BOLA – Germany places Lisbon in high-risk destinations (COVID-19)

Germany has just added the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, and 11 other regions of European countries, to its list of risky destinations, in an update made this Wednesday, using as criteria regions with an infection rate greater than 50 cases of Covid -19 for every 100 thousand inhabitants in the last week.

Following the steps of the past few months, the inclusion of regions on the ‘black list’ follows the recommendation of the German Foreign Minister for citizens of the country to avoid non-essential trips to the identified destinations.

In addition to Lisbon, the updated list now includes top tourist destinations, such as the French regions of Center-Val de Loire, next to Paris, Normandy or Brittany; the capitals of the Republic of Ireland, Dublin, and Denmark, Copenhagen; the Dutch province of Utrecht; the Austrian state of Vorarlberg; much of the Czech Republic; and parts of Hungary and Romania.


Antonio Rüdiger may leave Chelsea – move to Barca?

Timo Werner, Kai Havertz, Antonio Rüdiger. With three DFB players in the squad, national coach Joachim Löw has a special eye on Chelsea. But soon someone could be gone and on the way to Spain.

Antonio Rudiger could soon take off his ‘blues’ shirt and move to another club. As the Guardian reports, is Chelsea ready to hand over Rüdiger. Accordingly, the club has doubts about the future of the national player in London.

On the previous day he was missing from the squad against Liverpool for performance reasons. Trainer Frank Lampard explained his decision as follows: “We have five center-backs in the club, I can’t put three on the bench. I have to choose the squad based on training, situation and opponents and that was my first choice today.”

Strong competition, EM chances unclear

According to “Sky Sports”, Rüdiger is said to have thought about his future after the decision. Because the 27-year-old needs assignments to be at the EM in the coming summer DFB framework to stand. At Chelsea he currently has a new addition Thiago Silva also Andreas Christensen and Kurt Zouma in front of the nose. In addition, there is Fikayo Tomori, a home-grown “blues” that should become more important in the next few years.

On Wednesday evening, the “kicker” announced that the national defender was at the top of his ex-club’s wish list AS Rom as well as the FC Barcelona stands. Accordingly, it is about an immediate loan deal to the Catalans.

Rüdiger also missed the Carabao Cup against FC Barnsley on Wednesday evening, in which Kai Havertz shone with three goals, in the squad. This makes a move more likely by the end of the transfer period on October 5th.

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Cause of death of large numbers of elephants found in Botswana and Zimbabwe


September 22, 2020 at 3:52 pm

This cyanobacterium was one of those on the list of probable reasons behind elephant deaths in Botswana, the African country with the largest herds on the continent and worldwide.

How the Novo Jornal reported about two weeks ago, the prolonged drought that the south of the continent goes through has dried up ponds and ponds, forcing animals to drink water that, normally, and instinctively, they refuse because they have accumulated memory of the harmful effects that cause the presence of these bacteria that give off a characteristic odor and are potentially deadly to several species of wildlife.

This discovery resulted from the efforts made by dozens of researchers who sought over the past few months to find the reason for these unusual deaths of hundreds of elephants, having now reached this conclusion through laboratory tests carried out in South Africa and Europe

According to the local press, those responsible for the wildlife department of the Gaborone Government admitted their satisfaction that they finally understood the reason for these deaths, but according to one of those responsible for the Botswana Department of Wildlife and National Parks, Cyril Taolo, now we need to find out why other animals are not being affected.

And it was also known that the deaths reduced to a great extent when the wells and ponds in the most affected region dried up.

Since the beginning of this year, more than 350 elephants have been found dead in Botswana, in the Okavango Delta, with no one yet having explanations for this death and the phenomenon is spreading to Zimbabwe, where dozens of bodies have already been found. of this species also without known causes.

The phenomenon of elephants killed in Botswana, in a number never seen without knowing the reason, began to be noticed last May and after, in 2019, the Gaborone Government created legislation to allow the killing of pachyderms, claiming the need the return of hunting tourism and also because the herds are growing unsustainably due to the long years of protection that this species is subject to due to the risk of extinction on the African continent and because they are beginning to invade plantations in the region due to severe drought.

