Cause of death of large numbers of elephants found in Botswana and Zimbabwe


September 22, 2020 at 3:52 pm

This cyanobacterium was one of those on the list of probable reasons behind elephant deaths in Botswana, the African country with the largest herds on the continent and worldwide.

How the Novo Jornal reported about two weeks ago, the prolonged drought that the south of the continent goes through has dried up ponds and ponds, forcing animals to drink water that, normally, and instinctively, they refuse because they have accumulated memory of the harmful effects that cause the presence of these bacteria that give off a characteristic odor and are potentially deadly to several species of wildlife.

This discovery resulted from the efforts made by dozens of researchers who sought over the past few months to find the reason for these unusual deaths of hundreds of elephants, having now reached this conclusion through laboratory tests carried out in South Africa and Europe

According to the local press, those responsible for the wildlife department of the Gaborone Government admitted their satisfaction that they finally understood the reason for these deaths, but according to one of those responsible for the Botswana Department of Wildlife and National Parks, Cyril Taolo, now we need to find out why other animals are not being affected.

And it was also known that the deaths reduced to a great extent when the wells and ponds in the most affected region dried up.

Since the beginning of this year, more than 350 elephants have been found dead in Botswana, in the Okavango Delta, with no one yet having explanations for this death and the phenomenon is spreading to Zimbabwe, where dozens of bodies have already been found. of this species also without known causes.

The phenomenon of elephants killed in Botswana, in a number never seen without knowing the reason, began to be noticed last May and after, in 2019, the Gaborone Government created legislation to allow the killing of pachyderms, claiming the need the return of hunting tourism and also because the herds are growing unsustainably due to the long years of protection that this species is subject to due to the risk of extinction on the African continent and because they are beginning to invade plantations in the region due to severe drought.

Among the elephants killed, both in Botswana and Zimbabwe, are juveniles, adults, females and males, without apparent distinction, and this situation has caught scientists off guard.

The phenomenon became even more intriguing because many of the individuals who perished, before falling dead, walked for some time in disconnected circles, eventually fainting and letting their heads fall forward.

Scientists who have analyzed and studied this phenomenon describe the situation as an unparalleled “natural disaster”.

On recent reconnaissance flights, large herds of hundreds of elephants have given way to just a few, scattered, almost always older individuals, which means that thousands have fled the region, so far without knowing very well where, but neighboring countries are a possibility, which includes, in addition to Zimbabwe, Angola, Zambia, Namibia and even South Africa.

Shortly after the first abnormal bodies were discovered, the theories that gained the most credibility were an epidemic of a virus called EMC, with the scientific name of encephalomyocarditis, or a neurotoxin from an algae that grows in pools of water with certain climatic conditions, mostly as a result of climate change that force animals to travel long distances to find water, sometimes consuming contaminated water in despair because of severe thirst.


More than million viewers for autism series with Lies Visschedijk | 1Limburg

The new series Het A-Woord with Lies Visschedijk from Heel in the lead role has managed to captivate over 1 million viewers.

This makes the autism series the sixth most viewed TV program on Monday, according to figures from Stichting KijkOnderzoek.

The A Word
In the feel-good drama series, broadcast by NPO1, the life of Sam, Mariël’s son (Lies Visschedijk), is central. Sam is slightly different from other kids, but his parents don’t see a problem with that. When the diagnosis turns out to be irreversible autism, it hits like a bomb.

At first they do everything they can to avoid the ‘a-word’, but in the end they have to believe that this does not make life easier and that the norm does not always have to be the norm.

Limburg contribution
In addition to the Limburg Visschedijk, there is also input from Remy van Heugten from Heerlen. Together with Anna van der Heide, he is responsible for directing the Israeli-based series Yellow Peppers.


Rai 2 ‘unusual’, tough reply to the hater: “It destroys centuries of progress”

Rai Due dots the ì. And what dots! From his Instagram profile, the second public service network, through those who manage his social accounts, replied with an attitude as polite as it was determined to a user who allowed himself to release sexist comments below a post sponsoring the match Bosnia – Italy of the women’s soccer qualifiers, in progress these days. Not quite a usual thing. In fact, it doesn’t happen every day that the profile of a broadcaster of similar size is exposed directly to challenge a not exactly polite follower. In this case, however, it should be noted how the iron-hearted stance of the public service has come about with decidedly condemnable utterances regarding a sensitive issue such as gender equality.

