On video | Van Damme: 60 years of life, martial arts and excesses

The image of the Belgian actor Jean-Claude Van Damme performing a split (lateral opening of the legs) on any surface became a great reference in action cinema and martial arts. Its elasticity allowed him to create fantastic blows such as the flying kick with 360 ° rotation or helicopter kick, in which he mixed techniques of karate and classical ballet, something that aroused the interest of fans of this type of martial choreography.

In order to achieve world recognition, he had to migrate to the United States in 1982 with the illusion of venturing into Hollywood cinema. While that was happening, he made a living as a taxi driver, pizza delivery man, carpet installer, security guard and sparring partner for Chuck Norris, another action movie great.

His first role was as an extra in the 1984 film Missing in Action (known in Colombia as Prisoner of War), thanks to a recommendation from Norris. Two years later he begins to emerge after becoming the antagonist of the film Never Back Down, Never Surrender.

His first leading role was in the film Bloody Contact (1988), a tribute to Frank Dux, the greatest exponent of martial arts in Canada and the United States.

That movie co-starred Bolo Yeung, a Chinese bodybuilder also skilled in karate-do and kung fu. Bolo was a great friend of Bruce Lee and his success in the cinema is also due to Jean Claude Vandamme, with whom he still maintains a good friendship.

Among his most remembered films are: Kickboxer, Lawless Fighting Lion, Double Impact, Universal Soldier and The Colony.

Jean-Claude Camille François Van Varenberg (his first name) celebrates 60 years of life today. He knows very well what it is like to reach the top, but also due to his excesses of liquor, hallucinogens and women, he headed towards a dark alley from which it is difficult to escape. “He spent up to $ 10,000 a week on cocaine,” said Steven De Souza, director of the film version of the video game Street Fighter, which Van Damme starred in in 1994.

For others, especially people of the new generations, the image of Van Damme is only referenced in their conversations on WhatsApp and social networks as a meme, a funny character who dances in a very peculiar way in a scene from Kickboxer, while drinking in a canteen.

Beyond that, in his film career he had to defeat great rivals like Tong Po in Kickboxer, but he also found great allies such as basketball star Dennis Rodman, his fellow adventurer in The Colony.

His name is still valid as an actor, producer and director. In this last aspect, he has stood out for films such as The Quest or Full love. Another successful film in which Jean Claude Van Damme starred is The Indestructibles 2 (2012), in which he is the main villain. A constellation of stars from the action movies led by Sylvester Stallone participates in this film. They are followed by: Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Chuck Norris, Terry Crews, Randy Couture, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Liam Hemsworth.

Julio Lara, teacher, critic and public educator, pointed out that Van Dame is a reference of the great exponents of martial arts in the film industry, and although he is not at the height of Bruce Lee or Yuen Woo-Ping, he remains in the Top 10.

“The first reference I had of him was from the movie Bloody Contact, from there I began to notice that his career coincided with certain directors who suddenly sowed some kind of seed in Hollywood. A memorable film in his career is Universal Soldier, which marks the debut of German director Roland Emmerich, who later made Independence Day, Godzila, The Day After Tomorrow, among others ”.


The new star Šwiateková will not come to Ostrava after the triumph in Paris

Sensational winner Roland Garros Iga Šwiateková will not appear at the WTA tournament in Ostrava, which should start on October 19. The nineteen-year-old new star ended the season after a triumph at the clay grand slam in Paris.

The Ostrava Open is no longer on the list of registered tennis players for J&T Banka.

At the age of 19, Šwiateková finished her life race at the French Open on Saturday and is the first Polish grand slam winner in singles.

On Monday, he will move from 54th to 17th place in the new world rankings. Originally, she wanted to take part in a new indoor tournament in Ostrava, but she will not play other matches this season marked by the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition, a big question mark hangs over the tournament, because all sports events have been banned in the Czech Republic since Monday due to the growing number of infected covid-19 diseases. But the organizers asked for an exception.

