Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time could be coming to Switch, source code says so

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time is fast approaching the consoles of Sony Interactive Entertainment and of Microsoft. Players on Switch, them, wonder if a version for the beautiful of Nintendo will see the light of day; as was the case for Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy (sold also at € 31.99 on Amazon).

Last June, a representative from Activision had stated that the company evaluated ” always additional platforms “. Some fans can no longer wait for an announcement and have scoured the official site to try to find … something. And? Well, Sunwer Prower found a line in the source code specifying a Switch edition.

Honestly, on our side, we believe that Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time will be invited to the platform of Big N. You just have to be patient … In the meantime, know that the title made our mouth water, see our first impressions: PREVIEW of Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time, between tradition and modernity


F1 2018 free definitive download on PC this weekend

Will you take a free PC game again? As usual, Humble Bundle offer us to download a title for free and keep it for life, as long as you don’t miss the limited-time offer. The title in the spotlight is F1 2018, the racing game of Formula 1 of Codemasters.

You have until Monday August 10 to claim your free digital copy and keep it ad vitam æternam. The offer is available at this address, and gives access to a version Steam of F1 2018.

Forge your reputation on and off the circuit with timed press conferences that will influence your career in F1. Do you rather master the art of racing or the art of the stage? Will you take your team to the top, or will you send your agent to target a rival team and its driver? Take charge of your destiny in F1 2018.

And if you want something newer, F1 2020 is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One since July 10.

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Composed of the TOP 3 tuning Toyota Land Cruiser

Craftsmen finalize how modern “dvuhsotki” and the classic Land Cruiser 70.

Stock Toyota Land Cruiser 200. Photo: Toyota

Russian drivers love to tune their “swallows”, and they love “Kruzak” — national recognition to the SUV does not dry out with age. The editors of the portal “let’s Roll!” made the TOP 3 tuning Toyota Land Cruiser.

Toyota Land Cruiser 70 with air suspension

Classic “Kruzak”, which was issued in 1984, has a fairly simple suspension — front and back, and solid axles on leaf springs. This technology is already somewhat outdated, but because the tuners showed Toyota Land Cruiser 70 with air suspension.

Classic Toyota Land Cruiser 70 is “pneuma”. Photo: Instagram, suv.4×4

This decision will make “Kruzak” more aimed at off-road, that will have to pay more careful care, which requires “pneuma”. Suspension vulnerable to contamination, and if damaged repair nodes can not be.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 “for the rally”

The following “Kruzak”, is the modern Land Cruiser 200, also fine-tuned for conquering harsh off-road conditions. On cars fitted with a huge bumper for off-road, which are hidden in itself by the winch.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 refers to the segment of premium SUVs, but because the damage to the body panels on the off-road is fraught with expensive repairs. That is why the owner of this “Kruzak” decided to install the massive panels that act as protection of the body.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 off-road body kit. Photo: Instagram,


In hastahah for a photo in Instagram provided that this SUV-oriented rallies, but these cars require a protective frame, which in the car is not visible.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 “simple and tasteful”

Often to create a stylish image of the car is not necessary to give light weight spoilers and LED elements — only a couple of impressive details. A vivid example of this Toyota Land Cruiser 200.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 with special wheels. Photo: VKontakte

The owner of “Kruzak” set of custom 19-inch aluminum wheels, and extended wheel arches inconspicuous panels. Complements the image of customized bumper another form, equipped with led “foglights”.


In the streets of Madrid déconfinée, the threat of coronavirus is still present

On the square Malasana, in the centre of the city, the people of Madrid have reinvested the terraces and back to their happy habits. Sandra, quarantine, is on the verge of share some tapas with two friends : “We have found our social life, sharing a glass with friends, family. From Madrid to the southern tip of the country, where the climate allows it, we live in the street, it is essential. “

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This need to descend into the street remains so vital here that, for Sandra, the great change is not so much the end of the alarm condition since last Sunday, and the possibility to move around freely in Spain, that “walk in the street and sit at a terrace “. The new freedom of movement will not change large-thing to this young woman. “I will wait for you even to go see my grandma in Navarre, I’m afraid of the contamination “it is feared she.