Rai Due replies to a hater on Instagram: “It destroys centuries of progress achieved with difficulty”

“They go and sweep the house … Football is not for women, and it never will be”. Thus a user under the post in which Rai Due recalled the appointment of the women’s national team. Before the network intervened directly, other followers harshly criticized the hater’s words, giving him the “Male chauvinist” and, in a more picturesque way, of the “fool “. Then came the ‘official’ response from the Rai account (no longer visible: the user probably removed the comment and consequently the reply also disappeared) who addressed the person in question, appealing by name: “Dear Virgilio, we are always pleased that our audience feels the need to interact with us and express their opinions on social platforms. A means that is as democratic as it is engaging. Often this makes us proud and makes our work more beautiful. Here, not in his case. Sometimes it is not necessary to express one’s thoughts, especially if it offends people or categories of them, destroying centuries of progress achieved with difficulty. Silence is truly the kindness of the universe. Good day.”

Rai and its commitment to women

Rai is increasingly committed to transmitting values ​​and messages relating to overcoming old cultural ‘defects’ that still permeate some areas and some people of the Bel Paese. The event of 25 November 2020 scheduled on Rai1 fits into this groove: an event that will be dedicated to the pink world on the day relating to violence against women. It will be a first evening that will be conducted by an unpublished trio: in fact, the actress Sabrina Ferilli, the singer Fiorella Mannoia and the presenter of the ‘competition ‘Maria De Filippi. The project will aim both at depth and at television lightness to try to unhinge commonplaces and clichés relating to the female universe. Customs, habits and customs which, unfortunately, are still part of a creeping sub-culture.


TV schedule 20 September 2020, Today’s Program on Trans 7, RCTI, SCTV, ANTV, GTV, Net

THE MIND OF THE PEOPLE – Event schedule TV the latest update Sunday, September 20, 2020.

Weekends are indeed the perfect time to relax at home.

So that your day is not boring, several options for home activities can be done.

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One of the activities that you can enjoy on weekends is watching television.

Today various program events will be present in a number TV national time to accompany your time with family and relatives relaxing at home on weekends.

As reported in the article “TV Shows Schedule Today, Sunday, September 20 on Trans TV Trans 7 RCTI SCTV ANTV GTV Net and Indosiar“, following schedule event TV Sunday 20 September 2020 in Trans TV, Trans 7, RCTI, SCTV, ANTV, GTV, Just, then Indosiar.

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Technology: Samsung | QLED 8K | Q950TS | Q800TA | Smart | TV | TV | Price

launched its new line of televisions 2020 in our country and part of the region, among which is the QLED 8K, which was shown at the beginning of the year, in addition to 5 models divided into Crystal and Smart TV. What are their characteristics? Here we tell you.

In relation to will have models Q950TS and Q800TA, available in 85 ″ and 75 ″ and 65 ″ respectively. These offer around 33 million pixels when playing a video, movie, series, etc. In addition, they have a Quantum Processor and Artificial Intelligence, processing to improve the quality of the image.

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Also, the South Korean company mentions that the Q950TS model has 6 speakers that detect movement on the screen to reproduce the sound in the exact place where the action occurs. In the same way, by detecting the sounds of the environment where the television is located to automatically adjust and optimize the volume of the dialogues in real time so that you do not miss any detail.

For their part, televisions Crystal of they arrive in their models TU8500, TU8200, TU8000 and TU7000, from 43 to 85 inches. These offer an image UHD 4K.

Its Dynamic Crystal screen, made up of microcrystals of green and red tones, offer up to 64% more color than a conventional television, even the backlighting is improved to control the color temperature and give the precise tone to the image.

In addition, the Like the QLED 8K, it offers the Ambient Mode function, in order to project a frame or your favorite image without realizing that it is a television.

On the other hand, renewed Smart TVs also arrive. For example, elements such as Multi View are added, which will allow you to replicate the content of your cell phone in a space on the screen of the; the Tap view, to reflect the content of your cell phone with just a soft touch on the edge of the screen; Remote Access, giving you the option to open and edit files on your computer remotely; and Bixby, the artificial intelligence assistant with which you can interact and ask questions according to what you want.


  • SCREEN: 65-inch 8K QLED with 10-bit VA LCD panel
  • DIMENSIONS: 1.433,1 x 881,1 x 261,9 mm
  • WEIGHT: 32,1 kg
  • ASPECT RATIO: 16:9
  • RESOLUTION: 7.680 x 4.320
  • HDR: HDR10 +, HDR10 and HLG
  • IMAGE PROCESSOR: Quantum Processor 8K
  • COLOR SYSTEM: 100% of the DCI-P3 color space
  • CONNECTIVITY: 1 x HDMI 2.1, 3 x HDMI 2.0, 3 x USB, 1 x CI, 1 x antena, 1 x cable, 2 x satélite, 1 x salida audio óptica y 1 x Ethernet
  • WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY: WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 4.2
  • AUDIO CODECS: Dolby Digital Plus y Dolby 5.1


Learn how to use Discord

Discord: The alternative app to WhatsApp that is gaining strength



We tell you how advisable it is to take medicine and alcohol at the same time

When we drink medicines The alcohol, these substances go through the same process: they enter the digestive tract, pass into the blood, and then cause their effects on the organs designated, such as brain, the kidneys or others, depending on what we consume and for what reason and finally, after a short period of time, the liver metabolizes the substances so that later the Body can dispose of them.

