Categorical triumph of Once Caldas over Atlético Nacional

Osvaldo Hernandez

LA PATRIA I Manizales

The captain of Once Caldas won a 2-0 victory over Atlético Nacional last night at the Palogrande stadium and for the tenth round of the BetPlay League.

Andrés Felipe Correa opened the scoring in the 34th minute. He capitalized on a free kick by Sebastián Hernández and beat José Fernando Cuadrado. And at 10 of the complement, when the rival was about to celebrate the tie, he took a shot that went to the bottom of the arc.

Five minutes later, Marcelino Carreazo took advantage of a long serve by Luis Payares and the inattention of the rival to make the game 2-0. With those couple of actions they defined the game.

The central defender from Paisa was decisive in Blanco’s second victory, which allowed him to reach 18 points, be partially leader of the League and extend the undefeated to 10 dates.

Eleven was solid last night. He defended himself as a block, without giving many spaces to the opponent who looked unknown. It made the difference with control, speed and efficiency. Nacional, although he had the ball for passages, failed in the last quarter of the court; away from your traditional game.

“El Míster” Osorio used his best units and did not find the way.

Dayro Moreno played 25 minutes, but you can see the lack of rhythm and competition.

Alianza Petrolera will be the next rival for Once Caldas.


Palogrande Stadium

Once Caldas 2 National 0

Referees: Éder Vergara and Dionisio Ruiz (Córdoba), Juan C. Vaca (Bogotá).


Once Caldas: Gerardo Ortiz, David Gómez, Andrés Felipe Correa, Luis Payares, Elvis Mosquera, Robert Mejía, Juan David Rodríguez, Sebastián Hernández (Dayro Moreno 18ST), Marcelino Carreazo (Yonny Gally 35ST), Pablo Rojas (Jown Cardona 35DST) and Roberto Ovelar (Mender 35ST).

Goals: Andrés Felipe Correa (34PT) and Marcelino Carreazo (15ST).

Admonished: Elvis Mosquera.

Driven out: Ménder García (40ST).

National Athletic: José Fernando Cuadrado, Geisson Perea, Jorge Segura (Cristian Blanco 30ST), Diego Braguieri, Elibelton Palacios, Baldomero Perlaza (Bryan Robira 25ST), Sebastián Gómez, Andrés Andrade, Vladimir Hernández, Estefano Arango (Yair Mena 25ST) and Fabián González ( Jéferson Duque 12ST).

Goals: Did not dial.

Admonisheds: There wasn’t.

Driven out: There was not.

Follow the tenth

– Today

4:00 pm Bucaramanga – Patriots

6:00 p.m. Envigado – Junior

8:00 pm Tolima – America

– Morning

2:00 pm Chicó – Cúcuta

4:00 pm D. Cali – A. Petrolera

6:00 pm Medellín – D. Pereira

8:00 pm Santa Fe – Millonarios

– Monday

7:40 pm Golden Eagles – D. Pasto


P. Teams



1. Once Caldas



2. D. Meal



3. Tolima



4. Santa Fe



5. A. Oil company



6. A. Junior



7. A. National



8. America



9. Equity



10. D. Cali



11. Envigado



12. D. Pereira



13. I. Medellin



14. Aguilas D.



15. A. Bucaramanga



16. Millionaires



17. Jaguars



18. Cúcuta D.



19. B. Chicó



20. Patriots




Halep arrives in Paris with a streak of 14 wins | sports

ROME (AP) – Two months of physical training. Three months of practice on clay courts. And then two consecutive titles on clay.

Amid all the tumult of the coronavirus pandemic, Simona Halep may well have found the perfect formula to prepare for the French Open.

Once the Grand Slam starts on clay on Sunday, the 2018 champion will face Sara Sorribes Tormo, world number 70, on the court.

“I was very strict with the schedule, I have worked a lot and I have improved a lot physically,” Halep said of her confinement in Romania during the pandemic. “That’s why I can run, and I feel fit in every game. My legs are getting stronger and stronger, which gives me confidence during matches, and the clay also (helps) “.

