An empty chair as a photo on his driver’s license

Photos that accompany driver’s licenses are usually unflattering. Rarely, however, are they as comical as the one that appeared on a Tennessee woman’s ID card.

Jade Dodd couldn’t believe her eyes when she received her new driver’s license in the mail after having recently renewed it with the Hickman County authorities.

Rather than his face, it was an empty chair on a blue background that appeared to the left of his ID card.

“The lady at the counter didn’t really believe me when I told her my card needed to be corrected,” Dodd told WKRN. She then went to my file in the system and exclaimed “Oh, I need my boss to change this!” ”

The Tennessee Department of Public Safety said an administrative error was involved and the wrong photograph was associated with Ms. Dodd’s file.

“When the client recently renewed her driver’s license, the lady received a photo of a chair because it was the last photo taken in her file,” said a spokesperson.

When the government office was made aware, the situation was immediately corrected.

For Jade Dodd, the mistake is just hilarious.

“My boss is the most amused. At work last Friday, he pointed to a chair outside his office and said ‘I thought it was you, I said hello this morning!’

Fortunately, the lady received her new driver’s license on Monday with the correct photo.


Vanderbilt University students test coronavirus positive: “If you go out now, you will be ashamed”

While some young adults have not taken a guide to seriously stop the spread of the coronavirus, a group of students from Vanderbilt University in Tennessee has learned deeply that they can spread the virus and to get sick themselves.

An elder from Vanderbilt University, who asked not to use his name, is now one of several students who have tested positive for coronavirus in school.

“They are all starting to take positive tests,” he said. “Because of the rapid spreading type, everyone is really worried.”

The student said he has multiple friends in the hospital. “I think the narrative is completely reversed,” he said. “If you go out now, you will be ashamed of many people.”

Officials are trying to reach young people by all means possible to convey the severity of the disease. The general surgeon asked influencers like Kylie Jenner to spread the message.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo brought 22-year-old daughter Michaela to a press conference to demonstrate that she remained firm. “There is no point in exposing yourself to these conditions and exposing other people,” said Cuomo.

In Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 74-year-old Errol Eisinger told CBS News correspondent Manuel Bojorquez that his message to young people is “be aware of what’s going on and take it seriously”.

Earlier this week, people were enjoying the spring break on the beaches of Florida. The governor was criticized for not ordering all closed beaches.

“When people published these photos that they were, you know, at the beginning of the weekend, when the CDC guide said 250 people are doing well, the weather changed radically in 72 hours and so we responded. Many local communities have replied, “said Governor Ron DeSantis.

But Miami-Dade County didn’t close all the beaches until Thursday. Clearwater Beach will close on Friday.

Furthermore, young people are not the only ones resistant to changing their routine.

“My dad is on sale and he’s a baby boomer, a go-getter and the last time I spoke to him, he was still out and about,” said Amanda Lezcano.


Two more succumb to coronavirus in the United States, New York declares a state of emergency

(Reuters) – Two other people succumbed to the coronavirus novel in Washington state, officials said on Saturday, bringing the national budget to 19, while the number of confirmed cases in New York jumped 21 overnight and a ship from cruise with infected passengers got stuck outside San Francisco.

Doctors transport a patient through heavy rain in an ambulance to the Kirkland Life Care Center, the long-term care facility linked to numerous confirmed coronavirus cases in the state, in Kirkland, Washington, USA, March 7, 2020. REUTERS / David Ryder

More than half of all U.S. states have reported cases of coronavirus, which originated in China last year and causes the sometimes fatal respiratory disease COVID-19. As the epidemic catches on, daily life has become increasingly interrupted, with concerts and lectures canceled and universities telling students to stay home and take lessons online.

The last two deaths occurred in Washington King County, the hardest hit area in the United States after the virus spread to residents of a care facility in the Seattle suburb of Kirkland. A team of health workers from the United States Public Health Service arrived Saturday at the besieged LifeCare nursing home. The first deaths on the east coast were announced on Friday, with two people succumbing to Florida.

