Bundeswehr promises help with Covid 19 missions abroad

DGerman soldiers could be sent on crisis missions in other NATO and partner countries during the second wave of the corona pandemic. As a spokesman for the Ministry of Defense of the German Press Agency confirmed on request, the Federal government Nato has promised support for its “Allied Hand” emergency plan. According to this, medical personnel, pioneers and experts from the troops would be made available for deployments abroad to counter nuclear, biological or chemical dangers.

A total of around 160 specialists should be possible. In addition, there could be soldiers who support the respective deployment from Germany, according to the Ministry of Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (CDU).

The emergency plan should be activated, for example, if the health system in allies or NATO partner countries such as Ukraine, Georgia or Sweden threatens to collapse due to very high numbers of infections and the affected state asks for support. A resolution by the 30 NATO states in the North Atlantic Council would also be necessary.

NATO plan “Allied Hand” helps with money and equipment

In addition to Germany, according to information from alliance circles, four other allied troops have so far committed themselves, including Great Britain and France. At the alliance headquarters it is hoped that other states will follow suit in the coming weeks. The NATO armed forces could also be used to transport ambulances or to set up field hospitals.

The “Allied Hand” operation plan is part of NATO’s preparations for a further escalation of the pandemic. They also include setting up a trust fund and building camps of medical equipment. So could NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg Already announced almost two weeks ago that the small and comparatively financially weak alliance of North Macedonia will be provided with 60 ventilators, among other things, and another 60 have been delivered to Albania. “This is NATO solidarity in action,” commented Stoltenberg.

The armed forces had already supported partner bilaterally during the first wave of the pandemic. The German Armed Forces helped out overloaded clinics in Great Britain with mobile ventilators. In Germany, soldiers are currently supporting offices in tracking chains of infection. In addition, there have recently been, for example, deployments in connection with corona tests on return travelers or the transport of medical material.


Cheap Sedan Credit Simulation, Honda City Starting from Rp. 4 Million per Month

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Segments then it can be said that it is not in demand when compared to other types such as LCGC, MPV or whatever SUV.

Today’s consumers who are in great demand are cars with large cabin space capacities and low prices.

If you don’t look for cheap cars so you can save more in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic like today.

Even so, the car that was popular in the 1990 – 2000 era still has enthusiasts. The driving experience that feels most comfortable is one of the reasons why sedans still exist today.

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In fact, not a few fanatical consumers still choose this type of car even though there are many types on the market.

Kompas.com/Setyo Adi The Toyota Vios sedan is an option at IIMS 2018

For the sedan segment there are cheap and medium classes. Then cheap filled by two such models Toyota Vios and also Honda city.

For those of you who are interested in proposing a cheap sedan, many promos are offered by dealers.

Includes credit with tenor up to 60 months. Here simulation cheap sedan credit that you get Kompas.com and can be your reference.

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-Honda New City E CVT price of IDR 352,600,000

Simulation DP credit of 30 percent IDR 105,780,000

12 months tenor: IDR 21,539,159
Admin fee : Rp 1.246.000
Insurance: IDR 9,943,320
Total IDR 138,508,479

24-month tenor: IDR 11,370,175
Admin fee : Rp 1.296.000
Insurance: IDR 9,943,320
Total : 128.389.495

36 months tenor: IDR 7,989,426
Admin fee : Rp 1.346.000
Insurance: IDR 9,943,320
Total: IDR 125,058,560

48 month tenor: IDR 6,378,240
Admin fee : Rp 1.396.000
Insurance: IDR 9,943,320
Total: IDR 123,497,560

Tenor of 60 months: IDR 5,510,257
Admin fee : Rp 1.666.000
Insurance: IDR 9,943,320
Total: IDR 122,899,577

Toyota Vios facelift in the Philippinesautoindustriya.com Toyota Vios facelift in the Philippines

As for the Toyota New Vios

Type GA / T OTR price of IDR 328,650,000

DP 30 percent IDR 98,595,000
12 months tenor: IDR 17,583,096
24-month tenor: IDR 10,822,829
36 months tenor: IDR 7,586,641
48 months tenor: IDR 6,096,059
60 months tenor: IDR 5,386,898

Type EA / T OTR price of IDR 306,750,000

DP 30 percent IDR 92,025,000
12 months tenor: IDR 19,146,662
24-month tenor: IDR 10,101,636
36 months tenor: IDR 7,081,096
48 months tenor: IDR 5,689,840
60 months tenor: IDR 5,027,936

