Bazoer about a mishap with Tadic and Blind: ‘They’re going to cheer in front of me’ | NOW

Riechedly Bazoer had it Saturday after the Eredivisie match between Ajax and Vitesse (2-1) with Dusan Tadic and Daley Blind. According to the Vitesse player, both Ajax players deliberately celebrated in front of his face.

“In the end, Tadic and Blind came sprinting to cheer in front of me. They had a very difficult time and that they do this says enough about how we as Vitesse have played today”, Bazoer said after the match against FOX Sports.

The 23-year-old Bazoer was already in conflict with the Ajax audience in the duel after he had put Vitesse at 1-1 and then started cheering exuberantly. “I have had very good years here. But that does not mean that I cannot cheer after a goal against my old club? It did not affect me that I was called out afterwards”, Bazoer continued at the press conference.

“We should have won here, especially the first half we completely controlled. Antony’s 2-1 really was not necessary”, said the defender of Vitesse, who was supported by coach in his analysis about the match in the Johan Cruijff ArenA. Thomas Letsch.

“We played really well. That predominates for me, although I am of course also disappointed with the result,” said the German, who was back on the bench after he contracted the corona virus just like some other Vitessenaren. “The days were difficult and yet we managed to play so well here. I think that’s a really good signal.”

Letsch was disappointed that his team with one man more on the field was unable to take the three points. “Unfortunately, football is all about taking advantage of opportunities. We could have done that better. But we controlled a large part of the game. I am very satisfied with that.”

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Carmelo Valencia | The Herald

Due to my work as a commentator on Blu Radio, I have the opportunity to see all the Colombian professional soccer teams many times, not only when they face Junior. This, perhaps, helps me to form an idea closer to the true level of the players. To his current status, and not only to some antecedents, good or bad, or to the impression he caused the day he compared with the Barranquilla team.

Perhaps that is why I referred to Carmelo Valencia, right here, in this heap from where I look at football work, after the announcement of his arrival at Junior at the beginning of this year. “Very veteran and fast forward. Powerful, insistent. Surprisingly evolved the previous semester in defects that syndicated him: little fluidity with the ball and excessive wrong plays in the face of goal ”.

Later I described some of the virtues that he had displayed during the tournament: “He has had a formidable season in Cúcuta with goals, speed, imbalance, correct participation in the team game, physical energy, determination. Did you have any reservations for the Junior? We will know in time ”.

The question, surely, was due to the generalized prejudice that is installed around the players with the age of Valencia. Well, for now it seems that he still has physical and football reserves, and these days he has been the main actor for his goals in the series against América and in the Copa Libertadores in the win against Independiente del Valle. He is doing his part to be the starter. The other part depends on Amaranto Perea.


Amaranth’s pleasant headache

He is not tormented by the decision to come. It is a ‘problem’ that gives him peace of mind, it is a ‘mess’ that all the coaches want to have. After Carmelo Valencia’s scoring exhibition against Independiente del Valle, Luis Amaranto Perea, Junior’s helmsman, will face, with a view to the duel against Envigado (Saturday 6:05 pm, at Parque Estadio Sur), a pleasant dilemma: return the starter to Miguel Ángel Borja, the stellar hiring and top scorer of the team this year with seven annotations (five in the League, one in the Super League and one in the Copa Libertadores) or keep ‘Tutunendo’, the man who conquered a triplet (the first by a footballer in red-and-white history) and made Independiente del Valle a former undefeated.

“There is no one like ‘Tutu'”, sing and publish many excited fans with the three goals of the Chocoano in the 4-1 victory against Independiente del Valle, but Borja has also made merits on the court to return to the eleventh starting player. It is not easy to tell the team’s gunner to stay on the bench without being suspended or injured.. Nor is it easy to do the same with the one who has just inflated the network three times in the Libertadores. And when will Teófilo Gutiérrez return? … Uffff … That is the question.

“They are difficult problems, but good ones. You always want the players to have the highest level, that your decisions basically go through minimal issues of the rival. Luckily Carmelo has done well and in some way helps so that internal competition is generated. In general terms, we have a very good team, very good players. There are a lot of games. It seems to me that in the end everyone is going to play ”, replied Luis Amaranto Perea, in the virtual press conference after the game between Junior and Independiente del Valle, when THE HERALD posed the dilemma.