A mixture of relief and caution

The word is finally dropped. Behind the return to life of the people of Madrid, behind the ” Qué tal ? “(how’s it going ?) daily, hides not a burst of liberating joy, but a subtle mixture of relief mingled with a great deal of caution.

Maria del Polar, 76 years old, is pacing up and down the chic streets of the neighborhood of Salamanca with a friend. This year, there was no question of moving to Madrid for the holidays : “I understand that for many people, confinement was tough because the apartments are small, but now, you really need to be careful, especially as the government harps on all the time that in September we start again with this virus. “

Just look around Maria del Polar to understand what it’s like “the new normal “an expression a little barbaric for the government to explain life after the Covid-19, and that sometimes causes a smile mocking or grimace in Spanish.

Wearing a mask mandatory

The new normal since the end of the” state of alarm ” on Sunday, it is first to wear a mask almost all the time. “It’s like the keys or the glasses, it must never be forgotten “slips Maria del Polar in a smile that we guess behind his mask FFP2.

Mandatory in all enclosed areas and in the open air when the distance of 1.50 meter can not be respected, the mask is entered in the habits, of as much as a omission can result in a fine of £ 100.

Browse the streets of the capital filled with people masked reminds us constantly that the virus lurks, as the hydroalcoholic gel at the entrance and at the exit of all the shops, some even take the temperature of clients. Suffice to say that it is difficult to escape an atmosphere that is oppressive.

A country still in the health alert

Paloma, able to travel, trying to escape into Andalusia, at the beach, “to disconnect a little bit “. Feeling more tranquil, finding that “we can finally do things “it is said that “better move now, before the fall, where it may be more complicated “. “But now I see that this is not an explosion of joy, my circle remains cautious, my friends are not in a hurry to go for a drink on the terrace “, she says.

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The people of Madrid are going to have to live for months even under this bell Covid-19, because the region will not allow that 75 % of occupation in the places of commercial and cultural until the health alert is lifted, i.e. until a cure is found.

Caution and respect, so, in the face of the pandemic : we can better understand the Spanish when we look at the excess mortality between march and may compared to the same period in 2019, up from 56% in the country, and 161 % in the Madrid region. The epidemic here looks like the sword of Damocles.


In the US, selling Toyota Land Cruiser with “heart was” Cummins

On “Kruzak” established a powerful turbodiesel.

Photo: Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62, source: HotCars

Somebody had to change the engine in the car, know what “svap”. Sometimes tuners have resorted to replacing the motor to increase the performance of the machine, and this “Kruzak” is no exception. In USA sell Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62 1989 with “heart was” Cummins.

Turbocharged diesel engine 3.9 liters was installed in “Kruzak” in 2011, and since then the SUV drove 8,000 miles (12 874 kilometers). This novosedly mileage for 9 years, allowed the owner to put a car for sale.

Photo: Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62, source: HotCars

A couple of the engine is 5-speed box gear shift, which sets in motion all the wheels. Also on the Japanese SUV mounted two-speed “transfer case” and locking rear differential PowerTrax.

In Australia fined the owner of a Toyota Land Cruiser because of the huge kengurâtnika

On the subject

In Australia fined the owner of a Toyota Land Cruiser because of the huge kengurâtnika

2020-06-23 08:39:24

Interior sold Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62 corresponds to its year of manufacture and looks “Spartan”. The lounge has a CD player the Toyota.

Externally, the SUV features forged steel wheels with all terrain BF Goodrich tires and a lift kit Old Man Emu. On “Kruzak” installed my bumper and winch, which gives it a harsher look.

Photo: Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62, source: HotCars

Sell this car at a price 9 $ 500 (657 thousand). Until the end of the auction there are seven days.


From “Perekupnoy” noodles to “more cool” Duster

Local jokes appear on many manufacturers, the French brand is no exception.

