Bladder cancer: often undetected for a long time | Symptoms & Treatment

Bladder cancer is one of the most insidious types of cancer. A malignant tumor can grow in the bladder unnoticed for years. A urologist explains how to identify the disease early on.

People in this country get fose bladder cancer more than 29,000 times a year. It is insidious that the tumor hardly causes any clear symptoms in the early stages. Pain is also rare.

What is bladder cancer? Bladder cancer, a so-called bladder carcinoma, is a malignant tumor in the urinary bladder.

Symptoms: Beware of blood in the urine

The symptoms by which bladder cancer can still be recognized is explained by Professor Dr. Christian Wülfing, head of urology at the Asklepios Clinic Altona. “The most common thing is blood in the urine,” said the press spokesman for the German Society for Urology.

Those affected should therefore always consult a doctor if their urine turns red or brown. Painful urination can also be a sign of bladder cancer. In the advanced stages of the cancer there is usually pain in the abdomen and kidney area.

According to the urologist, an early detection test such as the urine test “NMP22”, which is supposed to detect a substance that is increasingly formed by tumors in a urine sample, has so far not been very reliable.

causes: Smoking is the number one risk factor

It is still unclear why tumors develop in the urinary bladder and urinary tract. Scientific studies have been able to prove some factors that increase the risk of developing bladder cancer, writes the German Cancer Aid in its guide.

The biggest risk factor for bladder cancer is “clearly” smoking, according to Professor Dr. Wülfing. Passive smoking also increases the risk, because the carcinogenic substances in cigarette smoke are filtered out of the blood by the kidneys and enter the bladder with the urine, where they damage the mucous membrane. Experts estimate that around 30 to 70 percent of all bladder cancers are due to smoking.

Chemical substances that cause bladder cancer

During certain professional activities, employees are exposed to certain chemical substances such as aromatic amines and aniline dyes, which can increase the risk of bladder cancer. According to the German Cancer Aid, the following are at risk:

  • Chemical workers
  • painter
  • car Mechanic
  • Employed in rubber processing
  • Employees in the steel and leather industry
  • Hairdressers
  • Dental technician

Bladder cancer is a recognized occupational disease in these industries. There are now improved safety precautions for handling such substances in the workplace. But many people also come into contact with carcinogenic substances in their private everyday lives. Chemical hair dyes are suspected of increasing the risk of bladder cancer.

Other risk factors for bladder cancer are:

  • chronic bladder infections
  • Bladder stones and indwelling catheters
  • Taking pain medication with the active ingredient phenacetine
  • Infectious diseases such as schistosomiasis that have persisted for many years

Men are more likely to develop bladder cancer

According to the German Cancer Aid, men get sick more than twice as often Bladder cancer like women. That is because men smoke more. But the number of new cases among women is increasing, “probably because the proportion of female smokers has also increased over the past 30 to 40 years,” explains the urologist.

treatment depends on the tumor stage

The doctor can determine whether a suspicion of bladder cancer is justified by analyzing the urine, palpation and ultrasound examinations, cystoscopy and an X-ray contrast image of the kidneys and urinary tract. The majority of bladder tumors are recognized at a stage in which they are still growing on the surface and can be surgically removed.

“This is usually followed by an endoscopic operation in which tissue from the tumor is ‘peeled off’ via a cystoscopy,” says Professor Dr. Wülfing. This method is also called transurethral bladder tumor resection – TURB for short.

Even with one chemotherapy or radiation therapy of the urinary bladder Krebs treated in the early stages. If it is already advanced, however, the bladder must be removed. Then the patients get a bladder replacement and a so-called urostoma is placed. The urostoma is an artificial urine discharge through the abdominal wall, through which the urine is then excreted.

If the bladder cancer is detected late, it can affect the muscle and lymph tissue. If this is the case, even a bladder removal will no longer help and the cancer will be fatal. In Germany around 4,000 people die each year from a tumor in the urinary bladder.

Important NOTE: Under no circumstances does the information replace professional advice or treatment by trained and recognized doctors. The contents of cannot and must not be used to make independent diagnoses or to start treatments.


These factors affect the rate of aging

Wrinkles, age spots, light hair: when we get older, you can tell by looking at us – whether we like it or not. But not everyone ages externally at the same rate. And it’s not just genes to blame.

Increasing wrinkles, Age spots and thinning hair cannot only be combated with creams and lotions. What many do not know: How quickly we outwardly age depends, in addition to our genes, to a large extent on how we behave, where we live and how we treat our environment.

