Publi: Your cycling season with STC Nutrition – News

Cycling is a very complete endurance sport which uses almost all the muscles, the cardiovascular system and the joints. The level of effort depends on the length and pace of the course, and your training. Repeated movements and supports, cellular oxygenation… are not without consequences for the organism.

Thus, nutritional preparation, in combination with physical preparation, will:
– Improve VO2max * and oxygenation;
– Optimize endurance and performance;
– Provide instant energy to replenish the body during long efforts;
– Bring long-lasting energy to go the distance without cravings;
– Strengthen muscles and joints;
– Facilitate recovery:
– By compensating for losses (especially in vitamins and minerals),
– By repairing damage (especially muscle damage),
– By cleaning the body (especially waste from metabolism).

* Maximum volume of oxygen absorbed by the lungs and used by the muscles: the higher it is, the more endurance increases.

STC Nutrition helps you optimize the 3 essential steps for good performance: energy preparation before exercise, support during, and recovery just after; by offering you products tailored to your specific needs.

– Before the effort: energy drinks and cakes rich in complex sugars (Malto Power, Brownie Multisports) then energy products rich in simple carbohydrates (Breakfast Multisports, Mineral Drink, VO2 Max Bar, Over Blast gel), new No Cramp anti-cramp supplement.
– During the effort: energy drinks (Isotonic Power, VO2 Max), energy bars and gels (Over Blast No Cramp, Energy, BCAA).
– After the effort: recovery drink (Recup Max), protein (Premium Whey).
– As an endurance reinforcement cure: NO-S Max, Iron Complex, BCAA Synergy+, Ultra Omega 3/6/9+, Carnitine Complex, Artrosamine, 33 Vitamins & Antioxydants, Glutamine 1200, Peptides Aminosports, ZMA Complex, Natural Detox…

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Guaranteed driving pleasure: Citroën C5 Aircross Hybrid: News from Lower Carinthia

Wolfsberg. The Citroën C5 Aircross Hybrid is the French manufacturer’s first rechargeable hybrid and thus marks the start of Citroën’s electrification offensive. This provides for all Citroën models to be offered as an electrified variant – hybrid or purely electric. By 2025, the entire model range …


Ryzen 5 5600X tested in the popular benchmark. It leaves the Core i5-10600K far behind

We are rapidly approaching the market launch of new AMD processors and more and more details are coming to us. This time the model Ryzen 5 5600X It was noticed in the popular benchmark database and if you are interested in how this CPU fared against the Core i5-10600K, we invite you to read. However, it is worth starting with the fact that the Ryzen 5 5600X is a processor based on the latest architecture Zen 3, equipped with 6 cores and 12 threads. It also offers 32 MB of L3 cache, its base clock frequency is 3.7 GHz, and in boost mode it accelerates to 4.6 GHz. Core i5-10600K, a direct competitor to AMD’s new products, is also a 6-core and 12-thread chip, but equipped with 12 MB of cache and offering clocks at 4.1 GHz base and 4.8 GHz in boost mode.

The Ryzen 5 5600X was noticed in the popular benchmark database and we can compare its results to the Core i5-10600K.

The Core i5-10600K thus has a clear advantage in terms of maximum clock speed, and also boasts a higher power limit. The TDP CPU of Intel is 125 W, while in the case of Ryzen it is only 65 W. In theory, the Intel product should be faster because it has more space to spread the wings, but you must remember that the Ryzen 5 5600X uses the latest AMD technology, i.e. a breakthrough Zen 3 architecture, so this clash promises to be very interesting. Admittedly, we are far from judging the overall capabilities of the processor based on a few benchmarks. Moreover, such leaks are always a bit questionable and must be approached with distance, but it seems the Core i5-10600K has cause for concern as the Ryzen 5 5600X promises to be a really dangerous rival.

