In Gaza, “in such a populated territory, the wave can come very quickly”

Even under normal circumstances – if such a thing exists in the Gaza Strip – a choir of cassanders constantly predicts the worst for its inhabitants, and the future is usually responsible for proving them right. However, this is an unprecedented scenario that terrifies humanitarian workers and experts today. That of an epidemic that put […]

Could be better than UAZ “Pickup”

The beginning of the end of GAZ. Once the Gorky Automobile Plant produced the most elite and coveted cars of the USSR, which only high-ranking officials and directors could afford, but now GAZ is not in the best position and has not produced cars for a long time. However, the Gorky plant had interesting projects, […]

“Slow Men”, a lesson in breaks

In the theological tradition, laziness (long qualified as acedia) is a capital sin which is characterized by softness but also by slowness. For Guillaume Peyraud, Dominican of the XIIIe century, acedia leads to the waste of one of the most precious goods that God has granted to man: time. To be slow and idle is […]

Trump wants to lift the blockade to protect the American economy

TDeath comes when Australia’s most populous state registers its highest daily increase in coronavirus cases and officials warn of harsher penalties for anyone who violates self-isolation orders as the country approaches a complete blockade. While schools have officially remained open in most parts of the country, parents have been strongly advised to keep their children […]

Boris Johnson addresses the nation as the NHS announces 46 more deaths

Nando’s and Costa Coffee have become the latest food and beverage companies to close all their stores in the UK amid the coronavirus outbreak. The chicken chain said in a note on its website Sunday that all 420 stores will close “until further notice”, with the take-away and delivery services also suspended. The company, which […]

our consumer sample explains your rights

Fthe lights of these areas will be canceled and the good news is that all interested passengers should be entitled to a full refund. If not, I would recommend filing an official complaint. And feel free to let me know too. As with travel in the next 30 days, if you booked a tour package […]

Is The Cassandra Crossing the stupidest pandemic film ever made?

On February 8, 1977, in the crowded lobby of the Avco Embassy Theater in Los Angeles, Richard Harris threatened to kill a film critic. More precisely, he threatened to kill the critic with his new best friend, the footballer and the completely American hero OJ Simpson. “He started sweating. I kept whispering, “I’ll crack it […]

What is coronavirus, how did it start and the epidemic could get bigger?

The new coronavirus (Covid-19) is spreading rapidly. More than 308,000 people are known to be infected and over 13,000 deaths have been recorded, including 233 people in the UK who have been diagnosed with the virus. While the epidemic started in China, most of the cases and deaths are now out of the country and […]