“The argument of the Americans is, of course, ridiculous.” – Kommersant

  1. “The argument of the Americans is, of course, ridiculous.” Kommersant
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from two different eras, but created to break paradigms




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More than 40 years after the Citroën Ami will stop being manufactured, the brand recovers that name for a vehicle very different from its predecessor. At first glance, it may seem that a mid-range tourism and a disruptive mobility solution and 100% electric have nothing in common. However, the coincidences go far beyond the name, the French equivalent of the word “friend,” which hints at Citroën’s close-to-people philosophy.

Both the 1961 Citroën Ami 6, and the current Citroën Ami, were born to meet new needs and demands of people and they do so with a totally groundbreaking design. In 1961, his goal was to introduce the brand to the mid-range of the market. Citroën, in those years, had very well covered, with two mythical models, both the segment of luxury cars, with the DS, and the category of cheap and popular cars, with the 2 CV. Further, I wanted to meet the drivers, who were beginning to sit behind the wheel.

To meet the challenge of offering a comfortable interior with significant boot volume, the designer Flaminio Bertoni he drew and sculpted the rear window at a fully inverted angle to that normally used. In this way, people traveling in the rear row enjoyed maximum space and the three-body body structure was maintained with ample cargo space. And all this in only 4 meters in length. In terms of style, it broke paradigms with the incorporation of rectangular headlights at a time when all the optical groups were round.

Currently, the Citroën Ami 100% Ëlectrico meets the demand for agile and sustainable mobility in cities with a solution that also breaks schemes. This electric mobility object is accessible to everyone. It does not require a driving license and adapts to the needs of each person with both car sharing and long-term rental or property solutions.

Like the Ami from 60 years ago, it has a unique design on the outside ensuring a high level of comfort on the inside. Its large glass surfaces and panoramic roof allow you to enjoy the city in 360˚ in a comfortable, closed and perfectly air-conditioned room. The configuration of its two seats and its storage areas located under the feet of the person who drives and in the rear allow make optimal use of space. In the aesthetic and personalization section, if the Ami 6 was opened to a more public with a wide range of upholstery for the seats, the Ami electric has customization options capable of adapting it to the tastes and personality of each one.

Therefore, with almost six decades of difference, the Citroën Ami respond, in an innovative way, to new needs. Betting on design, comfort and non-conformity.


Raúl Cimas: “Sometimes you have to sit down and talk to yourself”

When it crossed my mind to do a series of talks, with friends, more or less known, but certainly important within the cultural scene, I thought it would be good to call them something like:‘Talks from confinement’. But as soon as I spoke to Raúl Cimas and told him that, unfortunately, it would be by phone, he from his house and I from mine instead of in a bar, he replied that he accepted only if he left him a promissory note, because we would have those beers later .

His plan seemed much more lucid to me than mine. In addition, he conveyed better that last end of these talks that begin with him and, thanks to him, what the hell, they have changed the nomenclature to ‘A pending beer’ that may well represent that coffee, or that tap water that we all want to share with someone again. And also, soon; but above all, knowing ourselves safe. Meanwhile, I have invited a few friends -and only in exchange for a pending beer-, to share a while,to tell us how they are carrying this quarantine, how their plans have been and what are the great things they will do soon, very soon. I am convinced that you are going to be surprised and, if at any point, they make us smile – I have laughed out loud – I consider the euros for a beer well invested.

Raúl Cimas was caught in confinement precisely when he had isolated himselfin a small house in the mountains of the Sierra Madrileña. He had managed to put together a few days of vacation to work on the script for the next film ‘Camera Café’. Now he combines this work with that of the programs ‘Late Motiv’ or ‘Zero in history’, of which he is a collaborator more than usual, essential and that, like him, have been reinvented, to continue entertaining the public, now from home.Two miniseries have been removed from his sleeve since his confinement: ‘El hombre y el terroño’(a tribute to ‘Man and Earth’ in true Cimas style)and ‘Chat with Fire’, co-starring with Fire Johnson, who is none other than the fire in his fireplace, with whom he talks so as not to go crazy (or perhaps because it is too late), as if he were Tom Hanks in ‘Castaway’, with the important difference that Fire responds and Wilson was never shown for the work.