In the benchmark SiSoftware Sandrain which the Ryzen 5 5600X appeared, it scored in testing Processor Arithmetic i Processor Multi-Media 255.22 GOPS and 904.38 Mpix / s respectively. For comparison, the Core i5-10600K averages 224.07 GOPS and 662.33 Mpix / s, respectively, in the same tests. This means the Ryzen 5 5600X scores 13.9% and 36.5% better than the blue competitor. As for the comparison to the previous generation, the Ryzen 5 3600X achieves an average of 214.89 GOPS in the Arithmetic Processor, and 625.51 Mpix / s in the Multi-Media Processor, which means that the Ryzen 5 5600X can boast an increase in performance of 18 , 8% and 44.6%. We saw similar differences when comparing the results of the Ryzen 9 5950X to the Ryzen 9 3950X. SiSoftware Sandra is just a single piece of the puzzle and it is better to hold off on publishing reviews for final evaluations. As a reminder, the Ryzen 5000 series will debut on November 5.


Coronavirus, the Lazio pharmacies available to carry out serological tests. D’Amato: “We are available”

Lazio as well as Emilia Romagna where from today even pharmacies make rapid serological tests available to students and family members free of charge. This is the proposal put forward by the president of Federfarma Rome, Andrea Cicconetti, interviewed by the Dire agency: “We hope that this initiative can also reach us”, he said.

“There is a proposal under discussion in the State-Regions Conference that asks precisely to be able to include pharmacies in the active surveillance system for rapid tests. drive-in and other facilities engaged with molecular swabs, “added Cicconetti.

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The councilor for health of the Lazio Region, Alessio D’Amato, said he was “absolutely available and happy that the pharmacy network makes itself available to Covid surveillance through the provision of serological tests”, he wrote in a note. “As far as we are concerned, we have already included the possibility of organizing the flu vaccination service and this further proposal is in complete agreement”.


The Chinese action-RPG that is raging in the western market

A few hours spent in Genshin Impact are enough to realize that this free-to-play is actually AAA. Starting with a very correct scenario, which features two twins who travel through the worlds and find themselves separated by a divinity. You play as one of them, boy or girl, and discover the continent of Teyvat, struggling with Stormterror, a strange blue dragon. Paimon the mischievous little fairy serves as your guide and travel companion. The dialogues regularly give you the choice to laugh at her, and we can immediately note two striking things for a free game: the writing is generally of quality and the dialogues of the most important missions are fully dubbed ( in Chinese, Japanese, Korean or English). The full French translation answers the call, even as the adventure lets us pick up many books, which contain pages and pages of text (their reading remains entirely optional, do not panic). In general, the finish is absolutely exemplary and the game is extremely clean. We haven’t encountered a single bug, even though some hits from well-known publishers come out in a terrible state and require the application of several patches.

In terms of graphics, we are still very far from the average “Chinese free-to-play gatcha”, especially on the PC version (knowing that the game is also available on PS4, iOS and Android). The art direction offers us characters with a classic yet pleasant manga aesthetic, better quality cutscenes than some animated ones, compelling special and lighting effects, as well as a bucolic open world that, when you pause for a few moments on an overhang at sunset, would almost immerse us in a Miyazaki film. However, the game is especially reminiscent of Zelda Breath of The Wild (up to Brutocollinus which are clearly inspired by Bokoblins), from which it also uses some iconic mechanics (climbing based on endurance and cooking various invigorating dishes). This is not the only influence of Genshin Impact, who really does not hesitate to draw from right to left. The blobs seem straight out of a Dragon Quest, some situations and music are reminiscent of Final Fantasy and, although not massively multiplayer, the game has a structure similar to that of many MMOs.

