The launch of Vega from Kourou postponed because of bad weather :: Society :: RBC

French company Arianespace has postponed the launch of the Vega rocket from Kourou in French Guiana due to bad weather. About this, the Corporation said on Twitter.

As specified in the message, the rocket carries 53 microsatellite on Board. The company noted that weather permitting Vega will launch on June 28.

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Gold level .. and the dollar is in the ascendant.. and Kurt, We ruthless

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Stabilized gold prices, Thursday, as the experiences of the rise of the dollar slipped and global stock markets in the yellow metal know the market pressure to increase the number of new cases of infection with MERS-CoV, which could threaten the economic recovery.

And settled spot gold when 1726.48 dollars an ounce (an ounce) by 0701 GMT.

The contract fell U.S. futures for gold and 0.1 percent to 1733.90 dollars.

Said Ilya Spivak the local exchange market in the Daily Fix, “I don’t really see clear incentives for the gold here. From the side we have a stronger dollar because of the recent statements about the Fed supporting… on the other hand, the absence of a further stimulus package presses on the morale and bond yields fell. Those opposing influences remain Gold Level Power”.

As the pressure of the gains made by the dollar as a safe haven the attractiveness of gold as you hold the index of the dollar to appreciate against a basket of major currencies.

Said Jerome Powell, Federal Reserve chairman (U.S. central bank) on Wednesday said that the U.S. economy began recovering from the worst crisis in the corona, but with the loss of 25 million jobs and the continuation of the pandemic will need the economy for further assistance.

As for other precious metals, climbed palladium 0.6 percent to 1932.52 dollars an ounce, but platinum slipped 0.7 percent to 813.48 dollars. Fell silver rose 0.4 percent to 17.51 million.

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Putin said about the negative attitude to the words Zelensky of the Soviet Union :: Politics :: RBC

The statement of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, to put USSR on a par with Nazi Germany, would have a negative impact on Russian-Ukrainian relations. This was announced by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on air of the program “Moscow. The Kremlin. Putin” on TV channel “Russia 1”.

“Negatively. I think that for him — Vladimira Aleksandrovicha — nothing good is not, bearing in mind that Ukraine itself suffered greatly during the Second world war”, — said the Russian President.

In early January, Vladimir Zelensky during a visit to Poland, said that Ukraine supports Warsaw’s position is that the responsibility for the outbreak of world war II on the Soviet Union.

As noted by the Ukrainian leader, Poland became the first country that “felt a conspiracy of totalitarian regimes.” Zelensky said that this is what led to the outbreak of the Second world war and “allowed the Nazis to launch deadly flywheel of the Holocaust.” The President also urged the democratic state to unite and “not to remain silent, as it was in 1939”.

Naryshkin accused Zelensky immersion in Ukrainian nationalism

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the statement Zelensky, said that the words of the Ukrainian President should be offensive to the Russians, the millions of inhabitants of the CIS countries and Ukraine.

Putin in a telephone conversation with Zelensky pointed to the inadmissibility of distorting historical truth about the events of the Second world war.


In Lombardy less than 300 more positive – Last Hour

(ANSA) – MILAN, MAY 10 – They are less than 300, more precisely
282 the new Coronavirus positives where the number of infected
it reached 81.507, such a low number was not registered since
early March.
   There are 62 deaths, for a total of 14,986. Slightly increasing
the number of ICU patients 348, that is 18 more
yesterday, while there are 5,482 Covid patients in other wards,
therefore 107 less than yesterday. The swabs made were instead
7,369, for a total of 485,134 since the outbreak.

It continues to curb the number of infections from Coronavirus too
in Milan: 104 more than yesterday for a total of 21,376 of which
9,019 in Milan city. where the increase was in a 54 day.

Low numbers also in the other provinces: 24 in Bergamo, 44 ​​in
Brescia, seven in Lodi, six in Cremona and only one in Mantua.