In international waters off California, passengers on a cruise ship who were prevented from docking in San Francisco after some on board proved positive for the coronavirus novel they did not know on Saturday when they would be able to go ashore .

President Donald Trump said Friday that he would prefer the 2,400 passengers of the Grand Princess and 1,100 crew members who will remain at sea, but that he would let others decide where to dock.

After 19 crew members and two out of 46 passengers tested on the Grand Princess found the virus, Vice President Mike Pence said the ocean liner will be taken to an unspecified non-commercial port where all passengers on board will be retested , and that those “who need to be quarantined will be quarantined” and those who need medical attention will receive it.

A passenger described a boring and sometimes nauseating wait on board the ship to find out when their limbo would end.

“It annoys me that my relatives in the Bay Area know what will happen to us before I do,” said Elizabeth Aleteanu of Colorado Springs in an interview conducted via Facebook.

She turned 35 on Wednesday in a small windowless cabin shared with her husband and two small children, where sometimes the ship’s rocking left her sick.

“The cruise manager and staff called my phone and sang happy birthday,” he wrote. “They delivered a princess notebook, a greeting card, a domino set and a floral arrangement in my cabin. I’m not sure if we go down today. It’s a great flower arrangement … it makes me think we’ll be on board for a hot minute. ”

The ship’s captain had previously addressed passengers to say that he did not know when they could dock and that a guest who was seriously ill on Friday was removed from the ship, Aleteanu said. The ship has increased its offerings of television programs to help passengers pass the time, he said.

Pence, recently appointed by Trump to handle the White House response to the coronavirus outbreak, said on Saturday that officials approved “a plan, which will be put in place this weekend”, to bring the ship to a non-commercial port.

On Friday he said the crew will likely remain in quarantine on board the ship, regardless of whether they are positive.

It was not clear what was in store for passengers who showed no signs or symptoms of disease.

The Grand Princess’s situation was reminiscent of the Diamond Princess cruise ship, also owned by Carnival Corp, the world’s largest cruise operator. It was quarantined off Japan in February and was the largest concentration of coronavirus cases outside China for some time.

In New York, the number of confirmed cases rose 21 overnight to a statewide total of 76 people, 10 of whom were hospitalized, Governor Andrew Cuomo said Saturday. He issued an emergency declaration.

“It allows for accelerated purchases and accelerated hiring, which is what we need right now,” Cuomo told a press conference.

Respiratory disease has spread to over 90 countries, killing over 3,400 people and infecting over 100,000 worldwide.

Economic damage also intensified and stock markets continued to collapse. To mitigate the virus, some banks in New York are dividing their operator teams between central locations and secondary sites in New Jersey and Connecticut, according to sources familiar with the matter.

Last week Goldman Sachs Group Inc was terrified when an employee in his Lower Manhattan offices reported to the bank that he had been serving a temple in a city suburb with an attorney who subsequently tested positive for coronavirus. The bank said the employee had been sent home and has since been quarantined for “an abundance of cautions”.

The employee, however, had no contact with the attorney for the service and showed no signs of illness, the bank said. He is expected to return to work next week, when two weeks have passed since he attended the service.

Presentation (6 images)

Goldman also cleaned the floor he worked on in his headquarters. All plans remained operational, although Goldman allowed employees who felt uncomfortable to work remotely, he said.

“We have no confirmed cases of employees who have contracted COVID-19 and all of our buildings are fully operational,” said the bank.

GRAPHIC: keep track of the spread of the new coronavirus – here

Reporting by Jonathan Allen, Kevin Donnellan, Peter Szekely, Chuck Mikolajczak, Elizabeth Dilts-Marshall, Svea Herbst and Nathan Layne; Written by Jonathan Allen; Editing by Daniel Wallis

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Coronavirus was found on the cruise ship while other United States reported cases

NEW YORK / LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Twenty-one people on board a cruise ship that has been prevented from docking in San Francisco have tested positive for coronavirus, US officials said Friday, while eight other states reported their first cases of rapid spreading respiratory disease.