Genshin Impact


If these loans reduce the impression of novelty, it must on the other hand be recognized that the game does not lack features. In addition to the cooking and climbing already mentioned, we will note the presence of a day / night cycle, the possibility of passing the time to access certain night missions, a meteorological cycle, more or less events. less random in the open world, an elementary view (like “detective vision” to follow traces or better understand the weaknesses of an enemy), very detailed weapon statistics, dungeons to navigate alone or with four players , scripted quests, daily quests, “non-gameplay” expeditions to occupy the characters that we do not retain in our team at the moment, or even a gliding function. But the most interesting and important mechanic comes from the combat system, which gives pride of place to elemental reactions. Attacks by enemies and heroes can call on seven different elements (fire, electricity, water, cold, flora, rock, wind), which creates positive or negative combinations when they come into contact with each other. Knowing that our team contains four heroes, it is in our interest to diversify their nature and to regularly zap from one to another to take advantage of their specificities. We can for example use a hero “Pyro” to melt the ice shield of an enemy, pass over a hero “Anemo” to push it with a gust of wind in a body of water, then use a character ” Cryo “or” Electro “to freeze or electrocute the poor guy now soaked. Combinations of this type really increase the damage tenfold, and provide a tactical aspect all the more important since you have to be careful not to be the victim yourself of a deleterious elemental reaction. Attacks are also split between basic hit, charged hit, special hit and ultimate hit, the last two being dependent on a cooldown.

Genshin Impact


The gatcha aspect of the game lies in the presence of a system of Wishes, which allows to summon heroes or equipment in exchange for certain resources. The statistics of this lootbox which does not say its name are clearly indicated, and we can easily see that the drop rate of five star items is extremely low (0.6% to be precise). We might be tempted to cry foul, but Genshin Impact is smart enough not to force players’ hands. It is quite possible to browse the adventure with the basic characters or those that one will have summoned using the resources obtained for free. If we are satisfied with the main story and we do not want to do the dungeons in an “endgame” loop, it is not necessary to collect all the heroes. You can play for several dozen hours without feeling any frustration or pressure. However, the game design remains that of a free-to-play, with a progression artificially slowed down at times. We think in particular of the level of adventure, which is independent of that of the heroes, and that we must raise to access certain quests. Fortunately, the game offers enough content that it is possible to reach the milestones without spending any money.

Genshin Impact

But we will not escape a few tens of minutes of daily farming. Nothing really embarrassing, we’ve seen much worse elsewhere. On the other hand, like too many free games, Genshin Impact drowns us in an overflow of coins, currencies, tokens and other components. Between primary crystals, primo-gems, original resins, Asterias, Astrions, stones of destiny, stones of fatality and many others, we sometimes tend to get lost. And we know that this multitude of materials is used to conceal and dissolve real money purchases. Come on, let’s say it’s fair game. In addition, we would have appreciated that the multiplayer aspect is a little more developed, just to really justify the mandatory connection. For the moment you have to be content to browse the dungeons in groups of two to four players, without really adding much to the overall experience. But all hopes are allowed, since the game is set to evolve. The developers are planning a major update every six weeks, with new regions and new events in the pipeline. And certainly new heroes to push for monetized collection …


TEST: Oculus Quest 2 256 GB VR-shine

Virtual Reality saw great growth when Half-Life: Alyx came out this summer. The game has created a new wave of interest in the platform, and now comes a product that will undoubtedly do the same.

Facebook-owned Oculus is out with the new Quest 2, a VR headset you do not need cables, computer or base stations to use.

Quest 2 comes in two variants, with either 64 GB or 256 GB of storage, and replaces both the previous generation Quest and Rift S.

Thanks to the possibility of connecting to a PC with the Oculus Link cable or streaming via Virtual Desktop, this is a headset that can be used both alone and with a computer that operates. It opens up access to a large library of content.

With a price of 3800/5000 kroner, the entrance ticket to proper VR has never been as affordable as now, and we can reveal that here you get a lot of value for money.


The new generation Oculus Quest has become lighter and more compact. The appearance can not say anything about me either. This is a stylish product. The visor itself is so light that one does not notice anything special about it over longer periods of use, but the strap is not as good as the previous generation.