Environmental influences responsible for changes in the skin

The numbers are clear for changes in the skin, the largest visible organ. 20 to 30 percent of skin changes are caused by genetic factors. The remaining 70 to 80 percent are caused by environmental influences, for example UV radiation and air pollution.

If you want to understand why changes in our appearance are so closely related to the environment and behavior, you have to take a close look at the cells of the human body. Aging never affects just one organ, it always ages the entire organism. External changes are therefore related to the entire aging process and can be an indication of the state of our body.

Biological stress causes damage

If we eat oily, drink alcohol, smoke or lie in the sun too long, we expose our body to biological stress. This leads to molecular damage in both young and old people, for example in the DNA. Such damage occurs thousands of times every minute. But while a young body monitors them well and repairs them quickly, an older body is less and less able to do so. Aging means that the body can cope with stress less and less. Therefore, DNA mutations accumulate in the body cells. As a result, organs can fail more easily or tumors develop.

Such cell changes have two visible effects on the skin. On the one hand, there are changes in skin pigmentation. It becomes inhomogeneous and aging spots can appear. On the other hand, the skin’s elasticity decreases, so wrinkles appear. The difference between genetically determined and externally influenced skin aging can be seen with the naked eye. Each of us gets fine wrinkles as we age. However, if environmental influences are added, the wrinkles become much deeper. More collagen, a protein found in connective tissue, is then broken down.

Why do people age differently?

In addition to external effects on the skin, substances that we ingest through the mouth are a major driver of visible aging. A study by the University of Southern Denmark published in December 2017 in the journal “Epidemiology & Community Health” came to the conclusion that heavy alcohol consumption and Smoke external signs of physical aging.

For example, wrinkles on the earlobes, the risk of so-called old arches around the pupils and yellowish-orange coating on the eyelids had increased significantly in the test subjects. The researchers had evaluated long-term data from 11,500 adults from the greater Copenhagen area.

Again and again it has been shown that people look old at different times despite similar environmental influences. The damaging effect of external factors also depends on the physical conditions. People have different genetic makeup. There are people who live to be well over a hundred years old even though they have smoked or consumed alcohol. These differences are often also visible. The chronological and biological clock can be decoupled. Looking young can be an indication that a person has remained biologically young.

Even if the dream of eternal youth cannot be fully fulfilled, there are factors that influence the speed and visibility of our aging. While we cannot change our genes, alcohol and tobacco consumption, eating habits, sun protection and air quality are in our hands. If you believe experts, nobody ages “without any reason”.


Now it’s real. Smoking is banned on the streets of Madrid by court order

The Superior Court of Justice of Madrid (TSJM) on Friday gave permission to the regional government to proceed with new sanitary measures to prevent the spread of covid-19, including a ban on street smoking in the event of non-compliance with social distance, and also the closing of the night entertainment spaces.

The TSJM accepted the appeal of the Community of Madrid against the order of the administrative contentious judge who refused to endorse the measures contained in the order of August 18 of the Spanish Ministry of Health. This magistrate had not authorized the Ministry’s proposals for alleged irregularities in the publication of the regulation and for believing that only on alert could there be a general restriction of rights. The magistrate’s order raised doubts in the region. When the judge ruled out giving clarifications, an appeal was made to the Supreme Court of Justice, whose decision has now been revealed.

The order of the Superior Court of Justice criticizes the “conceptual imbalances” and the excesses of the magistrate and thus resolves the issue: all the sanitary measures presented by the Community of Madrid before the judge may be applied. Some because they are mere recommendations, not obligations, such as avoiding gatherings more than what is strictly necessary and limited to 10 people. Others because, although they are obligations, they do not imply a reduction of fundamental rights, such as the registration of the identity of those who frequent a certain place.

Finally, the court detected a third block of measures that require prior judicial approval, because they affect freedom or other fundamental rights. But all are considered justified and proportional to the country’s emergency health situation. The magistrates assume that the Community Order credits “a current situation defined by new epidemic outbreaks and the risk of community contagion” and that in this situation the measures must be evaluated.

One of the two measures that required prior judicial support was the limitation of movements in homes. “We understand as proven that the special incidence of the pandemic and the seriousness of the consequences of the epidemic outbreaks associated with such centers justify the adoption of additional measures that can lead to limiting the number of residents leaving”concludes the TSJ.

The second point that needed the endorsement of the Justice to be sued was the imposition of tests of covid-19 on residents and workers of health posts. “According to current scientific knowledge, asymptomatic people can spread the disease, so we understand that it is an adequate and necessary measure to prevent the spread of the pandemic, given a determined and serious risk and adjusted to the principle of proportionality”, justify the TSJ.


