Naval staff in Novosibirsk attacked by chemical-masked attackers, several people poisoned – ČT24 – Czech Television

The attackers attacked the staff of the opposition coalition Novosibirsk 2020, which the Navalny team supports. They threw a glass into the office, where dozens of people were at the time, which shattered and smelled the room with a sharp odor. The room was immediately vacated, but two people were sick and an ambulance had to come for them, she described according to the station Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty (RFE / RL) Jelena Noskovecovová from the Naval Team.

According to her, the attack took place at a time when the Navalny team was training workers and volunteers to monitor the regional elections, which take place at the end of the week.

One of the volunteers, Artyom Jaumayev, according to the Medusa website he said three people had to seek medical help after the attack. According to the website, the victims complained of nausea, headaches, dizziness, convulsions and fever. According to Jaumbajev, doctors were reluctant to treat the poisoned when they found out that they were Navalny’s co-workers.

The head of the Novosibirsk 2020 coalition, Sergei Boyko, later said that the attackers threw a chemical used in veterinary medicine into the staff.

Russia is waiting for the election weekend

Elections of governors and local parliaments are held in Russia from Friday to Sunday. Navalny’s team promotes a so-called clever vote to support opposition and independent candidates across Russia. In Novosibirsk, opposition parties united in the Novosibirsk 2020 coalition.

Navalny himself remains in the care of German doctors who found traces of nerve paralysis in his body from the group of newcomers. Leading critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin collapsed in August on a planereturning from Siberia to Moscow.

Moscow refusesthat Navalny was poisoned in Russia. He refers to doctors in Omsk, who took care of Navalny after he collapsed. They claim that laboratory tests have not shown any poisoning or the presence of toxic substances in the body of the opposition politician or on his belongings.

Moscow called the pressure a disinformation campaign

Tuesday’s statement by foreign ministers of economically developed countries in the G7, condemning Alexei Navalny’s poisoning and calling for the punishment of those responsible, was rejected by Moscow on Wednesday as part of an anti-Russian “disinformation campaign”.

According to the TASS agency, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the aim is not to take an interest in Navalny’s health, but to introduce new sanctions against Russia. Russian diplomacy has repeatedly complained that Russia has still not received information from Germany about the results of laboratory tests and the examination of Navalny, who is hospitalized in Berlin.

“The lack of the above information does not allow the Russian investigating authorities to use all the necessary procedural mechanisms to establish the circumstances of the incident,” the statement said.

Lavrov: Germany does not respond to Russian requests

Russia’s foreign ministry summoned the German ambassador on Wednesday to express “a strong protest against the unfounded accusations and ultimatums of the German government against Russia in connection with the illness and hospitalization of Russian citizen Alexei Navalny” and “apparent abuse of the situation by international scene ’.

According to Moscow, this is “hysteria” and “gross hostile provocation,” Kommersant noted. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov personally accused Germany of not responding to Russia’s official requests for information on Navalny.

“We are not satisfied with the nature of the response to our legitimate demands to fulfill the obligations arising from the intergovernmental agreement on legal aid. We are not satisfied with the completely unacceptable tone in which the German position is communicated to the world public, “the minister told reporters.


Mariah Carey reflects on her discomfort with Ellen DeGeneres

Mariah Carey confessed that Ellen DeGeneres was very tactless with her when she wanted to verify that she was pregnant when she had actually just suffered a miscarriage.

The small-screen star’s reputation suffered greatly this summer after several members of her show’s staff accused her of turning a blind eye to the bad behavior and harassment that allegedly took place behind the scenes on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The resulting outcry prompted her to issue a public apology, promising her employees that the situation would improve. Three producers were also dismissed as a result of the allegations.


Mariah Carey opened up about the scandal when recounting her discomfort during her appearance on the famous show in 2008, when the host offered her champagne in front of the cameras to see if she was pregnant.

“I was extremely uncomfortable with that moment, that’s all I can say,” she told Vulture. I wasn’t ready to tell anyone about it because I had a miscarriage, she continued. I don’t want to cause more harm to someone who’s already had it, but I didn’t enjoy this moment. ”

Other celebrities including Justin Timberlake and Katy Perry have backed Ellen DeGeneres, saying they never felt a bad vibe on set when invited to it.


Five residents infected at the Lambton CHSLD

Five residents of the CHSLD de Lambton, in Estrie, contracted the coronavirus disease.