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Type GM / T OTR price IDR 312,550,000

DP 30 percent IDR 93,765,000
12 months tenor: IDR 19,508,685
24-month tenor: IDR 10,292,637
36 months tenor: IDR 7,214,985
48 months tenor: IDR 5,797,423
Tenor 60 months: IDR 5,123,003

Type EM / T OTR price of IDR 293,750,000

DP 30 percent IDR 88,125,000
12 months tenor: IDR 18,335,230
24-month tenor: IDR 9,673,531
36 months tenor: IDR 6,781,001
48 months tenor: IDR 5,448,706
Tenor of 60 months: IDR 4,814,853

* Prices are OTR Jakarta
* Prices may vary with other regions
* Credit details can change at any time


Armenian President disappointed with NATO and EU stance on Karabakh


Armenia Armen Sargsyan said in an interview with the British newspaper The Criticthat I am disappointed with the position of NATO and the EU on the Karabakh conflict. “I was disappointed with a number of factors. I am disappointed that NATO allows its member state (Turkey – ed.) To be involved in a conflict with a third party, to which Turkey has nothing to do with. NATO member uses the most modern weapons of the Alliance – F-16, drones, attracts military personnel without a mandate. I am disappointed with insufficient pressure from the European Union, “the press service of the Armenian leader quotes the text of the interview. The President noted that there is no great pressure and USAalthough he said he can understand why America is busy with the presidential elections. He noted that in fact the Israeli government claims to sell “defensive” weapons to the state, which, according to the Armenian president, is using them “to attack the Armenian people.” “When the war started, they had to cut off supplies. They didn’t. I’m not the only one who is disappointed on this issue. My Jewish friends, from Israel to New York and Moscoware also very unhappy, “the president noted. As for Russia, according to Sargsyan, the Russian Federation stated that in case of an attack on Armenia, it will abide by the provisions of all its bilateral and multilateral agreements. Fighting on the contact line in Karabakh began on September 27. Armenia and Azerbaijan accuse each other of unleashing hostilities, in Karabakh they report artillery shelling of peaceful settlements of the unrecognized republic, including its capital Stepanakert… Armenia has declared martial law and – for the first time – a general mobilization, claiming that active support Baku renders Ankara… Partial mobilization was introduced in Azerbaijan and in some places – martial law. Leaders of Russia, USA and France called on the opposing sides to end the clashes, to pledge to start negotiations without preconditions. Turkey announced that it would provide Azerbaijan with any support it requested against the background of another aggravation of the situation in Nagorno-Karabakh.



Ivan Medvedev

if you are disappointed in everyone, you are probably the problem.


Olga Zankova

and when he and Pashinyan arranged the Maidan – did they hope that NATO and the EU would support them? naive … This is when it is necessary to overthrow the disagreeable – they give a lot of promises, but now – the true face of those for whom they rode with Pashinyan and revealed






RIA Novosti

Russia, Moscow, Zubovsky Boulevard, 4

7 495 645-6601



RIA Novosti

Russia, Moscow, Zubovsky Boulevard, 4

7 495 645-6601






RIA Novosti

Russia, Moscow, Zubovsky Boulevard, 4

7 495 645-6601


Cars burnt out from shelling and a destroyed hospital in Karabakh Martakert

Hospital in Martakert, Karabakh, damaged by shelling. The vehicle fleet is badly damaged.





RIA Novosti

Russia, Moscow, Zubovsky Boulevard, 4

7 495 645-6601


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Used Sedans Under Rp. 100 Million Later This Month, Can Get Camry, BMW or Mercy

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – The end of the month is the time that many choose to buy both two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles.

One of the reasons is none other than the availability of funds to a large extent promo offered by the dealer or showroom.

For example, for four-wheeled vehicles, not only new ones, used car often offers a variety of attractive facilities for consumers.

With these various promos, many buyers are waiting for the moment at the end of the month to find a half-used car.

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One type of used vehicle that many buyers are still interested in is type then.

Kompas.com/Dio The used car market at Blok M Mall Lt. Basement, South Jakarta

This four-wheeled vehicle, which was booming in the 1990s, can now be said to be less in demand than other types.

As with LCGC, MPV or even with an SUV. Even so, there are still many prospective buyers who choose it to be used as an everyday vehicle.

The price is also relatively varied, but the ones most consumers choose are those with prices below Rp. 100 million.

