Carolina Sandoval goes out to vote in a bathing suit and is called “Ridiculous old woman”

Carolina Sandoval.

Photo: Alberto E. Tamargo. / Grosby Group

Carolina sandoval She is not afraid of anything and much less of what they will say so, very divine as usual, she got into her car wearing a sexy blue swimsuit, which had a well pronounced neckline and she prepared to carry the envelope with her vote for the next presidential election in the United States.

All the way he drove to the place where he left the voteHe kept his swimsuit on but, before getting out of the car, he preferred to put on a shirt and a jean over it, which he did with extraordinary skill and in record time.

The Venezuelan journalist, who has become an expert in TikTok and a reference on Instagram, seems to have left behind the bad moment he lived with his departure from the program Tell me what you know and now he is happy without following guidelines, dressing and saying what causes him. However, that is not taken well by many.

“What a way to attract attention, what would Carolina Herrera say”, “What will the husband’s friends think, they really are already pure pe **** the ones he does”, “You have to lower it a little because you look very down, always very accelerated, take it easy, relax, read a book” Y “How ridiculous old”.

The good news is that his most loyal followers did throw their little flowers and that is because of them, “La Venenosa” says he does all his content. In fact, many have stated that they prefer it on social networks, because “It could be more her” than on television. There is no doubt that the change he has experienced Carolina sandoval it has favored her on a professional level.


Dentist warns of dangerous TikTok trend

TikTok has a new trend. People post videos of them flossing their teeth with their hair. Not smart, an expert warns. It can cause irreparable damage and we are of course not waiting for that.

One of the videos was posted by one Ana. She shows how she removes food residue from between her teeth with a hair. “This trick is great,” she writes. “You can’t make me change my mind.”

Someone who is slightly less enthusiastic about the life hack is gum specialist Reena Wadia. “Cleaning between your teeth is essential for everyone. If you don’t, you won’t be able to clean half of your mouth. However, it is important to use the right tools for this, ”said the expert, according to Mirror.

Using things like hair, rope, a fork, or paper to floss your teeth can cause damage. It is best to get toothpicks. “These are specially designed to clean plaque and bacteria between the teeth. Dental floss is also possible, but I would only use it if toothpicks don’t fit “, concludes the gum specialist.


TikTok: countries where it has been blocked – Technology News – Technology

The popular social network TikTok, owned by the Chinese company Bytedance, continues to cause a stir in the world and this time it is not related to the United States or President Donald Trump.

This time it was Pakistan the one who made the decision to block the app across the country, where it had more than 14 million active users, alleging that it did not filter “immoral and indecent” content.

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The signal was made by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA), who announced that In addition to TikTok, Tinder and Grindr were banned.

“In view of the number of complaints from different segments of society against immoral and indecent content on the TikTok video application, the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) has ordered its blocking,” the agency said.

(Further: SIC orders TikTok to comply with the data protection standard)

The PTA indicated that the decision was made after last July the application was given a final warning to remove videos considered “illegal” and “obscene”.

In Pakistan, TikTok had more than 14 million active users.


Olivier Douliery / AFP

The Asian country joined India, which on June 29 also banned the popular application amid a dispute with China and where they justified their decision alleging problems for national security.

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At that moment, India also blocked 58 other Chinese-origin apps, including Alibaba’s WeChat and UC Browser.

The Indian Ministry of Information Technology specified that the apps were involved in “activities harmful to the sovereignty and integrity” of the country, as well as the “defense of India, state security and public order.”

In view of the number of complaints from different segments of society against immoral and indecent content on the TikTok video application, PTA has ordered its blocking

TikTok is also in the crosshairs of the US government. US President Donald Trump has called the app a national security risk and it has indicated that if it is not bought by a US company, it will not be able to continue operating in the country.

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At the end of September, a judge of the federal court of the District of Columbia in the United States temporarily prevented President Trump from banning downloads and TikTok updates in that country, in response to a request from the Bytedance firm.

Even so, On November 12, the Department of Commerce could completely veto the use of the application in the United Statess, if the commercial agreement between Oracle, Walmart and Bytedance is not finalized.

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Viral: VIRAL VIDEO | Until death separates them? Girlfriend breaks into the tra

A scene never seen before took place inside a well-known department store in the United States where a woman dressed as a bride ambushed her fiancé to demand that he marry her at that very place and time. He of the scene recorded in Las Vegas, Nevada, triggered all kinds of reactions on social networks.

In the images, originally recorded by the TikTok user and replicated on Twitter by the user , it is observed the young woman in a white outfit, accompanied by a maid of honor and a pastor – all wearing masks – looking for the “groom” until they found him.

“You put this ring on my finger two years ago and it’s time to make it or cut it. Are we going to get married right here or I’m leaving. Finished. It’s over. I brought a pastor; to Emily, my maid of honor “the bride of the before realizing that it attracted the attention of buyers, who explained that “He was finally going to make him keep his word to marry”.

