The pension debate is based on a deceptive standard

Pensioners in Berlin The level of pensions will probably rise in the crisis. This does not give pensioners more money. (Photo: dpa) A commission of ten experts was to create what the Union and the SPD failed to achieve in their coalition negotiations: to develop a perspective for retirement in an aging society. The chances […]

Job centers fear wave of Hartz IV applications

Job centre Applications for state basic security should be simplified for a limited period. (Photo: imago images / Schöning) Berlin The social protection package for cushioning economic corona consequences, which was also adopted by the Federal Council on Friday, raises concerns in the job centers responsible for processing. There are doubts as to whether the […]

O.J. Simpson equity: NFL earnings, replacement career and attorney fees

O.J. Simpson he is one of the most polarizing professional athletes the world has ever seen. The former winner of the Heisman Trophy and the NFL Hall of Famer was one of the most successful and media personalities of all time, especially considering his feasible acting career. He was perhaps most famous for storming the […]

Home office is an insurance risk for employees

Frankfurt The pretty brick center of the Zurich Germany in Cologne-Deutz is largely orphaned. As of this week, practically the entire company with around 4600 employees has been working in the home office. The insurer is not an isolated case. Because of the corona virus, more and more German companies are sending their employees home […]

Employers want to make final changes to their basic pension

Hubertus Heil The labor minister prevailed with a concept that drew the circle of beneficiaries further than the Union originally wanted. (Photo: dpa) Berlin The resistance of the employers to the basic pension plans of Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD) was great. Now they seem to have resigned themselves to the fact that the […]

Coronavirus Infection Prevention: What is Social Distancing and How Can I Do It?

updated March 15, 2020 12:36:26 Photo: Self-isolation in Hubei province in China was one of the few measures that helped slow down infection rates. (AP: Kin Cheung) Related story: Ardern reveals “unprecedented” travel restrictions, whereby all travelers to New Zealand isolate themselves Related story: A sore throat is not proof that you have coronavirus here […]

Should I cancel my flight because of coronavirus?

Posted March 14, 2020 10:46:13 Photo: Catching coronavirus on a plane is a relatively unlikely scenario, according to health experts. (Reuters: Kham) As coronavirus spreads, fears about air travel are growing and many are questioning whether they should cancel flights. Concerns were amplified when a Virgin Australia employee tested positive to COVID-19, but health experts […]

Coronavirus: why France only tests severe cases

Test or not test? Faced with the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, the question becomes more and more of a dilemma. Is France able to test all patients who fear being infected with Covid-19? Certainly not. Hospital services will now even focus on the most serious cases, when, according to the latest report from the […]

They accuse two people in Puerto Rico for Social Security fraud

A federal grand jury in the District of Puerto Rico filed an indictment last Friday against two individuals for an alleged case of fraud using Social Security numbers, federal prosecutor on the island, W. Stephen Muldrow, said Tuesday. As indicated, the defendants are Gilberto J. Meléndez Colón and Ángel M. Pagán Vélez, who were accused […]

Pedro Snchez announces a plan against the empty depopulation of content

Madrid Friday, 28 February 2020 – 20:20 Launches in La Rioja, with 12 ministers, a round of visits to the regional presidents to promote the “inter-territorial dialogue” Pedro Snchez, along with his ministers and the president of La Rioja, Concha Andreu, in Logroo.Abel AlonsoEFE Territorial Policy “Depopulation is the biggest challenge in Spain” Demography Half […]