The Solomonic decision you have at hand is to accommodate both of them, with which he must sacrifice Sherman Cárdenas (with what clarity and creation would be lost) or to one of its extremes. This last option seems unlikely, at the moment, for the style of play that Junior has assumed with periods of high blood pressure and fast transitions from defense to attack by exploiting the speed and skill of the men from the sides like Freddy Hinestroza, Luis ‘Cariaco’ González and Edwuin Cetré.


Radeon RX 6000: smallest card as fast as RTX 2080 Ti?

The new graphics cards from AMD could, contrary to expectations, put Nvidia under considerable pressure.

Gamers around the world await the unveiling of AMD’s Radeon RX 6000 series. The new graphics cards are supposed to put pressure on the competitor Nvidia, which recently introduced its new graphics cards with the RTX 3000 series. Little information is available about the performance of the new AMD cards. Well cares

a tweet
But for excitement: According to the hardware speaker Apsiak, even the smallest new Radeon GPU should achieve the performance of a Geforce RTX 2080 Ti. Although this is already clearly surpassed by the new RTX 3080, it has so far been considered the fastest graphics card for gamers from Nvidia.

Apsiak’s claim is based on benchmark results from Ashes of the Singularity that were leaked two weeks ago. The graphics card, which is only called “AMD Radeon Graphics”, achieves 6000 points, a value that is on par with the RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti. Specifically, it is said to be the smallest Radeon RX 6000 card, which is traded under the name “Navy Flounder” or Navi 23 and is said to have 40 CUs and 2,560 computing cores. In addition, with Navi 21 (“Sienna Cichlid”) there is also a larger model with 80 CUs and 5,120 cores. A model of the GPU with 60 CUs named Navi 22 is also haunted by the rumor mill. This card could roughly reach the level of an RTX 2080 Super.

Nvidia Geforce RTX 3090: The game changer for ray tracing


Junior 2, Águilas 1: a dubious penalty saved the points

Wánder Mosquera Mena saved Junior. When time was dying and the Sharks only reached a tie with a taste of defeat against Águilas, the central referee sanctioned an action between Miguel Borja and goalkeeper Carlos Bejarano as a penalty in the last second of play.

Just as it is protested at times when bad refereeing decisions harm the rojiblanco club, this time we must admit that the Cundinamarca whistle was wrong in their favor.

Borja, after eluding three defenders with his usual power, faced the goalkeeper and fell into the area. “Penalty!” The shark fans shouted immediately, very surely. That was the first impression, but in reality Bejarano went to the ball and did not commit an infraction. At least that showed the replay on television.

The determination of Borja to undertake the play and the failure of the referee, who did not have VAR and who was the victim of the same sensation of many of those who watched the game on television, rescued Junior.

The Cordovan attacker, who entered the second half for Michael Rangel, stopped at the white point and executed accurately to make the difference (2-1).

The victory was quite embollado by the confused and run-down game of the premises, that reserved to the majority of its eleven stellar thinking in the party of Tuesday against Independiente del Valle for the Copa Libertadores.

In that plan B, in which a rookie midfielder like Fabián Ángel was positioned as a defender, the Sharks managed to press, attack and create some offensive plays in the first half and put themselves ahead through a good goal from ‘ Cariaco ‘González.

But in the second half, the lack of understanding of this team became more evident, the absence of a creative midfielder like Sherman Cárdenas, who only entered with seven minutes remaining in the game (it must be because he will start on Tuesday) and everything is complicated. Much more after Obrian’s draw. There was no compass or ideas or clarity or imbalance. Already the hopes of winning were practically extinguished until the dubious penalty arrived and saved all three points.

Minute by minute

4. Quiet ball play in which the ball is surprisingly moved to Fabián Viáfara. The side takes a shot down and crossed that buzzes the goalkeeper’s right post.

23. Viáfara’s center, bad rejection and the ball remains for ‘Cariaco’ González, who finishes powerfully and goalkeeper Carlos Bejarano rejects.

32. Good play by Cristian Higuita, who sneaks into the area and defines with a shot from the side, which is narrowly missed.

