1998 singer Elton John has been allowed to call himself “Sir”. The Queen knighted him for his services to music and charity work. Sir Elton John has been campaigning against HIV and AIDS since the 1980s.

© Dave Thompson/Getty Images

For his services to pop music, “Rolling Stones” founding member Mick Jagger was awarded the title of monarch in 2003. His knighthood was disappointed with fans: that he had accepted it seemed to contradict his anti-establishment stance. His colleague Keith Richards declined the honor at the time. He does not want to be on stage with someone who “wears a crown and an old ermine”. That’s not what the Stones are about.

© Anwar Hussein/WireImage/Getty Images

Even superstar David Bowie did not want to be knighted by the Queen. As early as 2000 he rejected the “CBE” award, three years later also the accolade. “I would never have the intention to accept something like that,” he told the “Sun”. “I really don’t know what this is for. This is not what I’ve worked for all my life. It’s just not for me.”

© Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Pop singer Tom Jones, however, gratefully accepted the title in 2006. It is a great honor for him. “When you start in show business and have your first hit, that’s the beginning of something. It just gets better and better over time. This is the best I’ve got. It’s a wonderful feeling, an intoxicating feeling.”

© Photoshot/Getty Images

Singer Van Morrison has received many awards and accolades in his career. The Queen knighted the “Gloria” singer in 2016 for his services to the music industry and tourism in Northern Ireland.

© imago images/VIADATA

Rod Stewart received the accolade in 2007. “It’s a wonderful event. We are the only country in the world that honors the common man,” said the singer at the time. As an eternal rock’n’roll rebel, he wore a tie with skulls on the occasion.

© David Parker/Getty Images

Since 2017 The Kinks frontman Ray Davies, often called the “Godfather of Britpop”, has been allowed to call himself “Sir”.

© John Stillwell/Getty Images

Over 20 years after his bandmate Paul McCartney received the accolade, Beatles drummer Ringo Starr was also awarded the honor in 2018. At that time he received the suffix “Sir” from Prince William. The other two Beatles members were denied the honor.

© John Stillwell/Getty Images

Bee Gees star Barry Gibb was knighted by the Queen in person in 2017. He received the accolade from Prince Charles the following year.

© Steve Parsons/Getty Images

Because he is Irish and the honor of being knighted by the Queen is reserved exclusively for British citizens, Bob Geldof “only” received the Knighthood of Honor (KBE) for his charity work in Africa – and that as early as 1986. Nevertheless, he is often called “Sir Bob” called.

© Photoshot/Getty Images

Bono, who is also Irish, also received the Knighthood of Honor. The Queen did not want to withhold an award for his services to the music industry and humanitarian work and so she included him in her New Year’s list of honor for 2007.

© ShowbizIreland/Getty Images

Some women were also honored with the accolade. Instead of “Sir”, the female bearers of the title are named “Lady”. So did “Mary Poppins” actress Julie Andrews, who the Queen raised to the booth in 1999.

© Photoshot/Getty Images

The British royals, mainly Prince William and his brother Harry, are said to be big fans of Shirley Bassey, who was mainly known for her three “James Bond” theme songs. In 1999 Queen Elizabeth II made the British singer Dame Commander of the British Empire.

© Tim Graham Photo Library/Getty Images

John Travolta’s “Grease” co-star Olivia Newton-John also received the Royal Appreciation for her services to entertainment, cancer research and charity work during the 2020 New Year celebrations.

© Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Not only musicians were given the honor of a ladies’ hood. Other well-known names are the model Twiggy, actress Judi Dench, Helen Mirren, Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Collins, “Vogue” boss Anna Wintour and, most recently, actress Emma Thompson (photo), who appeared in a suit and sneakers at the festive ceremony. Other prominent “Sirs” are the actors Anthony Hopkins, Michael Caine, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart and Daniel Day-Lewis.

© Steve Parsons/Getty Images


From Matuš’s confession it’s freezing! Does Lucinka know about this?

Now, except for a few details, the singer has finally moved and is looking forward to the arrival of the little girl. “We miss the sofa and table under the TV, but we really like it there. We have a beautiful, large, sunny apartment, “the singer confided to Blesk.

Singer Bohuš Matuš (46) about how Lucinka got pregnant with him (17): We tried during quarantine!

Bohuš also celebrates success on the music scene, as he sings in many musicals. “I have been doing very well for the last few years. I went back to the doctor Janeček to the main roles, I sing at the Broadway Theater and perform all over the country as a solo singer. That feeds me the most, “he admitted Matuš.