It is possible to buy an upgraded strap for 500 kroner, which I think is cheating by the manufacturer. The regular strap works well if you find the right position where she does not fluff her hair on the back of her head, but I feel a little pressure after having Quest on for 5-10 minutes or more. Fortunately, there is a lot of room to make adjustments, so spending time finding the right setting can help a lot.

GREAT PRODUCT: Quest 2 is without a doubt the most beautiful VR headset so far. NB: I forgot to remove the cardboard around the headset before I took the picture, so it looks a little strange. Photo: Mikkjell Lønning /

I have not been able to test the upgraded strap yet, but I think it can be a decent investment.

The pillows for the forehead are comfortable against the skin, and the pressure on the face is distributed so that you do not notice anything on the visor itself. The only downside to the design, other than the strap, is that there is a little more room around the nose than it should be. If I look at the lower half of the lenses, I have a tendency to get some light from the floor. It can tamper with the feeling of empathy.

Inside the visor you can adjust the lenses, so that you find the right distance and get an image that is as sharp as possible.

Finally, we find some small sound elements at the end of the straps, which offer a perfectly ok sound experience. The volume is a bit slack and the sound image is not particularly detailed, but it does the job. I would probably use my own headset anyway to get proper sound.


QUICK SETUP: The user friendliness of Quest 2 is miles better than how it was for VR a few years ago. Photo: Mikkjell Lønning /

The setup of Oculus Quest 2 is simple and quick. As soon as you put on your visor, you will be asked to create a play zone to play sitting or on a room scale, and after a short instructional video, you are ready to go. You can easily access the play area thanks to a camera that lets you see your surroundings inside the headset.

As long as you do not connect the headset to a PC, you must go to the Oculus store to buy games and software. You can control it directly through the headset, but you need an app for the first setup.

And here is one of the big controversies around Quest 2. You are dependent on a Facebook account.

Facebook has announced that they will crack down on those who create fake accounts to use the headset. It’s pretty lousy. I have no idea how much personal data they can collect here, but it’s scary to think about what they are actually sitting on after a quarter. Here they have probably seen their chance to bring in both the one and the other.

But otherwise you are actually up and running once you have downloaded the app and started Quest. Then all you have to do is shop for games, download them and play. My first Vive is covered with a thick layer of dust in a cupboard, simply because it is so much trouble to make it ready to play every time. Base stations, room scale setup and other controls take ten minutes at a time. Here I jump right in.

That makes VR far more interesting for me.

Tracking and controllers

Oculus Quest 2 uses so-called “inside out” tracking, where one has internal elements that take care of tracking the headset instead of base stations. This works brilliantly. I have not noticed any problem with the tracking at all, not even in low light.

EFFICIENT TRACKING: There is little to complain about with either the tracking of the controllers or the headset. Photo: Mikkjell Lønning /

The same goes for the controllers, who seem precise and responsive. They are very similar to the previous generation, but have become a little heavier. The controllers have also lost some of the texture on the surface, so it is easier to lose them if one gets sweaty in the palm.

But otherwise there is little to complain about. The controllers get power from the AA battery, which means that they will probably keep the boil for a few months. After two days of intensive use, they are on 100 percent battery. Otherwise, I have tested a number of games without noticing any errors with the tracking, on either the headset or the controllers.

It promises well.

Screen and performance

The biggest upgrade from the first generation of Quest comes through the screen and the built-in processor. The first Quest had an OLED screen with a resolution of 1440 x 1600 in each eye. This has 1832 x 1920. New Quest benefits from a 72-hertz LCD panel, the same refresh rate as the previous generation, but which will be increased to 90 hertz in an upcoming update.

The difference in quality is great. I can clearly see some pixels clearly, but it is much less noticeable than with the previous generation. One of the biggest problems with VR has our so-called “screen door effect”, where it looks like you are playing through a mosquito net or similar, and here Oculus takes a long step towards getting rid of this.

The viewing angle on the screens is actually somewhat lower than the previous generation (from 95 degrees to 92), but that may not be the most important thing to get right. The jump in dissolution is, after all, what we have been waiting for.

