New wave of Covid-19 and bank data leak caused losses of up to 8% in world markets

In this context, the shares of the “old continent” registered their worst fall in three months on Monday. The Frankfurt Stock Exchange fell 4.4%; Milan and Paris fell 3.7%, while Madrid sank 3.4%, as did London. The pan-European STOXX 600 index fell 3.2%, a decline not seen since the beginning of June.

On concerns about new infections, the travel and leisure index collapsed 5.2%, accumulating its worst two-day decline since April, with airlines such as IAG – which owns British Airway – plummeting 12.1%. In addition, Lufthansa plunged 9.5% after further cutting its fleet and workforce due to the coronavirus crisis.

Parallel, European banks fell 5.7% to hover around record lows after a joint report by 108 media outlets warned of a possible link between entities such as HSBC and Deutsche Bank with astronomical amounts of “dirty money.”

These documents refer to some 2 trillion dollars (1.7 trillion euros) of transactions between 1999 and 2017 originating from drugs and criminal acts, and even from embezzled fortunes in developing countries.

For its part, on Wall Street, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 1.8% to 27,147.7 units; the S&P 500 lost 1.2% to 3,281.06 units and the Nasdaq Composite was down 0.1% to 10,778.80 units.

Given this climate, the CBOE volatility index of the market (VIX), a measure of investor anxiety, soared to its highest level in nearly two weeks.

The death of US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg also made it less likely that another stimulus package will pass through Congress before the November 3 presidential election, aid that remains “stalemate.” for three months.

This caused big falls in the health sector. Healthcare providers came under pressure from uncertainty about the fate of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), better known as Obamacare, with Universal Health Services shares falling sharply.


Faced with uncertainty, the dollar rose after two weeks of declines. “What we are seeing with the dollar is a bet on a safe haven without risk,” said Erik Bregar, head of foreign exchange strategy at the Exchange Bank of Canada in Toronto, adding that the trigger was fear in European morning trading of a new confinement in the United Kingdom due to the coronavirus.

The dollar index, which compares the greenback with six prominent currencies, was up 0.85% to 93.297 units, while the euro lost 0.9% to $ 1.1734, the yen weakened 0.1 %, to 104.70 units per dollar, and the pound sterling lost 0.9%, to 1.2797 dollars.


Gold and other metals suffered sharp declines, affected by an appreciation of the dollar, in a week in which investors will be watching the speeches of the authorities of the Federal Reserve in search of clues on more stimulus measures to revive a economy hit by coronavirus.

Gold lost 2.1% to $ 1,909.05 an ounce, after hitting its lowest value since Aug. 12 earlier. Prices fell almost 10% from an all-time high reached at the beginning of last month, due to a drop in hopes for new stimuli.

“Gold should be trading higher with safe haven demand, but it’s kind of a repeat as in the spring when the market sell-off, participants have been selling assets across the board,” said Bob Haberkorn, strategist Market Senior at RJO Futures

More strongly, spot silver collapsed 8.3% to $ 24.53, its lowest level in more than a month.


Oil prices fell sharply due to the return of Libyan exports and fear of a new confinement due to the outbreaks of coronavirus, which would be disastrous for demand.

WTI’s barrel for October delivery lost 4.4% compared to the close on Friday and closed at $ 39.31. For its part, that of Brent from the North Sea for delivery in November fell 4% in London and ended the day at US $ 41.44.

The Libyan National Petroleum Company (NOC) announced on Saturday the resumption of crude oil production and exports in Libya at “safe” sites.

This news came the day after the Marshal who controls the east of the country, Khalifa Haftar, announced the lifting, under conditions, of the eight-month blockade imposed by his forces.


The futures of soybeans, wheat and corn collapsed this Monday in the Chicago Market, due to sales of investment funds in this context of risk aversion by the new wave of infections.

Despite sustained demand from China, soybeans suffered a loss of more than 2%, their biggest daily decline since April 1. It should be remembered that the strong demand from the Asian giant took the oilseed to its highest level in more than two years last week.

In the meantime, Wheat decreased 3.5% (US $ 7.44) and closed at US $ 203.84 per ton, in what was its largest daily percentage drop since August 2019.

