At war against boredom: a flight attendant, a suspended Tati and crimes in Orly

Airport-world Crazy about flight scenes, physical or magical (Catch me if you can, E.T.), Steven Spielberg was to end well in a film entirely located in an airport. He subverts the airport human condition there, which is that of waiting. Tourist disembarked from Eastern Europe at JFK airport in New York, Viktor Navorski (Tom Hanks, […]

“Amazing Stories” based on Steven Spielberg at Apple +

MSometimes you have to regret if something does not derail and breaks through the wooden house of the familiar with full force. We obviously can’t get enough of the flair of the decade of bad taste, the trend of remakes of eighties films continues unabated. A striking number of these remakes, think of “Ghostbusters” and […]

All new for streaming in March

What should you sit on the sofa for this month? So many things. Westworld S3 (Foxtel Now, March 16th): HBO’s ambitious and twisted science fiction returns after a 16-month hiatus and we can’t wait to unravel other mysteries. The robots have escaped from the dystopian funpark and are now in the “real world”. With revenge […]