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Senior Manager Marketing Bursa Used car WTC Mangga Dua Herjanto Kosasih said, in conditions like today (the Covid-19 pandemic) what buyers are looking for is cheap ones.

“Anyway, used cars whose prices are below Rp. 100 million are the best sellers, no matter what type. If you want SUV, MPV, LCGC, sedans, you will definitely sell, “he told Kompas.com recently.

A trader puts up a paper containing the specifications of the car to be sold at the Sriwedari car exchange, Solo, Central Java, Sunday (15/12/2019).  Every Sunday hundreds of used cars are sold at the Sriwedari Car Exchange.Ari Purnomo A trader puts up a paper containing the specifications of the car to be sold at the Sriwedari car exchange, Solo, Central Java, Sunday (15/12/2019). Every Sunday hundreds of used cars are sold at the Sriwedari Car Exchange.


After receiving the support of bondholders, Banco Hipotecario improves its exchange offer

On September 8, Banco Hipotecario had offered to pay $ 650 in Class 4 bonds for each $ 1,000 and $ 350 in cash for those who accepted it before September 21.

The improvement in the proposal comes after the recent regulations of the central bank (BCRA) to provide companies with the necessary dollars to cancel the debt contracted in recent years.

As detailed in the statement published by the CNV, the bank “currently cannot predict” the impact of the measures on the company’s ability to pay the outstanding principal of the old notes after the exchange.

This is because the restructuring of financial debts of companies with a monthly volume of more than a million dollars until March 2021 is one of the objectives pursued by the BCRA to reduce tensions on international reserves.

Last week, the monetary authority asked the nearly ten companies that have debt with monthly payment volumes greater than $ 1 million to initiate processes to postpone capital payments.

Although there are no higher maturities in October, Banco Hipotecario concentrates a good part of the US $ 600 million in payments faced by Argentine companies in November.

Other companies that will have to face payments in November are Cresud, for US $ 73 million, and IRSA, for US $ 182 million, followed by AES Energía, with US $ 22 million and Genneia, with US $ 51 million, according to a Moody’s survey.


More than 60 percent of patients die in Aceh due to comorbidities

Corona illustration. © 2020 Merdeka.com/shutterstock

Merdeka.com – Deputy Director of Regional General Hospital dr. Zainoel Abidin (RSUDZA) Banda Aceh, Endang Mutiawati said, more than 60 percent of Covid-19 patients who died in Aceh were due to comorbid diseases.

Based on data as of September 14 last week there were 91 Covid-19 patients who died from comorbidities. Until Tuesday (23/9) yesterday the death rate due to the corona virus was recorded at 142 people. This means that only 51 people died because they had contracted Covid-19.

“Most of the Covid-19 Aceh patients who died were due to other diseases. Well, this Covid can exacerbate the disease experienced by previous patients,” said Endang in Banda Aceh, Wednesday (23/9).

Comorbidity and comorbid means comorbidities, a medical term that describes the condition that there is another disease being experienced apart from the main disease. Endang said, several comorbidities that often cause death in Covid-19 patients include diabetes, hypertension and kidney failure.

“Complementary diseases worsen the clinical course of Covid-19, especially if the comorbid factors are not well controlled,” said Endang.

When viewed from the perspective of age, the patient died of comorbidities and was exacerbated by exposure to Covid-19 who was elderly. A total of 69 patients who died were even over 50 years old. Meanwhile, the two people who died were still in their teens.

“The explosion of comorbid patients who died and were recorded as Covid patients occurred in August and September. In August there were 47 cases and from September to 14 recorded 33 cases,” said Endang.

Most patients came from Banda Aceh, namely 33 people and Aceh Besar 22 people. Meanwhile, Pidie Jaya, Sabang and Aceh Tamiang were the regions with the lowest cases, namely 1 patient.

The central government itself plans to make a classification of reporting cases of Covid-19 patient deaths. The classification is related to death due to Covid-19 or death due to comorbidities (comorbid).

Endang said, this was as conveyed by the Expert Staff of the Minister of Health for Health Economics, M. Subuh. He said there needed to be an intervention regarding the operational definition of the death of Covid-19 patients.

“We must intervene to reduce the mortality rate by making a correct operational definition, dying from Covid-19 or because of comorbidities in accordance with WHO guidelines, and also BPJS Health support in filing claims for the cost of death for patients accompanied by Covid-19,” said Endang.

Endang said, the classification for data collection of patients who died because of Covid-19 or its comorbids, must be done carefully and approach the facts.

