Today’s GTV, MNC TV, and RCTI Program Schedules Sunday, October 18 2020

RINGTIMES BANYUWANGI – Station television Indonesia, GTV, MNC TV, and RCTI today Sunday, 18 October 2020 hosts several events TV which is interesting to watch and be entertainment with family.

GTV, MNC TV, and RCTI today presents several excellent programs that can accompany activities from morning to evening.

Quoted from the station’s official website TV these, following event schedule GTV, MNC TV, and RCTI today which presents many interesting events using Western Indonesian Time (WIB).

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Program Schedule TV : GTV

00.00 It is said

01.00 Adventurous Girl

01.30 Travel Addict

02.00 Adventurer’s Glasses

03.00 Original Tercyduk


Despite the Covid and the withdrawals, the Z Event is maintained

Update 12h00:

The streamer MisterMV, of which a member of the entourage is virus positive, has also announced his withdrawal from the event.

Article original:

Planned October 16, 17 and 18, 2020, the 50 hours of live streaming for Amnesty International will be maintained. The organizer and creator of the French event, Zerator, announced on his Twitter last night that the Z Event 2020 would still take place despite some calls for cancellation, and some withdrawals.

An announcement while for a few days, the flagship streamers of the event follow one another to announce their withdrawals, one after the other, following Covid-19 tests.

Doigby announced to withdraw “following the situation which becomes more and more alarming in France”. Squeezie has meanwhile mentioned several contact cases, and cancels his visit pending the results of his test.

And Kameto announced that he had passed his test and was negative, Locklear and Mickalow preferred not to take any risk and cancel their participations.

All 3 were alongside Doigby and Squeezie at an event on NRJ with Flober a few days ago. Squeezie regretted not having worn a mask around and during this gathering, despite the risks.

In the end, despite these withdrawals from the fifty or so participating streamers, the event was therefore maintained last night. We should always count on Alphacast, Jeel, Xari, Sardoche, Kenny, DominGo or even Fred from JDG.

This event should be very special, with very restrictive measures. Participants will be confined for 50 hours in a healthy bubble at the hotel, and no participant will be able to enter without having shown a negative test and having submitted to the control measures.

Despite the disclaimers, Zerator was confident:

The first “Avengers” event gathered 16 people. You can imagine that having 45 streamers motivated for this cause motivates us just as much. (…) From the first euro, it is a success. Going over large amounts is always positive, but that is not the point.

And you, do you understand this decision to maintain the event despite the current situation and the president’s announcements last night, instituted a curfew in several large metropolitan areas in France?

NB: As for the Wankil Corp, still not invited, the withdrawal is also in order.


Your horoscope for Sunday, October 11: love, money, work, health …

Which day should you expect on a sentimental, financial or health level? Check it out below with our complete horoscope, sign by sign.

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Love: Your married life will fully benefit from the protection of the stars, which promises you a particularly prosperous day in terms of marriage. Single, the astral influxes will inspire you in love matters. You will find a thousand new ways to achieve your ends. Your cheerfulness will be irresistible and your charm increased tenfold. You will have to make important family decisions but you will have a hard time imposing your point of view.

Work-Money: Hurry up to put the finishing touches to your most ambitious projects. In a few days, the planetary influences will no longer be so favorable to you. You should take stock of your professional situation before making certain decisions that will commit you in the long term. This day will be calm on the silver side. If you’ve been having trouble balancing your books lately, you’ll be fine.

Health: Despite a little nervous tension, you will be in great shape. You will not stand still! Be careful not to get excited or impatient. Your sleep would be the first affected and might be somewhat restless.

Mood: A complicated day!

Advice: Attention! If you stick to your positions you will find yourself at an impasse.


Love: You are changing and seeking to gain in relationship quality. The stars will help you.

Work-Money: The chance to prove your true worth is going to come your way. Take the opportunity to impress your boss.

Health: Your vitality will make people envious.

Mood: You have the wind in your sails.

Tip: If you don’t have a green thumb, choose plants that don’t require a lot of maintenance.


Love: Relational giddiness will tire you out faster than usual. Do not turn down any offers of help that may be made to you. On the contrary, don’t hesitate to rely on others for the time being.