In addition to the script, the shows and the miniseries, he tells me thathe is drawing a lot, reading, playing the guitar, cooking, chopping wood and even making lye with ashes(Fire must be proud). He is a man who copes well with loneliness, friendly and full of energy that prints in everything he touches. We talked about his trips to Eivissa and how the island changed his vision of nature in some way and even marked the place where he now lives.

I tell him that these days I have reread ‘Prodigios’, his third book that he signed for me (along with the doodle of a demoniac watching over the barbecue) in November. The illustrated book in the broadest sense of the word -Cimas started studying Fine Arts before becoming the well-known television figure-, is full of impossible characters only in appearance. I tell him that I have a favorite: Carlos_paqui, a hater with no other task than to curse any publication of the attractive Birdman who is becoming an influencer before our eyes. The portrait he makes of the world, beyond social networks, is indeed prodigious.

– When they ask you what you do, what do you answer?
– Humorist. Do you realize that comedians throughout history have sung, acted, drawn, written?Humor has many waysto work for.

– Who are you quarantining with? Where are you passing them?
– In the Sierra. I was lucky to be caught a few days before vacationing in a house in the mountains and I’m still here, alone.I’m working on the script for the movie ‘Camera Café’, I came to finish the script and, you see.

– I have seen that these days ‘Camera Café’ has shared a short film encouraging people to stay home and that it is frankly good.
– Yes, it was a surprise to see how people remember them because this is a world, that of television, frankly unfair.The programs, the people, end up dying in the memory. I have been fortunate to participate in things like ‘Niñada Nui’, ‘La hora chanante’, which have remained in the collective memory of people, but the truth is that there are few cases.

– However, we live in a time when perhaps fame has never been so democratic. In other words, perhaps it has never been so easy for anyone to achieve a minute of glory. Then you have to keep it.
– Well, fame, for me, is probably the worst of all this. And I don’t believe much in that democracy of fame. What happens to me is that it usually coincides that I think of the authors, writers, singers, directors that I like, and they are not usually the most famous and, in addition, that measuring stick that is used, seems completely unfair to me .You have to remember what “the dough” is; the mass crucified Jesus, the mass glorified Hitler … You have to be careful with the mass.

– This story between stories from your book ‘Prodigies’, the Bird Man, explains the evolution of this fame, of this mass of social networks.
– Well, that Bird Man representshow do i see popularity. He’s supposed to be a man with a unique talent: a man who can fly, yet uses it to gain followers on Instagram and to go out posing handsome when he could be out there, saving lives. Could I do many more things and that? it’s really happening.

This character is attractive, but then you have those others: Fran Lombriz, the cadastre clerk who, apparently, are not. However, the beginning is the same for everyone: they pose for that photo from the social network that makes them a girlfriend. They are handsome or uglier than the ciborium, but all have that girlfriend who photographs them because for her they are the most handsome.
– Beauty and success are two perishable things and probably, more (laughs) even subnormal. To me, of course,It gives me more pleasure to go to bed thinking that I have done something worthwhile, who has brought out laughter, who has not offended anyone and perhaps in another format would have gotten more applause. Success for me is being able to sleep well.

– And in the matter of being offended, how much do you think you have in offending someone and how much do you think he is the one who takes offense?
– Well, I think nowit is fashionable to have thin skin and that you have to rebel a little against all that. There is a desire to put yourself in the role of the victim … Humor, clearly, has a part of incorrectness, now, between that and throwing the stone, going to directly offend a person excusing himself in humor, there is a great grayscale.

What are you telling me that the humorist is getting more and more violent in response to people being more stupid? That people are becoming increasingly sensitive because humor is more aggressive?
– I don’t know, I’ve seen both. In my case, I have spent many years working on white humor, which is the most difficult; away from politics, when I have seen things like this, it has always seemed unfair to me. And then, about opinions, is what we talked about before the mass.It seems that everything is overprimed. It seems that everyone has to comment on everything and thus the opinion is devalued. The opinion of people who have two fingers in front is hidden among the hundreds of thousands of opinions of people who do not think for a second before giving their opinion.