Among the elephants killed, both in Botswana and Zimbabwe, are juveniles, adults, females and males, without apparent distinction, and this situation has caught scientists off guard.

The phenomenon became even more intriguing because many of the individuals who perished, before falling dead, walked for some time in disconnected circles, eventually fainting and letting their heads fall forward.

Scientists who have analyzed and studied this phenomenon describe the situation as an unparalleled “natural disaster”.

On recent reconnaissance flights, large herds of hundreds of elephants have given way to just a few, scattered, almost always older individuals, which means that thousands have fled the region, so far without knowing very well where, but neighboring countries are a possibility, which includes, in addition to Zimbabwe, Angola, Zambia, Namibia and even South Africa.

Shortly after the first abnormal bodies were discovered, the theories that gained the most credibility were an epidemic of a virus called EMC, with the scientific name of encephalomyocarditis, or a neurotoxin from an algae that grows in pools of water with certain climatic conditions, mostly as a result of climate change that force animals to travel long distances to find water, sometimes consuming contaminated water in despair because of severe thirst.


Covid-19 | ACES Médio Tejo with five new infections in Tomar, Ourém, Entroncamento and Torres Novas

ACES Médio Tejo with five new infections in Tomar, Ourém, Entroncamento and Torres Novas. Photo: DR

The Grouping of Health Centers (ACES) of Médio Tejo registered five new patients by covid-19 in the last 24 hours, two of which in Torres Novas, one in Entroncamento, one in Ourém, and another in Tomar. Today there are 270 people under active surveillance in the region, 96 of whom are in Entroncamento. Today, Portugal counts five more deaths related to covid-19 and 463 new cases of infection, according to the epidemiological bulletin of the Directorate-General for Health (DGS).


In the 11 counties of ACES Médio Tejo, with a total of 613 confirmed cases, Tomar registers 151 positive cases, Ourém has 133, Entroncamento 91, Torres Novas has 77, Abrantes 73, Mação 33, Alcanena 25, Vila Nova da Barquinha 12, Ferreira do Zêzere 9, Constância 6 and Sardoal maintains 3 cases.

At ACES Médio Tejo, the municipality of Entroncamento today has 88 people under active surveillance, followed by Ourém (55), Tomar (48), Torres Novas (35), Mação (21), Abrantes (15), Alcanena (4), Ferreira do Zêzere, Sardoal and Vila Nova da Barquinha (2). The municipality of Constância is the only one without active surveillance. This ACES registers today an accumulated total of 613 infected people (+5), 447 recovered (-), 270 people under active surveillance (-2) and 17 deaths (-).

With about 250 thousand inhabitants, the 13 municipalities of the Middle Tejo today add up to a total of 642 (+15) confirmed cases of infection by the new coronavirus (613 in ACES Médio Tejo and 29 in ACES Pinhal Interior Sul), 457 people recovered (- ) and 17 deaths (-).

At ACES in Pinhal Interior Sul, Vila de Rei has had a case of infection since the beginning of the pandemic. Sertã has an accumulated total of 28 confirmed cases.

Across the 13 municipalities of the Middle Tejo, there are 482 cases of infection recorded in the post-confinement period, 333 more than those reported in the initial phase of containment of the disease.

In Alto Alentejo, Gavião registered in August the only nine cases of covid-19. Ponte de Sor has an accumulated total of 23 positive cases (+1). At least five of the cases relate to people who do not reside in the municipality and who have not updated their tax residency, so the municipality only reports the occurrence of 18 cases.

Lezíria do Tejo, in turn, has an accumulated total of 973 patients (+11), of which 372 cases in the municipality of Santarém (+3), according to data from the Regional Network. Today, Chamusca has a total of 21 patients (+1), including one death to be regretted, and Golegã has a total of 18 infections (+3) * data being updated due to the outbreak at the Mendes Godinho factory. The region of Lezíria registers 31 deaths, 18 of which in Santarém.

The Santarém district has an accumulated total of 1586 cases (973 in Lezíria do Tejo and 613 in ACES Médio Tejo), and a total of 48 deaths (31 in Lezíria and 17 in ACES Médio Tejo). Lezíria do Tejo has a total of 750 recovered patients (+15) and ACES Médio Tejo has 447 (+17), which gives a total of 1197 people recovered from the virus.