Work-Money: Your professional future is in your hands, you can be on top of things if you keep up to date with the changes and developments taking place.

Health: Everything is fine, but your immune system seems to be slightly down.

Mood: Tenacity is essential.

Tip: You need to break the routine of getting out of the daily grind before your spirits drop.


Love: You will be ready to make concessions that would have seemed unacceptable to you a little while ago. Do not try to get the situation under control at all costs. Let yourself go. Single, you can have a nice meeting through a dating site.

Work-Money: You have a hard time lifting your nose from your work, nothing is stopping you. Postpone certain tasks until tomorrow. On the financial side, stay reasonable if you want to save some money.

Health: You will lack resistance. Slow down the pace!

Mood: Fairly busy day.

Tip: Don’t get upset if things don’t go the way you planned. Sometimes you have to adapt.


Love: Priority to your family life! You will feel best around your partner and your children. But beware, nothing will be more harmful to your relationships than your misplaced self-esteem! Single, you will flirt pleasantly on dating sites, it will remain very superficial.

Work-Money: In work you are productive and will manage to overcome all obstacles. You’ll be tempted to tackle a thousand things at once, pretending you can take over the whole world!

Health: Temporary fatigue. You will need a good nights sleep to be able to recover.

Mood: A carefree day!

Tip: Organize a family board game night, TV will be a big change!


Love: Currently your relationship is placed under the sign of well-being. You will put doubts and worries aside to devote yourself fully to marital harmony.

Work-Money: Patience will not be your strong point and you will be tempted to skip ahead. Beware of mistakes that you will have a hard time fixing! Take your time, only by doing this will you achieve your dreams.

Health: Lower back pain due to poor posture.

Mood: Very ordinary day.

Tip: If you want to achieve the goals you set for yourself, you might want to change your method.


Love: Priority to your family life. You will manage to devote as much time as possible to those you love. This initiative will be seen by those around you as a great proof of love.

Work-Money: You will be very determined and ready to do anything to achieve your goals. Be careful not to lack flexibility and do not force things. You might get caught up in your own game.

Health: You impose too intensive efforts on yourself.

Mood: Your tenacity will pay off.

Tip: Be careful that your actions do not have unpleasant repercussions for those around you.


Love: Single, your hopes are not in vain. Give the loved one some time, he will eventually realize that you are the person he expected. Be patient.

Work-Money: Don’t try to compare yourself to others, go your way and specialize. Remember that your actions and ambitions are your own and that you are walking the path of life alone.

Health: A sawtooth tone.

Mood: You are not at the end of your efforts.

Tip: Don’t wait for relatives to offer you an outing or a party, organize it!


Love: You will be more relaxed than yesterday and you will spare no effort to re-establish bonds of complicity with your loved ones. Unfortunately, this sudden interest may not be enough. You’ll probably have to make amends to get everything back to normal.

Work-Money: Opportunities will arise both professionally and materially. Know how to grab them if you want to move forward. You will not be able to afford to think very long. You will need to be responsive if you don’t want to regret anything.

Health: Good nervous resistance. You will not be easily destabilized by high morale. On the physical side, even if it is not in great shape, you will not have anything serious to fear.

Mood: Overall a good day.

Tip: Ideally you would learn to delegate a bit. Others are just as capable as you are, even if they don’t have the same methods.


Love: In family, daily life will be interspersed with moments of shared joy and tenderness. You will bicker about the destination of your future vacation or about the adoption of a cat or a dog … Single, your sensuality and your desire to love will wake up suddenly and you will realize that you you need a real relationship and not just a flash in the pan that burns out too quickly.

Work-Money: You won’t have much time to breathe. Your pace of work will accelerate and you will have to adapt to it. No more repeated coffee breaks or personal phone calls; you won’t miss them because you won’t even have time to think about them. On the other hand, you will have the impression that time flies much faster! You will need to do your accounts before spending large sums. It’s not about finding yourself in the open.

Health: You should make an effort to lighten and balance your diet. Take the time to cook yourself delicious meals, rather than swallowing frozen preparations, and vary the pleasures.