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However, when ingest at the same time, the enzymes in charge of metabolizing these substances, take longer in the process of both, causing them to have greater effect and more durable in the body, especially when a person ingest alcohol of acute form and it doesn’t do it constantly.

However when the person ingests alcohol very constantly and at the same time takes medicines, your body may learn to metabolize the medicine faster to get it out of the Body, for which the effects of medicines they can be lower, even with larger doses.

Also, some alcoholic beverages how beer or wine, have a substance called “tyramine”, which when mixed with medications can cause sickness, vomit and facial flushing.

In the case of paracetamol, may cause toxic effects at liver if it is taken alcohol during treatment.

Every medicine has can cause effects different in the Body, depending of the metabolism and the quantity of alcohol what takes each person, for this reason it is not recommended get drunk while also taking a treatment of medicinesas it may be more harmful for the Health, how beneficial.

IH luna


Technology: Samsung | New sound bars | HW-Q950T | HW-Q900T | Characteristics

Do you need to improve the audios of your movies when watching Netflix or YouTube? increased its 2020 Q series soundbar lineup with the launch of two new models, including the HW-Q950T y HW-Q900T.

He HW-Q950T provides 9.1.4-channel audio output, the maximum number of channels for home theater systems currently available on a single soundbar. The model includes two rear turn-on wireless speakers as well as wide-channel left and right speakers to the previous 7.1.4-channel system.

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Both HW-Q950T and HW-Q900T support Dolby Atmos, generating, according to , surround sound and multidimensional movement. They also include eARC support to produce high-quality, full surround sound like Dolby TrueHD.

On the other hand, the company mentions that compared to the 2019 soundbar models, reduced the height of both models from 83mm to 69.5mm to fit the TV. The sound bars are also wrapped in Kvadrat textile.

The new Samsung sound bar reduces its size and offers channels of up to 9 inputs. (Photo: Samsung)

“In collaboration with Audio Lab in the US, we have been able to develop multi-dimensional surround sound that can be more accessible in the home, which was previously only possible with a separate home theater system.”said Seong Cho, Senior Vice President and Head of Global Product Marketing for Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “In addition to improving the sound quality, we also focused on adjusting the aesthetics of the soundbar design by using eco-friendly textiles, manufactured by the Danish premium brand Kvadrat.”.

The two new models also have the SmartThings app and Alexa voice service, allowing users to control their favorite music streaming services, such as Amazon Music, Spotify, TuneIn, and iHeart Radio.


See all the products presented at Samsung Unpacked 2020

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked: These are the products that the brand presented



after 14 years of reality TV, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” will stop!

“It was with a heavy heart that we made the difficult decision as a family to say goodbye to Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” Kim wrote to her 188 million Instagram followers. Kardashian, the most famous of the famous sisters.

“After what will be 14 years, 20 seasons, hundreds of episodes, several spinoff shows, we are more than grateful to all of you who have watched us for all these years, during the good days, the bad, the joy, the tears, many relationships and children, ”added the daughter of Armenian-born lawyer Robert Kardashian, who defended OJ Simpson.

“Our last season will be broadcast early next year, in 2021,” said the businesswoman and wife of Kanye West. “Without ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians, I wouldn’t be where I am today,” she said. “This show made us who we are and I will be eternally grateful to everyone who has played a role in building our careers and forever changing our lives.”

The statement was also released by her mother, Kris Jenner, a knowledgeable manager of the family’s affairs. It is signed by the three Kardashian sisters – Kourtney, Kim, Khloe – their mother, their brother Rob, their half-sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner as well as Scott Disick, the father of Kourtney’s three children.

No explanation was provided for this decision.

The announcement comes as rap star Kanye West, who has four children with Kim Kardashian, has declared himself a candidate for the White House.

He also recently made enigmatic and disjointed, even incoherent, remarks, prompting his wife to bring up again her bipolar disorder and to ask for “compassion and empathy”.

The reality show has made family members regular at celebrity magazines; a reputation that has allowed them to earn millions of dollars by launching into fields such as makeup, perfume or modeling.