Portugal with five more dead and 463 new cases in the last 24 hours

Today, Portugal counts five more deaths related to covid-19 and 463 new cases of infection, according to the epidemiological bulletin of the Directorate-General for Health (DGS). Since the beginning of the pandemic, Portugal has already registered 1,925 deaths and 69,663 cases of infection.

DGS indicates that three deaths were recorded in the Lisbon and Vale do Tejo region and two in the North region. 40,418 contacts are under surveillance, 46 less than on Monday

The data also indicate that 546 people with covid-19 are admitted to hospitals (28 more compared to Monday), of which 70 (nine more) are in intensive care units.

In the region of Lisbon and the Tagus Valley, where the highest number of infections occurs in the country, 198 new cases were reported, accounting for 35,641 cases of infection and 734 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic.

The North region now has 191 more cases, now totaling 25,099, with 877 dead. In the Centro region, there were 36 more cases, with 5,687 infections and 257 deaths recorded since the beginning of the pandemic. In Alentejo, 12 more cases of covid-19 were registered, totaling 1,352 cases and 23 dead so far. The Algarve region has today reported 21 more cases of infection, adding up to a total of 1,442 cases and 19 deaths by covid-19.

In the autonomous region of the Azores, two cases were registered in the last 24 hours, adding 254 infections and 15 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. Madeira registers three more cases, accounting for 208 infections, with no deaths to date.

In the last 24 hours, 238 patients recovered, so that 45,974 people have already overcome the infection since the beginning of the pandemic in Portugal. Confirmed cases are distributed across all age groups, with the highest number of infections between 20 and 59 years of age, with a slight highlight in the 40 to 49 age group.

In total, the new coronavirus has already affected at least 31,511 men and 38,152 women in Portugal, according to the declared cases. Of the total fatalities, 972 were men and 953 women. The largest number of deaths continues to be concentrated in people over 80 years of age.

The covid-19 pandemic has already claimed at least 965,760 deaths and more than 31.3 million cases of infection in 196 countries and territories, according to a report by the French agency AFP.

The disease is transmitted by a new coronavirus detected in late December in Wuhan, a city in central China.

After Europe succeeded China as the center of the pandemic in February, the American continent is now the one with the most confirmed cases and the most deaths.

c / LUSA


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The lessons of the first match day: FC Bayern finishes the season in 90 minutes

FC Bayern ended the new Bundesliga season in the first 90 minutes, but it wasn’t without trouble. At Borussia Dortmund, a 24-year-old can feel like an old man on the bench, while a youth trend is not only evident at BVB. In Bremen, however, there are massive doubts.

How are these Bavarians supposed to lose?

Matchday one and the season is over. FC Bayern is to blame for this. The 8: 0 against FC Schalke is so clear that there is no mistaking it: the champions have already been decided. It would be the ninth title in a row for Munich. A triumph that nobody – except Bayern themselves – hope for, but one that everyone expects. “Insatiable”, “Avalanche start”, “Bavaria’s first massacre”, writes the international press. Coach Hansi Flick has shaped this team like no one for a long time, despite the successes. Everyone is motivated down to the tips of their hair, no one dares to slow down after the third or fourth goal, no opponent is played – they are gambled away.

Now the optimists may say – and we apologize in advance in Gelsenkirchen: It was only FC Schalke 04. The team that has not won 17 league games in all seasons. The team that is in a real crisis on and off the pitch. That is also almost broke and therefore has to do without expensive new signings. These optimists should be warned: Serge Gnabry and Leroy Sané will not lose their joy in playing anytime soon. Robert Lewandowski is still chasing the Gerd Müller record – yeah yeah, we’re falling into the trap.

Thomas Müller is Thomas Müller, always good for strange hits and ludicrous scenes. And that’s just the most offensive offensive. Everyone behind it – and on the bench – is no worse. Good enough argument, right? We take bets on when the insatiable Flick team might, maybe, possibly lose. We can’t think of anything so quickly.

