Nadia Vadori-Gauthier: dance in resistance

January 2015. In a France bereaved by the attacks, Nadia Vadori-Gauthier decides to go out on the street and dance. Dance a minute every day, wherever it is, to impose its “sensitive presence” on the world, in response to barbarism.

Since January 14, 2015, the artist has not missed a single appointment and has posted a minute of dance daily on the Internet. Alone, with guests or in the middle of an event, in silence or with music, in the most varied places – from the Ice Palace of the Throne Fair to the Cantal mountains, via metros, RER, hospitals and museums -, day or night, in the rain or in the sun, Nadia Vadori-Gauthier improvises with a simple and deep movement, universal and accessible.

A project, of the order of performance, which she claims as a poetic action. ” Two sentences guide me, she explains. The Chinese proverb which says “drop by drop, the water ends up crossing the stone” and the quotation from Nietzsche “And one estimates lost any day when one will not have danced at least once”. For five and a half years, my minute of dance has been marking a white stone every day. »

A need for sharing

During the confinement, the performer continued to publish her videos, one minute a day, without deviating from the rule that she set for herself – in fixed shot and without montage – from her house in Gentilly, in the Paris suburbs: from bathroom in the garden up to the limits imposed by the statutory kilometer in the streets of its district. During this period, she also calls anonymous people to send her their own pictures.

She then discovers in the population an incredible desire to dance. ” The response was immediate, I spent up to 6 hours a day archiving dozens of videos, she says. I think that these images constitute an exceptional memory of the new situation that we have just lived, all these dances express the moods, the moods which crossed very diverse people – caregivers, workers, fans of Christophe in homage to the missing singer – and above all, a need for sharing, relationships… »

2,000 participants for the 2,000th

Nadia is preparing to celebrate her 2,000 todaye minute of dance. ” I couldn’t see myself doing it alone, she says. As large gatherings are no longer possible, I invite the volunteers to join me via the Zoom application, to dance together for a minute. My dream: to bring 2,000 people together for my 2,000e ! And, virtually, fill the great hall of the Chaillot National Theater where it will stand, alone, with the 1,800 empty seats in the background.

After this event, Nadia will continue to post on her website her daily dance minute. ” It’s a real commitment, she assures. Making the video of a minute of dance every day technically takes much more than a minute, but I do it day by day. The artist does not yet know how long she will continue this singular epic. One thing is certain: the world, in its march, will always need to dance.


“Why is the Ministry of culture poisons the cultural figures?”

24 Jun actress Leah Akhedzhakova joined the marathon of live figures of Russian culture “Antiprocess” in support of the defendants in the case, “the Seventh Studio” hosted by actress Oksana Mysina.

Liya Akhedzhakova was also released in a live broadcast on his page in Facebook. We provide its text completely:

What’s happening to us?.. What is happening to our country?.. What has become of our judicial system?!

I was born when he shot Peter and the camps were the greatest scientist of Queens and hundreds of thousands of innocent scientists, filmmakers, writers, artists. In the course of my life appeared Solzhenitsyn is finally released. During my life I have hunted, put on the shelf the works of our best filmmakers. What’s happening to us?! Why we came to the conclusion that the Ministry of culture, which should protect people culture, became a werewolf and the poison of cultural figures?!

Three years being bullied by Kirill Serebrennikov! Sonia Apfelbaum! Yura Itina! Lesha Malopolska! Decent people with clean hands! Talented people! Cyril has created performances and projects! He trained and raised a wonderful voice actors! We know what it’s for theater “Gogol-Center”, which is young, and always a full house and great performances!

While poisoned Cyril, his mother died. I don’t know what happens with Semyon Mikhailovich, father, because he is at the limit!

We are all three years suffer and prove that the play “a Midsummer night’s Dream” was! Although the court claims that it was not! I was on the court – I had a feeling that neither the judge nor the investigators nor the Prosecutor never in my life been in a theater. And absolutely do not know what the theatrical business, which they judge – how is it done and what grows.

