Junior 2, Águilas 1: a dubious penalty saved the points

Wánder Mosquera Mena saved Junior. When time was dying and the Sharks only reached a tie with a taste of defeat against Águilas, the central referee sanctioned an action between Miguel Borja and goalkeeper Carlos Bejarano as a penalty in the last second of play.

Just as it is protested at times when bad refereeing decisions harm the rojiblanco club, this time we must admit that the Cundinamarca whistle was wrong in their favor.

Borja, after eluding three defenders with his usual power, faced the goalkeeper and fell into the area. “Penalty!” The shark fans shouted immediately, very surely. That was the first impression, but in reality Bejarano went to the ball and did not commit an infraction. At least that showed the replay on television.

The determination of Borja to undertake the play and the failure of the referee, who did not have VAR and who was the victim of the same sensation of many of those who watched the game on television, rescued Junior.

The Cordovan attacker, who entered the second half for Michael Rangel, stopped at the white point and executed accurately to make the difference (2-1).

The victory was quite embollado by the confused and run-down game of the premises, that reserved to the majority of its eleven stellar thinking in the party of Tuesday against Independiente del Valle for the Copa Libertadores.

In that plan B, in which a rookie midfielder like Fabián Ángel was positioned as a defender, the Sharks managed to press, attack and create some offensive plays in the first half and put themselves ahead through a good goal from ‘ Cariaco ‘González.

But in the second half, the lack of understanding of this team became more evident, the absence of a creative midfielder like Sherman Cárdenas, who only entered with seven minutes remaining in the game (it must be because he will start on Tuesday) and everything is complicated. Much more after Obrian’s draw. There was no compass or ideas or clarity or imbalance. Already the hopes of winning were practically extinguished until the dubious penalty arrived and saved all three points.

Minute by minute

4. Quiet ball play in which the ball is surprisingly moved to Fabián Viáfara. The side takes a shot down and crossed that buzzes the goalkeeper’s right post.

23. Viáfara’s center, bad rejection and the ball remains for ‘Cariaco’ González, who finishes powerfully and goalkeeper Carlos Bejarano rejects.

32. Good play by Cristian Higuita, who sneaks into the area and defines with a shot from the side, which is narrowly missed.

33. GOAL Junior. Series of touches by Junior, Rangel gives it to Luis ‘Cariaco’ González and the Venezuelan, on the edge of the area, dispatches a shot above that exceeds the goalkeeper’s effort.

36. Daniel Moreno’s shot over the goal.

45. ‘Cariaco’ wastes a clear scoring opportunity. When he was about to finish with his right leg, he disarmed the ball with his left and the shot was totally deflected.

Second time

60. GOAL from Águilas. Deep pass from Marrugo to Jáder Obrian, who takes advantage of Jeison Angulo’s cold mark to surpass him in speed and define with an accurate shot against Viera.

68. Borja’s shot too high.

81. Carlos Bejarano saves almost in the line an attempt of Borja’s header that deviated in the humanity of a defender.

83. Bejarano shrinks well against Cetré, who built a good wall with Sandoval.

93. The referee sanctions a penalty for an alleged foul by goalkeeper Bejarano on Miguel Borja, which in reality did not exist

94. GOAL from Junior. Borja executed flush and to the left hand of the goalkeeper, who launched himself to the right.


Santa Marta reopens its beaches after six months of pandemic

As of this September 18, Samarians and visitors can make use of the different Beaches for recreation, yes, saving biosafety protocols as the distancing between people, because the Covid-19 it remains latent and we must not lower our guard against disease.

Manuel Ravelo Gómez traveled 16 hours on a motorcycle with his son from Cucuta toward Santa Marta And after filling out the form on the reserva.santamarta.gov.co portal, he was from 7:30 am on Friday to be the first to go into the sea after six months.

“The main motivation was to take a dip after six months of confinement, which stressed many Colombians”, commented. After removing his mask, he walked into the crystal clear waters and threw himself with his back into the Caribbean Sea.

Barranquilla Shirly Arellano experienced a similar situation. Although the journey was much shorter, the woman left with her husband at 5:00 am yesterday from Barranquilla towards the capital of Magdalena.

“This is a delight after spending a semester locked up. I wanted to enjoy the beach again, I came to relaxAlthough my husband is working, I came to enjoy the day, ”she commented.