Vice President Mike Pence, who manages the White House response to the outbreak, said in a press conference that 19 crew members and two passengers out of 46 people tested on the Grand Princess ship so far had the virus.

He said the ship with around 3,500 passengers and crew would be taken to a non-commercial port where all passengers on board would be tested.

U.S. President Donald Trump said he would prefer passengers to stay on board the ship, but that he would let others decide if they could disembark.

“I would prefer that they stay on, personally, but I understand perfectly well if they want to remove them,” Trump told reporters after visiting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta.

Allowing US soil passengers who could be infected to increase the number of coronavirus cases in the country, he said.

“I don’t need to double the numbers because of a ship that wasn’t our fault,” said Trump.

Keeping passengers in quarantine on board a coronavirus-affected vessel has proven to be a disastrous strategy in Japan, leading to one of the largest outbreaks in the world.

Trump previously signed a bill to provide $ 8.3 billion to strengthen the country’s ability to test coronavirus and fund other measures to stem an outbreak that killed 15 Americans.

Eight states – Pennsylvania, Indiana, Minnesota, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Nebraska, South Carolina and Hawaii – reported their first cases on Friday, meaning that over half of the 50 states in the United States now have the virus.

The news of the new cases ended a week during which the virus began to disrupt the lives of many Americans.

In Seattle, the epicenter of the nation’s outbreak, there were school closings and orders to work from home. In the areas least affected by the outbreak, music festivals and sporting events have been canceled or curtailed as a precaution.

In the higher profile cancellation, the South by Southwest music and technology festival (SXSW) in Austin, Texas was canceled on Friday.

Respiratory disease emerged in China and spread to over 90 countries, killing over 3,400 people and infecting over 100,000 worldwide.

As stocks drop and U.S. companies face the economic fallout, the Trump administration is weighing up tax relief for the cruise, travel and airline industries that are deeply affected, according to a source known in the plan.


Americans are clearly divided on the dangers of the new coronavirus, according to a Reuters / Ipsos survey.

Trump’s critics, including Democratic lawmakers, have accused the president of minimizing the significance of the epidemic for political reasons. He said the risk for Americans is low.

FILE PHOTO: A California National Guard helicopter from the Moffett Federal Airfield, 129th Rescue Wing delivers coronavirus test kits to the Grand Princess cruise ship off the coast of San Francisco, California, United States in this still image from a video released March 5, 2020. Video taken from March 5, 2020. California National Guard / Dispensation via REUTERS

King County of Washington was the hardest hit area in the United States with at least a dozen of the nation’s 17 coronavirus deaths, many of whom were people who lived in a care facility in the suburb of Seattle, Kirkland.

Officials said a team of 30 United States Public Health Service medical professionals will line up on Saturday to help the besieged LifeCare nursing home.

“We are grateful that cavalry is on its way,” King County Dow Constanine executive told reporters.

In Florida, officials on Friday announced two deaths and canceled two Miami music festivals – Ultra and Calle Ocho – due to the potential risk that the coronavirus could spread at large crowds.

For similar reasons, the NCAA Division III men’s basketball tournament will go on at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore this weekend, but without spectators, the university said today.

The Apple company (AAPL.O) on Friday asked staff at Silicon Valley headquarters to work from home, if possible, as a “precaution”. Gap Inc (GPS.N) closed New York headquarters because an employee had proven positive.

In Maryland, the focus was on a coronavirus patient who attended a public event in a community of retirees in the Rockville suburb of Washington last Saturday and came into contact with as many as 100 people, Governor Larry Hogan said.

The crisis hit stocks hard. The S&P 500 benchmark closed another 1.7% on Friday, after falling nearly 3% the day before.

While the new states report their first cases, others have seen their tally grow. Cases in New York rose to 44 from 22, Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Friday, adding that around 4,000 people in the state were in precautionary quarantine and 44 in mandatory quarantine.

But he also tried to stem any sense of panic.

Presentation (13 images)

“I think anxiety and fear are more of a problem than the virus,” said Cuomo.