Second in the world and first seeded at Roland Garros in the absence of defending champion Ash Barty, Halep arrives with a perfect 9-0 mark since the restart of the tour, with titles in Prague and Rome – and a streak of 14 wins that goes back to February.

Separated from her Australian coach Darren Cahill for seven months due to the pandemic, Halep spent the extended hiatus from the tour with her Romanian coach, Artemon Apostu-Efremov.

“The first part of the pandemic was mostly physical, because in Romania we were not allowed to play tennis until May 15,” Apostu-Efremov told The Associated Press. “When it was possible to play again, all our training sessions were on clay.

“We have already had a good time on clay,” he declared, “and you get more used to the pitch, to the angles, and I hope this is an advantage for her.

Another possible advantage for Halep: He did not participate in the US Open, deciding not to travel abroad due to health concerns related to the pandemic. So she doesn’t suffer from physical wear and tear – or even from the long flight – like many of the other title contenders.

At the Italian Open, Halep’s last three matches were against Yulia Putintseva, Garbiñe Muguruza and Karolína Pliskova – three players who participated in the US Open. Puntintseva and Pliskova retired after losing the first set to the Romanian, while Muguruza was methodically worn through three lengthy sets.

By rescheduling Roland Garros from its regular late May and early June to late September and October, the colder and wetter weather could help with one of the strongest points in your game: wearing down opponents with long rallies thanks to his fluid movements and the improvement of his physical condition.

“Being aggressive against her is going to be very difficult,” declared Pliskova. “And she’s already been successful in Paris, so I think she’s one of my favorites to search for the title.”

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Updated list of self-isolation when returning from abroad. Estonia is now included

In the future, 14 days of self-isolation in Latvia will have to be observed when returning or traveling in transit through a total of 27 European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) countries, as well as through Monaco, Andorra and San Marino, or a total of 30 countries.

The 27 EU or EEA countries include Estonia, Slovenia, Italy, Slovakia, Luxembourg, Germany, Romania, Spain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Malta, Sweden, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Portugal, Iceland, France, Poland, Croatia, Austria, Denmark, Great Britain, Ireland, Greece, as well as Norway and Hungary.

For countries outside the EU and the EEA or the United Kingdom, self-isolation will henceforth be required when traveling from Tunisia and Canada. Among them, Australia, Georgia, Japan, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand and Uruguay are no longer subject to the self-isolation requirement.

The incidence of Covid-19 has fallen in Liechtenstein, so self-isolation will no longer be required when traveling from that country.

Self-isolation must be observed for people from countries where the 14-day cumulative number of Covid-19 cases per 100,000 population exceeds 16. When calculating the number of cases per 100,000 population, it is possible to objectively compare the figures of different countries, despite differences in the total population, experts say. .

Latvia currently has the second lowest incidence of Covid-19 of all European countries where Covid-19 cases have been registered. Currently, this indicator in the case of Latvia is 4.3 patients per 100,000 inhabitants. Meanwhile, in the neighboring country Lithuania it is 15.6 cases, but in Estonia – 20.8.

The highest incidence of Covid-19 in the European region is in Spain, Andorra and France. In these countries, including Monaco, this figure has exceeded 100 cases.

Changes to the list take effect from tomorrow.

According to Oskars Šneiders, a representative of the Ministry of Health, if the morbidity increases in neighboring countries, the government’s decision stipulates that persons living on the Latvian border (except Valka) and going to work or an educational institution in Lithuania or Estonia on a daily basis will be able to continue. At the same time, when these persons are in Latvia, for example, when returning from work, the principles of self-isolation should be observed.

This means that on a daily basis, these persons will be able to travel freely to Estonia and Lithuania, as well as back to Latvia in cases when it is necessary for the performance of work duties in Lithuania or Estonia. In such situations, the person will have to be able to present a document certifying the fact of employment.

The exception also applies to cases when it is necessary to receive childcare services or to attend a pre-school educational institution or to visit educational institutions, as well as interest education groups, if a person can present a certificate issued by an educational institution.