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The Integrated University Health and Social Services Center (CIUSSS) of Estrie-CHUS said on Saturday that these five cases are in addition to the two contaminations declared among staff members. These two employees had been placed in segregation after obtaining their diagnosis.

The five residents must be transferred to the hot zone of the Sherbrooke containment center, the authorities said, speaking of an “optimal choice” both for those concerned, but also for the population of the Granite region, where the Municipality of Lambton is located. The CIUSSS said in a press release that it did not want to “further weaken the already precarious situation with regard to the resources available in this sector”.

“We understand that this transfer is difficult to accept and creates anxiety for the families of these five residents, but we assure them that it is the safest decision for their loved ones,” said Sylvie Quenneville, deputy director of the Direction of the program to support the autonomy of the elderly.

It should be noted that the authorities were busy on Saturday finding the people who have been in contact with the five residents infected with COVID-19 at the CHSLD de Lambton.

“Public Health investigations are underway to trace the chain of close contacts for each of the five new positive cases to isolate those at moderate or high risk. Contacts who are not considered to be at moderate or high risk are nevertheless invited to monitor their state of health and to go for screening, ”indicated the CIUSSS de l’Estrie-CHUS.


The Penguins GM pulls the hook

Largely dissatisfied with the performance of his Pittsburgh Penguins, general manager Jim Rutherford said he wanted to make changes and he kept his promise on Wednesday, sacking assistant instructors Jacques Martin, Sergei Gonchar and Mark Recchi.

The three men were associated with the Montreal Canadiens earlier in their careers, a team which in fact eliminated the “Pens” in four games during the qualifying round. Having supported driver Mike Sullivan, they paid for the club’s recent playoff failures, which were swept away in the first round by the New York Islanders in the spring of 2019.

“We are in a process of review within our organization as we have not performed well in the playoffs over the past few years,” Rutherford said in a statement. We thought we needed a change of dynamics in our coaching staff. We have high standards for success here in Pittsburgh and we want to keep fighting for the Stanley Cups. The message to our supporters is that we are not in reconstruction, but only in repair. ”

Having been the head coach of the Ottawa Senators and Habs, Martin joined coach Dan Bylsma’s squad in 2013 and became senior hockey operations advisor the following year. In December 2015, he returned to the assistant behind the bench and helped the Penguins win two Stanley Cups.

For his part, Recchi had been hired as coach responsible for player development in 2014. The former flagship of the “Pens” and the Canadiens, among others, had been working as an assistant since 2017. As for Gonchar, who has finished his hockey career in the Bleu-Blanc-Rouge uniform in 2015, he had landed an instructor position with Pittsburgh in the fall of the same year and had been acting as a regular assistant since the summer of 2017.

A difficult day for Sullivan

Sullivan did not hide that he was having a hard time with the dismissal of his acolytes, Wednesday, during a press briefing.

“It’s a tough day for me, more than I could imagine. I know how hard these guys work. We’ve been through a lot together, they’re good coaches and friends, ”said the Penguins head coach. But when a team like ours is unsuccessful, change is inevitable. We have to take responsibility for it, me first. ”

“For most of the season, we felt the team was doing really well. It’s disappointing that we haven’t been able to do as well as we wanted to, Sullivan continued. It’s a very emotional moment for me. I know how hard everyone has worked for the team to be successful. But work doesn’t always guarantee it. ”


Tractor drove into a police car at the Norilsk Nickel factory :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Kirill Kukhmar / TASS

A tractor drove into a police car, which arrived to check messages about dumping waste at the Nornickel factory, the press service of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Krasnoyarsk Territory told RBC.

There are no injuries. As the press service noted, the driver crashed into the police by accident.

“The tractor driver, not convinced of the safety of his maneuver, ran into a car. This was formalized as a regular traffic accident. There was no intent on the part of the tractor driver, ”the police said.

In Norilsk there was a discharge of waste in the area of ​​the Norilsk Nickel factory

Photo: Maxim Bogodvid / RIA Novosti

Earlier, Novaya Gazeta journalists, along with Vasily Ryabinin, an employee of Norilsk Rosprirodnadzor, and Greenpeace activists found that polluted water was pumped from the Norilsk Nickel tailing dump near Norilsk and drained into the tundra, from which it flows into the Kharaelakh River and Lake Pyasino. Eyewitnesses called the police, the Ministry of Emergencies, Rosprirodnadzor and the prosecutor.