In recent days, other Grand Slam winners, the Spanish Garbiňa Muguruza, the German Angelique Kerberová and the world number eight Kiki Bertens from the Netherlands, have also appeared before Šwiateková. Karolína Plíšková should be number one, Petra Kvitová, Markéta Vondroušová or Karolína Muchová are also registered.

The tournament in Ostrava has a subsidy of $ 528,500 and was included in the calendar as a replacement for China’s Zhengzhou.


Horoscope Vasilisa Volodina for October 2020

In October, the autumn blues will make itself felt: there will be a desire to feel sad and indulge in dreary thoughts, looking at the monotonous landscapes outside the window. This has its own benefits, so the astrologer does not advise to urgently pull yourself out of this state: give yourself time to rebuild to a new rhythm of life. A little pause, thoughtfulness and immersion in thought is what will be useful for a reset. However, despite the melancholy, a positive outlook on life should be held in the coming weeks. Take what is happening happily, or at least with hope: it will definitely come true.


The month will bring bright, but contrasting energies – during the month you will have to make difficult choices more than once, look for the optimal line of behavior. To give in to a spiritual impulse or not is only up to Aries themselves, but the astrologer gives a hint: October is more successful for new tasks, goals that have not yet been tried and not beaten paths. You can agree to experiments if you convince yourself that dynamics gives a sharpness to life – and then inner doubts will subside, things will go, and the process will bring pleasure. Regular pauses will help to align the internal state: a few minutes in silence, breathing practices and scented candles are the key to peace of mind.


Taurus will not hurt in October to escape from routine and difficulties. This does not mean that you need to throw all your strength into solving problems, it is enough to find the path of least resistance, mentally let go of the situation and succumb to the flow of events. Worry can only make problems worse by attracting additional troubles. The planets will play on the side of Taurus, but their energy is unpredictable. There may be a desire to act, fight, win, attack, but the stars advise not to play with fire. It is important to take control of your feelings and thoughts, otherwise they will take control of you.


Vasilisa Volodina advises Gemini to be more empathetic and careful in October. Words deserve special attention: even a small criticism or the wrong joke can generate a disproportionately strong reaction. In business, the best application of forces will be in the sphere of finance and business development – there will be many tips, opportunities and hidden ways to achieve goals. Taking active care of your money will promote renewal and growth in other matters, the most important thing is not to lose momentum. Charging practices work great: meditation, yoga, qigong. Anyone who can tune in to consonance with the forces of the Universe will certainly receive the embodiment of his plan.


In October, Cancers will have exacerbated internal contradictions, viral installations, and last year’s problems. This can become a serious obstacle that will interfere with not only the calm flow of life, but also the achievement of goals. Rakov is waiting for a month when all emotions will intensify. The astrologer suggests staying close to those who can support, reduce anxiety and help to understand yourself. Now is not the best time to doubt yourself and your decisions, because at the same time you can lose hope and aggravate without such a dangerous situation. Most problems will be fictional, so don’t focus on negative thoughts.


A very favorable month awaits Lviv. To live it with benefit and pleasure, it is enough to listen to your intuition and allow events to develop in a natural rhythm. The price will include such qualities as attentiveness, tact, friendliness. October is successful for all kinds of self-expression and creativity, for carrying out spiritual practices, caring for the inner world and image. Difficult cases will wait until the second decade, at first it is more important to relieve internal stress and give yourself moments of good rest. A few evenings spent for yourself can be a guarantee of well-being for a long time before.


Virgos will perfectly accept the unstable energy of the month. They, according to the observations of an astrologer, will have a desire to joke, joke, boldly look into the future and inspire others by personal example. However, do not forget about caution: optimism can go sideways, especially if you set fire to an impossible goal. There is a risk to go all-in and be left with nothing. Apart from that, October will be a good time to address technical, practical and financial issues. The dynamics of the planets will help Virgos easily find a way out of desperate situations and negotiate with any people. In your personal life, passions can flare up, which will take the relationship to a new level.