You know, our future is not in the hands of good marching soldiers, not in the hands of those who make rockets that fly and kill people. Not in the hands of the powerful military industries and security services that provide fear and terror because the person can throw the drugs that a person can catch on the street, accused of dissent and would be put in jail.

Still, the future is ours, and your, and your children – what will we have culture. For centuries our culture has surprised and shocked the world.

Fear God!

Video message to Leah Akhedzhakova is available here.

Recall that the Marathon, which was organized by actress Oksana Mysina began on June 21. On the first day of their circulation in the network recorded the theatrical critic Olga Vaysbeyn, theater teacher-Director and the actress Elena Starodvorskie, actor Kamil Tukaev, Director Gleb Cherepanov, journalist and Director of the project “Russia sitting” Olga Romanova, actress Yelena Koreneva, student Kirill Serebrennikov Maria appellants, actress Olga Volkova, the artist Pavel Kaplevich, the actor Andrei Kuzichev, actor Anatoly Bely, actress Julia Aug, satirist Viktor Shenderovich, directed by Ruzanna Movsesyan, theatrical artist Emil kapelush, Director Mikhail Bychkov, a journalist Zoya Svetova, Director Vladimir Mirzoyev.

June 24 is the second day of the marathon, which was attended by leading Russian cultural figures, including the artistic Director of Satirikon theatre Konstantin Raikin, theater historian, doctor of arts Vladimir Kolyazin, actress Leah Akhedzhakova, the actor Veniamin Smekhov, playwright Alexander Gelman, the journalist Oleg Baranov, actress Chulpan Khamatova, writer Dmitry Bykov, actor Alexander Filippenko, Director Yury Muravitsky.

We will remind that on June 22, was held the 51st meeting in the case of Studio seven, which the Prosecutor Reznichenko asked the defendants to terms of imprisonment in a General regime with penalty: Kirill Serebrennikov – 6 years (the penalty – 800 thousand), Alexei Malopolska – 5 years (a fine of 300 thousand), Sophia Apfelbaum and Yuri Itino – 4 years (a fine of 200 thousand). While the Ministry of culture confirmed the amount of damages at 128, 9 million, allegedly caused to him by the project “Platform”.

The court’s decision will be announced June 26 at 11:00.

June 20 edition of the THEATRE magazine. gathered together the most outrageous episodes, evidence of fraud, forgery and the custom-made nature of the case, “the Seventh Studio”. Documentary testimony collapsed in court “theatre business”, read the link.


“The night is a theater, not an empty space”

The cross : How have your own nights been disrupted by containment?

Sébastien Daucé: They were cut short by confinement! Insomniac, I wake up around 3 or 4 in the morning and listen to music, not in “professional” but for pure pleasure outside of work. Very soft music, interpreted with the lute or the theorbo, which I put as weak as possible. In the silence so dense, so absolute, experience is precious.

Rediscovering the silence of the night is one of the gifts of confinement and I hope that we will be able to preserve it afterwards. I’m a bit questionable about the big talk about the “next world” and the urgent, loud call for necessarily new ideas. Of course, creativity is essential, but it seems to me that there is also a lot to draw from the thoughts of the “before”, those which remain original and fruitful.

Since inactivity gave me time, I notably immersed myself in Lost illusions and Splendours and Miseries of the Courtesans de Balzac, novels that I adored as a teenager but never read since. What an enlightening vision of our humanity, and of our inhumanity, in this diptych – where one meets elsewhere in Vautrin an obscure figure, nocturnal in its evil side! There is much to meditate on in these times.

How does baroque music, which is your field of activity, figure at night and sleep?

S.D.: Sleep (which doesn’t just grab you at night) is an essential part of the opera performance from Lully. A moment which suspends the action but enriches the dramaturgy, displaces it, by spells, magic, bewitchment. The music becomes tender, sinuous, enveloping, to install a climate of hypnotic tranquility. The composers summon instruments with delicate and dreamy timbres like that of flutes and use undulating rhythms, balanced by the waters of the Lethé river. The night is indeed the place of a theater and not an empty space devoid of action.

La Croix: More generally, what vision of the night did the 17th century develop?