Argentine assets

Amid this scenario, the S&P stock index Merval de Bolsas y Mercados Argentinos (BYMA) began on Monday with a drop of 4% but then attenuated falls to 1.8% due to the rise of the CCL dollar, which touched $ 140 and brought the exchange gap with the official dollar to 85 %, which reflects that the expectations of devaluation of the peso are still latent.

In the fixed income segment, the new bonds they closed with losses of up to 3.3%, as reflected by the decline in Bonar 2035. Sovereign bonds accumulated a loss of up to 13% last week.

In New York, the falls were more pronounced, something that was reflected in Argentine country risk, which rose 6.4% to 1,348 basis points, compared to the 1,083 basis points recorded on September 10 after reconfiguring with the new bonds.


Electric scooters, that’s punk in the streets of Boskovice. Pedestrians and BESIP do not like the novelty

So far, an extensive discussion has started on social networks. Many people mind scooters. Some riders leave them parked in unsuitable places or ride them unruly on the sidewalks. “If you already have a sick need to ride those green bullshit, please at least be so witty and don’t put people in the entrance. I can’t even move with it without paying, “wrote one of the locals, for example, Tereza Kopecká.

Others, on the other hand, support the news. “I understand that it sucks. But on the other hand, a lot of children are fooling around, driving through the streets, who of us didn’t like to fool around? So let’s not be so pensive. A little punk is needed for that life, “Daniela Koutná responded to the woman’s contribution.

Those interested can rent the scooter via the application. Unlocking is free. The rider pays four crowns for each minute of the ride. After five minutes of driving, the price is automatically reduced to three crowns for each additional minute. If the rider decides to rent a scooter for the whole day, it will cost him 625 crowns.

According to the head of Boskovice police officers, David Krátký, the police officers have not yet had to deal with any serious accident or injury in connection with the operation of shared electric scooters. However, complaints do. “It simply came to our notice then. People complained about riding on the sidewalks and parking scooters in inappropriate places. We have to evaluate the operation by the end of September, “said Krátký.

Boskovice Deputy Mayor Lukáš Holík stated that, according to data from the operator, scooters in the city are three times more usable than in Olomouc with a population of 100,000. They record about two hundred rides a day. “I generally get positive feedback from people. Of course, it happens that the riders park the scooter in the wrong place, but it’s more about individuals. For me, it is an added value not only for locals but also for tourists. In addition, another aspect is traffic relief. For example, when people use a scooter instead of a two-kilometer drive to the supermarket, “said Holík.

Scooters are to last in the city until about the end of October and reappear in the spring. “We will evaluate everything with the operator and the city police and decide what to do next. In any case, scooters in Boskovice should only be a seasonal affair and they will definitely not be on the streets during the winter, “the deputy mayor added.

They also want to start renting electric scooters in Znojmo. It is prepared by a private entrepreneur in cooperation with the management of Znojmo. “A rental could be set up for a test on the brewery premises. A lot of tourists go there and this service is intended for them. There is enough space for exposing scooters on the street and at the same time the service can be presented there. They have to appear there this season for a trial period of thirty days, “Deputy Mayor Jakub Malačka told Deník, adding that according to interest and experience, scooters could also appear in the brewery next season.

On the other hand, the regional coordinator of BESIP, Pavel Čížek, sees no benefit in riding electric scooters on city streets. Just problems. “I can already see the wave of negative comments. But it’s just business operators. Nothing else. If it is not caught in Prague, we will put it in Brno or other cities. In the streets, thanks to scooters in operation, it is even more chaos and intolerance of riders. Some safety features like a helmet or protectors are not usually addressed. Even though not all of them can be thrown into one bag and they are also reasonable riders, “remarked Čížek.


In addition to Luďan of Most, she also made Lavi. Street like a factory on the stars. But the former Matěj Jordán had to push. VIP scandals and affairs


Author: Gangbang production, Bioscop (as well as the images in the article, unless otherwise stated)

Caption: ´Lavi´ is a female of a certain type. Well, that’s for ´kopačka´ (hockey players are nicknamed ´hokejky´; for info), moreover,

PHOTO, VIDEO Julius Lavický alias Lavi is back. Jakub Štáfek, who portrayed him in the series of the same name, is shooting the film Vyšehrad and promises that footballer Lavi will be “always the same dementia”. A little more precisely to make it clear to those who have not yet had the honor: Tens of thousands of fans on social networks, millions of views of the online series, all this is the fault of Julius ´Lavi´ Lavický, a football player who has nothing sacred. Průšvihář, who was unrepeatable by actor Jakub Štáfek, the former star of the series Ulice, throws himself into the film after a huge success in the online world. Vyšehrad started filming a few days ago, and the film about the former Sparta player, currently playing for FK Slavoj Vyšehrad, should arrive in cinemas in the spring of next year.