33. GOAL Junior. Series of touches by Junior, Rangel gives it to Luis ‘Cariaco’ González and the Venezuelan, on the edge of the area, dispatches a shot above that exceeds the goalkeeper’s effort.

36. Daniel Moreno’s shot over the goal.

45. ‘Cariaco’ wastes a clear scoring opportunity. When he was about to finish with his right leg, he disarmed the ball with his left and the shot was totally deflected.

Second time

60. GOAL from Águilas. Deep pass from Marrugo to Jáder Obrian, who takes advantage of Jeison Angulo’s cold mark to surpass him in speed and define with an accurate shot against Viera.

68. Borja’s shot too high.

81. Carlos Bejarano saves almost in the line an attempt of Borja’s header that deviated in the humanity of a defender.

83. Bejarano shrinks well against Cetré, who built a good wall with Sandoval.

93. The referee sanctions a penalty for an alleged foul by goalkeeper Bejarano on Miguel Borja, which in reality did not exist

94. GOAL from Junior. Borja executed flush and to the left hand of the goalkeeper, who launched himself to the right.


the father who died with his family from Bashkiria recently returned from Moscow

The couple enjoyed life and made plans for the future. Photo: social networks

The details of a terrible accident that claimed the lives of young spouses and their young children have become known. Let us remind you that everything happened late in the evening in the Beloretsk region of Bashkiria. There, at about 11 pm, on the 151st kilometer of the Ufa-Inzer-Beloretsk highway, the Volkswagen Polo car collided with an oncoming Man truck, after which the mangled foreign car was thrown into a ditch. Everyone who was in the cabin of a foreign car was instantly killed.

According to eyewitnesses of the accident, it was raining heavily that evening. The road was very wet and slippery, so the Volkswagen driver simply lost control of the bend, and therefore flew into the oncoming lane. The driver did not go for any overtaking, risking his family’s life.

A pile of twisted iron remained from the foreign car.  Photo: Regional State Traffic Inspectorate

A pile of twisted iron remained from the foreign car. Photo: Regional State Traffic Inspectorate

– It was a fatal accident. A passenger car skidded into the rain on a bend and drifted into the oncoming lane. The truck driver didn’t even have time to react. Now he is in severe shock and is waiting for a tow truck, – said a friend of the truck driver “Man”.

– Last night, we saw this family at a gas station, the girl managed to ride a scooter. Mom and son were standing next to them. When calculating, I wished them a good journey. So nice, polite, smiling. And now I came home from work, looked at the phone … Oh my god …. Before my eyes is a girl on a scooter, a doll! It was not night … Evening … They were already practically at home. We were the last ones who saw them and who took them on the road – gas station worker Almira G., who spoke with her family shortly before the accident, cannot hold back her tears.

According to the regional State Traffic Inspectorate, police officers, an ambulance and other emergency services worked at the scene. On the fact of the fatal road accident, proceedings have begun.

The truck driver is still in severe shock.  Photo: Regional State Traffic Inspectorate

The truck driver is still in severe shock. Photo: Regional State Traffic Inspectorate

The head of the Beloretsk region, Andrei Ivanyuta, also commented on the tragedy and expressed condolences to the relatives of the deceased family.

– The Ufa-Inzer-Beloretsk highway does not forgive mistakes. Even a slight speeding can turn into a terrible tragedy. Now, in the off-season, this road becomes especially dangerous. On the passes, the road, wet from rains, will begin to freeze, and drivers will need to drive cars very carefully, – the head of the district addressed the drivers.


As it became known later, a whole family died in a broken foreign car – young spouses from Beloretsk Vlad and Nina I., as well as their little children of three and five years old. All of them received injuries incompatible with life and died on the spot before the arrival of doctors. Friends and relatives speak of the dead as kind and sympathetic people who enjoyed life, made plans for the future and loved each other very much, treasured their family.

As the father of the deceased 27-year-old woman said, the wife and children were returning home from Ufa, where they went to meet the head of the family.

The children missed their father, who worked in Moscow.  Photo: social networks

The children missed their father, who worked in Moscow. Photo: social networks

– Vlad flew in from Moscow, he worked there, and the children were terribly bored, they were looking forward to dad. He brought them gifts, he wanted to please the children. These gifts all along the road then lay … – the man cannot hold back his tears.