An exception is also allowed to accompany persons with special needs to an educational institution, such as schools and kindergartens, as well as interest education, or to receive doctor-prescribed health care services that are not available in the territory of Latvia.

Persons will also be able to cross the state border if it is necessary to organize or attend a funeral.

On the other hand, when returning to Latvia, for example, in the evening after performing work duties in Lithuania or Estonia, these persons should observe the following additional security principles. They must avoid exposing others to the risk of infection, which means not hosting guests, arranging and attending private meetings, visiting public and public places and rooms with a large number of people.

These persons must also observe the prescribed precautions when performing their duties or providing a service, and must wear a mouth and nose mask when staying in public places. At the same time, if there are any signs of respiratory infection, the person should immediately provide self-isolation and contact a doctor.

The government’s decision also stipulates that self-isolation will not have to be observed by persons who will cross Latvia in transit. This means that persons traveling in transit will have to cross the territory of Latvia within a maximum of 12 hours, without providing accommodation in the territory of Latvia.

Special regulations are also applied to the residents of the border towns of Valka and Valga. In order not to significantly disturb the daily life of Valka and Valga residents by receiving daily services, as well as not to restrict business in the territory of these cities, the Cabinet of Ministers has determined that Valka and Valga municipalities

This applies to persons declared in this territory. On the other hand, if people come to Valka from another region of Estonia, such as Tallinn, self-isolation will have to be respected.

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Celtic captain for the match in Riga: “We have to win there so we can look towards the next round”

Celtic will visit the Latvian champion “Riga” at the Skonto Stadium on Thursday at 8 pm, playing the third round of the UEFA European League qualification.

“We need to win there so we can look to the next round,” an experienced center midfielder told an online press conference in Scotland on Monday. “Last season in the Europa League was incredibly good – we won Rome’s Lazio and Stade Rennais, as well as other good results.”

The team led by Nile Lennon defeated the Icelandic team Reykjavik KR 6: 0 in the first round of the UEFA Champions League qualifiers, but in the second round 1: 2 acknowledged the superiority of the Hungarian champion Budapest “Ferencvaros”.

“We wanted to continue playing in the Champions League, but we didn’t make it. Now we have to be sure that we will enter the European League group tournament,” Brown said.

The winners of the Riga and Celtic pair will meet the winner of the duel of Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Podgorica Budočnost (Montenegro) in the play-off round.

The Scottish Grands have never fought with Latvian teams.

Celtic has played in the main tournaments of UEFA club competitions for the last nine seasons. Last season, the Glasgow club won the UEFA Europa League sub-group, but in the first round of the elimination tournament, Kobenhavn was recognized as superior.

You must complete four rounds to enter the group tournament.

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PHOTO: what do the main holiday trees look like this year in Riga, Vilnius, Tallinn

The most ornate of these three spruces stands out the main ornament of Vilnius. This is an original masterpiece, not an ordinary Christmas tree. The installation is called “Time”. The spruce is 27 meters high, 50 meters wide, and consists of various clock movements, all of which also work. Egle “Laiks” has paid 300,000 euros to Lithuanian taxpayers, but it is significant that no annoying and contemptuous comments about extravagance can be read in the comments sections of the Lithuanian media. This year’s central spruce was created by the same artist who did it last year, and last year the Lithuanian spruce was officially recognized as the most beautiful in Europe.

Christmas tree at Vilnius Cathedral, reminiscent of a lady’s figure from chess 14-15. century, which archaeologists discovered in 2007. The Christmas tree itself is decorated with an interesting pattern, as well as decorated with a huge number of lamps, the chains of which extend from the top of the Christmas tree. The 27-meter-long metal structure, which has about six thousand branches, has been specially designed to last for years, and the spruce branches have also been obtained from trees during forest maintenance. Respectively, neither trees nor branches were cut down just to have a beautiful Christmas ornament.

Tallinn and Riga spruces, on the other hand, are more traditional and are not sophisticated with special installations. In the capital of Estonia, the green ornament shone already on November 15 and it has grown in the Habersti district of Tallinn. The beauty of Tallinn’s green forest is decorated with chains of lights and themed holiday decorations, allowing this Christmas symbol to be seen from a distance.