Among widespread criticisms of not enough tests available for needy states, Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, acknowledged that “a few missteps” had initially slowed the distribution of tests, but said the overall response it was going well.

“In the next two weeks, we should be empowered to do many more,” said Fauci on NBC’s Today program.

(GRAPHIC – Tracing the spread of the new coronavirus: here)

Reporting by Susan Heavey, Lisa Lambert Timothy Ahmann and Steve Holland in Washington, Gabriella Borter, Peter Szekely, Hilary Russ and Nathan Layne in New York and Dan Whitcomb in Los Angeles; Written by Gabriella Borter and Daniel Wallis; Curated by Frank McGurty and Bill Berkrot

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“Zero empathy” Trump shows lack of emotion when told that the family of an 8-year-old boy was killed in a tornado

Donald Trump was filmed while showing “zero empathy” for an 8-year-old boy during a meeting with the families of the victims of the Tennessee tornado.

The President of the United States met with families on Friday in the city of Cookeville as part of a trip to see the devastation caused by tornadoes this week.

While Trump was faced with destroyed houses, he spoke to the press about an 8-year-old boy who was taken away from his family home by a tornado, only to land alive two blocks away.

“An 8-year-old boy was robbed, flown to a certain area and left on the street two or three blocks away and they found him walking and said ‘I just flew through the air,” said Trump in the fox. news.

After asking “how did your parents do it?” and having been informed that the boy’s parents and sister had died during storms, he passed on this information to the crowd before continuing saying “So we’ll go see some people.”

No condolences were expressed by the president. Twitter user @mysterysolvent expressed disbelief at the way he acted.

“BUT ARE YOU KIDDING ??? Trump visits the victims of the tornado in TN tells a story of a boy brought by the tornado, as if it were the biggest thing he ever heard! Then he asks about the parents … People tell him that they died together with his sister. No emotion, NOTHING! Idiot! “

User @nightlypolitics echoed that statement accusing Trump of not having empathy.

Wearing a hat decorated with “Keep America Great”, Trump told the Cookeville crowd that federal aid to help support the affected areas would come “very quickly”.

“What do they need. We will take care of what they need. “Trump said when asked when they should have expected the funding he had previously approved.

After speaking to the press, Trump met local families where he was applauded by some, with a man who said “We are a big family. We support you.” according to the video.


The Federal Credit Union of Tennessee Valley opens a new branch in Dayton, Tennessee

The Federal Credit Union of Tennessee Valley will open a new and larger branch in Dayton, Tennessee on Wednesday.

Officials with the largest credit union in the region have stated that the new office at 3475 Rhea County Highway is an independent branch built by Dillard Construction Co. and has a modern design with driveways. It replaces the current Dayton branch of TVFCU on South Market Street, which the credit union has occupied since 1986.

Dayton’s new office will offer extended driving hours from 7:00 am. at 19:00 Monday through Friday, and the new office will be open on Saturday in Dayton for the first time, company spokeswoman Jessica McCosh said.

TVFCU operates 18 offices in its 13 county area in southeastern Tennessee and northwest Georgia and serves over 145,000 members.

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Governor Charlie Baker, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh to provide preparation and planning update – NBC Boston

As the number of cases continues to rise here and across the country, Massachusetts government Charlie Baker and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh are slated to provide an update on local preparation and planning on Friday.

Baker, Walsh, Marylou Sudders, secretary for health and human services, commissioner for public health Monica Bharel and other city and state health officials are expected to hold a press conference at 12:30. at Boston City Hall.

On Thursday, the Massachusetts Public Health Department confirmed a third possible coronavirus case in the state. A woman in Middlesex county in her sixties who recently traveled to northern Italy has a presumptive case of COVID-19.

Health officials say a Tennessee man who tested positive for coronavirus traveled through Boston airport.

Earlier Thursday, hospital officials said they confirmed that a patient who had entered Norwell’s South Shore Medical Center had an alleged positive coronavirus case. It was not immediately clear whether this was the same case. Norwell is located in the county of Plymouth.