California fires seen from space – Terra & Poli

Capture images of the fires that are ravaging California from space. NASA’s Terra satellite has captured the huge column of smoke that, blown by the winds, extends for almost 2,000 kilometers southwest, off the Pacific Ocean.

In the images there are many completely smoke-obscured areas including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, parts of San Francisco and Idaho, which lie along the smoke trail of the fires.

The images are available on the NASA Earth Observing System Data and Information System (Eosdis) Worldview website that allows you to interactively browse global satellite images and download data. The images are updated within three hours of observation, showing the entire Earth as it appears at that time. Fires appear as red spots.

In 2020, NASA notes, more than 5,700 fires have already occurred in California, affecting areas extending over 500 square kilometers, or 4 times the land burned in 2019. California continues to experience a suffocating heat wave and high Temperatures coupled with dry conditions, according to NASA, could provide conditions for further outbreaks of fires.

The fire is devastating, notes the US space agency, but the effects of smoking are also negative, especially for health. Smoke (released from forest fires, buildings, tires, waste) is in fact a mixture of particles and chemicals containing carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and particulate matter, and may also contain other chemicals, such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, benzene, toluene, styrene, metals and dioxins.


Journalists, especially those who smoke, are called COVID-19 Vulnerable Groups, This is AJI’s Recommendation

Asnil mentioned several spots that were often used as smoking places by journalists before or after hunting for information. These include offices, near windows, emergency stairs, terraces, gardens, and cafeterias.

“For example, in BNPB there are emergency stairs, I’m sure there are a lot of cigarette butts there.”

However, Asnil explained that AJI already has a health protocol. “Perhaps the only journalist organization that has a health protocol is us and none of the 500 AJI members in Jakarta reported positive COVOD-19.”

One of AJI’s health protocols is that journalists who smoke are not allowed to cover the field and work outside the office.

“Because he is a susceptible smoker who can be infected from anywhere. We also advise him not to smoke or to quit smoking. This is what we recommend to members but can be adopted by other organizations. “


I smoke, the sooner you quit the better

The ideal is not to start, keeping away the recall of cigarettes. But if you have really fallen into the smoke trap, know that the sooner you stop the better. So do not propose long-term plans, perhaps foreseeing the abandonment of cigarettes within a few years, setting more or less acceptable dates. Even science says that the longer the “vice” continues over time, the greater the risks for future health.

Lungs (and not only) in danger

It doesn’t just matter how much you smoke every day, but also how many years you have been addicted to cigarettes. As a reminder, taking into consideration above all people older in age (the information emerges from the NHiS, a sort of sample survey on the American population focused on those with white hair), is a statistical research appeared on National Health Statistics Reports.

According to the details of the same, the longer you smoke, the greater the health risks in terms of general well-being and especially the appearance of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (BPCO) as well as other chronic diseases affecting the heart and blood vessels.

To come to this conclusion, the experts looked at information relating to who succeeded in stop smoking, considering the time of “belonging” to the community of smokers and therefore characterizing four different groups: those who have lit the cigarette for 10 years or less, more than 10 years and less than 25 years, from 25 to less than 40 years and 40 years or more.

The results were extremely clear: almost one in three of those who had smoked for more than 40 years had in old age poor health, with a steady decline in percentage based on time. There was 23% of poor well-being in those who had over 25 years of smoking, to then drop towards 18 among smokers who had repented within 10 years of the first cigarette.

Particular attention was paid to respiratory health and in particular to Bpco, a pathology for which smoking represents the main risk factor (as regards the data of the study mentioned above, the picture was found in one case out of three of those who had smoked for a long time). In conclusion, it must be said that the study did not consider the number of cigarettes smoked daily but only the persistence of the vice over time.

Pay attention to the breath

You breathe badly, you almost always have a cough and, at times, you run into a fever, because in the bronchi full of mucus the bacteria develop at great speed giving rise to repeated infections. This could be the identikit of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or BPCO, an acronym that identifies two very common diseases especially among the elderly: chronic bronchitis and pulmonary emphysema.

Ma what happens in the bronchi of those suffering from this pathology? The difficulties in letting the air out of the lungs and therefore in letting in the new one, rich in oxygen, recognize two different causal elements.

In the case ofemphysema, the problem is mainly linked to the progressive destruction of the pulmonary alveoli, which represent the anatomical “station” in which exchanges between air and blood occur.

In practice it is in thealveolo that the blood leaves carbon dioxide and other toxic substances recovered by the organism and recovers the oxygen that must reach the whole organism. As these “stations” are destroyed, the possibility of this exchange is reduced and, consequently, the blood circulating in the body is less and less useful.