S. D.: A very different vision from ours, heir to the romantic conceptions of the XIXe century that we find, for example, in the reveries of Lamartine. In the XVIIe, the night is the kingdom of the imagination where all masked, repressed desires are released by the day. During the night, in a kind of catharsis, one can live more intensely, beyond the possibilities, within a colored world, far from any idea of ​​uniform darkness.

Before the 1670s and the advent in France of opera and its codes, the night was figured in a very subtle, ambivalent, positive and negative way at the same time. Neither Manicheism, nor recourse to moral judgment, as will be the case in the last times of the reign of Louis XIV. The nocturnal spirits can worry and disturb, but they are also characters born from our dreams or from those of great poets like Tasso or Ariosto.

Yet the Sun, that is to say King Louis XIV, triumph of the Night?

S.D.: Of course, officially. But see The Royal Ballet of the Night (1), given in 1653 where the young Louis XIV danced, to seal the defeat of the Fronde. The monarch appeared there after several hours of song and dance where the nocturnal forces had been able to seduce the assembly, charm it, precipitate it into an enchanted, intense universe. And if the Night (embodied by an ambivalent voice, female or male) gives up, it nevertheless leaves wonderful memories with the listener as the day takes back its rights …

At the end of the reign of Louis XIV, the aesthetic fantasy, the sometimes unbridled creativity of the plastic arts as of music, will give way to a more regulated, admirable but less explosive form: in a word, classic.


The City of Paris partners with the Ministry of Culture to support the performing arts

In mid-April, before the Senate culture committee, Minister of Culture Frank Riester announced the creation of an Emergency Performance Fund (FUSV) with 5 million euros. The initiative responded to the call from the National Syndicate of Private Theater (SNDTP) asking for financial assistance so that the fabric of private theaters – mostly Parisians -, entrepreneurs of theater shows and live performance companies (theater, dance, circus, street arts, puppets) that are not subsidized cannot be reduced to a frenzy because of the consequences of the Covid-19 epidemic. Affected, the sector estimated at the end of April its losses at 63 million euros in turnover, for the first two months of confinement alone.

→ LIVE – Coronavirus: the latest information from France and around the world

By announcing the creation of this fund – managed by the Association for the support of private theater (ASTP) which, via an online platform, centralizes requests – the Minister of Culture had also invited the City of Paris and the local authorities to associate with it.

Voted on May 18, aid from the City of Paris will be capped at 15 million euros

Alongside Adami (Society of services to performers) which provides financial support of € 200,000 to this fund, the City of Paris confirmed its aid in a press release published on Tuesday, May 12. The municipality specifies that this fund “ intended to cover part of the fixed costs excluding payroll (Editor’s note: rents, electricity costs), which persist despite the lack of activity “, And this, in addition compensation for partial unemployment or the solidarity fund for companies

The exact amount of the participation of the City of Paris will be voted and announced on May 18, after the Paris Council. In an interview granted to the Parisian on May 4, the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, has already mentioned the creation of ” a exceptional aid fund of 15 million euros For all the cultural players affected by the consequences of the epidemic. The FUSV will benefit from part of this 15 million euros, we explain to the cabinet of Christophe Girard, deputy mayor of Paris for culture.

Aid therefore different from the 100 million euros in annual subsidies normally allocated to different Parisian cultural institutions. Payment which, it is specified by this same firm, was anticipated by a few weeks taking into account the exceptional circumstances.


online streaming schedule for May 2020

Until the end of May, the Gogol Center Theater is going to broadcast its productions. According to the publication “Theater “, they will be held on Sundays with a repeat on Monday.

So May 17 and 18 Goncharov’s “Ordinary History” can be viewed on the website and in official groups in the theater’s social networks. Kirill Serebrennikov transferred the action from St. Petersburg to Moscow, adding to what is happening on the scene infernal and apocalyptic images. Viewers will see how the idealist character goes “to the dark side” in this incredible mystery, where light and darkness really matter.