Moreover, the World Health Organization or WHO has provided guidelines for the classification of data on covid-19 deaths in two groups, namely deaths with Covid-19 accompanied by comorbids or death cause due to Covid-19.l, and deaths due to Covid-19 or death with Covid-19.

“If the guidelines are used, then patients who die because of being infected with Covid-19 in Aceh will drastically decrease,” said Endang.

Even so, Endang emphasized that all health workers in Aceh have worked as much as possible in carrying out healing steps for the community, both those who were exposed to Covid and those who were exposed to Covid but had comorbidities.

“Therefore, we hope to all elements of society to provide support by taking preventive steps as recommended by the government,” said Endang. (mdk/gil)


Russia irritates US bombers and reconnaissance aircraft downstream near …


MOSCOW – The increased presence of bombers and reconnaissance aircraft United States (US) in the Black Sea region made Russia Moscow has accused the United States and its allies of deliberately provoking tensions in the region.

The head of the main operational department of the Russian General Staff, Sergei Rudskoi, accused the US and members NATO others have significantly increased the scope of their military activity in the region.

“The US and its NATO allies will assume full responsibility for the possible escalation of the situation in the region,” he said as quoted by Antara. AP, Saturday (19/9/2020).

Rudskoi pointed to a series of flights by US B-52 strategic bombers in August and September over the Black and Azov Seas. He alleged the mission was intended to simulate a missile attack on facilities in southern Russia. He said the bombers flew as close as 11 kilometers to the Russian border.(Also read: Show of Force, Six US B-52 Bomber to Fly in the Skies of 30 NATO Countries)

The Russian general noted that the US and its NATO allies have also increased their intelligence flights near Crimea, which he said was a 40% increase over last year. He added that on one occasion on September 4, five NATO surveillance planes buzzed in the area near Crimea at the same time.

“Russia is sending its fighter jets to intercept and escort US and NATO bombers and reconnaissance aircraft on 27 occasions this month alone,” Rudskoi said.

He added that NATO warships also spent longer time in the Black Sea this year.

Rudskoi said Russia had proposed to NATO to reduce military activity along the border and discussed additional steps to help prevent military incidents, but the alliance had blocked the proposal.(Also read: NATO fighter jets routinely simulate missile strikes against Russia)

After flying three B-1 heavy bombers over the East Siberian Sea last week, the US military said the ongoing exercise was intended to demonstrate the Air Force’s ability to continue its flight missions and maintain readiness in support of US Allies and partners.

Russian-West relations have sunk to post-Cold War lows following Russia’s annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula in 2014.

Russia is also angered by the deployment of NATO troops in the Baltic and alleges that the alliance’s maneuvers near its borders pose a security threat. NATO and Moscow have also increasingly exchanged accusations over military aviation.



Black Sea Becomes South China Sea ‘Volume 2’, US and NATO Battle Russia in Russia’s Yard Waters, ‘Like to Make Problems’ – All Pages

Sosok.ID – The warship of the United States (US) arrives in the waters Black Sea which is also a Russian page.

Two ships US Navy enter Black Sea at different times.

Namely, destroyer Arleigh Burke class guided missile USS Roosevelt (DDG 80) and the Spearhead class fast transport ship USNS Yuma.

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Through its Twitter account, the US Navy’s 6th Fleet announced, USS Roosevelt began transit to the North en route to the Black Sea on Tuesday (15/9).

Shortly afterwards, USNS Yuma began its transit to the North towards the Black Sea on Wednesday (16/9).

The USS Roosevelt and USNS Yuma’s presence in the Black Sea, the US Navy’s 6th Fleet said, was to initiate routine maritime operations.

“The US Navy’s 6th Fleet is routinely operating in the Black Sea to support our allies and partners in the region,” wrote the US Navy’s 6th Fleet on Twitter.

Sixth time visiting the Black Sea

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Covid-19: the changes that Burger King had to make in Colombia due to the pandemic – Business – Economy

With 11 of its restaurants still closed, of the 43 it has in the country, Burger King, a franchise managed in Colombia by Master, is trying to return to the new normal that the covid-19 imposed on Colombia.

Like hundreds of restaurants and businesses, this pandemic forced them to make tough adjustments in their operation, in projects and even in the menu they offer to their customers. “We learned to prioritize and we realized that we had products that were not so in demand”, says Alejandro Henao, manager of this fast food restaurant, who says that this experience has awakened among his collaborators a greater sense of belonging for their work.You can also read:

What lesson does this whole crisis leave you?