Previously, public health officials recognized a confirmed case in a UMass Boston student who had traveled to Wuhan, China, and an alleged positive case involving a 20-year-old woman living in Norfolk County who had recently returned. from Italy with a school group.

Rhode Island and New Hampshire also had two suspected positive cases each.

Several local restaurants claim to be struggling with the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus epidemic.

Biogen announced on Thursday that three people who attended a corporate meeting in Boston last week have tested positive for the virus.

And Tennessee health officials announced that a 44-year-old man diagnosed with that state’s first coronavirus case had recently flown to Boston Logan International Airport on a round-trip flight from Nashville International Airport. They said it was asymptomatic during the trip.


Coronavirus cases are spreading across the United States as Americans face an impending outbreak

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – The coronavirus epidemic spread to the United States on Thursday, emerging in at least four new states and San Francisco as Congress quickly approved over $ 8 billion to fight the epidemic.

The death toll has risen to 12 in the United States, with the latest death recorded in King County, Washington, where six people died in an outbreak in a nursing facility in the Seattle suburb of Kirkland.

“President Trump wanted me to be here today to clarify that we are with you. We are here to help, ”said Vice President Mike Pence during a visit to the Seattle area, where he met with Governor Jay Inslee and other state officials.

At least 57 new coronavirus cases were confirmed Thursday nationally when the virus first hit Colorado, Maryland, Tennessee and Texas, as well as the city of San Francisco.

At least several people who suffer from the virus are said to be seriously ill.

A helicopter piloted test kits for a neutral cruise ship off the coast of California and was blocked from docking in San Francisco after at least 35 people developed flu-like symptoms aboard the ship, which was connected. to two other confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Twenty new cases have been confirmed in King County, which is home to Seattle and has so far been the site of the largest concentration of coronavirus cases in the country, bringing the total to 51 with 11 deaths in the county. One death was recorded in California.

“This is a critical moment in the growing COVID-19 outbreak in King County,” the county said in a statement. “All residents of King County should follow public health recommendations. Together, we could potentially have an impact on the spread of the disease in our community. ”

As in other countries, Americans faced a new reality in which they were often asked to stay home from work, schools were closed, large rallies and sporting events were canceled and shops emptied themselves of basic points such as toiletries and water.

Google from Alphabet Inc on Thursday joined Inc., Facebook Inc and Microsoft Corp in recommending that its employees in the Seattle area work from home after some contracted the virus.

The home-based work recommendation from companies will affect more than 100,000 people in the area. A school district in the area is closed.

A doctor prepares a stretcher to transfer a patient in an ambulance to the Kirkland Life Care Center, the long-term care facility linked to several confirmed cases of coronavirus in the state, in Kirkland, Washington, USA, March 5, 2020. REUTERS / David Ryder


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said the number of cases in that state doubled to 22 after the federal government approved the use of additional labs, increasing testing capacity.

Of the new cases in New York, eight are linked to a Manhattan lawyer who lives in Westchester County, north of the city, who had previously been diagnosed with the virus.

Texas and Maryland each confirmed three coronavirus cases, while Tennessee and Colorado each reported one, bringing the number of states affected to 17. Pence said there were at least 150 coronavirus cases in the country.

More than 3,200 people worldwide have died of respiratory diseases that can cause pneumonia.

The U.S. Senate on Thursday passed a $ 8.3 billion bill to fight the 96-1 epidemic, a day after the House of Representatives passed it overwhelmingly.

Pence said Trump would sign the bill on Friday.

Over $ 3 billion of that money goes towards research and development of vaccines, test kits and treatments. To date, there are no approved vaccines or therapies for the disease, which began in China and has infected over 95,000 people in approximately 80 countries and territories.

California, which declared a statewide emergency in response to the outbreak, reported six new cases, including two in San Francisco likely believed to be the result of a “community broadcast,” local health officials said.

U.S. health officials say they expect to be able to get enough privately manufactured coronavirus tests, about a million, for public labs this week with the ability to test around 400,000 people.

