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William McManus

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American police are searching for the shooter who wounded eight people outside of a bar in San Antonio (Texas), reports CNN.

According to the chief of police of San Antonio William McManus, the incident occurred on Friday evening, after the group was refused entry to a bar because they were intoxicated.

After that the shooter has mentioned that he is a UFC fighter from California. He returned to his car, took out a rifle and opened fire outside the bar.

The shooting injured five women and three men ranging in age from 23 years to 41 years. All of them were admitted to a local hospital and are in stable condition.

Unknown opened fire at the airbase in Texas

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A dead man in a police helicopter crash in Texas

A police helicopter crashed in an apartment complex in northern Houston. Two officers who were on board the helicopter had to be taken to the hospital.

BA police officer died in a helicopter crash in the US state of Texas. Two police officers recovered from the wreck were initially brought to the hospital in critical condition, Houston City Police Chief Art Acevedo said early Saturday morning (local time). One of them had died, the other was still being treated in the hospital, it was said.

The police had been investigating a corpse report in a swampy branch of the river when the helicopter crashed in unsettled cause in northern Houston on Saturday night. According to the authorities, the helicopter crashed in an apartment complex. According to Acevedo, the machine did not hit any residential buildings, but only grazed an annex. There was no reference to an emergency call from the pilot. The cause of the crash should now be investigated.


Two seriously injured in a police helicopter crash in Texas

A police helicopter crashed in an apartment complex in northern Houston. Two officers who were on board the helicopter had to be taken to the hospital.

EPolice helicopter crashed, according to government officials, in an apartment complex in the American state of Texas. Two police officers recovered from the wreck were brought to the hospital in critical condition, as Houston City Police Chief Art Acevedo said early Saturday morning (local time).

The policeman followed a report on corpses in a swampy river arm when the helicopter crashed in unsettled cause in northern Houston on Saturday night. According to Acevedo, the machine did not hit any residential buildings, but only grazed an annex. There was no reference to an emergency call from the pilot. The U.S. Department of Transportation Safety (NTSB) is now to determine the causes of the crash.


Police helicopter crashed in Texas apartment complex

A police helicopter crashed into an apartment complex in northern Houston. Two officers who were on board the helicopter had to be taken to the hospital. More is not yet known.

EPolice helicopter crashed, according to government officials, in an apartment complex in the American state of Texas. As the Houston City police tweeted early Saturday morning (local time), two officers aboard the helicopter are on their way to the hospital. Nothing is currently known about her state of health. Emergency services are on the way to the scene of the accident in the north of the city. At first there were no further details about possible deaths, injuries or damage.


nearly half of Americans breathe unhealthy air

A report by the American Lung Association released Tuesday states that about half of Americans breathe unhealthy air and there is environmental pollution in nine cities in the west of the country.

The annual “State of the Air” report describes that climate change continues to worsen air pollution and notes that amid the coronavirus pandemic, which strikes the lungs, the state of air quality is “of great concern.” .

The document, which analyzes data collected in 2016, 2017 and 2018, says that these three years are among the five hottest on record in history, and climate change patterns promote forest fires whose dangerous fumes contribute to increased pollution.

“The report found that air quality in some communities has improved, but … there are still too many people breathing in unhealthy air,” said the president and CEO of the American Lung Association, Harold Wimmer.

This degraded air quality threatens everyone, particularly children, older adults, and people living with lung disease.

“Air pollution is linked to an increased risk of lung infections,” added Wimmer. “Protecting everyone from COVID-19 and other lung infections is an urgent reminder of the importance of clean air.”

The annual reports of the American Lung Association focus on the two most common outdoor air pollutants: ozone and particulate. Both are dangerous to public health and can be deadly.

The unhealthy particles in the air come from forest fires, wood stoves, coal-fired power plants, diesel engines, and other sources. These microscopic particles lodge deep in the lungs and can even enter the bloodstream.

Contamination with particulate can cause asthma attacks, cardiac arrests and heart attacks, and cause lung cancer. New research also links air pollution to the development of serious diseases like asthma and dementia.

Ozone pollution, often referred to as smog, is a powerful respiratory irritant whose effects have been described as heat stroke of the lung.

Breathing ozone can cause shortness of breath and cause coughs and asthma attacks that could shorten life. The warmer temperatures caused by climate change make ozone formation easier and more difficult to clean.

The report has two lines for particulate contamination: one for “short-term” particulate contamination – or one-day increases – and another for the “annual” level that represents the concentration of particles day after day at each location.