They open a process to give the Metropolitan stadium a commercial name

The Barranquilla mayor’s office opened an application process to participate in the auction that will give the stadium a commercial name Metropolitan Roberto Meléndez, as is the style in many parts of the world with sports venues. For example, the BBVA Bancomer stadium (Guadalupe, Nuevo León, Mexico), Mercedes Benz Stadium (Atlanta, USA) and Allianz Arena (Munich, Germany), Hard Rock Stadium (Miami, USA), Wanda Metropolitano (Madrid) or Movistar Arena (Bogotá), among others.

The idea of ​​getting a sponsor for the ‘Metro’ was announced by the mayor of Barranquilla, Jaime Pumarejo Heins, in a visit to EL HERALDO on March 4, 2020, but it will begin to become a reality this Thursday, from 9 am, in a hearing to socialize the details of the application process. Interested companies must register at the following link: https://forms.gle/dThGKnxaVMjsCECh8

“The trade name rights It is a model under which a brand / company associates or puts its name to an event or place for a specified time in exchange for the payment of those rights. Under the protection of the advertising technique, the guardian of the sports venue allows a company to be associated with it by including its brand in the name of the venue ”, explained the mayor’s office through a statement.

“This public search marks the beginning of a major modernization project for the stadium, supported, now, with resources from a private investor”Added the official announcement.

The commercial naming rights of the Colombian soccer temple may have a national or international sponsor. The brands preselected in the application phase will be able to bid in the auction.

The District Secretary for Recreation and Sports appointed Puerta de Oro, Caribbean Development Company, to take charge of the process.

“The stadium, in this case, gains the possibility of obtaining additional income that allows its reinvestment, development and modernization, as well as expanding its recognition from the hand of a brand. The investing company, for its part, gains exposure in a place with wide media coverage, ”the statement said.

Interested companies and legal entities will find the application process here and They will have until Tuesday, September 29 at 10:00 am. to subscribe with the respective requirements.


WHO asks not to salute with the elbow

When people in the world began to make a habit of greeting each other with their elbows, to avoid contagion with COVID-19, the World Health Organization, WHO, recommended not to continue doing so.

Tedros Adhanom, director of the entity, explained that to greet each other with the elbow, since according to he said, This does not allow keeping the necessary distance to avoid the spread of the coronavirus.

Faced with the recommendation, Diana Ortega, head of the Innovation Strategic Alliance at Red Eléctrica de España, wrote a message on her Twitter account: “The WHO advises against saluting with the elbow: it is best to put your hand on your heart. The director of the WHO, @Dr Tedros rejects this greeting because the safety distance is not kept and the virus may be transmitted through the skin ”.

Likewise, the World Health Organization underlined the importance of investing in a “robust” public health system to face pandemics such as the coronavirus, which “will pass, but it will not be the last.”

In a speech on the occasion of the 70th session of the WHO regional committee for Europe, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus stressed that one of the “most painful lessons” of this pandemic is that, just as countries invest in their military infrastructure, they must do so in public health, in order to prevent and respond quickly to possible outbreaks.


In Cartagena they seize 50 thousand false medicines against COVID-19

Three containers from Asia, which contained counterfeit products to detect and combat COVID-19 and which belonged to a recognized brand worldwide, were seized by the Tax and Customs Police in Cartagena.

The operation was carried out Within the framework of the operationalization of the International Alert System, and thanks to information provided by the Police Community of America (AMERIPOL), the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF), HSI and CBP.

In the containers there were 50 thousand medicines, which, according to the investigations carried out, were going to Venezuela.

According to the investigations carried out by international agencies and the Colombian authorities, they realize that in order to avoid the suspicion of the customs agencies of our country, the merchandise would have made a stopover in Cartagena to be distributed in smaller cargo units that would enter the neighboring country of Venezuela for its illegal commercialization.

“This activity constitutes a process of materialization of an investigation carried out against a criminal structure dedicated to money laundering through foreign trade activities, with criminal interference in the cities of Cartagena, Barranquilla, Medellín and Bogotá ”, stated the POLFA.

It was also indicated that the Police and some Customs services of Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, OIJ of Costa Rica and the National Police of Colombia will begin this week, the so-called “Operation ESLABÓN”, coordinated through DIAN-POLFA and AMERIPOL in the fight against smuggling and counterfeiting of products related to COVID-19.