CDC official Anne Schuchat said her agency will also provide kits by the end of the week that could test approximately 75,000 people.

“Right now, it’s a challenge if you’re a doctor who wants to get someone tested,” said journalist Alex Azar to health and human services following a briefing with lawmakers.

Pence, who is leading the U.S. response, has urged Americans not to buy masks if they are healthy in order to free up the offer for healthcare professionals and sick people.

Presentation (24 pictures)

“Unless you’re sick, you don’t need to buy a mask,” said Pence during a visit to Minnesota’s 3M Co, which increased the production of masks in response to the coronavirus.

The deepening of the crisis has hit stocks hard. Major US equity indices closed more than 3% on Thursday, with the Dow down 969 points.

Asked if the coronavirus epidemic has damaged the economy, Trump said in a town hall in Scranton, Pennsylvania: “It could certainly have an impact. At the same time, I have to say that people are now in the United States spending their money in the United States, and I love it. ”

Reporting by Dan Whitcomb in Los Angeles, Nathan Layne, Maria Caspani, Michael Erman, Jonathan Allen and Hilary Russ in New York, Susan Heavey and Lisa Lambert in Washington, DC and Jeff Mason in Fort Murray, Washington; Written by Sonya Hepinstall and Dan Whitcomb; Editing by Bill Berkrot, Bill Tarrant and Leslie Adler

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Super Tuesday: Biden brings Texas – all states and winners at a glance

foreign countries Super Tuesday

Biden brings Texas – all states and winners at a glance

| Reading time: 4 minutes

Biden and Sanders go head to head

In the race for the US Democratic presidential nomination, Joe Biden put an unexpected winning streak in the primaries. Rival Sanders faces a win in California. Carsten Hädler has the current figures.

Biden, Sanders, Warren, Bloomberg: Which democratic candidate was able to secure the lion’s share of the 415 delegate votes in California, who the thickest disc of the 228 in Texas? Here you can see the winners of the 14 states at a glance.

AIn Super Tuesday, a total of 14 US states voted, including the two heavyweights Texas and California. It was the most important day so far in the race for the Democratic presidential candidate: it was about the votes of more than a third of all delegates who will determine the presidential candidate at the nomination party conference in the summer.

After the first four primaries, the left senator lay Bernie Sanders in the lead. Up until this Tuesday, the 78-year-old was also the leader in national surveys. The “Super Tuesday” changes its clear favorite role: ex-vice president Joe Biden went on election Tuesday with a powerful tailwind. Eliminated applicants Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar and Beto O’Rourke had called on their supporters to support the 77-year-old’s candidacy.

Democratic U.S. presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden's Super Tuesday night rally in Los Angeles

Joe Biden had a surprising winning streak at “Super Tuesday”


This boost contributed Biden decisive victories on Tuesday. He won in one of the major states, Texas, as well as in Virginia, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Alabama, Arkansas and Tennessee. Bernie Sanders won in his home state of Vermont, Colorado and Utah – and is predicted to be on the winning track in the important state of California, where most of the delegate votes can be obtained.

Biden’s most important competitor from the moderate warehouse has only just entered the race: the multi-billionaire and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg (78) was on the “Super Tuesday” for the first time on the ballot papers. He won American Samoa in the Pacific Territory – and was able to break the 15 percent threshold in several countries after the first projections. Bloomberg will also receive delegates, but overall, his performance is a disappointment.

The left senator Elizabeth Warren (70) and the Congresswoman, who is considered to have no chance Tulsi Gabbard (38) completed the Democratic candidate field. However, according to projections, even in Massachusetts, which she represents as a senator, Warren was only in third place behind Biden and Sanders. And Joe Biden won her home state of Oklohoma. The journey should be over for you.


Source: WORLD infographic / Beate Nowak

Vermont (16 delegates)

The Bernie Sanders won several American channels, according to the State of Vermont, which he represents in the US Senate.