Gifts bought for children were scattered all over the road

Gifts bought for children were scattered all over the road

– Lord, these are our neighbors. Children grew up before our eyes. How could this happen? What a grief! Children are crumbs at all! – Svetlana N., a neighbor of the deceased family, grieves.

– Timosha, such a good, well-mannered boy, went to my group in a manger. The parents are so nice, nice. May the earth rest in peace for you, – laments the teacher of the deceased boy Alia D.

The driver's wife who died was only 27 years old.  Photo: social networks

The driver’s wife who died was only 27 years old. Photo: social networks

– Sincere condolences to family and friends. A terrible tragedy that does not fit in my head. People, traffic rules are written in blood, follow them, please. After all, there is nothing to fix such a tragedy. Strength and patience to loved ones. Hold on, – regrets Nadia M.

KP-Ufa expresses its sincere condolences to the relatives of the deceased family.


The slowest concert in the world has been expanded by two tones after years, ending in 2640

“It’s a project of hope,” said Rainer Neugebauer, head of the Cage Foundation. “If it lasts until September 4, 2640, it will be the longest period of peace for this church that it has ever had,” he adds.

Cage, who was known for his musical experiments, first prepared the song ASLSP (As SLow aS Possible, As Slow Slowly) for piano and two years later reworked it for organ. In 1997, five years after Cage’s death, organists, music theorists, philosophers and theologians discussed the form of the work at a symposium in Trossingen. Cage never mentioned how slowly his song should be played, but usually it took several tens of minutes to perform. The result of the debates was the conclusion that the composition could last indefinitely, at least for the life of the organ, the duration of peace or the willingness of future generations to continue the project.

The cradle of modern music

It was only a step away from Trossingen. The former monastery of St. Burchard in Halberstadt in Saxony-Anhalt was chosen as the venue. This city is considered the cradle of modern music, because in 1361 the first organ with a twelve-tone keyboard was probably built here.

The eight-page score was prepared for a 639-year concert, the beginning of which was set for the year 2000. This period was not determined by chance, but as a celebration of 639 years since the construction of the mentioned but unpreserved organ. Due to delays, however, the composition did not begin until September 5, 2001, so it will not end in the originally planned year 2639, but a year later.

Interestingly, for the first year and a half since the organ was started, it made no sound, as Cage’s composition begins with a pause. The first tones were heard in February 2003.

They connected new whistles

So far, the tones have changed at approximately annual or semi-annual intervals, but no adjustment has taken place since October 2013. The new tones, gis and e ‘, were started by soprano Johanna Vargas and composer Julian Lembke, who added two new flutes to the organ. It happened on the occasion of the 108th anniversary of Cage’s birth. Thanks to the sandbags, which ensure that the appropriate keys are pressed, the whistles will emit tones in the coming years until further adjustment.

Further modification is now planned for February 5, 2022, when the gis ceases. Two years later, on the contrary, d ‘. It is possible to listen to the current organ not only in the church, but also on the project website.

WHERE NOW: Marta Kubišová: I’m glad that 30 years ago there was no blood. Except for the beaten students.


The Province marks a decrease in the speed of infections

For the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, the decrease in the speed of infections by coronavirus, in the occupation of beds and in the length of stay in intensive care allows to begin to speak of an encouraging diagnosis for Greater La Plata, the Conurbano and the city of Buenos Aires. But now, that “oil stain” with which it is assimilated to the disease is spreading with greater force in the interior, where the percentage of cases doubled in a week and more and more municipalities are forced to tighten restrictions.

“In the metropolitan area, there is a fairly marked decrease in the speed of infections. In the city of Buenos Aires we see a certain amount of infection, but with high levels of contagion. It is a good sign, that we also see in the first and second cordon of the Conurbano ”, the Buenos Aires Minister of Health, Daniel Gollán, summarized yesterday, when he released the weekly epidemiological report of the Province.

“We are managing to flatten the curve,” said the official, and that this is thanks “to the levels of mobility we have today: with limited public transportation, no mass events, or classes,” but “if we all go out on the street, it goes off again ”.

