dying Zhanna Friske came to the salon to do the last hairstyle

Since the death of Jeanne Friske five years. The singer died from brain cancer June 15, 2015. Three months before his departure, the actress last seen with his close friend and stylist Vlad Lisova. A dying star came to him to do last in my life the hair.

Vlad Lisovets openly talked about his last meeting with Zhanna Friske. They were friends for many years, and met when the singer came to the “Brilliant”. The stylist worked with the girls, responsible for their images.

When Jeanne was engaged in solo career, she continued to chat with Vlad. Of course, he knew about her illness. Three months before death, the artist had realized what was happening to her. It was the hardest treatment, just returned from America. “Then she came to herself, for a short period, we all cheered… and That’s when Jeanne decided to come to the salon to get a haircut,” said the stylist.

While Vlad gently suggested to her friend: “Maybe home? Maybe in a closed space?”. But he sharply said, “No, don’t.”

According to him, she came to herself. Administrators, clients were all in some kind of shock at the sight of Pink. “By the time Joan lost weight, but still was great, had a limp, walked with a cane. I ran out to her car, wanted a hand, but she replied: “No, I myself.” I was dumbfounded,” continues his confession Lisovets.

Jeanne was in the salon, everyone smiled and said Hello as if nothing had happened. Then asked, where her to sit down. “I gathered strength and asked: “Jeanne, what can I cut?” And she answered: “Yes, without a difference. I still don’t see anything”“- quoted by stylist website mk.ru.

This situation, as admitted Vlad, he divided his life into before and after. When she left the salon, had a terrible tantrum.

“It was awful. I cut his girlfriend, who sees only a silhouette, which has virtually no hair… can You imagine? What force will it was. I’ve seen other people with tears looked at us, because everybody understood the situation, and everyone could see horror on their faces. In the head spun this phrase: “anyway I don’t see anything”. It was not said with self-pity, it was in our style, so cynical, ridiculous, stupid”, he concluded.


the fans caught the spirit from a photo of Natalya Podolskaya in underwear

Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov were married for ten years. They have a son Artemy. Not so long ago, celebrities have celebrated the first anniversary of boy – June 5 he was five years old. Looking for 38-year-old singer amazed – so beautiful she looks like. The actress impresses the audience with his youth and sense of style. Recently, the star published a blog recent photo that has caused quite a stir.

Natalia Podolskaya is incredibly beautiful. In a new photo she appeared with short hair. The hair color remained the same. Natalia for many years, prefers red shade. The singer posed in lingerie.

And if so ?

Fans of the idol Ghost caught. They began to discuss the sudden change in the image of a pet, and also her courage. Until recently, Podolsky allowed himself rare footage in mini bikini. But in revealing lingerie, perhaps never posed.

“Younger by 20 years”, “Fatal girl! “”That’s”attitude”had become only prettier”, “Motherhood obviously, you’ve decorated”, “Pretty woman”, “Crazy mom”, “Natasha! Stop doing that!”, – writing followers.

Recall Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov met in 2005 on the set of “the Great race”. The birth of a son Artemy they waited 10 years. The singer never hid how hard-won for them with her husband was their first child. They went to the Holy places in hopes of begging a baby God. And when the Topic came to light, the parents were overjoyed. Now Natalia and Vladimir fully immersed in taking care of the child. They often argue over how to raise the boy. According to singer, the husband allows too many child. “Dads – they are aliens, they have their own lawsand sometimes I have my eyes on the forehead climb from the fact that the husband allows the son. But on the other hand most importantly – the active participation of dads in child’s life. It is much worse when the father is like and like a baby” – summed up Podolsk.


Elena Stepanenko tried playful

Elena Stepanenko on shooting a new episode of its show “not Yet!” every time wearing fashionable outfits. This time 67-year-old comedian tried years playful.

Red pant suit, white blouse and your favorite Elena Grigorievna pumps was gracefully complemented by a large pendant.