On the other hand, the approximately 15-meter-high Christmas tree of Riga was traditionally chosen by the Mayor of Riga Oleg Burov in Tīreļi forestry, and its belonging to the capital of Latvia is characterized by the rooster decoration sitting at its top.

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PHOTO. Exhibition “Riga Food 2020” opened

From 9 to 12 September, the International Exhibition Center in Ķīpsala hosts the most important food exhibition in the Baltics, Riga Food 2020, which will provide industry professionals with a safe environment for new business, but will offer every gourmet to get to know as yet unknown tastes. More than 400 companies from 30 countries will present their products and services at the exhibition and contact exchange. For the first time, the exhibition will feature Japan’s national joint stand. Visitors will be able to go on a gastronomic trip, visiting the joint stands of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Canada, Ukraine, Poland, Moldova and the Czech Republic. Riga Food is organized by the International Exhibition Company BT 1.

Companies from Austria, Belarus, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Great Britain, Moldova, Estonia, India, Italy, Poland, Canada, Russia, China, Turkey, Germany and other countries will present their latest products and services at Riga Food 2020. There will be national joint stands of several countries at the exhibition.

Among other things, the exhibition will feature the achievements of all three Baltic States in the food industry. By visiting the Innovation exposition, you will be able to see the latest products and solutions developed by entrepreneurs, scientists and researchers in the food industry, while entrepreneurs and industry professionals are invited to participate in the international contact exchange on September 10.

The traditional dishes of Latvian regions will be presented in the stands by home producers, farms, small and medium-sized enterprises of Latgale, Vidzeme, Kurzeme, Zemgale and the Riga planning region.

The exhibition will also offer other competitions, presentations, seminars and master classes. Among other things, the exhibition will feature the international packaging competition “Riga Food 2020 Packaging No. 1”, in which an international jury will determine the best packaging in several categories. Visitors to the exhibition will be able to vote for their sympathy, thus determining the best packaging in the opinion of consumers.

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Healthy Activities With Family That Can Be Done During a Pandemic


JAKARTA – Pandemic the new corona virus or Covid-19 making quite a number of countries lockdown, including in Indonesia which enforces it large-scale social restrictions (PSBB). This caused most activities to stop, many of which ended up being forced to continue working, studying at home to worship.

(Also read: How does the body react when infected with the new corona virus?)

People started hoarding groceries which could last for weeks, schools and colleges were closed which eventually turned to online classes. Then, some workplaces are partially closed to avoid social and physical interaction.

All these things don’t just lead to an increase in problems mental health. With a lack of physical activity and frequent consumption junk food, then it can lead to weight gain and impact health physical as a whole.

Here are some activities you can do together children You and can function as Sports which is effective over the lifetime pandemic Covid-19 as reported Times Now News.

1. Hula Hoop

Hula hoops are activities that use circular objects such as rings that are commonly used in gymnastics, dancing, and some exercises. Hula hoops are a great activity to help you lose weight and can be enjoyed together family.

2. Badminton


Rebellion: The need to meet people who have returned from abroad needs to be considered

According to him, the main risk factor for the spread of the infection is still its “import” from abroad. The risk is also posed by entertainment, parties and attending bars, which “Latvia is in full swing”, the specialist explained.

“This is the main combination of risks. The situation may also be exacerbated by the easing of assembly restrictions, but it was foreseeable,” Dumpis added.

Given the number of new cases of Covid-19 in Latvia in recent days, it is too early to talk about introducing new restrictions, as it is now important to responsibly follow at least the restrictions and recommendations that are already in place, which Dumpis says people are reluctant to do. . However, the increase in the number of cases is currently mainly due to local outbreaks. He said that as long as epidemiologists are able to trace the epidemiological link by determining how a patient is infected with Covid-19, the situation can be controlled.

“However, the outbreak illustrates the typical situation of parties and restaurant visits. It is also in line with the situation in the Balkans, where the victory over Covid-19 was announced prematurely,” Dumpis said.

