The new Huawei nova 7i is the perfect home companion

Tell me – Huawei announced the latest addition to its series of smartphones Huawei nova, the new Huawei nova 7i phone in Jordan, to be the perfect companion for all those who spend this period in their homes! Learn professional photography while you are at home The phone comes with a quad camera supported by […]

dies while defusing a Daesh bomb in Raqa

S. I. Updated:03/20/2020 14: 22h save Related news A British explosive bomb disposal expert, who died in Syria in October 2018, he is the new “national hero” after the judicial investigation concluded that he died while defusing a bomb planted by Daesh in a building in Raqa. Andy JonesThe 59-year-old father of three “was a […]

Asser and Bashir fled the bombs and discover another enemy in France

TESTIMONIALS – The offbeat looks of these “regularsOf the war on the French reactions to the Covid-19 epidemic are instructive. “My movements were already one of my concerns in Lebanon, because I did not have a residence permit. In France, I am in a regular situation, but I cannot leave my home ”, entrusts Asser […]

Cynicism, another virus

We can, like you and me, want to kill this damn crowned virus that eats our lives and grieve all of the thousands of deaths it does on its way, without refraining from recalling – and think about it further since, our race stopped, the lack of time can no longer be an excuse – […]

“It would take billions to rebuild”

The cross : What is the state of the Syrian economy after nine years of war? Why has the situation been getting worse for a few months? Jihad Yazigi: The conflict is over in much of Syria, but it still continues in some areas, particularly Idlib in the northwest. In nine years, the country has […]

Surviving the bombs: life in the last rebel redoubt in Syria – EL PAÍS

Surviving the bombs: life in Syria’s last rebel stronghold EL PAÍS Idlib forgotten city and revenge of the Syrian regime infobae Conflict in Syria: 9 years and more than 384 thousand dead Millennium Syria enters the tenth year of an endless residual war EL PAÍS This is how people live in the displaced camps left […]

New years of war in Syria

“This is not Iraq or Libya, this is something else. More than thirty people die every day, so … Welcome to Turkey, but take your time, two or three days, to decide if you want to enter Syria. They can kill”. This was the presentation of Nadir, a former basketball teacher turned drug dealer, who […]

Surviving the bombs: life in Syria’s last rebel stronghold

In Idlib province, last in opposition hands after nine years of civil war, 3.5 million people live, most displaced by the regime’s offensive and the bombings of Russian aviation. It is a poor and jobless area, controlled by the jihadist group HTS, which last year forcibly subdued the rest of the rebel factions.