What’s wrong with these Bavarians?

On the field, the Bayern protagonists were allowed to play largely contactlessly to win the runner-up, but they really got on in the rostrum. And not only received criticism and malice from the ranks of television viewers, but also from politics and the DFL.

The Bayern bosses sat close together without mouth and nose protection in the arena, in which around 70,000 seats – almost all of them – had to remain free due to the sharp rise in corona infections in Munich. Many millions of people witnessed this lack of instinct thanks to the worldwide broadcast of the Bundesliga opening game of the 2020/21 season. One had to wonder why the normal, paying stadium visitors, whose return to the stadiums is so fiercely fought for, should submit to strict rules that the VIP risk groups then ignore.

Certainly, Bayern board member Oliver Kahn (the non-risk group among the bosses) and board member Karl-Heinz Rummenigge referred to provisions in the Bavarian Infection Protection Ordinance, which basically allows a stay in public space in groups of up to ten people. The DFL regulations, to which FC Bayern must also submit, are clear: “All groups of people, except for the active players and referees on the field, are obliged to wear mouth and nose protection in the stadium.” In practice, it is permissible to take off the masks if the appropriate distance is maintained.

But it’s also not about paragraph riding and centimeter haggling, it’s also about reason – and images. “Children should wear masks in class in class. The FC Bayern managers enjoy football and they obviously don’t care that they are not a role model for anyone,” wrote SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach on Twitter: “Nobody can be proud of that his … “There was simply no reason for Rummenigge and Co. not to use the full width of the spacious VIP stand. And thus to provide appropriate images at a strange time.

After the children’s bar, now the tomboy offensive

You can only age that fast in the Bundesliga: last season celebrated as a new BVB hope, Julian Brandt suddenly finds himself on the bench. The 24-year-old suddenly has teammates in front of him who are simply seven years younger. Jude Bellingham and Gio Reyna are just 17, Reinier is 18, Erling Haaland and Jadon Sancho are 20 years old. Young and good. Very good.

And above all, merciless in their efficiency. The statistics for the game against Borussia Mönchengladbach show four shots on goal – three were possible. Reyna scored his debut goal in the 35th minute, Haaland added in the 54th (penalty) and 77th minute – it was his goals 14 and 15 in the 16th league game.

Those in front are reminiscent of those behind – that is, those back there from twelve years ago. When Mats Hummels and Neven Subotic played in the BVB central defense and Marcel Schmelzer to their left. They were 19, 19 and 20 years old and were initially derided as “child bars”, but were the big winners in 2010/11 and 2011/12 – first champions and then double winners. Their offensive successors made it easier and took the hearts of the fans by storm.

In general, the 17-year-olds

The way Bellingham and Reyna organized the door-opening 1-0 win against Borussia Dortmund for BVB was extraordinarily strong. But the two Dortmund teenagers weren’t the only 17-year-olds who left their mark on this first match day. On Friday, Jamal Musiala had already made himself the youngest scorer in Bayern’s high-scoring competitive game history, on Sunday Leverkusen’s coach Peter Bosz sent his young star Florian Wirtz into the starting line-up and Achim Beierlorzer made Paul Nebel just three weeks before his 18th birthday to the youngest Bundesliga player of 1. FSV Mainz 05.

While the contemporaries left clear marks on the match day, it was enough for Nebel in the last few seconds to have a fearful but fruitless dribble against Leipzig national player Marcel Halstenberg. The courage of the coach is praised.

Bitter, however: Bellingham and Co. will soon face the fate of Julian Brandt (see above): In Dortmund’s U19 yesterday, a certain Youssoufa Moukoko met three times in his first game with the oldest juniors. He is 15 years old, trains regularly with the professionals, but is only allowed to play – as the DFB wants – from his 16th birthday. It’s on November 20th, on November 21st Dortmund will play against Hertha BSC. It could be the day on which a generation of 17-year-old Bundesliga professionals is relegated to late bloomers.