Mood: Rather pleasant day.

Tip: You will have to make an effort not to indulge in gluttony. Be gourmet not greedy.


Love: You will be very diplomatic in the family and everyone will appreciate your sense of conciliation and your efforts to maintain a relaxed atmosphere. The plans for moving or traveling abroad will be supported by the stars. If you have a heart to take, you will have to be a little patient.

Work-Money: Fortunately, a financial problem related to the home will be solved. You will be working in a more relaxed atmosphere than in recent days, however, you will be keen to get rid of a stress that weighs on you by focusing on the details. You won’t let anything go.

Health: If you need to let off steam, try sports or go for a walk, you will feel better, but there is no point in hanging on to others. This will only increase your nervous tension and your morale will take a hit.

Mood: No problem in prospect.

Advice: Be careful on the road, do not go too fast even if you think you know where the speed cameras are positioned. An accident quickly occurred !


Love: It seems that you know how to apply “the recipe for mad love” advocated by Gainsbourg… you maintain a tender and sensual climate in your married life for the greatest pleasure of your partner. Single, you will be in a charming mood and your smile will take its toll!

Work-Money: Be even more careful than usual in managing your finances. Avoid headbuttons and costly procedures, you absolutely can’t afford them right now. The professional sector has a surprise in store for you. You will need to know how to adapt.

Health: It’s easy to advise you to take a rest, but you really need to do it. You need to pick up a more reasonable pace. You can’t spend your time running!

Mood: Relaxed day.

Tip: There are quick-to-make and succulent recipes that will spice up your daily meals.


here is the situation in your town this Sunday

The average number of coronavirus infections rose to 1,528.7 per day between September 17 and 23 (+ 24% compared to the previous seven-day period).

The number of hospital admissions continues to grow steadily, averaging 64.9 per day for the period September 20-26. A total of 20,043 people have been hospitalized since the start of the crisis.

The Sars-CoV-2 virus has caused the death of at least 9,974 people in Belgium since the start of the epidemic.

You can discover, in the map and the table below, the number of cases reported in your town yesterday, since September 1 (date of the start of the school year) and since the start of the epidemic.


How the “people’s inauguration” of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya took place in Minsk :: Politics :: RBC

The crowd gathered this Sunday has diminished compared to the number of people who went out to the first actions. But when the column reached the intersection with Maksim Bogdanovich Street, its tail still remained at the stele – and this is one and a half kilometers.


Read on RBC Pro

Here the crowd turned, because they were afraid of meeting a cordon on Victory Square – from there, along Independence Avenue in a straight line, you can reach the government complex. For the past few weeks, the authorities have not allowed protesters to approach the city center – all open spaces, and especially Independence Square, have been cordoned off since the morning.

Then people kept moving from the center of the city, passed by Bangalore Square and in the end nevertheless came out to Independence Avenue, but turned not to the center, but to the outskirts.

The column organized itself, the decision on the direction of movement was made at each intersection. NEXTA, which has always suggested the route itself, on this day only commented on what was happening. As a result, the crowd, which had thinned to several thousand people, reached Uruchya – it is ten kilometers from the city center, where the base of the Belarusian OMON is located. Here the crowd dispersed – not only because people were tired, but also because the security forces resumed detentions of the protesters who remained in the minority.

The authorities did not block the avenues along which the procession was moving – there was not a single traffic police car on the route along the main streets of the city. The protesters walked along the road for several hours, mixing with rare and constantly beeping cars, buses and tractors – the majority of motorists, seeing the crowd, turned around through two continuous ones at the entrances.

A group of young people in the vanguard of the march took over the functions of patrolmen – regulating and directing car traffic from the column of protesters, organizing the passage of ambulances.

From time to time, other young people came running to meet the column, talking about whether there was a cordon ahead. “Look on the right, OMON can wait for us there,” they shouted back and they ran away again. Motorists also told the protesters about the movement of riot police.

The Interior Ministry said that no more than 200 people were detained at rallies throughout the country. According to the unregistered human rights center Viasna, at least 260 people were detained throughout the country.