The rise in price of LADA Granta – a marketing ploy or “the cry of the soul”

From 1 July the model number of “AVTOVAZ” waiting for the next price increase, which will be the fourth since the beginning of the year.

Photo: LADA Granta, source: AVTOVAZ

For the Russian automaker raising prices has become a pattern. New price lists have appeared in the cluster KVIRING DRIVE VK SHOP in a social network “Vkontakte”. According to him, the price increase will affect the line of “AVTOVAZ”, including “folk” LADA Granta. The car will gain in value at least 5 000. Expert figured out what caused this situation.

Another price increase is due to many factors. The first one can be called “the cry of the soul” brand from Togliatti — the instability of the ruble and the pandemic crisis, coupled with the dependence on foreign components. Thus, LADA Granta consists of 400 original components, 260 of which are purchased from foreign suppliers. In the end the model remains dependent on the dollar and the Euro.

The main competitors of the flagship models LADA Granta and LADA Vesta is considered the KIA Rio and Hyundai Solaris. Over half of “Asians” went up by 2.6 and 2.4%, respectively, as “Grant” and “Vesta” added to the price of 6.3%. In the pursuit of “Koreans” the Russian model have a chance get to close to him, but only at a price. Perhaps such a policy, the company shall prepare motorists for the exit of the second generation models, which will become even more expensive, but this marketing ploy it is difficult to call fair to the potential buyers.

Another factor considered production automation. The regular number of employees of “AVTOVAZ” is 35 thousand people. Despite the fact that the company conducts an annual reduction of staff resource spent on salaries and allowances. Against this background, more and more European and Asian manufacturers are moving to robotic Assembly. Robots perform the process from Assembly to delivery of the vehicle to the warehouse, saving time and money.

Photo: LADA Granta, source: AVTOVAZ
Five new LADA Granta will find owners in the Omsk region in the contest

On the subject

Five new LADA Granta will find owners in the Omsk region in the contest

2020-06-27 14:15:32

Whatever caused the rise in price — a marketing ploy or “cry of the soul” — many drivers increase the price of “budget” LADA Granta are not happy. The justification for this, according to the drivers, could serve to improve the quality of the Assembly or the vehicle’s equipment, however, is that prices are rising, and the car is “worth” on the spot.


The number of victims of the earthquake in Mexico increased to 10 employees :: Company :: RBC

The death toll in the earthquake off the coast of Oaxaca in southern Mexico has risen to 10. This is evidenced by data the Ministry of public security and protection of citizens of Mexico.

According to authorities, six people were injured in the region, and two others received injuries in Mexico city.

Earlier it was reported about four victims in the earthquake.

The devastating earthquake occurred on 23 June at 9 km from the town of El Koul (state of Oaxaca). The center was located at a depth of 33 km and the Magnitude of the disaster was 7.7.

Subsequently, the authorities announced that the earthquake in the town of Crucecita, one person died. In the locality of Huatulco in the same state because of the tremors was destroyed, the hospital for patients with COVID-19. Hospital staff and patients were evacuated to another medical facility. In total, under the calculations of the National seismological service of Mexico, in the country was 174 quake.


Tuners presented a low Toyota FJ Cruiser

Filipino craftsmen have deprived “Kruzak” the main benefit, but made him faster.

Photo: Understated Toyota FJ Cruiser from Atoy Customs. Source: Street 63.

Car tuning like “Kruzak” often ends in preparation for the harsh “peresechenke” due to the suspension lift and install larger diameter wheels. But tuners from the shop Atoy Customs in Manila did the opposite and presented the understated Toyota FJ Cruiser, which is actually turned from SUV into a city car. About it according to the portal Street 63.

Sanityth “Kruzak” managed with a set of Endura Pro Tein dampers and springs Plus KYB Xtage with a diameter of 40 mm, and also the appropriate fit, and trim details. These improvements were enough to significantly change the appearance of stock FJ Cruiser and “press” him to the ground, but the tuning is not over.

Photo: Understated Toyota FJ Cruiser from Atoy Customs. Source: Street 63.

The idea was made by the owner of tuning Studio Atoy Customs Ton Llavewhose “Kruzak” 2014 release and fell victim to the experiment. Having also in possession of the frame Toyota Hilux pickup, the motorist thought that the two SUVs are not necessary. And so along with a team of tuners have prepared for yourself understated Toyota FJ Cruiser.