May 24 and 25 netizens are waiting for the play “Kafka”. The authors were able to convey the absurdity that the writer described. Not to be confused with delirium, Kafka’s absurdity has rigid internal logic.

“Eternal example”: the actress of the “Gogol Center” talked about working with SerebrennikovActress Yang Ge noted that Kirill Semenovich never raises his voice on the actors.

AND May 31 and June 1 they will see a recent gala concert on the occasion of the 7th anniversary of the Gogol Center with Kirill Serebrennikov as the host.


Nadezhda Babkina sang Victory Day, despite voice problems after illness

Hope Babkina only recently discharged from the hospital after a serious illness. The 70-year-old singer was hospitalized with severe pneumonia. And although the tests did not show in her coronavirus, friends of the artist are sure that she became a victim of a pandemic. Nadezhda Georgievna spent several days in a coma, on a ventilator, with a pipe in her throat. After such a procedure, the voice is restored far from immediately – it would seem that there is no time for singing. But Babkina did not break the long tradition and on May 9 sang the song “Victory Day” for fans. She shared the video on Instagram.

– Happy Victory Day, friends! – congratulated the artist subscribers.

The singer’s voice after illness has not yet gained full strength, but her colleagues at the Russian Song Theater came to her aid. Together they sang the famous hit in honor of the Great Victory. In the general sonorous chorus, Nadezhda Georgievna’s voice sounding with a slight hoarse sound is easily guessed.

The artist filmed the video in her house near Moscow, where she wakes up after discharge from the hospital.

“About 80% of the lungs were affected … Everything covered with film and dragged on there: it’s such an infection, it manifests itself very quickly and starts to work,” Babkina told of her illness.

Before discharge, computed tomography showed that Nadezhda Georgievna still affected 40% of the lungs. During rehabilitation, doctors prescribed her a special course of treatment (pills and injections) and breathing exercises. Babkin goes to the nearby Lapino hospital for procedures. By the way, another star patient who underwent coronavirus, Stas, was also treated in it. Mikhailov.

According to doctors, it can take a long time to restore the voice after such a disease: after a coronavirus and mechanical ventilation, it may not be able to listen to the patient for a long time, it sounds dull and hoarse.

– This is due to a change in the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract and cough. A prolonged cough has always been considered one of the risk factors for the formation of voice disturbance, ”saidKP»Phonator Ekaterina Osipenko. – How big the risk is depends on the severity of the patient’s condition, his presence on the ventilator. Patients who underwent tracheotomy – an operation to install a tracheotomy tube for long-term mechanical ventilation, also have a risk of voice changes in the future.

Happy Victory Day, friends! @rpfolk # Nadezhdababkina #Russian song #HymnWinning


how Nadezhda Babkina restores health after pneumonia

Nadezhda Babkina on May 9 will certainly perform Victory songs. This time thousands of spectators will not applaud her – we celebrate the main holiday in self-isolation mode. And Nadezhda Georgievna herself is recovering after a serious illness, therefore she saves herself – there will be concerts, but later. But “Victory Day” will certainly sound in the house of the national artist. We tell how Babkina regains her health after being discharged from the hospital.

Recall that Nadezhda Georgievna was hospitalized with pneumonia, for almost a month we were worried about her health. The treatment required the introduction of an artist into a coma, Babkina coped, doctors saved the life of Nadezhda Georgievna – and now she is already at home. The situation was very serious. Nadezhda Babkina told about the course of the disease in Let They Talk, immediately after hospitalization and computed tomography of her lungs, she was transferred to intensive care:

“About 80% of the lungs were affected … Everything covered with film and dragged on: it’s such an infection, it manifests itself very quickly and starts working …” Later, the artist found out that at some point the situation became very serious: “The question was acute at the time the kidneys stopped working. Why? Details did not tell me. Probably it was scary, there were a lot of problems with me … “

Before discharge, CT showed that lung damage, according to the singer, decreased to 40%. Now Nadezhda Georgievna is not in a Moscow apartment, but in her country house in the suburbs. Therefore, she goes to special Lapino hospital for special physiotherapeutic procedures to restore lung function and rehabilitation. At discharge, the artist was prescribed home recovery (for 20 days): pills, injections – the artist tells her colleagues what she can do herself. Doctors ordered Babkin to do breathing exercises.