Despite the market slump in may 2020, Renault managed to take the fourth place in sales among all automakers. As reported by AEB, a bestseller of the brand is the Duster. Paying tribute the popularity of Renault in Russiawe offer to evaluate the TOP 5 memes about the French brand.
Recently appeared in the sale of the updated Renault Kaptur, and the Russian version of the crossover is different in appearance from the European Captur. Latest so much reminiscent of “Arkan”that the cars could be confused, if you remove the glasses, like Peter Parker in the picture.
Kaptur, though not got a led “boomerang” around the headlights, now has more in common with Renault Arkana, because during the restyling of the “Capture” got a 1.3-liter turbo engine capacity of 150 forces.

The second image is a play on the expression “to hang noodles on the ears”. As you know, these pastas are wheat, rice, buckwheat, but the author of the meme came up with another kind of noodle – “percuoco”. Try it, going to choose a used Renault Logan one of the most popular models among taxi drivers.

The character immediately following three pictures was the Renault Duster. Like any machine, a French best seller is not deprived disadvantagesone of which are doors, not covering the rapids. Because of this when landing in a “Duster” easy to stain your pants.

Another frequently occurring problem in Duster – misting of the headlights. This may seem like a small thing, but the resulting condensate not only affects the quality of light, but leads to corrosion of metal parts.

To understand the last meme, just remember that the popular “French” is turned version called Nissan Terrano. The inscription in the picture translates as “Daniel” and “More cool Daniel.” Just as “more cool” Renault Duster and trying to look like “leapnet” which is more expensive.


The pros and cons b/a Toyota RAV4 From suspension to engine

The owners of the crossover warned about the features of the car with a “secondary.”

Photo: Toyota RAV4 source: Toyota

The popular Toyota RAV4 crossover in different generations was recognized as sales leader and a leader among classmates. In the first half of 2018 the sales of “Japanese” reached a record 408 703 instance. Despite its popularity and zarekomendovala reliability, “Rapchik” used car has both advantages and disadvantages reported by members of the public thematic

So, most owners Toyota RAV4 complain hard suspension “soft” suspension and unusual “taxiing”. It is noted that to the mileage of 100 thousand km can crumble the gum stabilizer of the suspension. But it all depends on driving style and operating conditions.

The engine range is represented by the 2.0 – and 2.5-liter gasoline units with a capacity of 146 and 180 HP respectively. As the proposed transmission 6-speed manual transmission and CVT. Also Toyota’s fourth generation RAV4 received a 150-strong diesel engine capacity of 2.2 liters, which is paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission. According to the owners, power units reliable and are able to serve more than 300 thousand kilometers without interference.

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2020-06-15 10:33:11

The problem in the crossovers later model years it is considered a soft metal body and a weak finish. But this problem is found in many modern models. The cabin in the Toyota RAV4 ergonomic and spacious, but among the finishing materials can be seen “oak” plastic and glossy velour. Insulation also does not deserve praise from the drivers.

Photo: Toyota RAV4 source: Toyota

In the rest of the “Japanese” meets the needs of motorists. By smooth operation of the power units, the crossover remains a liquid on the secondary market. The value of b/a of “Ruchika” starts with a mark in 1 million 100 thousand rubles.


Five reasons to change from KIA Sportage for Volkswagen Tiguan – the opinion of the owner

The engine is stronger, the light brighter, and most importantly, the little things are encouraging.

Photo: left Volkswagen Tiguan, Volkswagen source; right KIA Sportage, a KIA source

KIA Sportage and Volkswagen Tiguan are avid competitors in the world automotive industry. A key factor during the purchase price becomessince “Korean” in the maximum configuration for a half-million cheaper “German”: a 1.4-2.3 million rubles against 1.7-2.8 million rubles. The user portal nick ooGAMEoo outlined 5 reasons to change from KIA Sportage for Volkswagen Tiguan.

The first reason is the 4-cylinder engine capacity of 2.0 liters. It is superior to the competitor of the power: 220 vs 184 horsepower, which affects the dynamics of dispersal and potential. Columnist says that inferior to the KIA Sportage Volkswagen Tiguan in the wings and vitality, because “German” is included in the first two gears.