His act seemed to work as the confused worker only managed to say “At least they could have warned me before this” and began to follow her to the outside of the store where they apparently agreed. Although there was no video that confirmed the officialization of their union, many doubt its veracity and believe that it was a performance for social networks.



Dogs wait for their owner looking through holes at the entrance of his house and they are viral

Dogs wait for their owner looking through holes at the entrance of his house and they are viral (10/10/2020)

Dog stars in version of ‘He looked at me and I looked at her challenge’ and is viral on TikTok

Dog stars in the version of ‘He looked at me and I looked at her challenge’ and it is viral on TikTok (10/04/2020)


it would be made with leftovers from the chicken fryer

Some people do not question the procedure behind their food. Especially those who visit fast food outlets like the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). It is for the same reason that a worker from the place decided to show the public how one of their most requested sauces is made.

To do this, the user identified as @ chedar4.7 published an audiovisual summary showing the procedure on his TikTok account.

First, it shows a brown material. “These are not feces … They are chicken pieces that fall off while in the fryer and go to the bottom and then put in the refrigerator., shows in the video.

The user then applies water to the product and a packaged powder. Then he beat it manually and put it in a microwave oven. “It is removed after 9 minutes and mixed”, writes in the registry.

Below shows how the procedure is repeated until the mixture is homogeneous and is packaged to serve the diners. “It can be stored in a hot place for up to six hours,” he explained.

According to international media, the video exceeded 600,000 views on TikTok, going viral and “disgusted” users who visited sites of said chain. However, the user – or the platform itself – unsubscribed the video.

Meanwhile, some former KFC workers defend the brand and say that this procedure does not represent all the locals … while others say that it is worse than it looks.

Check the video here:


TikTok ban postponed: what’s up with the app versus the US battle | NOW

TikTok is not yet disappearing from the American app stores. The download ban was postponed by the judge at the very last moment on Sunday evening. How is the music video app doing now?

“We are pleased that the court has agreed with us and issued an injunction to prevent the ban on TikTok,” TikTok wrote in response to the verdict. But the download ban, which would simply remove the app from the app stores, is only one side of the story.

TikTok did not succeed in getting the general ban, which must take effect on November 12, off the table. From that moment on, TikTok cannot be used in the United States at all, even if you have already downloaded the app.

For the company, the current situation is a race against time. The app may only remain if the US operations are also domestically owned.

How did it come to be banned?

The US government has been thinking aloud about banning the popular video app since July. According to Mike Pompeo, the secretary of state, China’s ByteDance would steal private information from Americans through the app.

A month later, President Donald Trump announced that TikTok would actually be banned. ByteDance was given 45 days to find an American buyer.

That ultimatum did not last long. Just a week later, on August 14, that search period was doubled by decree to ninety days; TikTok will be banned from November 12.


Microsoft was the first to sign up for the acquisition. The tech company zag the company’s North American and Oceanic operations are in place.

Microsoft wanted to guarantee the security of personal data in the United States. The giant was, according to sources The New York Times has been negotiating a minority deal with the company for some time and was therefore at the forefront.

Difficult to cut loose

It would be difficult for Microsoft to cut off part of the company. For example, the app’s valuable algorithms, which determine what a user sees, have been trained on user data from China. That too must be disconnected.

Rumors slowly trickled in that China wouldn’t be satisfied with such a deal – it wouldn’t want that Chinese companies are bowing down to the United States. Abruptly withdrew TikTok the plug from the deal in mid-September.

Oracle and Walmart were ready

Cloud service provider Oracle turned out to be the hijacker on the coast. The company announced just days later that it would take control of US TikTok users’ data. Under the deal, Oracle will get a stake in TikTok, but the Chinese tech giant’s valuable algorithms will remain with the parent company.

The American retail chain Walmart also joined the deal. They want to take on the commercial side in the US. In total, Walmart and Oracle will likely own about 20 percent of the shares of the new TikTok Global.

Why Walmart? Because the Chinese version of the app, Douyin, combines the social part with a shopping platform, analysts suspect CNN. Walmart would be after a similar construction in the US.

TikTok is taking legal action

TikTok took the US government to court in late August. The company had “no choice” but to take legal action, it wrote on Aug. 24. The US government would have acted unfairly and violated the rules of economic sanctions.

The United States would have “no evidence” that TikTok is actually spying for the government. The steps TikTok has taken to address concerns have been routinely ignored by the government.

TikTok has now twice asked the judge in emergency hearings to postpone the app’s ban. With success: both the download ban and the general ban now only start after the US elections.


US Judge Blocks Trump’s Order to Ban TikTok

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Federal judge United States of America suspend President Donald’s order Trump which prohibits downloading of popular video applications TikTok. The decision was issued a few hours before the ban was enacted.

As quoted from AFP, District Judge Carl Nichols issued a provisional order after listening to arguments from TikTok representatives.

