Samsung tilts capex, calls the boom chip after the third quarter

SEOUL (Reuters) – Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd reduced the 2018 chapter by more than a quarter on Wednesday and warned about a lower profit until early next year, which calls for the end of a two-year boom in memory chips that fueled the benefit of the third quarter. DATA SHEET: Samsung Electronics logo is seen […]

Asian markets increase, scaring the disappointing economic data of China

Asian stock markets have hit the market on Wednesday as trade volumes have been reduced and, despite the weaker manufacturing data than expected from China. Nikkei from Japan NIK, + 1.72% rose 1.5% after some solid income reports after the Tuesday closing campaign. The nightly gains in US shares also helped moody risk. Investors in […]

Pompey of the United States “advances significantly” in North Korea; skeptical experts

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Monday a "significant progress" in negotiations with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on the weekend and said the two sides were "very close" to agree details for a second summit between Kim and President Donald Trump. However, experts questioned what Pompey had achieved on Sunday in […]

North Korea says the end of the war can not be negotiation chip for denuclearization: KCNA

SEOUL (Reuters) – North Korea said on Tuesday that the declaration of the 1950-53 Korean War ending "could never be a negotiating chip" to get North Korea denaturized and said the country "will not wait especially "If United States do not want the end of the war, according to state media KCNA. In a joint […]

Pyongyang gives South Korea two Pungsan hunting dogs as a gift

October 1, 2018 at 1:17 Mutual Approach: Pyongyang gives South Korea two Pungsan hunting dogs as a gift A Pungsan dog, one year old, given by South Korean President Moon Jae In in North Korea. Photo: AFP / HANDOUT Seoul The signs of a thaw are increasing in the division of the Korean Peninsula. Now […]

Most recent: Moon: Kim agreed to the “verifiable” dismantling & # 39;

SEOUL, South Korea: the latest at the peak between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and South Korean president, Moon Jae-in (all local hours): 7:40 p.m. South Korean President, Moon Jae-in, claims that North Korea's agreement to allow international experts to observe a "permanent" dismantling of a missile engine test site and launch platform is […]

Mike Pompeo is proposing North Korean talks after the summit of Moon-Kim

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo wants to "immediately participate in negotiations" with North Korean officials, after Kim Jong Un's promise to close a missile on Wednesday. "Based on these important commitments, the United States is willing to participate immediately in the negotiations to transform relations between the U.S. and the RPDC," said Pompeo, using the […]

North Korea wants to close nuclear facilities

Pyongyang (DPA) – The head of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, plans concrete measures for disarmament, but demands US concessions. At its peak with South Korean President Moon Jae In, in Pyongyang, Kim unexpectedly offered to dismantle his most important nuclear complex on Wednesday. You also want to dismantle a missile test facility and allow […]

Kim from North Korea to allow international inspections to revive nuclear negotiations

Seoul (Reuters) – North Korea said it would definitively abolish its major missile facilities in the presence of foreign experts, the latest gesture of leader Kim Jong Un to relive wandering talks with Washington on his country's nuclear program. Speaking at a joint press conference in Pyongyang on Wednesday, Kim and South Korean President, Moon […]

Kim from North Korea says missing missile sites, visiting Seoul

Seoul (Reuters) – North Korea has agreed on Wednesday to "permanently address" its key missile facilities in the presence of foreign experts and said it is willing to close its main nuclear complex if the United States takes a "reciprocal action" without specifying . Speaking at a joint press conference in Pyongyang, South Korean president, […]