But the understatement “Kruzak” craftsmen from the Philippines decided not to stop along the way increasing the capacity of a regular 4-liter engine 1GR-FE V6 to 238 horsepower and 343 Nm of torque due to chip-tuning, installation of exhaust system type Catback and the new long headers.

And to the Toyota FJ Cruiser has shown its strength in all its glory, the car “shod” in suitable for urban roads the tires Stealth Custom Series F5 and removed from the rear door spare wheelby reducing the weight of the SUV. So “Kruzak” has become a compact SUV that just quickly goes through the city and the highway — a decision completely opposite tastes of most drivers consider auto publications Motor1 and Carscoops.

Photo: Understated Toyota FJ Cruiser from Atoy Customs. Source: Street 63.

Production staffing Toyota FJ Cruiser began in 2006 at the plant of Hino Motors in Japan. Since then, the model is valuable not only for a fun retro exterior, but for reliable all-wheel drive, the high terrain and liquidity in the secondary market where used “Kruzak” age 1-2 years is worth 4.5–5 million rublesand 5-7 year instance from 2.5 to 3.5 million rubles.


Under Kaliningrad there was a fire in an orphanage :: Society :: RBC

In the Kaliningrad region on the night of 21 June there was a fire in an orphanage. About it reports a press-service of the regional Central Board MOE.

Information about fire alarm received in control room at midnight local time (1:00 GMT) from the town of Zelenogradsk, 20 km from Kaliningrad.

The fire started in the extension of the sports hall in the centre “Our house”. Arrived on the scene, emergency personnel found smoke on the third floor of the academic building above the sports hall — there was a fire in the roof on the area of 60 sq m.

In the Park of the 850 anniversary of Moscow was set on fire

Later in the Ministry of emergency situations said that the fire engulfed the attic of the Annex and went to the roof. The fire spread over an area of 150 sq. m. In fire extinguishing involved more than 40 people and seven vehicles.


Donald Trump announced a sharp reduction in military personnel, americans in Germany

Donald Trump confirmed Monday, June 15, to reduce the number of american soldiers in Germany from 52 000 to 25 000. The main anchor of the american forces abroad represents “a huge cost for the United States,” according to the american president.

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The number of soldiers deployed permanently in Germany was, in fact, only 34 674 in march 2020, according to official figures from the Pentagon. But this figure can climb exceptionally up to 52 000 during rotations or military exercises. The american bases in Germany are a stopover point for forces deployed in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, which can temporarily inflate the numbers.

Germany hosts the largest number of american soldiers in Europe

The first information about this project to the administration Trump had sown the concern in Berlin when they had been published by the Wall Street Journal at the beginning of the month. The figure announced by Mr. Trump Monday is, in fact, the estimates of the log, which evoked a reduction of 9 500 soldiers to wear their number at 25,000.

Even if the military personnel has declined since the cold War, Germany welcomes more u.s. soldiers than any other european country, a legacy of the allied occupation after the Second world War. But today, Donald Trump believes that Germany is not contributing enough to the Nato budget. “Germany has a backlog, it’s been years that they have arrears and they have billions of dollars of Nato, and they need to pay “, he said, calling this position” ridiculous “.

He also accused Germany of profiting financially from the us military presence. “What are soldiers are well paid. They live in Germany, they spend tons of money in Germany “, he explained. “All around these bases, it is very rich. Germany benefits from it. “

But the us president has also criticized the first economic power of the european Union “treated very badly “ the United States in commercial matters.

The u.s. Congress is concerned about ” the aggression and opportunism of the Russian federation “

The u.s. Congress expressed concern that such a reduction of the workforce signals a us commitment to lower in the european defence within the Nato framework. This decision “encourage more aggression and opportunism of the Russian federation “deplored last week’s 22 elected republicans in an open letter. “We are convinced that the Nato allies, for example, Germany, should contribute further to our common efforts of defence “have estimated these elected officials serving on the commission of the armed Forces of the House of representatives. “At the same time, we also know that the parking advanced american forces since the end of the Second world War has helped to prevent another world war, and has mostly enhanced the security of the United States “, they added.

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Relationships of Donald Trump with Angela Merkel, who have never been famous, are somewhat strained since the German chancellor has declined the invitation of the american president to attend a G7 summit in June, due to the pandemic of Covid-19. The billionaire republican, who has one eye fixed on the presidential election of November 3, wished to make its global leadership in the front with a G7 summit in Washington. After the refusal of Ms. Merkel, it has postponed the summit, announcing its intent to invite Russia.