Nadezhda Georgievna says that the exercises are not easy, they are dizzy after them, but the artist is not lazy: she does it every day, because it’s important for the profession to restore the lungs as soon as possible. “Since we are singing, I have light accordions (squeezed – unclenched),” Babkina communicates with her colleagues and friends over the telephone — her voice is normal.

Nadezhda Babkina walks a lot – she lives in a country house (the singer was taken to the hospital from her Moscow apartment), and she came to rehab for fresh air outside Moscow. The actress is accompanied by a nurse Allochka – now the first assistant to Nadezhda Georgievna. “A beautiful little girl, Allochka, looked after me in the hospital, as though she was young, and hands like sledgehammers — I think all four will fall down. And she dragged me. From the bed to the toilet (I couldn’t walk). And – night is not night, she just lived with me, ”Babkina got used to her nurse. And Allochka went to her house – to help recover.

She goes to physiotherapy with her son, and Assistant Allochka is always nearby at home. Civilian husband Yevgeny Gor also raises spirits – he and his Hope have been 17 years old.

“He protects me, worships!” – the artist praises her Zhenya. There is something to praise – Gore kept the defense of journalists for a month: not a single interview or comment on Babkina’s health until she wrote out. Immediately after Nadezhda’s discharge, Eugene breathed a sigh of relief, and even cut himself off for joy! The precautions for self-isolation in this family are followed very strictly. Now Babkina even before washing her hands washes: he touches his face only with clean hands.

Nadezhda Babkina with common-law husband Eugene GorePhoto: Personal page of the hero of publication in social networks

The house has a special lamp that disinfects the air. The device for air disinfection in the rooms of Babkina was presented for an anniversary – even before the illness. Now come in handy! In March, Nadezhda Georgievna celebrated her 70th birthday; she is going to celebrate lavishly in the fall, when they are allowed to hold events. For the anniversary, the singer lost 23 kg in three and a half months: food was delivered to her ready diet. And in the hospital she dropped it again: I didn’t want to eat. Now she eats fully: as she began to recover she suddenly wanted sauerkraut.

Nadezhda Georgievna is not bored at home: the collective of her theater “Russian Song”, like all artists on self-isolation, but Babkina is engaged in current affairs, in touch with her employees. In the hospital, I didn’t communicate with anyone from friends: only with relatives, and when I got better, I watched TV. But now it receives calls and congratulations, we can say that with a second birth. Babkina says that she gave herself the command not to be afraid, to completely trust the doctors as soon as I entered the hospital: “When I looked in my eyes Shapovalenko Tatyana Vladimirov (the chief physician of the Medsi Design Bureau in Otradnoye – approx. Aut.) said that I believe you – my life is in your hands. ”

Recovery will not be quick – this artist understands, does not deny: no one knows yet – what consequences can be after an illness. But now there is more good news: according to the results of the analyzes, the doctors said that the immune system is restored.


Two million for treatment: Nadezhda Babkina will have a month of rehabilitation

The singer was in a private clinic (details)

“Almost 80% of the lungs were affected, there was an operation”: the first interview with Nadezhda Babkina after the illness

The actress told how Moscow doctors saved her (details)


Representative Babkina responded to rumors about the deterioration of the singer’s vocal data

The singer is undergoing recovery procedures

The health status of Nadezhda Babkina, and after the singer’s discharge from the clinic, is still widely discussed in the media and social networks. And the recent video, in which Nadezhda Georgievna performs Victory Day, was the reason for talk that the operation had a bad effect on the singer’s vocal data.

It is noteworthy that this video, originally posted on Babkina’s Instagram, was deleted, but not the most flattering comments and ridiculous assumptions still overwhelm social networks. However, as follows from the commentary given to WomanHit to the press secretary of the artist, Alexander Velor, the malicious remarks did not affect the mood of the singer herself.

