4 Benefits of Yoga Before Sleeping, Here Are Moves You Can Try

yoga illustration. © 2012 expressivefit.com Merdeka.com – Yoga is a well-known form of relaxation exercise that can help a person reduce stress and relieve muscle soreness. You can practice yoga …

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11 Health Benefits You Can Get From Drinking Water on an Empty Stomach

Illustration of drinking water. BT.com Merdeka.com – Drinking water is an important way to maintain health and quench thirst. Unfortunately, not everyone consumes enough water because they prefer other types …

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Signs of Corona that Need to Be Watched for, Here’s How to Overcome Them

Merdeka.com – As we know, the number of Corona Covid-19 cases is always increasing every day. Generally, someone who is infected with this virus will cause some initial symptoms such …

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9 Benefits of Playing Chess for the Brain, Prevent Alzheimer’s and Improve Memory

Illustration of a child playing chess. © 2012 Merdeka.com Merdeka.com – Although it is different from most sports that rely more on muscles to shape the body, chess remains a …

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The start-up of MERS opens an X-press donation office in St. Peters, MO

The MERS start-up opens an X-press donation office in St. Peters, MO | RiverBender.com .