Trans TV Schedule Today Sunday, September 20, 2020, There is a Film Faster

MY SEMARANG – Schedule of program shows Trans TV today, Sunday, 20 September 2020.

Trans TV is one of the famous TV stations in Indonesia for showing interesting films in theaters Trans TV.

There is always an interesting film every night Trans TV. Tonight Trans TV Cinema will broadcast Faster and Escobar: Paradise Lost.

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Reporting from the official page Trans TV, The following is schedule show impressions Trans TV today, Sunday, 20 September 2020.

05.00 WIB: Islam is beautiful

06.30 WIB: Insert Morning

07.30 WIB: Good Morning Weekend


Electronic payments: watch out this Sunday

Worldline informs Belgian cardholders that, during this period, it will not be possible to make electronic payments with international cards (Maestro, Mastercard, VISA, JCB, UPI, Diners and American Express) in physical stores and in line, as well as at gas stations.

Bancontact transactions and cash withdrawals from ATMs will however be possible.

These operations, regularly planned by Worldline, are intended to ensure the continuity of service, to guarantee optimal operation and to constantly improve the level of service, specifies the operator.


this is how it will go

Standard – FC Bala Town, Thursday, having been decreed behind closed doors, Liège supporters will be able to make their comeback in Sclessin on Sunday (4 p.m.) against Kortrijk. But they will not be 10,000, as was envisaged in the agreement concluded at the end of August between Willy Demeyer, the mayor of Liège, and Bruno Venanzi, the president of Standard. The plan was a little too ambitious and was revised downwards, on the basis, as desired by the competent minister, of bubbles of 400 people per (sub) event. As a result, 7,500 fans will take their seats in the stands of the Maurice Dufrasne stadium, including in the two blocks usually reserved for visiting supporters (who will not be there). This means, on the basis of the 22,000 subscriptions passed, that a subscriber will be able to attend one in three matches. Or a little more if the Ultras and the PHK maintain their refusal to go to the stadium in the name of the principle of “everyone or nobody”.

In the meantime, in consultation with the Rouches Family, a procedure has been organized, which those who wish to attend Standard-Kortrijk will have to follow to the letter (see on What to remember? That each subscriber benefit from a priority period, from this Tuesday 8 p.m. to Thursday 8 p.m., in order to reserve his seats. Clearly, the principle of first registered, first served will prevail, knowing that during Zulte Waregem’s visit the following week, priority will be given to those who could not attend Standard-Kortrijk. Even if the figures will be reassessed according to the evolution of the health situation.


the “second wave” of the pandemic, feared around the world, became a reality this Sunday

“Today, the government has decided to implement a strict three-week lockdown with the option of extending this measure,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in the evening.

Authorities last week imposed a curfew on some 40 cities across the country, including ultra-Orthodox Arab and Jewish cities, which hasn’t stopped the number of cases from rising.

The infection rate in the country is on the rise with currently 153,217 cases of Covid-19, including 1,103 deaths, for a population of nine million inhabitants.

The lockdown will come into effect from Friday for the feast of Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year), will continue during Yom Kippur and will end on the last day of Sukkot, around October 9, authorities said.

– “Beginning of the second wave”

In Vienna, the city which recorded more than half of the 870 new cases in Austria on Saturday, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said his country was “at the start of the second wave” and that the number of cases should soon exceed 1,000 new cases. per day.

He called on the population to strictly respect anti-virus measures and to reduce contact as much as possible. From Monday, masks, already mandatory in supermarkets and transport, will be in all Austrian shops and public buildings.

Same concern in the Czech Republic, which recorded for the third consecutive day a record of infections on Saturday, with 1,541 new cases, according to the Ministry of Health.

This country of 10.7 million inhabitants is now one of the three member states of the European Union where the daily progression of the virus is the fastest, after France and Italy. The latter two countries, however, carry out twice as many screening tests.

“If the epidemic continues at this explosive rate, we will reach the limits of our hospital capacity” at the end of October, warned epidemiologist Roman Prymula on Czech television on Sunday. “It is urgent to put the brakes on hard”.