But the singer was not always so lucky. There were also hard times in which he clung to alcohol. “I drank a lot because I was very upset that there was still some nonsense about me. That I’m irresponsible, crazy, gay … So I thought, do I need this? When I sang on the street in Brno, everyone loved me, and I wasn’t famous. And now nobody likes me. And because I was stupid, I believed it, “the singer revealed to himself. He was then pulled out of alcohol to work on the then new musical Angelika.

Strict Bohuš Matuš decided: Never again with Lucinka!

Now, thanks to his relationship with Lucinka, it shines. He himself admits that he has never experienced anything like this with anyone. “Lucinka shows me every minute that I’m the best. You will feel it when you are with someone, “comments Matuš with a smile. Together they now manage their household and are satisfied. “Lucinka washes and operates the dishwasher, I cook. I really enjoy it. I like it when I’m still in the team. I’m making lunch, I’m going to sing somewhere, I’ll be back and Lucinka will buy something from the Chinese, for example, and I’ll eat it. But it suits me like this, “the singer concluded the conversation.

Bohuš Matuš on Gott: Karel chose me as his follower!


A month before Lucinka’s birth: Bohuš Matuš canceled the concerts and is looking forward to the baby girl

“I’m looking forward to riding there with our little girl, for example on pedal motorcycles and other attractions, of which there are countless,” Matuš confided with his plans. Although he would like to continue earning before the baby is born, a pandemic will not allow it.

“Unfortunately, I have all the singing canceled now. But I will definitely not be idle. I’m rehearsing hard with my new band BM Band, “he reveals. He spends the rest of his free time with his chosen one, whom he wants to marry one day. Living a dog book is not for him.


his brother, David Séchan, gives his news

The singer Renaud, settled in L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue (Vaucluse) for a long time, has been hospitalized for several days at the Pic Saint-Loup Clinic, according to the local newspaper Midi Libre. Our colleagues specify that he was admitted to undergo a heart operation, which took place and that he “is recovering slowly from this operation”, and that he should return home soon. According to his twin brother David Séchan, quoted in the columns of Le Figaro, Renaud was hospitalized after “went to see doctors for a thorough examination to observe an emphysema”.

In the afternoon, the Facebook page “It’s when we go where” which is held by a fan in connection with the entourage of Renaud, denied the information of this hospitalization pointing the finger at “some lies of the southern press (heart surgery and other such bullshit) repeated everywhere ”. A post all the same confirms the admission of Renaud in a clinic, “of his own will for his annual check-up” and specifies that he “began a cure of fitness” for two weeks.

He had already been hospitalized two years ago for a rest cure related to his alcohol problems. In January 2019, it was a bad fall that had led him to the hospital, write our colleagues from The voice of the North.

He who often compares himself to a phoenix, the mythological bird that reborns from the flames, is “always standing”, as the song says.

In addition, the Cité de la musique (Philarmonie de Paris) is hosting, from October 16, the exhibition “Renaud, Putain Expo! »(A nod to his album Fuck Truck) dedicated to him.


My bright sun: Kettle showed pictures of her adorable daughter

The singer now lives the way every young woman would like to live. With her friend Renda, she completes a dream house in her native Třinec, she is engaged and she has given birth to a daughter, Amálka, whom she cannot look forward to. She also introduced her fans to the baby.

“My sun is bright. You asked me if I would show the little one, I wouldn’t, or I would, but it wouldn’t be visible in the face, or it would go, but I would overlap the pictures. I am an impulsive person, I live in the moment, my life is not a calculation and a plan, and everything that happens here is within my nature, “Konvičková explained.


Patricia Maldonado revealed an unknown reaction of Don Francisco to Jorge González’s presentation on the Telethon

An unpublished story was the one revealed by the animator Patricia maldonado during his program “Las Indomables” broadcast on YouTube.

In space, the ex-face of Mega remembered one of the presentations that the singer made Jorge gonzalez on the Telethon, and alluded to his controversial words on stage.

“Do you know what I remember? That once on the Telethon, at the National Stadium, Jorge González came out … you know it’s good for the forelock, for drugs, and it came out more bent than a wonton, he spoke more hue … than a recently operated on stage, “he commented.

“I was at the National Stadium and he starts to speak out against employers, and the goal was not being reached, and what I can tell you is that behind the stage Mario (Kreutzberger) had a heart attack and I think they had to give the producer water with sugar, from the impact that the guy spoke against the businessmanyes, “he said.

“I think the only thing they wanted was to kick him in the slit, the only thing they wanted was to get him off the stage, and people did not grab potato, and people started to screw up and that was the story,” he finally said.