Forlì influencer Denis Dosio in the house of Big Brother Vip: “Ready for anything”

“I’m ready for anything”. There will also be the influencer from Forlì of Brazilian origins Denis Dosio in the house of Big Brother Vip, which will air on Mondays and Fridays for 13 weeks, until the beginning of December starting from 14 September. At the helm of the management there will be Alfonso Signorini, with Antonella Elia and Pupo in the role of commentators. Dosio will be joined by other 19 competitors (a couple will count for one): Adua Del Vasco, Fulvio Abbate, Enock Barwauah, Patrizia De Black, Paolo Brosio, Elisabetta Gregoraci, Myriam Catania, Fausto Leali, Matilde Brandi, Dayane Mello, Massimiliano Morra, Francesco Oppini, Stefania Orlando, Francesca Pepe, Pierpaolo Pretelli, Maria Teresa Ruta, Guenda Goria, Andrea Zelletta, Flavia Vento and Tommaso Zorzi.

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Nineteen, Dosio has become a well-known face of the web thanks to his friendship with Luca Vittozzi, competitor of the third edition of “Il Collegio” on Raidue. It has a Youtube channel and on its TikTok profile it has about one and a half million followers. Barbara D’Urso has repeatedly invited him as a columnist in the “Afternoon Five” program. He has also released two singles singles: the first, “Non mi tocchi”, was released in January “, while the second,” Fatti a rule of art “, was released on July 30. He lives in Forlì with his mother, father and brother, while his sister is fresh from marriage. In an interview released in the latest issue of “Sorrisi e Canzoni”, which revealed the names of the competitors, he confessed to wanting to bring to the most spied house in Italy ” a bit of healthy madness “and the desire to be known. He defines himself as” good and touchy “and his motto is” live 101% “.


Fame: 20 Mexican telenovelas that are versions of Colombian dramas | Cabbage

The they are a television product that seems to never go out of style. Fictional dramas that simulate reality are very popular in Latin America and almost all countries have released their own original productions, although Colombia has stood out because it has also been the birthplace of very successful telenovelas.

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Going from classics like “I am Betty, the ugly one”, “Coffee with the aroma of a woman”, “Without tits there is no paradise” up to the latest productions like “The revenge of Analía”, “The glory of Lucho” and more, there is no doubt that in Colombia telenovela scriptwriters have known how to please their audience through the shows they write.

That is why many of these titles were also exported to various countries in the world, although many others have been copied or adapted for other audiences. Specially in Mexico, another cradle of telenovela scriptwriters famous, there were productions that tried to replicate the success of some Colombian soap operas.

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In fact, mention some 20 Colombian soap operas that were adapted to a mexican version, some having the same success and others that were not famous, but still remained afloat within the TV. What are these novels? Here we tell you.


“Francisco the Mathematician” (1999) (Photo: IMDb)

1. “Francisco the Mathematician” (1999) – “Class 406” (2002)

2. “Coffee, with the aroma of a woman” (1994) – “Distilling love” (2007)

3. “The still waters” (1994) – “Fire in the blood” (2008)

4. “In someone else’s body” (1992) – “Amar a Muerte” (2018)

5. “Until money do us part” (2006) – “Until money do us part” (2009)

“Las Juanas” (2004) (Photo: IMDb)

6. “Las Juanas” (2004) – “Daughters of the Moon” (2018)

7. “I am Betty, La Fea” (1999) – “The most beautiful ugly one” (2006)

8. “The mother of 10” (2018) – “The champion’s boss” (2018)

9. “The queen of flow” (2018) – “The queen is me” (2019)

10. “The storm” (2005) – “The tempest” (2013)

“The coast and the cachaco” (2003) (Photo: IMDb)

11. “The coast and the cachaco” (2003) – “The neighbor” (2015)

12. “The canaries” (2011) – “Free to love you” (2013)

13. “Thoroughbred” (2007) – “Tomorrow is forever” (2008)

14. “Lola calamidades” (1987) – “My adorable curse” (2017)

15. “The last happy marriage” (2008) – “To love again” (2010)

“The law of the heart” (2016) (Photo: Telemundo)

16. “The law of the heart” (2016) – “For loving without law” (2018)

17. “The secretary” (2011) – “Because love rules” (2012)

18. “La hija del mariachi” (2006) – “How beautiful love” (2012)

19. “Poor Rich” (2012) – “How rich are poor” (2013)

20. “Pedro el flamoso” (2001) – “I love Juan Querendón” (2007)

“Pedro el flamoso” (2001) (Photo: IMDb)