Jakub Štáfek played a football player who was an amazing mix of everything negative in Czech football. After all, he used to play on his own, so he could use his experience. In the film Vyšehrad, he returns to the fate of football player Julius Lavický: “The film Vyšehrad is more mature, it is no longer just short sketches as in the series. We work great together with Martin Kopp and cameraman Honza Filip, so when I go in front of the camera, it’s just the icing on the cake for me, “said Jakub Štáfek. Everything will revolve around Lavický’s football phenomenon: “Lavi is still the same dementia, but he tries to be better at that football level. And he is succeeding, “Jakub Štáfek explained the plot of the film.

Jakub Štáfek also appeared behind the camera at the feature film as a director together with Martin Kopp. He is also one of the producers of the film, as well as in the online series. So, unlike Hoffman, he had to prepare the “big role” for himself

Hyperactive child

This year, the 30-year-old Jakub Štáfek really reminded Lavi of his time, so he is quite close to him. Hailing from Prague, he graduated from high school in management, and got into the theater because of his unrelenting hyperactivity: “I enjoyed showing off, performing at school parties, and attending the Radar drama. I was hyperactive, I always had excess energy. Classic child with ADHD. It just wasn’t called that, “he recalled his beginnings. At the age of fifteen, the director chose him for the role of Matěj Jordán in the endless series Ulice. He was filming in parallel with the school, which he reportedly welcomed: “It wasn’t entirely easy, but for me filming was a liberation from school. I thought I was going to a good private high school, it was focused on photography and film. I wanted to do that. In retrospect, I see that she was not so good, rather simple. If I were to study, I would be number one, “he admitted.

As Matěj Jordán with the serial dad Petr Vacek, photo by TV Nova, year 2008

The street as a starting line

Novácká Street has become a springboard for several very decent careers. Such Martin Hoffman, who then became most famous as a Luďan in the series MOST! But he can help great talents like Štáfek or Hoffman. They will then provide the others with at least a decent media acquaintance, which they will use according to their nature. Such Patricia Pagáčová, in the series Tereza Jordánová, became an integral part of Czech show jumping thanks to Street, which she mainly uses for charity, she helps animals…

“In the film, we keep everything that the viewers liked in the series. But we tell a more film story, we map Lavi’s effort to get further and higher, and at the same time we look deeper into his family life, in which, for example, a child appears. In short, Lavi grows with all of us. I think that Tomáš Vávra managed to write a screenplay that has all this in it, “said co-producer Ctibor Pouba about the upcoming project, adding that the film will definitely not be just about football. “In short, we are on the ground, but we are aiming high,” added Jakub Štáfek

He had to fight with his head

Although Jakub has been working and studying since he was a child, he certainly did not miss the entertainment, on the contrary. At one time, no weekend party at the Roxy Club in Prague was possible without him, alcohol and various dance drugs were the order of the day. Jakub is said to have been able to shoot even after a long night, for quite some time. The turning point came only recently, when he also became an MMA fighter standing in a cage in front of his opponent. Jakub jumped into wrestling with vigor, he even wrestled in the O2 Arena, he is looking forward to the matches: “I haven’t experienced many of them yet, so I was relatively nervous. I didn’t really know what I was getting into. But I’m not stupid and I knew I was trained. So I had to deal with my head – how to handle it in it. Whether I tell myself I can’t do it or I feel like a winner. “But he always played sports, it’s part of his personality:” I’ll rebel there a lot. I feel like I’ve always done it, I just put it off for a while because of playing. I didn’t pay as much attention to him as I wanted. But why not return to him? ”

When he ended up in the Street, he already looked like ´Lavi´, ie without the blonde overflow, photo by TV Nova