Werder doesn’t stop there

Most of the 8,400 fans who flocked to the Weser Stadium on Saturday were probably hopeful. Finally live football again, in color and on site, finally Werder again, finally a new season, after the last one had just ended with relegation only due to the away goal rule in the relegation. The desired restart was canceled, however, with the 1: 4 against Hertha BSC, the Bremen team delivered a continuation of the disastrous previous season instead. Not only because they are back in 16th place in the table.

The battle for relegation started again in the first 90 minutes of the Bundesliga, with coach Florian Kohfeldt sobering the fact: “In many ways it wasn’t good enough to play in the Bundesliga.” There is little to add to this, because Kohfeldt is simply right. On the offensive, his team hardly managed anything, in the defense the wild-bird approach sometimes reminded of the chaos that Werder conceded 69 goals in the past season, only the bottomed-off table from Paderborn was worse.

The spirit of optimism, which was sometimes noticeable in the preparation, threatens to tip over early on into the anxious question of whether luck can be strained again as in the final spurt of the previous season. The next game is an indicator of this, because Bremen will meet Schalke, whose Bundesliga suitability is also still open after the first game day. At least Davie Selke exuded euphoria and the will to prove the opposite: “It’s complete nonsense that nothing has changed for us. You will see that in the coming games.” But Werder shouldn’t take much time for this.


“Collina’s heirs” take a close look: Why Stuttgart is unnecessarily angry

By Alex Feuerherdt

VfB Stuttgart is back in the Bundesliga – and struggles with the “Kölner Keller” in the game against SC Freiburg. Wrongly – but this only becomes clear on closer inspection. In Bremen, the video assistant also pays attention to every millimeter.

The stoppage time in the match between VfB Stuttgart and SC Freiburg was already running, the hosts had reduced a 3-0 deficit to 3-2 and were now urgently pushing for an equalizer. The guests suddenly had to fear for the victory they believed to be safe and braced themselves against it. When there was a free kick for the promoted player on the outside lane, which Philipp Klement was supposed to push into the penalty area, numerous players gathered in a confined space, as is so often the case in such situations; they pushed and held a little, they pushed and pulled together.

All of this stayed within the usual, within the usual framework – with one exception: Freiburg’s Lucas Höler clasped his opponent Waldemar Anton very tightly with both arms, preventing him from getting closer to the goal and finally pulled him to the ground. Referee Benjamin Cortus did not whistle, however – he probably had not seen the duel, but he should not be blamed. Because it is simply not possible to keep a close eye on several pairs of players who are working with their arms at the same time.

Höler finished staples in time

But there was still the video assistant Bibiana Steinhaus. It was seen that the referee was in touch with her; in Cologne the scene was of course checked. But there was no recommendation to Cortus to look at the scene again on the monitor in the review area, but rather the okay for him. Many, especially in the VfB camp, were amazed at this, but also commentators and experts: the hold was as clear as day, you couldn’t just leave it unpunished, there had to be a penalty afterwards! How could it be that Steinhaus simply waved this offense through?


Benjamin Cortus had good reasons for his decision.

(Photo: imago images / Sven Simon)

The answer is given by stopping the scene exactly at the moment when Klement took the free kick. Then you can see that Höler had released his grip just in time and Anton was already about to fall. In other words, the hold offense occurred when the free kick had not yet been taken and it was over when the ball came back into play. According to Rule 12 (fouls and unsportsmanlike conduct) an offense can only be punished with a free kick or penalty kick if the ball is in play at the time of the offense. However, this is not a free ticket, because a yellow or red card can still be given to the player in question.

The crux with the VAR powers

In this specific case, this means: Actually, the free kick should have been repeated because an irregularity had occurred before it was taken. In addition, Höler would have been warned, which would have meant yellow-red for the Freiburg resident, because he had already been warned. However, all of this would have presupposed that Benjamin Cortus had perceived the offense himself. Because Bibiana Steinhaus was not allowed to intervene here: Because a penalty was not considered in terms of the rules and holding Höler was not a case for a straight red card, an intervention was ruled out after the review was completed. After all, there was neither a clear and obvious mistake nor an overlooked serious incident.