Members noted the beauty of the stars and showered her with compliments in the comments to the post in Instagram.

Elena Stepanenko in the new red suit

Elena Stepanenko in the new red suit

“Playful, young, naughty, You, as always, is great!” “Too provocatively”, “Great!”, “Lady in red. Charming”, “Oh, what a woman, all of this would be, Before, looked better, more appetizing! Thinness is not always good, especially the old ladies!” — I wrote to the followers of the artist.

A gradation of colors from Stepanenko is not much different. Before that, the actress put on a pink total-bow, which is also not very liked by the fans, describing the outfit as a youth.

Not so long ago, Elena Stepanenko began looking through the photo archives and show my outfits of the past years. But some of the pictures surprise even the artist itself, which is unclear: how could she wear this? For example, tight leopard spandex caused a flurry of comments from fans.


Buzova in winter boots and a mini dress enjoys the heat

Olga Buzova tried a new summer look. The singer shared on Instagram a photo where posing in a bright mini dress.

“I also want to take a walk and sunbathe. But no time to even eat, work non-stop. So enjoy the beautiful weather for me, my good,” wrote the star.

Selfie of the actress caused a heated discussion among subscribers. Many were amazed that light summer dress, the singer combines with high leather boots.

Olga Buzova in winter boots

Olga Buzova in winter boots

“This kind of dress and boots”, “you look Gorgeous”, “Ol, the summer. Honestly, Ol” “On the street Jun. Are you in a summer dress and boots”, “is Not hot in wellies?”, — I wrote to the followers of the artist, his comments hinting her to change the time of the year.

It seems that Olga Buzova already somewhat bored with the music career and she creates the singles, as they say, out of inertia, not really engaging in fiction. The budding singer on his page on the social network delivered a new “child” and released the track “Orbits without sugar”.

Earlier the website of Radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda” told that example Buzova followed her former colleague on “House 2” Ksenia Sobchak, who sang the news.


Lady Gaga showed how lives in the village

Nadezhda Babkina immediately after discharge from the hospital schedule was very tight. Day after day the shooting went new launches “Fashionable sentence” — you need to catch up and delight viewers with fresh programs.

Finally, the artist had time to get out of town and go to the country, closer to nature. As well in the summer in the village!” — Babkin wrote in Instagram. In this pictures she is posing “in full regalia”.

The red long shirt and pants, coupled with the styling and makeup and an elegant bracelet not really fit into the image of a summer resident. Surprised and followers of the singer, noting that the image is not “rustic”.

Nadezhda Babkina came to the village

Nadezhda Babkina came to the village

“What if the parade in the village”, “Luxury always and everywhere” “what if the village whore have to go?”, “They work like this! Elsewhere in the parade”, “a woman in the village lady! Let the serfs run around in sandals!” — wrote the following in the comments.

Nadezhda Babkina recently had pneumonia, her condition doctors evaluated as severe — it affects about 80% of light, which she was urgently operated on. Despite this, coronavirus Babkina was not confirmed.

Later the star was expecting a long recovery and physical therapy. The doctors fed her through a tube and helped to walk slowly around the ward. Because of the illness of Nadezhda Babkina two months not seeing his family, including a young lover Eugene Gore.


Christina Asmus in a swimsuit caused a rash

Christina Asmus is called one of the most beautiful actresses in Russian cinema. Looking at the artist, it is difficult to believe that she is the mother of a six-year-old daughter. The fragile Christina herself looks like a girl. In clothes, she prefers a classic style. However, the other day, the 32-year-old wife of Garik Kharlamov made her fans flinch.

Christina Asmus caused a daze in a strange look. She posted a video on the blog. In frame the actress appeared in a sand-colored swimsuit with large black stripes, woolen socks and a long coat. Instead of the usual long hair, Asmus has the head curls.

But most importantly, a decent size catches the eye. As it turned out, in this form, Asmus starred in the series. She is one of the few actresses who continue to work even on self-isolation.