The report notes that the 10 cities in the United States with the highest long-term particulate contamination are: Fresno-Madera-Hanford, California; Bakersfield, California; San José-San Francisco-Oakland, California; Fairbanks, Alaska; Yakima, Washington; Los Angeles-Long Beach, California; Missoula, Montana; Redding-Red Bluff, California; Salt Lake City-Provo-Orem, Utah, and Phoenix-Mesa, Arizona

The 10 cities with the highest annual particulate pollution are: Bakersfield, California; Fresno-Madera-Hanford, California; Visalia, California; Los Angeles-Long Beach, California; San José-San Francisco-Oakland, California; Fairbanks, Alaska; Phoenix-Mesa, Arizona; El Centro, California; Pittsburgh-New Castle-Weirton, Pennsylvania-Ohio-West Virginia, and Detroit-Warren-Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The 10 cities with the highest ozone pollution are: Los Angeles-Long Beach, California; Visalia, California; Bakersfield, California; Fresno-Madera-Hanford, California; Sacramento-Roseville, California; San Diego-Chula Vista-Carlsbad, California; Phoenix-Mesa, Arizona; San José-San Francisco-Oakland, California; Las Vegas-Henderson, Nevada, and Denver-Aurora, Colorado.

The report also mentions the four cities with the cleanest air in the United States: Bangor, Maine; Burlington-South Burlington-Barre, Vermont; Honolulu, Hawaii, and Wilmington, North Carolina.

“The science is clear,” said Wimmer. “The nation needs greater limits on ozone and particulate pollution to safeguard the health, especially of children and people with lung diseases.”


Some Texas businesses receive subpoenas after defying closing restrictions

Dallas – A small group of businesses in Texas reopened on Friday in defiance of a state disposition against the coronavirus, which allows establishments to offer “to go” service but maintains other restrictions in force.

In Dallas, the owner of a beauty salon, Shelley Luther, received a subpoena at noon but refused to close her store. Luther had two stylists and a nail expert working, a fraction of his regular staff. Several people came to support her, including a man with a long gun turned into a pole for a Texas flag with a coiled snake saying “Don’t step on me.”

A restaurant in the Houston area opened to serve customers who wanted to eat inside, delimiting the tables available by the color of the tablecloth to ensure social distancing. A table with a white tablecloth was available. The one with a black one doesn’t.

“The right to reopen in a safe way should be our right,” said Matt Brice, owner of Federal American Grill, located in the upscale sector of Hedwig Village. “They shouldn’t tell us that we have to close our business.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced several decrees earlier this month to reopen the state economy, but services within beauty salons and restaurants are not yet allowed. More than 1.3 million people have applied for unemployment assistance in the state since mid-March, and unemployment has soared nationwide due to the closure of businesses due to the coronavirus.

Texas accumulates 593 deaths and 22,806 cases of COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus. The number of infections is probably much higher because many people have not been tested and, according to studies, a person can be infected without feeling sick.

Abbot has reopened state parks and allowed medical providers to resume non-emergency surgeries, including abortions. On Friday, businesses were authorized to start selling take-away items. Some of the largest shopping malls in Texas designed plans for shoppers to arrive in their vehicles and pick up the merchandise they ordered.

Texas has not gone as far as other states with Republican governors. Georgia Governor Brian Kemp allowed certain businesses, including gyms, beauty salons, and tattoo parlors, to reopen on Friday despite objections from some Democratic mayors.

Luther, the owner of the Salon A La Mode esthetician in Dallas, said she did not know how much the summons she received was going to cost her, but assured that she is not going to pay it.

“We are all wearing protective gear. We are disinfecting everything. Everything is completely hygienic in there, “he said, adding that he does not allow anyone to enter without a mask. He said his business has been open for almost three years and invested him about $ 35,000.

“If I lose it, I have no savings,” he said.


Medical school official says new doctors are not serving in needy places

Gustavo Quintero, president of the Colombian Association of Medical Schools says that they offered to graduate nearly 2,700 doctors early to incorporate them into the workforce in the midst of the pandemic, but that some are being sent to other areas where the need is not high.


6 questions to understand the anomaly

How did oil get below zero dollars?

Oil prices are being penalized by the coronavirus pandemic which is crippling global activity, starting with transportation. Added to this is the price war declared by Saudi Arabia almost a month ago. Prices have plunged in recent weeks for the two major market references, the American oil WTI (West Texas Intermediate) and the barrel of Brent from the North Sea. The prices of the two indices are generally quite close, their difference being linked to the quality and the specific crude market.

But Monday evening, the barrel of WTI fell below zero dollar, in negative territory. Unheard of in the history of petroleum. This means that its holders pay to get rid of their crude oil, because of the specificities of the American market.