Collina’s heirs

Collina’s heirs“- this is Germany’s only referee podcast, founded and run by Klaas Reese and Alex Feuerherdt. It deals with the football rules, the decisions of the referees as well as the background and depths of refereeing.” Collina’s heirs “write every Monday on n- about the referee services of the Bundesliga matchday Our author Alex Feuerherdt is since 1985 referee and directed games up to the league. He is responsible for training and further education in Cologne, referee observer in the DFB division and works as a lecturer and freelance journalist.

Stuttgart protested in the 75th minute when Philipp Lienhart had played the ball in his own penalty area with his left upper arm, but the well-positioned referee did not want to rate the handball as a criminal offense. In fact, in this situation, the Freiburg man’s arm was close to the body and hanging normally, so the posture was natural. On the other hand, Lienhart had made a short movement to the ball with his upper body and arm. Since the referee noticed and assessed this process himself, the intervention threshold for the video assistant was high. There are undoubtedly arguments in favor of a penalty kick, but it would be inappropriate to speak of a clear and obvious mistake on the part of the referee, which should inevitably have resulted in interference.

What else was important:

In the encounter between the 1. FC Köln and TSG 1899 Hoffenheim (2: 3) however, the VAR intervened shortly before the break. After a duel in the Cologne penalty area between Hoffenheim’s Christoph Baumgartner and Rafael Czichos, in which the ball finally went out, the guests claimed a penalty kick. Referee Daniel Siebert, whose view was blocked at the decisive moment, had initially made no decision because he lacked perception. An on-field review was carried out, which the VAR recommends not only in the case of clear and obvious errors, but also in the event of a missed, possibly serious incident – and which the referee can also make use of at his own request, albeit only rarely happens. On the monitor Siebert saw that Baumgartner was a blink of an eye earlier on the ball than Czichos and was then brought down by Cologne. The following penalty decision is therefore okay.


Before the line, so free kick.

(Foto: imago images/Nordphoto)

Also in the game Werder Bremen against Hertha BSC (1: 4) there was an intervention by the VAR shortly before half-time, but for a different reason: Referee Sascha Stegemann had decided on a penalty for the Berliners after a foul by Marco Friedl on Peter Pekarik, but the video assistant found during the check that it was the offense occurred outside the penalty area. Therefore, the referee changed his decision and recognized a free kick. Some frowned at this, after all Friedl had hit his opponent with his left foot directly on the penalty area line, which is known to be part of the penalty area. But immediately before that, he had knocked down Pekarik with his right foot outside the sixteenth. And the rule interpretation stipulates that in such cases, in principle, the first punishable contact is decisive. An exception are arrest offenses, which can last longer and where it is crucial where they take effect. That means: Anyone who grabs an opponent’s jersey outside the penalty area but only knocks them to the ground in the penalty area will be punished with a penalty kick.


FC Bayern | Jürgen Klopp reveals: That’s why I wanted to bring Thiago to Liverpool

In the summer of 2013, Pep Guardiola, as coach of FC Bayern, demanded the transfer of Thiago. Seven years later, the Spaniard was back on the market, but this time the Catalan held back. Very different from Jürgen Klopp, who tried hard to get the midfielder. They now revealed why the two coaches acted this way.

Although Manchester City gave up a midfielder with David Silva this summer, the runner-up in poker held back Liverpool newcomer Thiago. In the eyes of many fans and experts, the Spaniard with his style of play would have fit perfectly into Pep Guardiola’s team. So why the reluctance?

“We have enough players in this position,” said Guardiola, explaining why ManCity did not interfere in the battle for Thiago. If the club had wanted to sign the Spaniard, another player would have had to leave in return, added the star coach.

Nevertheless, he is happy that Thiago has decided to move to England, said Guardiola. “England will enjoy a very good player,” the star coach is certain.

Klopp reveals: That’s why I wanted Thiago

Jürgen Klopp was meanwhile extremely satisfied with the transfer. “He’s an absolutely exceptional player,” said the German about his newcomer.

“It’s difficult to improve a team like ours. Even if we could invest 300, 400 million euros, that wouldn’t be easy. But in this particular case it’s about a player who brings a new dimension to our game,” enthused Klopp.