The warning was quickly taken up by the Buenos Aires Chief of Staff, Carlos Bianco, who warned that “we are comfortable in Phase 3” that is in force in the Region, “because beyond the stabilization that exists, it is a stabilization in a high number . We are still concerned ”. From which it can be inferred that the new stage of isolation – which will begin on Monday – would arrive without greater flexibility.

Yesterday, anyway, the Province registered 5,656 new infections (in the city of Buenos Aires there were 1,333). While the occupation of intensive care units (for different pathologies) in the metropolitan area was located at 62.85 percent. “Is coming down. It’s a pretty flat progression. It is a good figure, “said Gollán, who highlighted that the occupation of beds by COVID-19 went from 1,087 to 1,080 in a week and that the time spent in intensive care also decreased, a” positive sign “attributed, in part, to to plasma treatments from recovered patients.

But, even on that plateau, the health system is still “in tension”, admitted the Buenos Aires officials, and that the shadow of the plague is becoming more dense in the interior, which now concentrates 8 percent of the cases in the Province, against 4 percent last week.

“This disease does not stand still, but filters to the rest of the province,” said Gollan and insisted that the provincial administration is working on “slowing down the speed with which that oil stain spreads” m in pursuit of avoid saturation of the health system, while waiting for “a therapeutic response.”

“Today there is no municipality that has not had at least one case of COVID,” Gollán sentenced, and reinforced: “There are more and more districts with community circulation, such as General Pueyrredón – to which Mar del Plata belongs.” And, consequently, less and less the communes in Phase 5 (the one that enables most of the activities): today 43 districts go through this phase; a little over a month ago there were 70.

Meanwhile, there are 39 municipalities in Phase 3 and 53 that are in Phase 4. “For the first time, this week we have more districts in Phase 4 than in Phase 5,” warned Bianco, and stressed that, “far from being controlled this , it happens that it is expanding inward. We are demanding maximum alertness and responsibility for the activities that are allowed ”.

In this sense, Axel Kicillof’s coordinating minister sent “an alarm signal regarding the social behaviors that occur in some municipalities in the interior.” The common denominator, he said, citing the mayors, “is that there was a massive barbecue or some clandestine event. An agglomeration of 50 people is extremely dangerous, much more in a closed place ”, he warned.

In part, those individual licenses determined that this week Balcarce, La Costa, General Viamonte, 25 de Mayo, Junín, Las Flores, Mar Chiquita, Tandil and Villa Gessell should go back from Phase 5 to 4, where recreational outings are prohibited. , meetings of up to ten people or the possibility of food in the restaurant. Or that Coronel Pringles, Laprida and Bragado have to continue in Phase 3, along with the metropolitan area.

Better luck ran Coronel Dorrego, Navarro and Suipacha, who after “controlling” the dynamic behavior of the disease, were able to advance to the last and most flexible stage of isolation.

According to the Province, since the outbreak of the pandemic, therapy beds have increased by 130 percent, but even so the coronavirus hurts in Buenos Aires because, as interpreted by Bianco yesterday, the health system was in “terrible conditions.” Along these lines, he described the previous administration as “a disaster. The last four years have been scorched earth “, and endorsed the recent statements of President Alberto Fernández against Mauricio Macri, reaffirming that” there is no doubt that neoliberalism is worse than the coronavirus in terms of deaths. “

Finally, positive cases of coronavirus in popular neighborhoods in the province of Buenos Aires fell to 13 percent of the total infections in Buenos Aires territory, reported the provincial Ministry of Health.


Coronavirus pandemic. Most relevant for August 18 :: Society :: RBC

An outbreak of the disease in the Mariinsky, doctors will begin to vaccinate until the vaccine research is completed, the President of Mexico decided to test the Russian vaccine on himself, the main thing is in the RBC review


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Source: JHU,
federal and regional
virus control headquarters

Source: JHU, Federal and Regional Anti-Virus Headquarters

Situation in Russia

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus infection exceeded 927 thousand (plus 4892 per day). In total, 15,740 people died from COVID-19 in the country (plus 55 per day). More than 736 thousand people have recovered since the beginning of the epidemic.