CANNON SCREEN: The jump in resolution means that the screen door effect is almost awake. Photo: Mikkjell Lønning /

At the same time, I hope that the upgrade to 90 hertz will come soon, because I notice that it can be a little uncomfortable to play over longer periods with such a low frame rate. It probably has most to do with the fact that I am water with a higher frame rate from other headsets, but it is nevertheless disappointing that Oculus has not seen any date for an update.

When it comes to the performance itself, Oculus has equipped Quest 2 with a “system-on-a-chip” from Qualcomm. This is the same technology as one finds in game consoles and mobile phones, where both video card and processor sit in the same unit. The previous Quest ran on the Snapdragon 835, and this time it is the XR2 that drives the headset. The memory is also increased from 4 GB to 6 GB.

There is a big difference. I do not have the opportunity to benchmark the games I have tested, but so far I have only noticed a few cases of drops in frame rate. Then I tried games like Arizona Sunshine, Onward, The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners, Vader Immortal and Beat Saber. They drive mostly flawlessly.

Here Quest 2 impresses.

But powerful performance and a good screen require power, something I notice in battery life. She’s about two hours. Charging goes relatively quickly over USB-C, but this is in the scarcest layer I think. At the same time, it is good to take frequent breaks when playing in VR, because the resolution and frame rate are so low that you can get a sore eye from playing for more than 20-30 minutes.


The biggest problem with Oculus is the lack of content. Oculus has not released all of Rift’s games for Quest, and all of the Steam VR content is unavailable in the Oculus Store. I do not think it takes very long to work through what is of interest. It is simply too little. Most of the good games that are out in the store I have been to before, and there is little new for VR veterans.

SMOOTH: The upgraded controllers work just like a beating, but they are smoother than the previous generation. Photo: Mikkjell Lønning /

But Quest 2 supports Oculus Link (only 72 hertz), which lets you connect your headset to your computer and sharpen your game like Half-Life: Alyx. The shops for the cable are currently empty so we have not been able to test this yet, and will therefore wait to give a final grade on Quest 2. We will return with this when we have been able to test Link.

One option is to use Virtual Desktop software to stream games from your computer to your headset. Here you need a bit of fiddling with some user-created updates and such, and you are dependent on having access to your own routes to open gates. I do not have this, so I do not get to test it completely yet.

In any case, it is good to know that there is relatively little interesting content for VR.

Alyx is the big attraction for VR, and games like Star Wars Squadrons or Stormland are good enough to justify spending 4-5 thousand bucks, but compared to what is available on Steam otherwise, the VR market has a long way to go.


It will be interesting to see how VR develops in the coming years. Now the glasses are starting to get so good that many of the childhood diseases disappear, but as at the beginning, one misses most of the rewarding games. There are far too few of them.

This is a bigger problem for the more expensive headsets, because then you get less for your money. Here it is difficult to take Quest 2. The headset has strictly no competitors who successfully follow. This is without a doubt the best cheap VR headset, and when it comes to getting value for money, this is by far the market’s best product, of all that has been launched in the last five years.

And if you want to get the most for your money, you can buy the 64 GB variant. Most games in the store take up relatively little space, so you can rather use what you save on a Link cable and an Elite strap.

I would like to have a more comfortable strap, better sound and longer battery life, but the first two can always do something with yourself. The battery also charges fast enough that you can play for quite a long time if you only charge during the breaks – for those you need a screen panel of 72 hertz.

WEAKER BELT: First Quest actually had a better belt, so here Oculus will openly milk users for a few extra kroner. Photo: Mikkjell Lønning /

Overall, the product itself is absolutely king. With the option to connect to a PC with Virtual Desktop or Oculus Link, you can also use the horsepower from your computer, which means that this easily outperforms the Oculus Rift S. One can also save money by buying a similar cable from third-party manufacturers.