During the course of 2020 and the period of the pandemic in Cartagena, 556 actions have been carried out to control and apprehend 4.7 million goods valued at 220 billion pesos, among which are: medicines, cigarettes, liquors, toys, footwear, electrical appliances, among others.


Gustavo Gutiérrez: 80 years for a ‘long road’ of bohemia

From his residence, located in the Novalito neighborhood of Valledupar, the vallenato singer-songwriter Gustavo Gutiérrez Cabello, who celebrates 80 years of life, continues “staring at the sky, and among the mountains makes his thoughts fly”, just as he did long ago to create true jewels of our folklore as Camino Largo, immortalized by the voice of Diomedes Díaz and the accordion of his great friend Colacho Mendoza, on the album Para mi fanaticada (1980).

The letters of the ‘Romancero del Vallenato‘, due to their lyrical richness, are among the favorites of artists such as Hermanos Zuleta, Diomedes Díaz, Jorge Oñate, Binomio de Oro, and transcended to other genres from the hand of Pacho Galán and Billo’s Caracas Boys who recorded The Thorn for him.

In dialogue with EL HERALDO, Gutiérrez Cabello expressed having mixed feelings for reaching this stage. “I feel great nostalgia for my great friends who leftLike Colacho Mendoza, Rafael Escalona, ​​El Trío Malanga, which was the one with whom I participated in the parrandas; but hey, I’m happy because I reached 80, I feel that I have lived them well, in fact 20 years ago I quit drinking to have a better lifestyle”.

Many have classified him as a poet or philosopher of music; he, plain and simple, considers himself a “romantic and dreamer.”

Just as he expressed it in the theme Landscape of the Sun, recorded by Jorge Oñate and Juancho Rois. “All my life I have been a dreamer, a sensitive, simple person, I live a lot remembering when I made my songs along all these long roads that Valledupar has for Patillal and Atánquez. My life has been full of bohemia, all my songs came from my soul, I always liked poetry and I have a sensitivity for verses, I partied a lot with Jaime Molina who was the ‘Poeta de Valledupar’, So my songs bear that stamp, that indelible mark of romanticism“, Held.

Regarding the song that most moves him to listen, he does not hesitate to say that it is Confidencias, his first composition. He also delights with The thorn, Long way, Without measuring distances and My child grew up, dedicated to his son Gustavo José when he turned 10 years old. “I had four childrenOne of them died seven years ago (Jaime Daniel), two work in Bogotá, Gustavo José and Evaristo Raúl, and Kike who lives with me, I adore them all ”.


District will offer exercise routines through social networks

Barranquilleros will have from this Monday the best fitness instructors a click away with the launch of the program #I am active, which will be offered through the social networks of the Secretariat of Recreation and Sports ddaily sessions of healthy routines.

Mayor Jaime Pumarejo Heins presented the program this Saturday, which is an alliance with the Ministry of Sports. These are virtual routines designed to be done in confined spaces, including: aerobic gymnastics, muscle stimulation, aerobic rumba and mixed martial arts.

#SoyActiva has a team of certified instructors who have created healthy routines for beginners and experts, which users can see Monday through Friday at 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. through the Instagram account @SecDeportesBaq.

“During the pendemic, those who were most likely to get sick and have complications were those who did not have a healthy lifestyle, because that worsened their quality of life, so we started quickly a program so that people could go out to the patio or terrace of their house to do physical activities “said Mayor Pumarejo. “Now, with this initiative, we want to continue promoting those healthy lifestyles, that people break the routine even if they are at home, for the benefit of all Barranquilla residents,” he added.

For his part, the Secretary of Recreation and Sports, Gabriel Berdugo Peña, invited Barranquilleros to join healthy habits through exercise. “This is the best opportunity forthose who have always wanted to do physical activity and perhaps did not have the possibility to go to a gym. And those who have already been doing it, can join the expert mode. Here they will be able to exercise with real experts ”.

Another component of the program is the presence of instructors guiding physical activity sessions in the parks and public spaces of the city such as the Gran Malecón, with groups that do not exceed 8 participants. Likewise, physiotherapists will be present in the biosaludable gyms located in the parks with the aim of guiding users of machines on how to improve your performance and how to feel better after physical activity.


