Tips to improve the speed of your Wifi during teleworking

J.M.S. MADRID Updated:03/28/2020 02:25 save Faced with the 10% slowdown in internet speed recorded during the coronavirus pandemic, employees whose jobs allow them to telecommute cling to any opportunity for their home connection to ask for word of mouth. They need you to hold on long enough to get your job done properly. And it […]

They crashed into a wall at full speed: two dead – News story

Two people died, in the first minutes of this Monday, when the vehicle they were driving crashed into the entrance wall of the private neighborhood Claros del Bosque in the city of Córdoba. The incident occurred in Celso Barrios street at 3600, for reasons that are still being investigated. It is unknown if there is […]

Huge 3km Asteroid will pass near Earth – Telemundo Puerto Rico

No, it will not impact the Earth and will not have any effect on our planet. But both astronomers and sky enthusiasts are attentive to the slight approach of the huge asteroid 52768 (1998 OR2), a space rock whose size is estimated between 1.8 and 4.1 kilometers in diameter. The greatest approach occurs on April […]

Michèle Mouton, the «Queen of Speed» and first woman to win a world rally

YE. MADRID Updated:03/07/2020 01: 01h save Related news Michèle Mouton, Audi expilot and the first and still only woman to win a world championship rally, the San Remo Rally in 1981. A title that earned him the nickname of “The Queen of Speed”. Michèle considers herself motivated, stubborn and determined. Attributes necessary for a world […]

What to buy in case of quarantine? – Telemundo New York (47)

NEW YORK – The concern on the spread of the coronavirus, COVID-19, has dominated the headlines of the news as the outbreak continues to increase worldwide. The confirmed cases in the United States continue to increase and many are already preparing for the possibility of school and business closures, greater restrictions on trip and even […]

Ukrainian president slows down

The youngest prime minister in Ukrainian post-Soviet history will therefore also have been the most ephemeral: only 188 days as head of government for Oleksiy Honcharouk, 35, dismissed on Wednesday March 4 by the unanimous vote of a parliament acquired from President Volodymyr Zelensky. Denis Shmygal, previously regional governor and little-known figure on the Ukrainian […]

The racing bike made in France is picking up speed

It was the crowd of the great days, there is little, at the national velodrome of Saint-Quentin in Yvelines, where will take place the World cycling championships on track 2022, two years before the big meeting of Paris 2024. The gratin of this fairly confidential sport, but a major supplier of Olympic medals for the […]