Corona virus: “No kiss for grandma”

© Gerd Altmann on Pixabay / Shaking hands, giving Bussi .. Better not 14.3.2020 Tips for everyday life and more – The corona virus wave is rolling through Europe and the elderly and the elderly are number one risk group when it comes to infections, especially acute respiratory infections. “There is still no need to […]

British Columbia: Students cross the border four times a day

Long-distance travel British Columbia Regional Studies Students cross the border four times a day Point Roberts is an American exclave in Canada. This has bizarre effects especially for some schoolchildren. But there is more unusual to report from the British Columbia region. Status: 08:39 a.m. | Reading time: 4 minutes By Ann-Kathrin Löhnwitz Cargo ships […]

111 million paintings: Hasso Plattner’s Monet for Potsdam

Dhe surface of the painting “Heuschober” (1890) sparkles like gemstones. This can only be guessed at in the reproduction on newsprint. Applied roughly and quickly, the color breaks the light like a polished jewel. It is the warm light of the sunset that clears the way past the haystack and makes the backdrop shimmer in […]

Whatsapp: fake news about the corona virus in circulation!

Whatsapp: Warning, fake news about the corona virus in circulation! You shouldn’t trust this doctor on 03/01/2020 at 19:55 Whatsapp: Fake news about the corona virus is currently spreading on the Internet. (Icon) Photo: AP Cases of the coronavirus are becoming increasingly known in Germany and around the world. And with it the fear of […]

April weather in February: rain and sun alternate – Austria

24.02.2020 05:00 (Act. 24.02.2020 05:00) The weather next week will be rather wet, but on Tuesday the sun and up to 17 degrees are expected. © APA / HELMUT FOHRINGER The weather in Austria remains changeable as usually only in April. The week starts with thick clouds, on Tuesday up to 17 degrees, on Thursday […]

Breakfast burns twice as much energy as dinner

© Free-Photos pixabay / breakfast 02/24/2020 Different calorie utilization depending on the time of day – examination of the section for psychoneurobiology of the University of Lübeck shows details An extensive breakfast should be preferred to a sumptuous dinner to avoid obesity or blood sugar spikes in diabetes mellitus. This emerges from a study by […]

Germans suffer from low levels of sun vitamin

How important is vitamin D for our health? This is the subject of heated debate among doctors. Some swear by vitamin D cures, others consider this an unnecessary trend. How is the vitamin D supply in Germany? Vitamin D is the only vitamin that the body can produce itself. The so-called endogenous synthesis takes place […]

Found a material older than Earth within a meteorite | Science

On September 28, 1969, a large fireball in the sky could be seen in Victoria, southeast of Australia, which was divided into three fragments before disappearing. Shortly after an impact was felt. It was the Murchison meteorite, from which up to 100 kilos of material were recovered. Since then, organic compounds and sugars have been […]