After watching the video, the audience seems to be even more perplexed. Actress jumped against the background of a wardrobe, making chaotic movements and lifted her legs under the hit of Leonid Agutin “Hop Hey Lala Lay.” The laid on stomach walked with a shaker, and instead of a hairstyle a tangle formed.

“Kristina, what are you persecuting. It used to be a pleasure to watch, now I’ve somehow gone down,” “A where the modest Asmus has disappeared? “,” It’s just curious why there is such a shock “,” Husband and wife are one Satan! “,” What was that? “,” Where are people going “,” Mad woman “,” Garik infected “, “What got into you, Garik?”, – the public is indignant.

Recall that Christina Asmus has been happily married to Garik Kharlamov for six years. The actress calls her husband the closest person. Couple brings up daughter Anastasia. In one of the interviews, the actress admitted that her lover just does not have a soul in the baby. The girl does gymnastics, dancing and goes swimming. At the same time, the couple repeatedly noted that they dream of a second child.


Why the Chevrolet Niva update will not change the market situation

A popular Russian SUV, despite the stylistic changes, will remain auto-trash.

Last year, AvtoVAZ acquired a 50 percent stake in GM-AvtoVAZ, which specialized in the production of the legendary Chevrolet Niva. Such a deal means that the production of Shnivy is now in the hands of Togliatti developers.

And the changes were not long in coming – first of all, AvtoVAZ launched the production of the popular Russian SUV under the brand LADA Niva, and also decided to release the Shniva update. Recently, the network showed renderings made by independent designers, where the Chevrolet Niva is presented in the guise of a LADA 4×4 Vision.

The Shnivy body survived the most changes, which has acquired more features inherent in the corporate identity of LADA. In particular, the Russian SUV can acquire chrome X-shaped trims that will separate a large radiator grill and massive head optics with “halogens”. In addition, the designers endowed the Chevrolet Niva with a front bumper with an integrated large air intake, which is typical for LADA 4×4 Vision. In the side of the Russian SUV, the wheel arches widened and the rims grew in size.

The restyled Shniva received no more changes, but this modernization suggests that this style does not guarantee high build quality, especially when it comes to AvtoVAZ. So the Chevrolet Niva update will not change the market situation – in the desire to earn money, the Togliatti developers, as always, will save on materials, but will make a catchy design to splurge.


Great car or overpriced bucket? What “jambs” appeared during 2 years of using LADA Vesta SW Cross

The owners shared their opinion about the LADA Vesta SW Cross after 2 years of operation.

First owner uses LADA Vesta SW Cross with 1.6 L engine and manual transmission in the “Lux” configuration. Owns a car for almost 2 years, mileage is 57 thousand km. Over the life of the car enthusiast pleased with the car and serious damage did not happen. There were creaking bushings of stabilizers. The car went through 7 maintenance, oil changed there, as it was operated in urban conditions, the driving style is aggressive. “Antikor” and “cannon fat” processed all joints. At the points of abutment of the plastic body kit, cracks are still visible and moisture can get there. The paintwork is excellent. In LADA Vesta, I changed the headlights, lanterns and repeaters on the mirrors in one style, since there was not enough light from the headlights at night. Regarding taxiing, there were no problems, at a low speed, the shock absorber rattles on small irregularities, and there is no such problem at high speed. The stabilizer bushings also creaked, the amateur found a simple and cheap solution – take the bushings from Toyota

The owner is annoyed that the engine temperature sensor is damped, that is, it actually shows 90 degrees from 5 5 to 105. When using a car for 2-3 months at 95 degrees, you can “burn” the motor. The West disease is that the upper engine mount is soft. On the 56 thousand run, the corrugation broke, it lived for so long, as the lower pillow of the “engine” was strengthened, which extended the life of the corrugation and the upper pillow. From the suspension to the thousands to 100, two silent blocks in the levers “lie down”. Wheels on cars are native, but there are no caps, as they often fly away.