Exemplary demented football player

Jakub has appeared in several series so far. In the crime scene, and in Vyšehrad: “We wanted to create a demented football player, composed of several real, problematic, simple and talented people. He had it in his leg, but he didn’t show much on the field, but he lost money and fame. How many are there! ”Jakub would also like to become a director and screenwriter:“ I wanted to direct before I started playing. My exhibitionism awoke in me soon, before the casting on the Street. I was going to FAMU or a film school in Písek, but then I got lazy and I didn’t want to study anymore. I wanted to live that party life and thought that everything else would come by itself. Which is over. “

The film makes the same bunch as the series

Petra Vojtková is replaced by Ivana Korolová

There is a change in the series Mowgli. Ivana Korolová, whose baby has grown at least a little bit, will come behind the pregnant Petra Vojtková, formerly Vraspírová, and she can return to singing. They take turns in the role of Jane, to whom Petra Vojtková should return again. Petra Vojtková is a typical musical actress, she has already performed in several, such as Evita and Mamma mia. After all, it was in the musical based on songs by Abby that she met her then married husband, Roman Vojtek. Their acquaintance followed allegedly only after Roman Vojtek left his wife in the ninth month of pregnancy. The actor has already broken several women’s hearts, only Kristýna Kloubková left him alone, because he did not want to settle down and have a family. So let’s hope that Petra Vojtková will be the one the actor really stays with.

One is pregnant, the other has already given birth

Bára Poláková in bed with Langoš and Rosťa Novák

Is Bára Poláková an actress or a singer? The film Bábovky by Radka Třeštíková will go to cinemas, in which Bára plays the role of Karolína, but she also sang a song for him: “Bábovky producer Petr Erben called me for the first time about two years ago that they would like to write a song for me. Then – about a year later – the offer to star in the film came. Before my bandleader David Hlaváč and I started writing the text, we met with Radka Třeštíková. The most important thing for us was what the story meant to her, with which she wrote it … etc .. When writing, we mostly based on the love triangle in which my character Karolína found herself. It was logically closest to me. But the main motive of the song, which for me is taking responsibility for any relationship, not only partner but also friendly, unites all the characters, “explains Poláková. A video clip was also created for the composition, in which shots from the film are used.

Bara + Novak, photo by Rudolf Havlik

Bara + Langmajer, photo by Rudolf Havlík

Kryštof Michal in the film

The film Happiness is a Beautiful Thing came into cinemas, in which the singer Kryštof Michal also works. However, he does not play or sing here, but works as an assistant director. It’s not the first film he’s involved in: “When Support Lesbiens disbanded in 1996, and it wasn’t easy to make a living, I decided to go to the film. I started with commercials and thanks to my language skills I went to work a lot abroad, “he explained.

“The main assistant of the director is to unite the group so that they feel like working together so that they are not upset. Because where big money flows, of course, there is a lot of pressure, “explains the former singer, adding:” The priority is, of course, to shoot it through many difficulties and obstacles with a smile and try to get the best result. “

Entered by: Michaela Špačková


Death of Světlana in the Street: Tereza Bebarová spoke about her ending in the series

Death of Svetlana

According to Tereza Bebarová, she lived in a foolish feeling that everything was fine, that according to the agreement she had with the management, she could partially withdraw so that she could devote more time to her family. But then came the shock, because the producers decided to let Světlana’s character die. “At the moment when you don’t expect it and when, after fifteen years of filming, no one even told me that there was a problem and it was immediately solved by my departure, it was unpleasant,” Tereza Bebarová spoke about her unexpected departure from the series.

The creative producer stated that Světlana’s departure from the series is precisely related to the actress’ desire to reduce the content of her role, which led to the unsustainability of the storyline. “It simply came to our notice then. But when someone has a problem with something, they need to communicate to tell me clearly that something is happening and it didn’t happen. And when no one communicates and everyone pretends that everything is fine, you can’t do anything, ”Tereza answered the question, how she thought it was.

“I got a flower, so I thought they were going to persuade me to start filming more. I thought to myself that I would have to find a babysitter. And then came the news that Svetlana would be let to die. After such an experience, one is torn into a completely different reality, which is very good in the end. It is necessary to recover quickly, find new energy and say that more interesting and better offers will come, “Tereza summed up the situation for Extra.