Oil extraction is very abundant there, the United States has for several years been the world’s leading producer thanks to shale oil. Opposite, consumption is stopped there as in the rest of the world. Consequently, storage capacities are reaching saturation in the United States, notably in the Cushing oil node in Oklahoma. Oil companies no longer know what to do with their crude oil, and smaller companies prefer to pay to get rid of it. The situation is amplified by a double game of speculation, on the variation of oil prices and on storage capacities. Traders in the industry are practicing a game of musical chairs.

Does the contract mechanism amplify the crisis?

The fall of the barrel of WTI was amplified by the imminent expiration of a futures contract. The deadline for the contract to be delivered in May 2020 is set for Tuesday, April 21. Sellers must therefore find a buyer who can physically take possession of the goods while the negotiation of these contracts ends in a few hours. Without buyers, they have to store the oil in order to deliver it later. However, American oil reserves have increased enormously in recent weeks, making storage more difficult and more expensive. In its latest weekly report, the United States Energy Information Agency (EIA) reported an increase of 19.2 million barrels of crude in a single week, the largest weekly increase since these statistics are published. At this rate, American storage capacity should be saturated in mid-May, or even before. And, nobody wants to burden themselves with oil if there is no place to store it. Hence this crazy clearance sale: contract holders are ready to pay to get rid of the goods.

Why did oil briefly return to above zero this Tuesday morning?

The drastic plunge in WTI oil prices on Monday evening is linked to the expiration of the futures contract for delivery in May. The price of a futures contract in fact decreases as its maturity approaches. Tuesday, the situation should change because traders are now interested in the WTI contract maturing in June which posted Monday evening 22 dollars. However, in an extremely volatile market, the movements become difficult to explain. Tuesday morning, the price of a barrel rose briefly in positive territory before crossing the zero mark again.

Why does North Sea Brent not collapse like American crude?

If it also fell, Brent crude was $ 20.43 a barrel. It has certainly fallen by more than 60% since the start of the year but is far from suffering the descent into hell from the WTI. There are several reasons for this: the reference contract concerns delivery in June, therefore at a later date. In addition, outside the United States, storage problems are much less significant.

How long will this counter shock last?

The situation could last a little even if caution is required in a world more unpredictable than ever. Even if activity gradually resumes in some countries, the return to a level of demand and normal consumption is not for tomorrow. Supply did not follow in the same proportions. The reductions agreed by twenty of the largest producing countries, the members of OPEC and their allies, including Russia, are very high, but they will not start until May 1st. At that date, production will be reduced by almost ten million barrels per day (Mbd), or almost 10% of world supply. But that’s only a third of the massive drop in demand, estimated at 30Mbd in April. The imbalance between the overflow of supply and the frozen demand will be far from being compensated. Economists now expect consumption to drop by 10 Mbj for the whole of 2020.

Will the French pay less than a euro for their fuel?

Upon learning that a barrel of oil is literally worth nothing, the French motorist is entitled to wonder if he will benefit from it and refuel at a bargain price. And this even if, confinement requires, it rolls much less. Consumption of road fuels fell 25% in March over a year, according to Ufip (the French Union of Petroleum Industries). Since January 10, a barrel of Brent, the benchmark of the oil market in Europe, fell by 70%, from 68 to 20 dollars. The liter of diesel fuel at the pump, in France, followed this slide, passing during this same period, on average, from 1.4910 euro to 1.2130 euro. Expressed as a percentage, the drop was only 18.6%, compared to 70% for a barrel of oil. The explanation for this difference is well known: the weight of taxes in the liter sold at the pump. On 1.21 euros of diesel fuel including tax, taxes (VAT and TICPE) represent 0.81 euros, recalls Ufip. Or two thirds of the price. There are also 19 cents, in the price of a liter of diesel, which pass on the distribution costs. Finally, on the selling price of a liter of diesel, 21 cents (or only 17.5%) correspond to the raw material. Yet it is not a question of crude oil but of the refined product, listed in Rotterdam, which therefore includes the costs of refining. The fall in the price of crude oil is passed on to the pump price with a lag of a few days to a few weeks, according to distributors. The price at the pump is expected to fall further, but only marginally. And will eventually recover when global demand for crude oil picks up.


Due to coronavirus in the US, they manifest against isolation by covid-19

With and without face masks, hundreds of people, including children and older adults, from various cities demonstrated in the streets of the United States. to challenge the authorities who have prolonged the containment measures to prevent the number of coronavirus cases from increasing.