Virginia (99 delegates)

Former US Vice President Joe Biden is predicted to have won the Democratic primary in Virginia. This was reported by the US television channels CNN, Fox News, ABC and NBC on Tuesday evening (local time) after the polling stations in the state in the east of the United States. In Virginia, the election is about the votes of 99 delegates who will officially elect the party’s presidential candidate at the Democratic nomination convention in July. At first it was still unclear how many delegates from Virginia will ultimately account for Biden.

North Carolina (110 delegates)

CNN predicts Joe Biden’s win.

American Samoa (6 delegates)

Mike Bloomberg won in the American Pacific Territory.

Maine (24 delegates)

Polling stations closed at 2 a.m.CET. According to the forecasts Biden and Sanders fight for victory. Until early morning it was called “too close to call”. Too tight to call out a winner.

Massachusetts (91 delegates)

Polling stations closed at 2 a.m.CET. American media saw a very close race between Massachusetts Senator Elisabeth Warren, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. Fox was the first to announce Biden as the winner. CNN followed. For Elisabeth Warren, this is the bitterest defeat of the evening.

Tennessee (64 delegates)

Various American media see Biden as the winner in Tennessee.

Alabama (52 delegates)

Joe Biden is also predicted to have won the Democratic area code in southern Alabama. This was reported by CNN, ABC, NBC and Fox News on Tuesday evening (local time) after the polling stations closed in the state.

Oklahoma (37 delegates)

Fox News and CNN Declare Joe Biden Winner in Oklahoma

Texas (228 delegates)

Joe Biden is also predicted to win the important state of Texas. The former US vice president narrowly prevailed against Sanders. In Texas, 228, and therefore a particularly large number, of delegates are cast for the election of the presidential candidate.

Arkansas (31 delegates)

The AP news agency and Fox broadcaster declared Joe Biden the winner.

Minnesota (75 delegates)

Joe Biden said in a speech to Los Angeles supporters that he also won in Minnesota. The broadcaster Fox confirmed this assessment.

Colorado (67 delegates)

The ABC broadcaster declared Sanders the winner in Colorado.

Utah (29 delegates)

Fox broadcaster and AP news agency see Sanders as the winner in the Mormon state.

California (415 delegates)

Polling stations closed at 5 a.m.CET. According to CNN’s first forecasts, Bernie Sanders is ahead. The news agency AP and the broadcaster Fox announced him very early as the winner. Biden is fighting for second place with Bloomberg.


At least 25 dead from several tornadoes that destroyed Tennessee

The first thing that broke the silence of the night was the barking of the dogs. Then the alarm siren. And finally, the roar of the tornado. What followed was a rain of flying objects that sneaked through the windows. The tornadoes that devastated urban areas of Nashville and central Tennessee yesterday ripped off the roofs and towers of the churches, but left the worst part of the horror by the time the sun rose: the bodies of at least 25 people who did not reach See the new day.

It was elementary day, but a dozen polling stations were not in a position to open. Nor were the voters to vote. Overwhelmed by the magnitude of the tragedy, the victims wandered through the rubble trying to rescue what was left of their lives. One of the tornadoes swept through the Nashville financial center and extended up to ten kilometers to the outskirts. Along the way he devoured the West Nashville International Airport, where he left the stacked planes on the rubble of the hangars.

265 kilometers per hour

“What happened last night is a reminder of how fragile life is,” said Mayor John Cooper solemnly. The meteorological phenomenon of force 3 reached up to 265 kilometers per hour and left behind dozens of collapsed buildings and a long string of light poles on the ground. And yet, “frankly, we’ve been lucky,” the councilor acknowledged.

At least the commercial district of the city was deserted at this time of the morning. Thirty people were injured in the state capital and about 48 buildings were destroyed by the wind. Many others suffered serious damage, Fire Chief William Swann reported.

The series of tornadoes razed three counties in Tennessee and left most of the dead in Putman’s, which had counted 16 fatalities before noon. President Donald Trump dedicated a few words to the victims of this “furious tornado” he promised to visit on Friday.