Wall Street crashed, unease returns to global markets

The Bag New York tied its third straight decline, as its major stock indices plummeted more than 2%. Tech stocks, which a few weeks ago pushed Wall Street to record highs, are now pulling down. The S&P 500 Index fell 2.8%, the Dow Jones fell 2.2% and the Nasdaq lost 4.1% .╠

Tech stocks had flown on Wall Street, also boosted by intense activity in the stock options market of big tech companies. The operation allows financial investors to generate huge profits on a security, without having to pay for its entire value. The condition is that the stock continues to rise. But if the trend reverses, the decline is quick and steep. That’s what happened last week, when Apple shares fell 3.1% .╠

The flight to quality caused the 10-year Treasury yield to close at 0.67%, up from 0.72% on Friday.

The energy sector shares also posted heavy losses, due to the fall in crude prices fell. The US crude price (WTI) fell $ 3.01 to close at $ 36.76 per barrel. The Brent blend lost $ 2.23 to $ 39.78 a barrel. This drop came after Saudi Arabia cut its October sales prices and Covid 19 cases rebounded several times. countries.

Coronavirus cases are increasing in India, Britain, Spain, and various parts of the United States. The rebound could weaken the global economic recovery and affect fuel demand.

Argentine stocks listed on Wall Street managed to weather the collapse of the US markets. On the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange, for its part, the S&P Merval index lost only 0.5%, after falling at the beginning of the round to almost 3% .╠

After Argentina managed to restructure foreign debt for $ 66,000 million and securities under local legislation for another $ 41,000 million, investors are expectant about the price of the new bonds. Those securities began trading in full yesterday, due to the fact that the Labor Day holiday in the US was celebrated on Monday. They debuted in New York with a yield above 11%. The exit rate was slightly above the 10% projection made at the time of closing the deal with creditors. Analysts estimated that it will settle towards that theoretical value.

The volume traded in bonds in the local market was less than a figure equivalent to US $ 2,000 million, in a context in which three-quarters of the operations were concentrated in the brand new Bond 2030. This last security traded at 6,320 pesos, with a rise of 0.8% in the local market compared to the day before. In New York, meanwhile, the global 2030 had a yield of 11.5%, while in 2038 it was 12%, and the title 2046 , 12.5%. For its part, the 2035 bond had a yield of 11.6%.

“The new titles at the moment have a limited volume,” said Joaquín Candia, analyst at Rava Bursátil.╠

The positive position of the country’s yield curve had not occurred since mid-2018, when the market turned around and the risk of default became increasingly real. The bonds in dollars under local law operated with lower yields than those issued under foreign law, since they moved with rates between 10.5% and 11.5%, showing a lower risk than international bonds.

The country risk prepared by the JP Morgan bank rose 33 units, to 2,150 basis points, pending a reconfiguration of the index with the new titles


Colombia requests deportation of Luis Calle Serna, alias Comba – Investigative Unit

According to records from the United States Bureau of Prisons, Colombian drug trafficker Luis Enrique Calle Serna, one of the leaders of the ‘Comba’ class, was released on Monday, June 29, after serving 8 years in prison in the United States.

In October 2012, when in Colombia he was listed as one of the most wanted drug lords, reached a submission agreement with the DEA and surrendered in Panama.

EL TIEMPO exclusively established that, this Monday, at around 6 in the afternoon, the Foreign Ministry filed the request for the United States Department of Immigration to deport him to Colombia.

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This is the request for deportation of alias Comba filed by the government of Colombia.

Apparently, due to quarantine issues, he is still in the York Country prison, in Pennsylvania.

Federal sources reported that he submitted a request for political asylum. In addition, it will remain in the custody of the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service. Asylum is a procedure similar to that used by the former narco-paramilitary chief Salvatore Mancuso, which activated the so-called Convention against Torture.

His deportation request, articulated by the office of the High Commissioner for Peace, Miguel Ceballos, joins the procedures that are being carried out for the dispatch of Salvatore Mancuso, Rodrigo Tovar Pupo, ‘Jorge 40’ and Miguel Ángel Mejía Múnera, alias ‘el Mellizo’.

“In coordination with the Justice and Foreign Relations portfolios, the Presidency of the Republic, through the office of the High Commissioner for Peace, has been taking steps with the United States immigration authorities to request the deportation of those extradited to that country that have already paid their sentences and that have the obligation to appear before the judges of the Republic to respond to the victims for their crimes, “Miguel Ceballos told EL TIEMPO.