Second owner uses LADA Vesta SW Cross already 70,000 km. The car is excellent in terms of price and quality, long-distance trips are comfortable. The power window buttons moved forward and the first 5-10 thousand motorists lowered the rear window instead of the front. There is no anti-gravel film on the car, many chips appeared throughout the car, but this is not too noticeable, since the places of the chips did not rust. The shelf in the trunk flew apart, the car was heavily loaded and put paper towels on the shelf and closed, and it broke.

“I would like to scold, but nothing,” said the second owner of the LADA Vesta SW Cross.


A bed weighing a ton and a basketball court … Take a look inside the luxurious palace of rapper Drake

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – From a bed weighing a ton and a 4,000-pound bathtub carved out of black marble, the Canadian rapper Drake’s home is not without opulence and opulence.

The palace includes a basketball court the size of the stadiums where NBA matches are played, a studio for recording songs, as well as an indoor pool.

Drake offers Architectural Digest a comprehensive overview of the mansion, and Canadian rappers hope to highlight the design inspiration behind this multi-million dollar project.

The story of the palace in the magazine contains several photos taken throughout the 50,000 square foot palace.

The story also includes an interview with the creative mind behind the specially designed house, the designer Ferris Ravoli, who describes how he laid a contemporary touch on the architecture of fine art.

It features a basketball court ... Take a look inside the luxurious Drake Palace in Toronto

Drake Palace includes a basketball court designed according to the National Basketball League League regulations

“According to the shape, the materials, and the execution, the building is a nineteenth-century limestone mansion. But the outward formations look less and the lines appear clearer,” said Ravoli during the interview.

Drake’s Palace, dubbed “The Embassy”, meaning the embassy, ​​is distinguished by other luxurious materials including bronze, black granite, Makassar ebony and brown onyx.

The motifs include sculptures by the American artist “KAWS”, as well as a selection of “Grammy Awards”, and a full corridor dedicated to sports star shirts.

Take a look inside the luxurious Drake Palace in Toronto

Drake is at his Toronto home next to the grand ‘Bösendorfer’ concert specially designed in collaboration with Ravole and famous Japanese artist Takashi Murakami.

During his interview with Architectural Digest, Drake indicated that he wanted to demonstrate the ultimate in luxury through the size of rooms, building materials, floor and ceiling details.

Drake also wanted to make sure his audiences saw the work he had done over the years, and that it reflected in every respect, according to what was reported.

It features a basketball court ... Take a look inside the luxurious Drake Palace in Toronto

Inside Drake’s master bedroom, 3,200 sq ft

Drake previously gave a glimpse of his palace via social media and through videos of his songs. However, the new photo session offers an unprecedented look at the design of the luxurious palace, including the master bedroom of 3,000 square feet, a basketball court, and an ornate yellow lounge described by Ravoli as a “contemporary architecture”.

Elsewhere, the 44-foot-high living room, called the “Grand Room”, contains a grand “Bösendorfer” party piano specially designed in collaboration with Ravoli and the famous Japanese artist Takashi Murakami.

“The world of Drake is all about music, so he won’t buy an ordinary piano,” said Ravoli.

The palace dates back to 2015, when Drake bought a plot of land in Toronto for $ 6.7 million, and then demolished the existing house to make room for his mega house with its high ceiling.

The rapper, whose net worth was estimated at $ 150 million in 2019, according to Forbes magazine, said the home illustrated his desire to “stay fixed forever where he was born.”

“I wanted the structure to remain stable for 100 years,” Drake told Architectural Digest, adding that one of the things he would leave behind was, “so he should have been immortal and strong.”

In addition to creative orientation, Ravoulie designed a number of elements in the palace himself, including a “shearling” banquet, and an attractive chandelier made of bronze and marble.

The designer and his famous client also got furniture from the Italian company “Venicem” and “New York’s Lumifer”, as well as textiles such as Alexander McQueen and Jean-Paul Gaultier.

“Once you choose a certain style, you can dance in this style,” Ravoli told the magazine.