A product like this will most likely drive interest in VR further.

The content on the Oculus store is very thin compared to what you get from games on console or PC otherwise, but it can quickly happen that more developers get involved in VR. I think this could be the start of a new VR revolution, similar to the one we got when the first Rift came out.

Still, I think that I, who is already familiar with some of the big VR games, would have gotten bored pretty quickly if I had only used the Oculus store and what is there.

Otherwise, the biggest problem is of course Facebook. It is rare that I write anything about ethical issues in hardware tests, but here it is important to highlight. One should be very skeptical of behavior like this from such internet giants.

I am deeply concerned about what happens behind the scenes when playing with Quest 2, and what assessments Facebook has made about privacy here. They already have tons of information about each and every one of their members. Now they get even more, and on a completely different level.

This is unfortunately the case with most things we do online. Most people probably do not think much about this, but it can quickly bite us in the butt in the future. That’s scary stuff.

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Reuters: S-400 was tested in Turkey in the Black Sea! The first missile was launched

Turkey’s Havu on the S-400 systems purchased from Russia today there was a hot development. Reuters news agency, a day has passed in the early hours of the first reports had suggested Turkey would do a missile over the Black Sea.

The agency claimed that the first missile was fired in the Black Sea, according to the development announced to the international press at 14.30 as a flash. Reuters announced that a video shot in Sinop reached their hands and smoke was seen in the sky after the missile was fired.


Turkey, week beginning October 16 to 17 dates in the Information Note to Airmen grounds that it would make the missile over the Black Sea, to be effective (NOTAM) and also Navtex for shooting practice (maritime announcement) message was published.

S-400s purchased from Russia were transported to Sinop last week and the images about the shipment of air defense systems were also reflected in the press.

Turkey opposes to buy S-400 from Russia, the United States, with NATO system, citing that the system had been warned Ankara not appropriate.


Turkey to give up on the S-400 from the US, Turkey had been removed from the F-35 program. US, Turkey had threatened with sanctions in case of introduction of the S-400. The sanction decision adopted by the Senate awaits US President Donald Trump’s signature.

Turkey and Russia signed a $ 2.5 billion deal in the 2017 S-400 air defense systems were transported to Turkey in June 2019.


Effect Ami, the microcar you do not expect at 19.99 euros per month

MILANO – Few people remember what the Citroen Ami was in the distant sixties, but those who remember it will tell how that strange car designed by Flaminio Bertoni (sculptor with the most sensational Citroens such as the 2CV and the DS) was definitely surprising and recognizable. From this point of view (and probably not by chance) the new Ami has inherited the strong personality and the desire to innovate as well as the name, which is expressed not only in the look but substantially in the “as used”. Meanwhile, this time it is a microcar that can therefore be driven even at the age of 14 and there is the obvious consideration that a “box” of 2 meters and 41 by 1 and 39 (1 meter and 52 high) is the means to 4 wheels more maneuverable and parkable than any other. The other consideration is that a vehicle like the Ami is much more than a dressed scooter.
Can we then speak of this microcar as an electric “quasi-automobile”? The answer is yes, if you put yourself in the conditions for which the Ami project was born: to meet the minimum needs of urban mobility “every season” for two people. From this point of view, the performance of the almost 10 Hp electric motor is the right one for the mix of promptness and fluidity it exhibits in traffic, even if (by law) it stops at 45 km / h.

The unpainted bodywork was born from the definition of “car” interior spaces (two people plus one luggage) and made with the minimum number of components according to a constructively “minimalist” criterion but aesthetically open to a variety of small customizations, as it is enough to give yourself a touch of individuality. No frills, therefore, not even technically: essential structure, a small 6 kW electric motor and a 5.5 kWh battery pack for a range of 75 km; value centered on the typical use of these vehicles, with the advantage that three hours are sufficient for a complete recharge by connecting to a common 230 volt domestic socket. In the equation “well done and economically sustainable project” there is also the production in a dedicated plant, specially built in Morocco in Ameur Seflia, designed for a maximum capacity of 200,000 vehicles per year at very low costs.