He emphasized the importance of installing the “Stop Covid” application, emphasizing that, for example, in the case of the last outbreak in two restaurants in Riga, it would be much easier for epidemiologists to investigate and find possible contacts of sick people if the restaurant visitors installed the application on their phones.

“Citizens need to understand that there is a risk of developing Covid-19 when going to parties and entertainment venues, as the disease has not receded and continues to spread,” the expert warned, stressing that people often do not understand seemingly simple things. the fact that you do not have to shrug and shake hands with the people you meet.

Dumpis said that the increase in the number of new cases of Covid-19 in recent days does not indicate a critical situation, but when assessing, for example, the experience of the Balkans, one must be careful and understand that non-compliance with the restrictions and precautions .

“If we look at Croatia, Serbia, where there are even more than 100 patients a day for a long time, we must realize that it can happen to us if we do not react in time. , and that ‘s the main thing that really works, people should think about parties, meetings with those who have come from abroad, “explained the specialist.

Dumpis also explained that the currently set case threshold per 100,000 inhabitants for free travel between countries is not optimal for Latvia. “This is a political and economic compromise. For us, this threshold would mean big numbers. If we had 15 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, we would be very worried,” Dumpis said.

Assessing how Latvians have observed restrictions to reduce the spread of Covid-19 during the long Midsummer holidays, Dumpis has concluded that, in general, people have not behaved “so well” at all, however, the current outbreaks are not related to the celebration. “If there was an internal epidemiological spread, Midsummer statistics would be more difficult to reflect in the statistics,” the specialist explained.

As reported, 1773 Covid-19 tests were performed in Latvia last day, and seven new cases of illness were registered for the second day in a row, according to the information compiled by the Center for Disease Prevention and Control (SPKC).

The information currently available to the SPKC suggests that the two patients may be related to a previously reported outbreak in a private circle of acquaintances. Together, these people had visited several public places, including the Aqua Luna restaurant on the evening of June 27 and the Riviera restaurant in Riga on the evening of June 28.

The SPKC points out that two more young patients have indicated a visit to Aqua Luna, but specialists still explain the connection with the outbreak. In turn, communication was started with three more patients.

To date, 162,054 Covid-19 examinations have been performed in Latvia, 1,141 persons have become ill and 30 have died. In turn, 1,008 people have recovered.

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Sperts is another step towards the WRC rally stage in Latvia

It has already been reported that the organizers of the International Automobile Federation (FIA) WRC and the organizer of “Rally Liepāja” “RA Events” have started negotiations on the possible inclusion of the Liepāja rally in the calendar of the 2020 season.

The 2020 season of the FIA ​​World Rally Championship has been affected by the spread of the Covid-19 virus in the world, so five planned rallies have already been canceled, but two more have been postponed indefinitely.

Last week, WRC leader Oliver Sisla confirmed that “unique solutions are being sought to complete the championship season, including internationally recognized competitions.” Among them is “Rally Liepāja”, which since the first event in 2013 has been praised by the FIA ​​ERC organizer “Eurosport Events”, FIA and competition participants.

“We support this idea and will trust local organizers to organize this type of event,” said François Ribeira, head of Eurosport Events. “Emergencies call for emergency solutions and we will do our utmost to help the WRC during this difficult period, while protecting ERC riders and teams.”

Ribeiru emphasizes that the WRC is an organization of a completely different scale, so changes to the budget are needed to adapt to the current format.

“I have no doubt that together with the WRC organizers and the Latvian side we will find a solution so that such a competition can take place,” notes Ribeira.

This year’s Liepaja Rally will be the second stage of the FIA ​​ERC season, which is scheduled for August 14-16.

If the negotiations on the FIA ​​WRC stage in Latvia are successful, consultations with Eurosport Events will be started immediately on how best to combine these two stages into one race, taking care of the interests of ERC teams and participants who have participated in Rally Liepāja for several years.

