The White House says Trump’s vaccine talk was about Ebola and not coronavirus

Photo: MANDEL NGAN (Getty Images)

The White House wanted to clarify a few things to put everyone at ease: first, whales don’t mate with elephants, so reports of “whales” are false. Additionally, reports of quicksand deaths have been seriously reported as the last person to die from quicksand was Wile E. Coyote. And, when the president said Tuesday that “we’re very close to a vaccine,” he wasn’t referring to the deadly coronavirus, he was referring to Ebola.

Because it makes perfect sense. Ebola, very similar to leather and oversize jackets fitted caps, it was great years ago. But of course the president would talk about the deadly Ebola virus when countries are struggling to figure out how to combat the current scurvy outbreak!

But I think I know what happened. Most likely, when the president was talking about the “fast spreading virus, he has killed more than 2,700 people and infected tens of thousands, at a press conference during a state visit to India, “he lied and said that we were close to a coronavirus vaccine because he is a liar who freestyles all his speeches and simply says shit.

From CNBC:

An NBC News reporter asked the president if his administration’s response to the coronavirus was in line with his criticisms in 2014 of President Barack Obama’s handling of the Ebola epidemic.

“The Ebola patient will be brought to the United States in a few days – now I know for sure that our leaders are incompetent,” Trump wrote in a tweet on July 31, 2014. “KEEP OUT OF HERE!”

But Trump said Tuesday that there was a “big difference” between the coronavirus and Ebola, which had an extremely high mortality rate at its peak.

“We are still working on Ebola,” said Trump. “We’re getting a vaccine … we’re still working on it.”

With coronavirus, the mortality rate is currently closer to “1 or 2 percent,” said Trump.

“In the other case it was 100 percent virtual. Now they have it, they’ve studied it, they know a lot. In fact, we are very close to a vaccine,” said Trump.

White House spokesman Judd Deere told CNBC later Tuesday that Trump “was talking about the Ebola vaccine.”

So you think the president was talking about Ebola, perhaps, except for the United States Food and Drug Administration announced in December that it had approved a vaccine for the prevention of the Ebola virus, “reports CNBC.

Oh, Trump also said that the coronavirus threat was “probably up to 10” cases, when there are currently “53 confirmed coronavirus cases in the United States. Most infected people are repatriated from Wuhan, the epicenter of the virus in China, or the Princess Cruise line, “According to CNBC.

Yes, the president has no idea what he is talking about and continues to be a global embarrassment.