In the case of chronic bronchitis, however, the basic mechanism is the reduction in the diameter of the airways, which leads to an objective difficulty for the air to enter and exit the respiratory tract. If you think that these two diseases are often associated in the same individual, this explains how heavy it is to bear the damage to breathing, and ultimately for the whole organism.


salute from the cable-stayed bridge, hovering above the water Assol and space suits

The brightest evening of the country’s graduates ended, which the guys were looking forward to this year. So, as always, the Scarlet Sails Festival 2020 became a beautiful chord of the All-Russian holiday. This year it was both traditional and completely unusual at the same time. We tell you what the Scarlet Sails 2020 surprised.

The main innovation of this year is the change of locationPhoto: Oleg GOLD

Well, firstly, the main innovation is the change of location. For several years in a row, a snow-white brig passes through the water area Not you along the Peter and Paul Fortress, the Hermitage and right under the Palace Bridge. This year, another, no less picturesque place was chosen, with very recognizable sights. Petersburg – stadium “Gazprom-Arena “, Lakhta-center and cable-stayed bridge ZSD.

Access to all locations was closed due to the difficult epidemic situation both in the city and throughout the country. Photo: Artem KILKIN

Access to all locations was closed due to the difficult epidemic situation both in the city and throughout the country.Photo: Artem KILKIN

The second innovation: live Petersburgers and visitors could not see all this beauty. And all because this year there are special requirements: because of the pandemic, access to the park is closed, it was also impossible to see from the water, since part of the Neva and the Gulf of Finland were blocked. GIMS boats and various services went around the water area and made sure that no one violated the ban. Law enforcement officers were also on duty on land: if they met people in a territory where there should not be anyone, they politely asked to leave the place and go home.

Everyone was politely asked to leave the coast Photo: Artyom KILKIN

Everyone was politely asked to leave the coast.Photo: Artem KILKIN

And at home, by the way, everyone would have considered it in the best possible way: there was a live broadcast of a concert and a pyrotechnic show on the Internet and on TV. By the way, on the screen you can see what on the shore would definitely not be accessible to the eye. And all because along the Neva and the Gulf of Finland there were several scenes at once and on each of them there was an action.

The main stage was next to the Gazprom Arena stadium, it was also very unusual – as if soaring in the air, and with it the stars acting on it. Leading the holiday were Ivan Urgant and Daria Александрова.

The hosts of the holiday were Ivan Urgant and Daria Alexandrova Photo: Oleg GOLD

Leading the holiday were Ivan Urgant and Daria AlexandrovaPhoto: Oleg GOLD

Timur Rodriguez, Vera performed their hits Brezhnev, RASA group, Dima Bilan and Surganova. And there were surprises in the form of a show of pirates and drummers, yes, it is worth noting separately what costumes the artists had – just space ones. Be sure to watch Bilan’s performance if you missed. And also a salute, well, the passage itself of a sailboat!

The cable-stayed bridge of the WHSD was both a platform for light and a launch site for fireworks. Photo: Oleg ZOLOTO

The cable-stayed bridge of the WHSD was both a platform for light and a launch site for fireworksPhoto: Oleg GOLD

By the way, the pyrotechnic show lasted almost half an hour, hundreds of volleys were launched into the sky, the first cable-stayed bridge of the WHSD was used. It was both a platform for light, and for launching a salute.

But the highlight, of course, was the passage of a snow-white brig with Scarlet Sails along the Gulf of Finland Photo: Oleg ZOLOTO

But the highlight, of course, was the passage of a snow-white brig with Scarlet Sails along the Gulf of FinlandPhoto: Oleg GOLD

And at the end of the extravaganza, the romantic Assol soared above the water to meet her dream. By the way, this year the holiday was dedicated to the author of the fairy tale about Scarlet Sails Alexander Green – marks 140 years since his birthday.

If you missed the broadcast live, there is an opportunity to watch the best moments of the show.

Graduation Scarlet Sails in St. Petersburg ended with a grandiose salute.Alena CHICHIGINA


At fire restaurant, Salvini dinner – Chronicle

large broke out in the late afternoon at the restaurant
The Flask in Torre del Lago (Lucca), where in the past few days
there was a dinner election with the League leader Matteo
Salvini in which it was made official the nomination
the governor of Tuscany, Susanna Ceccardi.
Considerable damage to property but no injuries. The owners
they were inside the restaurant when it is kindled the fire.

A column of smoke is visible at great distance, even from the
the beach of Viareggio, and some have thought that this was a
fire the nearby pine forest. On the spot the different teams of the department
fire arrived, as well as from Viareggio also from Lucca to
try to tame the flames, together with the forces of law and order.