Whatever the outcome of the negotiation process for the FIA ​​WRC stage in Latvia, Rally Liepāja will retain its place in the calendar of the 2020 FIA European Rally Championship and will take place in August.

The start of the rally has also been confirmed by local pilots Mārtiņš Sesks and Reinis Nitišs.

Related news

At the start of the season, from January to mid-March, three WRC stages took place in Monte Carlo, Sweden and Mexico, led by Toyota’s French driver Sebastian Ogie.

The next scheduled race on the WRC calendar is currently the Turkish Rally at the end of September.

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In 2019, Printful had a turnover of $ 116 million

Printful’s turnover last year, compared to 2018, has increased by 49.6%. The company’s turnover in 2018 was 77.4 million US dollars, but in 2019 it already reached 116 million. Printful Latvia’s turnover in 2019 has reached 23 million euros and a profit of 8 million euros, which is a 90% increase compared to 2018. In 2019, the company paid taxes in the amount of 3 million euros by paying social insurance contributions, personal income, as well as other taxes.

The Printful team has more than 800 people all over the world, 350 of them in Latvia. The company employs production, sales, marketing and customer support specialists, programmers, new product developers, production equipment operators, designers, seamstresses and other professionals.

“We have proven ourselves as a sustainable company, developed following the global e-commerce trends. We work very carefully, because Printful customers entrust us with the most important thing – to produce and deliver products to their customers. Several successful e-commerce stores have grown with us, and large, international companies have entrusted us to produce products under their own brand. I also invite Latvians to think about whether Printful could become their business partner. There are people in Latvia who have managed to conquer the world market, ”Dāvis Siksnāns, the company’s co-founder and CEO, comments on Printful’s achievements.

In June 2019, Printful’s Spanish office in Barcelona was launched to enable the company to grow faster in both Western Europe and other e-commerce markets where communication takes place in Spanish. Recently, a new plant near Barcelona has been put into test operation, which means that the company’s premises are currently located in five parts of the world.

The Printful website and customer support are also available in Spanish. Thanks to the choice of this language, the turnover of the Spanish market in 2019, compared to 2018, has increased by 121%. Last year, Japanese was added and payments in yen are possible.

Last year, the Latvian plant relocated its operations to much larger premises in the Airport Park in Marupe, near the Riga International Airport. In addition, a second plant of 4923 m2 has been opened in Charlotte (USA). At present, the total area of ​​production facilities in the USA, Mexico, Spain and Latvia is almost 25 thousand square meters.

During the year, several new integrations with world-renowned trading platforms were developed, incl. Bonanza, Magento, Wish and Wix. Printful currently offers automatic integrations with 20 e-commerce platforms.

In 2019, 59 products were added to the Printful product catalog. Rugs, stickers, sewn sports sweaters, sports pants, waist bags, windbreakers and hats have become especially in demand. At present, Printful provides printing, embroidery and production of more than 230 products.

Printful boasts more than 18 million printed products. Last year, 10 million products were printed, which is almost the same as in the previous years of the company’s operation.

Last year, Printful entered the prestigious US list of fastest growing companies,, in 564th place with 786% growth in three years. In addition, Printful Latvia bought land in Pārdaugava for the construction of more premises for the Riga office, organized a summer school for programmers, as well as donated 55,555 euros to Plecs, which takes care that every Latvian child has a family.

In March 2020, restrictions on the spread of Covid-19 came into force in many countries, significantly slowing down the global economy. Due to the proliferation of Covid-19, the company initially experienced a decline in orders, but now demand for Printful services has grown. Additional equipment worth $ 3.9 million was purchased to fulfill orders. The company’s management anticipates that the spread of Covid-19 could have a positive long-term impact on the company’s development. Due to high demand, Printful is looking for more employees to continue fulfilling orders successfully.

What is Printful

Printful is a printing, sewing and delivery outsourcing company that gives online store owners the opportunity to offer customers more than 230 different products without investing resources in production equipment. Printful’s international team in Latvia, USA, Spain and Mexico takes care of everything related to printing, product storage and delivery, allowing customers to devote time to the most interesting part of the business – marketing and design development.

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