The second reason — a robotic 7-speed transmissionwhich, according to the owner, less of a problem than with automatic transmission on KIA Sportage.

“The speed and the sharpness of the shifts in sport, small claps, even on a stock exhaust is for me the pros of this box. This also will record its reliability,” he says.

Blogger on the YouTube channel “Fox Rules” I’m sure that with proper and timely servicing of the DSG-box is the most environmentally friendly and directly affects the voracity of the machine.

According to the portal, fuel consumption of Volkswagen Tiguan Sportline equal to 6.4 liters in the combined cycle drive, and the KIA Sportage Premium is 8.8 liters. If not for the difference in the recommended fuel: for the “German” gasoline AI-95 and AI-98, and “Korean” — gasoline AI-92 and AI-95, it was another plus in the direction of “Tiguan”, and “that is what comes out at the price.”

Photo: on the left the salon, Volkswagen Tiguan, Volkswagen source; right transmission KIA Sportage, a KIA source

The third reason is the 190 mm ground clearancethat adds German SUV cross. However, the observer noted that the whole height is leveled with a body kit and at the end he was getting the KIA Sportage with its 182 mm, which had no complaints.

The fourth reason — led headlamp near and far light projection type, as well as led taillights with 3D design. The former owner of the “Sportage” don’t miss the opportunity to complain about xenon headlights that are missing on the lighting track.

The fifth reason — heated windshield and the presence of pre-heater. Seemingly small things, but the benefits of PPP is that the driver of the car sits in the winter in a warm car, not waiting for warm-up. In his KIA Sportage was not given options from the factory.

Photo: left Volkswagen Tiguan, Volkswagen source; right KIA Sportage, a KIA source

The owner would have recognized the appearance of the Volkswagen Tiguan perfect, but fallsville, which is only in the maximum configuration, caused him to doubt and to put the “Four plus”. Summing up, the motorist noted that this is the case when a good car is worth to pay.


Presents cross-van on the basis of LADA 4×4 Vision — render

Not the fact that “Lada” even a seven-seater the Kodiak will be able to compete in the market.

Render source:

“AvtoVAZ” with the transition under the control of Renault-Nissan had the opportunity to produce a modern machine, thanks to which the Russian market is of such bestsellers as Granta and LADA Vesta, the advantage of which are a variety of bodies, accessibility and utility.

In 2017, the market was universal LADA Vesta SW and its cross-version and both cars only strengthened the position of “AVTOVAZ”, and in 2019 “all terrain barn” is has outsold the sedan Vesta, which contributed not only the best deals in showrooms, but also the desire of Russians to buy a utilitarian transport, which is suitable for everyday use and for family trips.

It is noteworthy that new models of “AVTOVAZ” is not expected; however, recently the resource AvtoVAZ news published a photo showing the shop with the “Extreem” and big machine under the tent. The audience immediately spoke up that in Togliatti is developing a new model, because in the picture it is impossible not to notice that the mysterious car above the existing cars “Lada”, and the portal presented his vision of a classified vehicle.

The alleged novelty, source: Vkontakte

The editorial Board believes that “AVTOVAZ” it is necessary to expand the horizons, and therefore was presented to render the cross of van on the basis of LADA 4×4 Vision. The latter was shown in 2018 and still have not received the serial embodiment, and therefore its image appears on the render, and the format of the body of our prototype demonstrates the symbiosis of brutal design of the Tolyatti concept and practical all terrain car. “X-shaped” curves on the sides was not taken to render, as the reason motorists are still talking about them as not the most straightforward design course.

Render source:

There is no doubt that this family “field”, with a reasonable price tag, would cramp expensive competitors like Skoda Kodiaq and even Toyota Land Cruiser or Mitsubishi Pajero, because the latter two are not always the choice of the Russian people for the sake of off-road “rides”, and purchased as a car for the family. We can only wait and hope that in the coming years, “AVTOVAZ” will surprise new model, which will not be another sedan or wagon.