“He has skills that are very rare and that suit us very well. That’s why I was of course very interested in him. He was also very excited about the opportunity [nach Liverpool zu wechseln]”, the coach justified the efforts of the English master.

What was more: “We didn’t have to convince him very much. It all came together, a win-win situation. I’m really happy that we did it.”


“Model for no one”: Bayern bosses catch Corona complaint

Without a mask and minimum distance in the stands. After the start of the Bundesliga, the board of directors of FC Bayern will be reminded of the applicable regulations by the Bavarian Minister of Health. SPD health expert Lauterbach clarifies the criticism with a simple comparison.

The grandstand pictures of the top officials sitting close together have consequences for FC Bayern Munich. Bavaria’s Minister of Health Melanie Huml reprimanded the boardroom of the German soccer record champions for their behavior at the opening game of the Bundesliga. According to the CSU politician, it would have been “wiser for the FCB management team if they hadn’t sat so closely together – because there was also enough space. The German Football League announced that it was in direct conversation with FC about the matter” Bavaria”.

The Bayern leaders had irritated on Friday evening by the fact that they, like the representatives of FC Schalke 04, sat in the official gallery during the game without distance and mask. According to the DFL concept, all people in “Zone 2” of the stadium, which includes the grandstand, are “obliged to wear mouth and nose protection if the minimum distance of 1.50 m is not observed”.

Bayern board member Oliver Kahn had said after the 8-0 win over Gelsenkirchen on ZDF that they had adhered to “the Bavarian ordinance that allows exactly that”. There were no guidelines. Minister Huml said that the Bavarian Infection Protection Measures Ordinance allows ten people to sit next to each other in a group, especially in restaurants. “But according to the ordinance, a minimum distance of 1.5 meters is generally provided for nationwide sporting events,” added Huml.

Therefore, the ministry was surprised “with a view to the role model function” that the Bayern officials thought neither of distance nor of mask. Huml referred again to the increased number of corona infections in Munich. For this reason, the game had to be played again in front of empty stands. “Generally speaking, the following applies to Corona anyway: keep your distance where possible. Put on masks where necessary,” said Huml.

SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach also criticized the bosses of FC Bayern. “Children should wear masks in class in class. The FC Bayern managers enjoy football and they obviously don’t care that they are not a role model for anyone. Nobody can be proud of that,” Lauterbach tweeted about a picture of the Munich officials around President Herbert Hainer and Honorary President Uli Hoeneß.

After the states had agreed on a nationwide test phase with spectators, the game against Schalke was supposed to take place in front of 7,500 fans in the Allianz Arena. Because of the Corona situation in Munich, the city had withdrawn its approval for this at short notice. According to the DFL concept for the current special game operation, there is a permanent mask requirement in the stands if there are 35 or more new infections with the coronavirus per 100,000 inhabitants.


Score Arsenal’s Victory Over West Ham, Eddie Nketiah: We’re Hungry!

JAKBARNEWS – Two English Premier League matches, both won Arsenal.

Second win Arsenal, obtained against West Ham on Sunday, September 20, 2020 early this morning.

Arsenal 2-1 win over West Ham and goals scored by Alexadre Lacazette as well Eddie Nketiah.

While West Ham’s goal was scored by Michail Antonio in the 45th minute.

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Fans Arsenal could be satisfied with the victory for the victory achieved by the Gunners.

The young attacker certainly felt the same thing Arsenal, Eddie Nketiah.

Eddie Nketiah who just entered in the 77th minute immediately scored the winning goal for the Gunners, 9 minutes adrift of coming on for Alexandre Lacazette.

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Nagelsmann reveals a farewell present from Werner

Leipzig (dpa) – RB Leipzig head coach Julian Nagelsmann has received an original farewell present from striker Timo Werner who had emigrated: “A black and red motorcycle helmet from Bell with a dedication.”

“Nice part”, revealed the coach of the Saxon Bundesliga soccer team in an interview with the “Leipziger Volkszeitung”. According to Nagelsmann, the international striker who has switched to Chelsea has distributed several presents. “Timo is an extraordinary player and person, he gave all of his close employees a farewell present. Now you can say that he has enough money, but he still doesn’t have to do it,” said Nagelsmann.