For the Czechs, the mask has already been compulsory since the beginning of September in closed places, except classrooms, and in companies if employees cannot maintain a distance of two meters.

South Korea, on the other hand, has decided to ease its anti-coronavirus restrictions for the 25 million inhabitants of the Seoul region from Monday. But its Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun is already planning to tighten the screws during the great transhumance that the country experiences each year at the end of September, on the occasion of the harvest festival (Chuseok).

In France, the symbolic milestone of 10,000 new cases in 24 hours was crossed on Saturday, a record since the launch of large-scale tests in the country.

However, good news came to shed light on this grim record on Saturday: the resumption of clinical trials of a potential vaccine by the pharmaceutical group AstraZeneca.

These tests were halted on Wednesday after the onset of a “potentially unexplained illness” – possibly a serious side effect – in a participant in the UK.

– 90 contaminated peacekeepers

WHO has identified 35 “vaccine candidates” being evaluated in human clinical trials around the world. Nine are already at the last stage, or are preparing to enter.

While waiting for a vaccine, the authorities are trying to enforce the protective measures but are met with resistance and sometimes have to use the hard way. Australian police, for example, arrested more than 70 people in Melbourne on Sunday who demonstrated against the restrictive measures.

In southern Lebanon where they are deployed, 90 UN peacekeepers, almost all from the same unit, have tested positive for the virus, a spokesperson for the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) announced. . They were placed in solitary confinement.

The pandemic has killed at least 921,097 people worldwide since the WHO office in China reported the onset of the disease at the end of December, according to a report established by AFP on Sunday.

More than 28,819,490 cases of infection have been officially diagnosed, of which at least 19,133,300 are now considered cured.

Saturday, 4,806 new deaths and 284,827 new cases were identified. The countries that have recorded the most deaths in their latest reports are India with 1,114 new deaths, Brazil (814) and the United States (523).

The United States is the most affected country in terms of both deaths and cases, with 193,705 deaths for 6,486,401 cases, according to the Johns Hopkins University count.


Magangué doctor is “detained” in Caracas

The doctor Antonio José Amell Cantillo, who had been reported by his family as missing, would be detained in Caracas, after he was captured at dawn last Sunday in the municipality of San Diego, a town near the city of Valencia, Carabobo state. , in the central area of ​​the neighboring country.

Members of the organization Foro Penal told EL HERALDO that after a meeting with officials of the Valencia judicial circuit, they told them that “he was not in the Judicial Palace.”

“Our team informs us that he would be in Caracas and they would present him before a special judge,” the NGO’s lawyers told this medium.

The coordinator of the NGO in Carabobo, Luis Betancourt, visited the main detention centers in Carabobo state yesterday and they answered that they did not have the 27-year-old doctor.

Marisol Cantillo, who is in Medellín, told EL HERALDO that several lawyers told her that her son was transferred to Caracas on Monday night in a helicopter.

“I only know that. I have not been able to talk to him, nor do I know the reasons for his possible arrest. The lawyers give me no more reason. They don’t know much either. These days have been an ordeal for me, ”Cantillo said.

According to neighbors, around 1:00 am on Sunday the doctor was forcibly taken from his home by officials with clothing and identification from the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (Sebín), who also took documents and a computer from the site.

Friends of the resident doctor of the Ciudad Hospitalaria Enrique Tejera (CHET), in Valencia, rule out that his arrest and subsequent disappearance is due “to political reasons.”

“As far as we know, he was never linked to some kind of organization or anything like that. There are no videos or any publication of him making any kind of political statement, “the doctor’s friends told this medium.

A request

Congressmen Fernando Araújo, Gabriel Velasco, Emeterio Montes, Jorge Benedetti, Jennifer Arias, Alejandro Corrales, Yamil Arana, Nadia Blel, Karen Cure and Silvio Carrasquilla signed a letter requesting the Red Cross and the Foreign Ministry to mediate to achieve the release of the doctor.

“In Venezuela there is a tyranny that violates Human Rights. We request that this communication be forwarded to international organizations in order to carry out the pertinent actions to guarantee the physical and psychological integrity of the victim of this gross act, ”the letter states.