First phase of international flights will be on September 21

The return of the international flights will be next September 21, as confirmed this Thursday by the Minister of Transportation, Ángela María Orozco, within the framework of the beginning of a new cycle of air connectivity that also involves the start-up of air terminals in intermediate cities.

Even if biosecurity protocols to capitalize on return flights are not definedOrozco pointed out that the Ministry of Health would be publishing them soon. In this sense, the minister announced that the Government will demand as a requirement to enter the country the presentation of a negative PCR test for Covid-19, although the times of its taking are not yet specified.

This requirement is only in force at this time to travel to the island of San Andrés.

It should be noted that PCR tests (polymerase chain reaction) They are those that allow to detect a fragment of genetic material of a pathogen. This test is being used to confirm or rule out cases of patients with Covid-19, but it has also been used to detect other types of infectious diseases.

Additionally, the minister indicated that Additional adjustments are being evaluated in relation to the lines and procedures in Migración Colombia.

Routes. As revealed by the minister, the institution has classified possible countries with air connection into four groups, according to the disposition to materialize the route based on the requirements of the pandemic. In this way, among the countries with the possibility of immediate connection are United States, Brazil, Mexico, United Kingdom, Australia, Ecuador, Dominican Republic and Turkey.

In the next category, the countries with the possibility of connection this month oen October, there are Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama, Peru, Chile, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Spain, France, the Netherlands, Cuba, Canada, Argentina and Germany are in the third group of countries whose air connectivity is linked to special conditions, while the possibilities with Costa Rica or Paraguay are ruled out, for the moment.

First flight. Even if the first gradual phase would begin on September 21e, the first commercial international flights will leave Cartagena on Friday the 19th to Fort Lauderdale and Miami, “Understanding that this is a city that depends on tourist activity,” said the minister. The low-cost airlines, the American Spirit and the Colombian Viva Air, will be in charge of the operation.

On the other hand, the director of Migration Colombia, Juan Francisco Espinosa, in a meeting with the Montería authorities, he confirmed the interest of the national government in establishing an international air route that connects the capital of the department of Córdoba with Panama City.


Javier Ordóñez has 9 skull fractures: Legal Medicine

He Secretary of Security of Bogotá, Hugo Acero, revealed this Friday that lawyer Javier Ordóñez, victim of the case of police brutality that has shocked the country and the world, died as a result of the blows that were inflicted on him, apparently, the policemen who took him to CAI last Tuesday night.

“There is a report from Legal Medicine that talks about a possible blunt weapon in the death of Javier Ordóñez. (…) From the point of view of forensic medicine, there are different causes of death. A blunt weapon can be a closed fist, ”the official told the public radio station Radio Nacional.

In the preliminary opinion of the forensic entity Specifically, nine fractures are evidenced in the victim’s skull, as well as other serious injuries apparently caused by blows to different parts of his body.

Likewise, it was known that There are videos in the possession of the authorities in which the severe beating of Ordóñez could be evidenced in the CAI to which he was taken in the town of Engativá.

Old quarrels

It was also aired that the researchers have found alleged old quarrels between the uniformed men and the victim, which could well become the motives for crime.

The death of Ordóñez, which has unleashed a day of protests that left 13 people killed by firearms in three days in Bogotá and Soacha, occurred at dawn last Wednesday, after being taken by several policemen to a CAI in Engativá.

Prior to his arrest, a video in which two agents discharge electric shocks from a ‘taser’ gun on repeated occasions against Ordóñez, whom they allegedly sued for consuming liquor on public roads.

“They massacred him.” Vadith Gómez, defender of the Ordóñez family, told the press that the policemen “massacred him inside the CAI”, So those responsible should be charged, he said, the crimes of aggravated homicide, torture and abuse of authority.

The lawyer also advocated because the case remains in the ordinary justice and do not go to the military criminal justice system, since, he warns, the excessive use of force cannot be considered an act of service.


Defense Minister Carlos Holmes Trujillo, He asked for forgiveness on behalf of the Police and announced that in the middle of the investigations another five uniformed men were suspended, who join the two who had been temporarily removed from their positions last Wednesday.

This case, Trujillo said, “it hurts and outrages us, and generates solidarity ”.

