Turkish singer dies after spending 288 days on hunger strike

Turkish singerHelin Bölekhas passed away after passing288 days on hunger strikeprotesting the arrest of seven members ofGrup Yorum, the music band to which he belonged, accused of belonging to a terrorist group. “Helin Bölek of Grup Yorum has been martyred from a 288-day hunger strike,” the band announced today on their Twitter account. Bolek started […]

Unions and corona: suspended and postponed (neues-deutschland.de)

Photo: dpa / Jens Büttner It went so well: For the first time since the turn, employees in the Saxon food industry went on a warning strike. They organized themselves at Frosta, Bautz’ner Senf or Cargill. It is about equalizing wages at western level, specifically up to 700 euros more per month and the prospect […]

French union CGT wants to go on strike despite Corona

DCalls for solidarity in the fight against the corona virus are apparently unheard of by the French trade union CGT. The workers’ organization called on Thursday for the month of April to stop work in the public service. In a letter to the Ministers of Labor, Budget and Civil Service, the CGT Civil Service Department […]

‘Chair girl’ to find out today if his sentence will relate to time in prison

TORONTO – A 20-year-old woman who threw a chair from a downtown Toronto balcony on a busy highway last year should know if she will serve in prison. Here are real-time updates from inside the courtroom. The previous story follows. Marcella Zoia said in the courtroom that she was “very sorry for her actions” last […]

Mexico, women on strike to denounce feminicides

“The 9, none of us move “, “A day without us women” chant Mexican feminist organizations. Grouped under these slogans, Mexican women organized a general strike, Monday, March 9, to denounce the violence and inequalities of which they are victims. “This strike in Mexico was born out of a very spontaneous reaction from the population”, […]

Vueling achieved record profits in 2019 despite air control strikes | Companies

Vueling closed the 2019 financial year with record profits, according to the data included by IAG in its individual annual accounts, registered in the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV). The company that still runs Javier Sánchez-Prieto, future president of Iberia, achieved an after-tax result of 165 million euros, 11% more than in 2018, which was […]

The Ford government supports high school class sizes, e-learning in view of more teacher strikes

REGINA PARK – The progressive conservative government of Ontario is supporting its controversial class dimensions and mandatory e-learning policies in an attempt to break the stalemate with the province’s school unions. In a sudden announcement on Tuesday, Education Minister Stephen Lecce said the government would increase class sizes in Ontario high schools from the current […]

Sobral, a Brazilian city hostage to striking police officers | International

Sobral, a city of just over 200,000 inhabitants of northeastern Brazil, has been for 13 days the epicenter of a serious security crisis that has caused surreal scenes. Cid Gomes, a senator born in the city and an opponent of President Jair Bolsonaro, was shot when trying to break into an enclosure of striking policemen […]