As covid-19 death cases in the United States increase, hundreds of people they met in various cities such as Concord, in New Hampshire, Annapolis, Maryland, in Austin, Texas and in Ohio to protest the confinement measures for the coronavirus.

Demonstrations against isolation

The largest such demonstration so far has taken place in Lansing, Michigan, where some 3,000 people have expressed dissatisfaction with the confinement ordered by Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

In Concord, the capital of the state of New Hampshire, about 400 people they met in the rain to ask that quarantine not be extended in a state where covid-19 cases are relatively few.

A similar mobilization took place outside the Maryland government house in Annapolis, which involved some 200 people.

On the other hand, in Austin, Texas, some 250 people protested against the obligation to stay home. Their slogans denounced “the economic collapse” caused by the paralysis of all non-“essential” activities as a result of the confinement measures.

Austin protest promoter Alex Jones, founder of the far-right-linked news portal Infowars, arrived in a van with airs of battle tank causing shouts of joy of attendees.

They request lifting of measures

In some states with Democratic governments, the protests were encouraged by President Trump through his Twitter account, who has said that he is a supporter of a quick return to normal life.

However, there have also been mobilizations with claims against domestic isolation in states of the Republican government, such as New Hampshire (northeast), with 1.3 billion inhabitants, where confinement rules until May 4.

The protesters, including several flapping United States flags, call for the early lifting of the measure.

Men with their faces covered and carrying weapons could be seen among those protesting.

“People are very happy to do what is necessary voluntarily,” Skip Murphy, one of the protesters, a 63-year-old software developer, said in a telephone interview.

However, according to Murphy, “the data does not support” the closure that was imposed in New Hampshire. Until Friday morning, in that state it had 1,287 infections and 37 deaths from coronavirus.

“What about our constitutional rights?” Asks Murphy.

Protests encouraged by Donald Trump

A recent survey from the Pew Research Center indicated that most Americans, by a two-to-one margin, are concerned that mobility restrictions are lifted prematurely.

But Trump’s tweets on Friday, in which he called for “liberation” of Michigan, Minnesota and Virginia, all states with Democratic governors, from confinement orders.

The Republican millionaire has repeated slogans with this message on several occasions, calling for an early return to normal activity due to the devastating effect that the measures to contain the pandemic have had on workers and companies.

However, health authorities have warned that an early softening of the measures could lead to the resurgence of the virus and cause a health disaster.

For Murphy, the New Hampshire protester, the protests go beyond parties. “This has nothing to do with Trump or the Democratic or Republican governors,” he said.

“It is a case in which the same size does not fit everyone. The confinement should end where it does not make sense.”



First U.S. states announce easing of measures

Trump wants to get out of the corona lockdown in three stages

Washington After the New guidelines from US President Donald Trump in the corona crisis have announced the first states to carefully relax the protective measures. The governor of Texas, Greg Abbottsaid in Austin on Friday that currently closed stores could reopen from Friday next week if they delivered, shipped, or made available for pickup.

The reopening of parks under state administration will begin on Monday. But visitors would have to follow protective measures. Schools remained closed this school year.

Minnesota’s governor Tim Walz announced on Friday that, among other things, parks, hiking trails, golf courses, outdoor shooting ranges, and shops selling fishing bait could reopen if visitors followed protective measures. “It is important for us to stay active and enjoy nature while preventing the spread of Covid-19,” said Walz after a message.

In Vermont, dealers can reopen and construction can resume under certain conditions. In Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis gave the municipalities the green light to reopen beaches and parks where they can safely do so.

Trump wants to use the guidelines presented on Thursday to lead the US back to normal in three phases and gradually reopen the economy. In the United States, unemployment has risen dramatically recently due to the corona crisis. Trump did not set a precise schedule and left the decision to the governors of the 50 states.

Nevertheless, Trump fueled protests by his supporters on Friday against strict protective measures in states. On Twitter, the Republican wrote in capital letters “Liberate Michigan!”, “Liberate Minnesota!” And “Liberate Virginia”.

All three states are governed by democratic governors who have adopted strict protective measures. There have been demonstrations against the measures in the three states in the past few days.

Washington’s democratic governor, Jay Inslee, condemned Trump’s “illegal and dangerous” statements. “The president has derailed,” it said in a message from Inslees. “It puts millions of people at risk of developing Covid-19. His disturbing tirades and calls for people to “liberate” states could also lead to violence. “

Trump said on Thursday regarding the demonstrators: “I think they are listening to me. It seems to be demonstrators who like me. “

Trump’s plan provides for a three-step return to normality if certain criteria are met in states or regions in the United States. For example, before each new phase, the number of detected coronavirus infections is said to have decreased over a 14-day period.

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