We saw a fairly complex April, with uncertainty and sales never seen before. The dynamics of the new type of consumption (homes, buy to go) has given us a good result. We have made decisions that the business needed and, although we have a very clear framework of how we define addressing this situation, we also speak of being very dynamic, and in that we learned to accelerate processes that previously took a long time, while remaining responsible. Today, sensitivity, simplicity, and speed are part of decision making. We have made sacrifices and we focus on what is relevant and generates business transformation.

What have they stopped doing, for example?

Several things; For example, we simplify the menu because even though we are a brand with a wide variety of products, there are some that customers ask for more frequently; we also left pending some releases that we had.

But we intensify the investment in marketing to communicate these changes, because I am convinced that in this situation one cannot disappear. Today, the restaurant experience became an experience at home, and I have to improve the protocols so that the products that we deliver at home are the same as those that we deliver in restaurants.

And have the workers understood it correctly?

We had to make difficult decisions from the point of view of some unpaid leaves of absence with the staff, we made adaptations so that the processes are better, seeking sustainability of the firm.

What I do want to highlight is the commitment of the people, because we already take this as our own, a job on which families, supply chains, partners depend, and those of us in this ecosystem want to do everything possible to maintain it, and it has not been easy. We have never felt so much dynamic of positive transformation and of contributing so much, with intense and difficult work days.

What we want is for our customers to be able to return, those who came before and those who met us through the home and digital platforms, because in the end the restaurant experience is what many have been waiting for.

Did fast food restaurants suffer less at this juncture?

Although for us in this category, homes are family, they were never the largest share of the business, we speak of between 12 and 15 percent, but when a restaurant is converted almost 100 percent to homes, the dynamics change and it becomes more as an intense production line that requires great precision, to which must be added security protocols, new packaging that guarantee the protection of customers, regardless of the channel through which they are reached.

When do you think they are 100%?

We expect that in September we will have all the restaurants operating, it all depends on the activation of the food areas in the shopping centers and airports, where we have three restaurants: two in El Dorado and one in Rionegro. I am very optimistic because in the first two days of reopening in shopping centers there has been a greater influx of people.

Now customers’ pets are part of their homes …

Yes. Before the pandemic, this launch was made in other countries. We saw the opportunity to have special attention for those family members in the midst of this pandemic. So, for the purchase of a hamburger we give away two Dogking cookies made with all quality protocols. We wanted to honor those colleagues who have seen so many homes arrive, but nothing for them.



Erdogan threatens Greece and moves tanks to the border

AGI – The mild signs of de-escalation of the past few days between Turkey and Greece are already faded. The Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has returned to threaten Athens and to reject any compromise on the rights of his country to rich energy reserves in the eastern Mediterranean. “They will understand that Turkey is strong enough politically, economically and militarily to tear up immoral maps and documents,” Erdogan said, referring to the sea areas that Greece and Cyprus regard as their exclusive economic zones. “They will understand it, either through the language of politics and diplomacy, or in the field through bitter experiences,” the Turkish leader warned in a televised speech. “Turkey and the Turkish people are prepared for any eventuality and consequence”.

A threatening speech that comes on the eve of five days of military exercises in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, recognized only by Turkey. And on the field, the Turkish military has moved about forty tanks from the Syrian border to concentrate them on the Greek border. Military sources specify that the maneuver was already planned but the message that emerges is clear.

Greece and Turkey, NATO allies, are at the center of an escalation of tensions over energy resources in the Mediterranean, with a multiplication of manifestations of force and incidents that cause concern in Europe. “Turkey is willing to share (energy resources) as long as it’s fair”, Erdogan specified.

Yesterday Turkey accused Greece of avoiding dialogue and lying after that the Greek premiere Kyriakos Mitsotakis he had stated that NATO-mediated talks to reduce tensions in the eastern Mediterranean can only be held when Ankara ceases its “threats”.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, through a tweet, he assured that Greece and Turkey “have agreed to engage in technical talks”, with the aim of preventing any new incidents in this area of ​​the Mediterranean, where a Turkish reconnaissance ship and warships are in the water Greek from 10 August. But the Greek Foreign Ministry insisted that “the detente will only happen with the immediate withdrawal of all Turkish ships from the Greek continental shelf”. Turkey’s relations with Greece have deteriorated due to this dispute in the Mediterranean, as well as other issues such as that of migrants or Ankara’s decision to convert old Orthodox churches into mosques.