The letter to the Foreign Ministry requesting the deportation of alias ‘Comba’ was obtained exclusively by EL TIEMPO and is signed by Javier Sarmiento, the chief in charge of that portfolio.

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In February 2017, a New York court sentenced him to 9 years in prison, but the 5 years he had already been behind bars were counted. The discounts were linked to the information he gave for the submission of his men.

Miguel Ceballos placeholder image

Miguel Ceballos, High Commissioner for Peace, articulates deportation and extradition requests with the Foreign Ministry and with the Justice portfolio.

Deportation letter from Luis Calle Serna

Deportation request letter from Luis Enrique Calle Serna.

Salvatore Mancuso and Jorge 40

Salvatore Mancuso tries to stay in the United States. Rodrigo Tovar Pupo, ‘Jorge 40’, is asking for security guarantees to return.


EFE / Alfonso Cervantes. TIME

I request that the United States authorities be informed of the importance of citizen Luis Enrique Calle Serna returning to Colombia to comply with the requirements of the judicial authorities

The file of ‘Comba’

Luis Calle Serna, 44, came to the mafia at the hands of his brother Javier (the oldest of ‘the Comba’) Despite his medical record, his lawyer, Rubén Oliva, managed to get the sentence assessed take into account that his delivery was voluntary. Also, that he aided in the submission of his brother.

(See here all the articles of the Investigative Unit of EL TIEMPO)

Even in the process it was ensured that Luis Enrique Calle Serna was mistaken for his brother Javier, the true head of the criminal organization and who was linked to a shady submission process.

However, Luis Enrique is awaiting several drug trafficking trials in Colombia linked to ‘Los Rastrojos’, the armed wing of his organization.

According to official databases, he has a current arrest warrant. In addition, it has three investigations for money laundering, one for conspiracy to commit a crime and a domain forfeiture that is inactive.



End of party on Wall Street or just an air shaft?

What happened? Did the bubble burst? High in the sky, the stock market fell Thursday and Friday (softer). ¿Wall Street came to his senses after a maelstrom fueled even by cheap tricks like dividing one fashion stock into several, and getting the miracle of a company appreciation? The Nasdaq reached 10%. The Actions Technological technologies melted in the sun like Icarus. Who disconnected Tesla? He surpassed $ 500 on Tuesday in a meteoric speeding. Produced short, it sank to $ 382 in the worst of Friday and dug its own bear market with a slip of more than 23%. And if he managed to start engines to close at $ 417, he got lost again – at $ 391 – in after-hours trading. End of party? Did the long-run rally run out of battery? Or is it a passing shower like in June? A well of air, one would say. A specific balloon was punctured. The Robinhooders, who have never seen Sherwood woods, already know what a plover trap is. Its manager – the Japanese group SoftBank– was finally exposed by its sudden irruption in the options market. The conglomerate – which operates a hedge fund with $ 100 billion in assets – took an aggressive stance on tech companies. He bought stocks, but mainly derivatives in a gigantic operation. The market for individual stock calls (call options) exploded upward – its volume tripled in the last two weeks – without it being clear what was behind it. The move – like an elephant entering a bazaar – unleashed a “Greek” tragedy of volatility. It is that to avoid paying breakages, call sellers protect themselves by buying shares in dynamic strategies known as hedging “delta” (and “gamma”). The rally in prices – and the persistence of the buyer – forced them to bid for even more paper, with a frenzy, so as not to expose themselves to the mismatch. That pressure cooker – the VIX Index had never soared higher than the S&P 500 on all records – was uncovered Thursday with the Nasdaq plummeting. Who can tell if the cooking is finished? The calm in the evening on Friday (with a long holiday ahead) is a good sign, but not enough. SoftBank acquired $ 2 billion of shares in Amazon, Microsoft, Tesla and Alphabet last month, and a new asset management unit has a budget of $ 10 billion to invest. It is a convinced hand, firmly anchored. If your thing is positioning (after all, it is a technology conglomerate) and not the revolving of a transaction, so it will be. Nor will there be anyone who wants to put it to the test.