“She feels good, is eager for battle,” said the PR manager of the singer. He also noted that the singer is undergoing rehabilitation procedures, making droppers and, perhaps, will take part in some events dedicated to Victory Day.

It is too early to talk about the possible return of Nadezhda Georgievna to the stage. According to the singer’s entourage, summer events are not planned yet, and the Babkina Theater is closed until September.


Svetlana Nemolyaeva destroyed the love of Lazarev Jr. to Amalia Mordvinova

Svetlana Nemolyaeva lived with folk artist Alexander for more than 50 years Lazarevwho passed away in 2011. For more than 30 years, the only son of the stars has been happy in marriage – Alexander Lazarev Jr. But few people know that being married he literally lost his head from Amalia Mordvinova.

A few years ago Alexander Lazarev Jr. and his wife Alina were on the verge of a divorce. Rehearsing and performing on stage “Lenkoma“with the play” Royal Games “, Alexander was carried away by his partner Amalia Mordvinova.

She was then married for the first time. Her chosen one was sound engineer Igor Zorin.

Learning about the affair of his son, Svetlana Nemolyaeva went to the theater’s artistic director Mark Zakharov. They say that the actress asked to take measures so that the family where Pauline’s little daughter grew up does not collapse.

Soon Amalia suddenly left the troupe and divorced her husband. Probably, the actress hoped that Lazarev Jr. would do the same. But parents were able to keep Alexander from this step, writes “Express newspaper”.

In 2000, the Lazarevs had a second child – a son, Sergei. Two years ago Alexander and Alina got married in one of the temples Georgia.

Now Nemolyaeva continues to anxiously protect her son’s marriage from all adversities. She admitted that she specially arranges gatherings at the cottage, to which she invites the heir and daughter-in-law. “By nature, I’m a diplomat … I always put out fires in our family, and it happens that I speak as a goodwill ambassador between Sasha and Alina. Although they are both wise … “, the star of the screen admits.


On social networks, actors recite Molière, Racine and Corneille

Deprived of the stage, yes, but not the pleasure of playing! Over a hundred actors have taken up Youtube and Instagram, using the keyword “À vous de jeu” (1), to recite short extracts from plays by three great French playwrights: Molière, Corneille and Racine.

“The actors will be the last to resume, in the fall if all goes well, and probably with reduced gauges to ensure the distance … I was looking for a way to keep in touch with the public, as do the singers and musicians”, Nicolas Briançon told AFP. The director launched this initiative, inspired by a challenge organized by actors from across the Channel with texts by Shakespeare.

The latter chose to declaim himself an extract, almost of circumstance, of the monologue of Arnolphe in Women’s school from Molière: “I can hardly, I admit, stay put. And a thousand worries my mind is embarrassed, to be able to put an order in and out and out … “.

The desire to return to the scene

Joined him actors and actresses of cinema, series and television as well as several theater actors. Thus, the actor Guillaume de Tonquedec seizes, seated and back to his library, a replica of Sosie, character ofAmphitryon of Molière. Scene that had opened the doors of the Conservatory to him. Questioned by AFP, he “Hope that these readings can be a gateway to classical theater”. And to add: ” I only have one desire: to return to the stage, but it will unfortunately not be right away (…) This is an interesting period. It highlights the importance of culture when you have nothing left “.

A desire certainly shared by some comedians of the Comédie-Française. If they already participate in the web-TV “The comedy continues! “Posted online on March 30 on Youtube, the resident Nazim Boudjenah and the member Didier Sandre also bent to the exercise … With a few liberties! Departing from the instructions of the three imposed authors, Didier Sandre chose to share Lake, famous and magnificent poem by Lamartine. As for the former member of the Cécile Brune troupe, she gives voice, and with energy, to the lover Eraste in The annoying, from Molière.

Alexis Michalik also joined the game. The young successful playwright chose to recite, book in hand, the famous tirade of the battle narrated by Don Rodrigue in The Cid of Corneille. ” We left five hundred, but by prompt reinforcement, we saw each other three thousand … ” And we can only wish such a fate to this pretty virtual project.