The White House is known to have called TikTok a national security threat. They accuse TikTok’s parent company of having ties to the Chinese government.

Trump issued an order banning new downloads of the TikTok app starting Monday (28/9) at midnight local time. The US will continue to allow the use of TikTok until November 12, after which all use will be blocked.

The judge decided to block the order after hearing TikTok’s argument over the phone on Sunday (27/9) night.

TikTok attorney John Hall said the ban would only shut down public forums used by tens of millions of Americans.

In a written report filed ahead of the trial, TikTok’s lawyers said the ban was arbitrary and changed frequently. According to TikTok, banning can also compromise data security by preventing updates and fixes in the app.

The company says the ban shouldn’t be necessary because negotiations are ongoing to restructure TikTok’s ownership to address security concerns.

Meanwhile government lawyers argue the president has the right to take action on the basis of national security.

The government calls TikTok’s parent company ByteDance a mouthpiece for the Chinese Communist Party and has a mission to promote the CCP’s agenda and message.

“The president determined that (China’s) ability to control this data poses an unacceptable threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States,” the US government said.


[Gambas:Video CNN]


TikTok in the US: destination to be decided before midnight on Sunday


TikTok requested an emergency appeal in Washington federal court this week, claiming that its prohibition does not comply with the US Constitution, as it goes against freedom of expression.

TikTok is much more than an application, it is the modern version of the public forum, it is a community, is a means of communication (…) all the more important in times of pandemic, “said company attorney John Hall on Sunday.” If the ban goes into effect, it is as if the government is preventing the 2 / 3 of the country will reach the agora. “

The platform also argues that blocking downloads would cause irreparable harmAs of early summer it was gaining about 424,000 new US users every day.

The president has accused TikTok, for a long time and without proof, of spying on its users for the benefit of Beijing by collecting data. While for the company Trump’s attacks are motivated by the political agenda.

Blocking downloads is a “punitive” action, “a brutal way of hitting the business doing nothing” for safety, Hall said.

The latest sales project, announced last weekend, involves the creation of a new company, TikTok Global, in which two US emporiums participate: Oracle as a technology partner and Walmart as a business partner.

In addition, Oracle would obtain a 12.5% ​​stake and Walmart, 7.5%. Americans would occupy four of the five chairs on the board of directors.

But the realization of this project depends on the good will of the US president and the Chinese government.

TikTok became the new symbol of the battle between the United States and China for dominance in the cutting-edge technology sector.


TikTok Viral: Adopted puppy fears his new owner will leave him and decides to stay by her side | Tik Tok | Social networks | Video | Mexico

Editor: The popular25 Sep 2020 | 22:45 h

A tender video viral published in TikTok has moved more than one person in social networks. The images feature a small puppy who was recently adopted by a family. The dog at all times refused to part with the woman who gave him a new home.

Dogs are known as pets loyal to their owners, as demonstrated by a small puppy who refused to leave the person who adopted him for a single moment from an animal shelter.

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As you can see in the viral video from TikTok, the dog is sitting very close to its new owner, who washes the dishes without noticing the tender scene. “When they give you a home and you don’t even want to detach yourself”, is the description of the moving clip.

After a few seconds, the dog he begins to feel tired, so he closes his eyes to sleep, however, he is still sitting near his new owner. The scene moved thousands of Internet users on social networks.

He video viral it was registered by a family member who adopted the little pet. Hundreds of people couldn’t help but shed some tears as they watched the exciting scene that went around the world.

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“Poor boy so young and he already knows the fear of losing a home”, “Puppies are the purest there is. I am 4 and I attest ”,“ This is how my dog ​​was when I first adopted her, she did not leave me alone ”, are some messages that Internet users left in the TikTok viral clip.

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China on the warpath over the US attempt to take over TikTok | Chronicle

The Chinese medium Global Times I affirm that China would reject the proposal that makes North American companies Oracle y Walmart in the majority shareholders of TikTok.

According to the newspaper, the government views the offer as an act of intimidation by Washington and will not accept what they judge to be an unequal pact towards the current owner of the application, the domestic company ByteDance; which, upon signing the contract, would lose control over the social network.

He also indicated that the agreement adheres to the irrational demands of the White House and that Accepting it would result in US officials manipulating through “tricks and coercionto other competitive Chinese companies operating in the United States.

He Global Times indicated that if China accepted the agreement, “Washington will enjoy technological hegemony forever”, as US citizens would occupy 4 of the 5 seats on the board of directors of the new corporation, what would be called TikTok Global.

This entity, made up of ByteDance, Oracle and Walmart, would have access to updates and source code of Douyin, the version of the social network for China.

U.S pursues its own interests through hegemonic channels (…) International society, including China, can’t accept it “, said the media.

The offer of ByteDance proposes to grant 20% of the shares to North American companies, not to give up full control of the company and at the same time be able to establish a headquarters in Texas.

The companies rejected the proposition and require majority ownership of the corporation.