September’s free PS Plus games now available: PUBG and Street Fighter 5

Subscribers PS More can now download for free the september games, which are the successful battle royale PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and the title of fight Street Fighter V for PS4. Both are now available through the PlayStation Store: here and here.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the battle royale of Bluehole

PS Plus players can now download the game through the PlayStation Store PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: developed by Bluehole, the game invites us to be the last players left standing. He has recently welcomed the update 8.2, which adds the powerful MG3 light machine gun and decoy grenades, among many other novelties.

It is a title of great popularity among fans of the genre, reaching the 70 million copies sold both on PC and on PS4 and Xbox One, as reported by PUBG Corporation. The game is available for 29,99 in PlayStation Store, but we remind you that this month PS Plus players can download it for free.

Street Fighter V, a giant of fighting games

The title developed by Capcom, Street Fighter V, invites us to immerse ourselves in a new story where fighting is combined with new game modes. Recently, the developers announced that the game was preparing to open the doors new characters how Dan Hibiki, Rose, Oro, Akira Kazama and many more, so PS Plus players will have the opportunity to enjoy these new companions this month. The title is available for a price of 19.99 in PlayStation Store for players who are not part of PS Plus.

PS Plus: Your Advantages

With more than 45 million subscribers behind their backs, Playstation plus stands as Sony’s service that allows gamers on its console to enjoy multiple benefits: in addition to receiving two free games each month, users also enjoy promotions, exclusive discounts and online multiplayer. In addition, it offers members 10 GB of storage space for up to 1000 saved files. Users interested in subscribing can take advantage of the three purchase options offered by Sony from PlayStation Store: 1 month costs 8.99 euros, 3 months 24.99 euros and 12 months 59.99 euros.


Cannabis: Clever Leaves, the first Colombian firm to hit Wall Street – Business – Economy

The Colombian company Clever Leaves, one of the main multinational operators and authorized producer of extracts of cannabis and pharmaceutical grade medicinal hemp, It will be the first national company in the sector to be listed on the Nasdaq market, the second largest automated and electronic stock exchange in the United States.

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This result was given by an agreement with Schultze Special Purpose Acquisition (SAMA) with which it will be combined and become a company that will be publicly traded on the Nasdaq.

Andrés Fajardo, founder of Clever Leaves, along with Julián Wilches and Gustavo Escobar, indicated that the entry into that market will take place in the fourth quarter and the combined company will trade under the symbol CLVR.

With the operation, he said, it is expected Enter a world of large investors and take advantage of synergies to raise capital and eventually think about future acquisitions.

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Clever Leaves has not been in the market for five years yet and has already obtained local and international financing for US $ 105 million and in Colombia it has invested US $ 55 million.
In the country it has a 17-hectare cultivation area in Pesca (Boyacá) and a production and processing plant in Tocancipá.

In addition, on Tuesday it announced that it was granted a license from Infarmed IP, which is the Portuguese regulatory authority that oversees the pharmaceutical industry, including medicinal cannabis, to grow, import and export dried flower with good agricultural and collection practices, produced in the company’s cultivation in that country, where it bought 85 hectares and in which there is already one operational hectare.

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The license marks the beginning of Clever Leaves’ cultivation activities in Europe and its ability to produce, market and export high-quality cannabis flower for medicinal purposes.

In addition, Fajardo said that the company also recently obtained the European Union Good Manufacturing Practice compliance certification for its post-harvest and laboratory operation from the Croatian Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices.

Andrés Fajardo said that in Colombia there is a misalignment of regulations compared to other countries, “despite the fact that we were among the first to advance in the approval of medical cannabis.” The company has exported to Canada, England, Poland, Israel, Germany, Chile and recently Australia.

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Merkel, I can’t mediate, Lukashenko refuses interview – Last Hour

(ANSA) – BERLIN, AUGUST 19 – Angela Merkel explained that she tried to contact the Belarusian leader Lukashenko by telephone, “but unfortunately there was no phone call”.

Responding to a specific question, the chancellor said she did not see her role as mediator in the clash in Belarus possible: “To mediate, you need the availability of the two sides” and Lukashenko refused the interview, he explained. Merkel further stated that the EU “wants to support civil society”, “but for us it is clear that Belarus must find its own way” and there must be no interventions “from outside”, said Angela Merkel, after the European Council, at a press conference in Berlin. (HANDLE).