For this reason, he stated: “The Police apologizes for any violation of the law or ignorance of the regulations incurred by any of the members of the institution.”

He reported in this regard that “A hearing has been summoned for abuse of authority and murder” and that “the police have been suspended so that the investigation is not obstructed.”

Likewise, it pointed out that the investigations are progressing with respect to “other police officers who may have been responsible for the death of Javier Ordóñez by act or omission.

So it finally resolves, “suspend five more police officers to subject them to the investigation process”.

In turn, the director in charge of the Police, General Gustavo Moreno, also asked for forgiveness: “On behalf of all the police officers in Colombia I want to ask the family of Mr. Javier Humberto Ordóñez Bermúdez for forgiveness. (…) Sorry to your family, sorry to your friends, sorry to all citizens, sorry to all Colombians, because we know that this type of situation seriously damages that faith that citizens should have in their Police ”.

They ask for the removal of Trujillo

Fourteen human rights organizations filed a disciplinary complaint with the Attorney General’s Office against the Minister of Defense, in which they request the dismissal of the senior official and the police officers of Bogotá and Soacha. This before the 13 people killed by firearms that left the protests of recent days as a balance. “In addition to the dismissal and disqualification after a process in the Office of the Attorney General, the immediate suspension must be given to prevent the events of September 9 from happening again. (…) The patterns under which the Police acted in Bogotá are striking, which suggests that acted under specific orders or influenced by doctrine and training processes”The statement read.

Training in Human Rights

After a meeting between the Defense Minister and the Ombudsman, Carlos Camargo, the Ministerial Chief announced how the process of transformation and modernization of the institution will be carried out.

One of the fundamental axes of this meeting was training the police force on Human Rights. “We will have the support of the UN and the Ombudsman’s Office on the issue of protection of Human Rights. We will reference the best international practices and improve the internal process, For this, the Ombudsman will accompany us and a review of the protocols will be made”Trujillo detailed.

In this sense, the defender stated: “The Ombudsman will accompany the review and evaluation of procedures of police operations in the light of international rights and protocols. It will also accompany the human rights training process for Police units ”.


Magangué doctor is “detained” in Caracas

The doctor Antonio José Amell Cantillo, who had been reported by his family as missing, would be detained in Caracas, after he was captured at dawn last Sunday in the municipality of San Diego, a town near the city of Valencia, Carabobo state. , in the central area of ​​the neighboring country.

Members of the organization Foro Penal told EL HERALDO that after a meeting with officials of the Valencia judicial circuit, they told them that “he was not in the Judicial Palace.”

“Our team informs us that he would be in Caracas and they would present him before a special judge,” the NGO’s lawyers told this medium.

The coordinator of the NGO in Carabobo, Luis Betancourt, visited the main detention centers in Carabobo state yesterday and they answered that they did not have the 27-year-old doctor.

Marisol Cantillo, who is in Medellín, told EL HERALDO that several lawyers told her that her son was transferred to Caracas on Monday night in a helicopter.

“I only know that. I have not been able to talk to him, nor do I know the reasons for his possible arrest. The lawyers give me no more reason. They don’t know much either. These days have been an ordeal for me, ”Cantillo said.

According to neighbors, around 1:00 am on Sunday the doctor was forcibly taken from his home by officials with clothing and identification from the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (Sebín), who also took documents and a computer from the site.

Friends of the resident doctor of the Ciudad Hospitalaria Enrique Tejera (CHET), in Valencia, rule out that his arrest and subsequent disappearance is due “to political reasons.”

“As far as we know, he was never linked to some kind of organization or anything like that. There are no videos or any publication of him making any kind of political statement, “the doctor’s friends told this medium.

A request

Congressmen Fernando Araújo, Gabriel Velasco, Emeterio Montes, Jorge Benedetti, Jennifer Arias, Alejandro Corrales, Yamil Arana, Nadia Blel, Karen Cure and Silvio Carrasquilla signed a letter requesting the Red Cross and the Foreign Ministry to mediate to achieve the release of the doctor.

“In Venezuela there is a tyranny that violates Human Rights. We request that this communication be forwarded to international organizations in order to carry out the pertinent actions to guarantee the physical and psychological integrity of the victim of this gross act, ”the letter states.