March 5 Super Lotto results have been announced! Super Lotto turned over again!

The Super Lotto, which is organized every Thursday evening by the National Lottery Administration (MPI), will have a 646th week draw this evening. Last week, no one knew 6 lucky numbers in Super Lotto, and the third period was realized. After the third transfer, the big bonus amount was folded and rose to 7 million […]

To pineapples for a coronavirus joke in a super Chinese – News

A Chinese supermarket maker was braided with an employee of a distributor who made a joke related to the coronavirus when he unloaded merchandise in a shop in La Plata. The incident occurred on Wednesday in a super Chinese located on 526, between 12 and 13, in the Tolosa neighborhood of Plata. According to witnesses, […]

United States 2020: a referendum on billionaires | U.S

The slogan of the presidential campaign of Michael Bloomberg It is concise and astonishingly eloquent: “Mike will.” Removing Donald Trump from the White House is the priority of about half of Americans facing the November elections, and the Democratic candidate says he will “do it.” Why? Because he has 64.2 billion dollars to do it. […]