With these credentials, Ami will make its debut on the Italian market in mid-November with equally particular methods, starting from the purchase directly on the net with home delivery, up to the type of rental offers borrowed from those of the telephone companies. It will thus be possible to buy the smallest Citroen for 5,430 euros (including incentives) or rent it, from 1 to 4 years, for a monthly fee of 19.99 euros, plus an advance depending on the contract and government contributions.

The on-board climate is the most automotive-like one possible for a light quadricycle: there is a classic central handbrake and even the DNR (automatic transmission-like) push-button panel to select neutral, make and rear. To exaggerate even the choice of using the mobile phone as on-board infotainment or the offset seats obtained in the body, can be interpreted as signs of modernity inspired by some current hypercars (the Aston Martin Walhalla, to say); the possibility of placing a standard trolley in the seat in front of the passenger’s feet is entirely rational.
Obviously here the problem is to save and therefore the equipment is bare and we are not talking about air conditioning but only a heating system (to be used in moderation because the absorption of energy affects the autonomy). On the other hand, there are many customized items on request and among these the Bluetooth speaker to connect to the mobile phone.
At the level of sensations it is appreciable that on board there is not that “trabiccolo effect” characteristic of this kind of vehicles but the best comes from the sensation of space and brightness which, together with the curiosity of the neighbors, relieves the stress of traffic.


what you need to know about antigen testing

Faced with the increase in the number of positive cases for the coronavirus, antigenic tests will be generalized in the coming days. The idea is to be able to use them in people who have symptoms between the first and the fourth day because, after this time, they lose efficiency.

If the antigen test is positive, it means you are infected with the Covid-19 and that you have to stay at home, in isolation. But if it is negative, the Haute Autorité de Santé recommends a PCR test classic only for people at risk, especially those over 65.

These antigenic tests will be available by the end of October, the time they are approved and draft an order. They will be used in laboratories and doctors also hope for them in their practice.

Like PCR tests, they consist of a nose sample but their enormous advantage is that they allow to obtain a result in just 30 minutes. The Haute Autorité de Santé ensures that they are extremely reliable, provided they are made between the first and the fourth day after the onset of symptoms. They cannot be used at contact cases having no clinical signs.

Immediate isolation of positive cases

Antigenic tests may well slow down the dynamics of the epidemic for three reasons because they will make it possible to expand the arsenal of tests, will cause immediate isolation of positive cases and will not require supply of medical machines.

They can therefore be used on a very large audience as part of a targeted screening. This is what will happen this week in the Grand-Est where 210,000 students will be tested on their university campus to prevent asymptomatic to return home and potentially infect their families. Transmission chains can be broken very quickly and les clusters identified, before they spread.

These new tests will then be available at destination nursing homes, emergencies and slaughterhouses but they will never replace barrier gestures and the wearing of the obligatory mask, to contain the epidemic as well as possible.

The editorial staff recommends you

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Free serological tests for Covid-19 and Hepatitis C: the initiative in Salerno

Tuesday 29th September, in Piazza Amendola in Salerno, there is an important appointment with prevention. In fact, the medical staff of a mobile clinic will perform free serological tests for Covid-19 and Hepatitis C to those who, on a voluntary basis, want to undergo the combined tests. The result will be delivered after 30 minutes directly on site and anonymously.

The initiative

The traveling Roadshow is promoted by AISF (Italian Association for the Study of the Liver) e TURKISH BAGEL (Italian Society of Infectious and Tropical Diseases) with the patronage ofEpaC Onlus Patient Association. The initiative is organized by the healthcare management consulting company MA Provider, with the unconditional contribution of Abbvie and touches Lazio, Campania and Lombardy.

Registrations to take the free joint test will be held from 09.30 to 12.30. After this time it will no longer be possible, for organizational reasons, to book or take the tests.