The powerful influence of the planets in October will be directed to the personal life of Libra. Fortunately, this influence will be very harmonious: it will be easy to sort out any issue, discuss problematic topics, without hurting yourself or your partner. After such adjustments, people will become closer to each other, sincerity, mutual understanding and interest will return to relationships. The manifestation of love, tenderness, care will transform life together, and harmony on the love front, as you know, is the key to success in other areas. True, interruptions are possible in the business schedule: important decisions should be treated with caution, and it is advisable to check the documentation, which contains specific details and calculations, several times.


On the one hand, Scorpios in October will have every chance to find points of contact with their superiors, get the right people, draw up all the necessary documents, increase their authority and reveal talents. On the other hand, the influence of the planets can make them indecisive, sarcastic and even cowardly, which will manifest itself in the desire to give in to difficulties, suppress and offend others. The astrologer recommends refraining from this: self-control will help to avoid ridiculous situations, unnecessary offenses and missed opportunities. If Scorpios control their emotions, they will surely trigger the mechanisms of the necessary changes.


Streltsov is waiting for a real Boldin autumn. Even those who are not associated with creativity, glimpses of genius and rushes of inspiration await. Such outbursts will cause a desire to tell everyone about your ideas and desires. However, the astrologer does not recommend sharing plans with others: there is a risk of running into someone else’s envy. Therefore, for the time being, it is better to enjoy the creative process alone, without attracting outside attention. Otherwise, whatever Sagittarius will create or embody this month, will receive a powerful impetus for growth and will bear generous fruits for the foreseeable future. The most important thing is to notice and seize opportunities.


The best area for Capricorns in October is work, but not related to risk and ambition, but one in which you will be able to show your hidden talents. Therefore, the astrologer advises to rely on strengths and not be afraid of independent decisions. There will not be many opportunities to keep what is happening under control: karmic traps and obstacles will be set everywhere. To contain the onslaught of the stars, it is recommended to close off risks and be fully armed. Good luck will smile at Capricorns, who will be able to overcome their indecision, fears, complexes and doubts.


October promises to put an end to a series of doubts, especially if emotions were unsettling before. According to the astrologer, a new life program is being launched, other rules of the game are being established. The process will go smoothly if you can give up something ordinary. But luck will be on the side of those who are ready to consciously approach change. This month it is favorable to start new business, launch processes, actively get involved in work, use all available and proven opportunities. The main thing is not to rush to make decisions and avoid being too serious: everything should be kept light. This is the best way to achieve what you want this month.


In October it is important for Pisces to prioritize correctly. If they are still in the process of searching or revising goals, the stars recommend hurrying. You need not only to have a list of important tasks with you, but also to know where to start implementing them. Astrological tendencies will require responsibility in choosing a future path. The influence of heavenly patrons will help a lot. A powerful impulse will enhance personal energy: Pisces will have 10-12 days at their disposal to find their place in the sun. Despite the positive scenario, problems are possible. Pisces will be very impulsive and categorical, which is unusual for them at normal times. There is a risk of stumbling and doing something that does not bring any benefit.


Usa: from Hollywood to basketball with Breonna Taylor, ‘shame’ – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – NEW YORK, SEPTEMBER 24 – “Shame”: Breonna Taylor “deserves justice”. This is the message from the Hollywood and American sports stars on the grand jury’s decision on the case of Breonna Taylor, the African American killed by the police.

“Shame on Kentucky. Breonne Taylor deserves justice,” says Justin Bieber. George Clooney, born in Kentucky, uses equally harsh terms: “Breonna Taylor was killed in her bed by three white agents and no one was charged with her death.” “My heart is with Tamika Palmer, who will have to remember every day that her baby will not come home”, tweets Oprah Winfrey, turning to Breonna Taylor’s mother.

“I am speechless. I am devastated. We wanted justice for Breonna and we had justice for the walls of the neighbors apartment and not for her life. I am not surprised by the verdict but that does not mean that it does not hurt,” tweets LeBron James .

“African American women are the least respected people on earth. I promise I’ll do my best to change that,” adds the NBA star. (HANDLE).