– Ignatius said that we have also made a mistake in calling freedom of expression freedom of expression. That there are those who have ended up confusing freedom of expression with obligation of expression.
– I in ‘La resistance’ told an anecdote from the first time I gave my opinion: it was once that my grandmother had made custard and, in front of the whole family who was admiring the custard,it occurred to me to say that I liked Danone’s more. Then my brother said to me: “Do you know why it is?”, “Why?”, “Because you are an asshole.” And the whole family laughed at me! Even my grandmother laughed, where has a grandmother seen laughing at her grandson! And sometimes your opinion has to be screwed up your ass, but there are people who go around trying to show that they have a personality and are very lazy.

– Tell me about your confinement, are you doing sports? What are you doing?
– Well, I’m doing many things and many creative things. I’m making lye with the ash from the fireplace …

-[Le interrumpo]Bleach with the ashes? I didn’t imagine you at all in confinement doing bleach!
– You are right. And it’s great to spend time on things like that. I think it is a long-term anthropological work; you come across those “ways” that they worked with in the past. And I do sports too, in the garden and that here has snowed. Believe me, between going for firewood, working, there is a lot to do. You arrive with your back shattered at seven in the afternoon.I am also feeding cats that walk around here, and between writing, preparing the recordings …The important thing is to keep your head entertained, get away from the news, try to get to the end of the day tired. That the news has to be seen, stay informed, yes, but once a day, not be all day. But not now with this. It happened before. It is one of the things that I would reflect on. We went from being able to make a political joke because nobody cared about politics. Then, after the 2008 crisis, after the camping, we entered a dynamic that needed to be changed, but which I think is excessive now. There are channels that dedicate all day to the hit I hit you; red versus blue, and there are people out there who are already hard to talk to. At least one other thing.

– What do you miss that you had not imagined? And on the contrary, what surprised you that a month ago you would have thought you would miss and now you see that you did not?
– It seems like a lie, butprobably nothing. Taking into account that it is unnatural that you have to be locked up in your house and that you do not have the freedom of movement, of going to see the people you love, of receiving them; of hugging my mother, my brothers or my friends. But given the circumstances,I am a person who has been very lucky to be where I am. You have to be aware and sensitive to the different realities that exist and I have a garden, I can sunbathe. I have more possibilities than many. But I am also someone who has always cultivated and enjoyed being at home: I like to read, I like to write, I like to play the guitar, cook? I think we live in a time when, a priori, it shouldn’t be a drama to be home for a month, compared to all the good you do. I understand that for people who have to live together, a couple, with children in a small flatIt can end up being maddening, but it is not my case. My house is very humble, but it is in a beautiful place.

– I’m thinking about your recordings of these days, being alone. They are full of planes, of angles … Do you put the mobile to record and you start to run trusting that you will be seen to realize after not seeing you? And the screams that sound? You yell at yourself!
-[Risas]Yes, exactly so. Well, I record the plans and then send them to a friend who edits them and forwards them to me and so, over and over again, in this way.It is a much slower job, of course, and more difficult, but it is that I had already made silence in working with small budgets. ‘Nitrous Oxide’, ‘Low Cost Cinema in Spanish Version’, were four bitches; the series with my friends for ‘Late Motiv’? Somehow I have trained until I have hit the bottom of “me alone with a mobile.” I think it can no longer be done with less. I don’t know, Chinese shadows with your hands, it will be next.

– I value much more when you see that home point, that human point behind the scenes. And I enjoy watching the special effects; the shabby ones, the “old ones”. For example, I read about the recording of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and the snow was asbestos!
– Precisely that film had atrocious results.Some actors got sick after so many hours after those makeups. Maybe you do not know, but the asbestos destroyed the entire wardrobe of Espinete, of the ‘One, two, three?’ Because they are stored in the same place where there were parts of asbestos. It gives you to think about so much work and what is the use of having something like that stored so long.

– That’s what I think about those old cinema posters, those big hand-painted canvases, some brutal works of art, and when the next premiere arrived, they were painted over! So you don’t have to spend money on another canvas.
– Yes, it had to be very painful for the artist.

– Or to know, or maybe he didn’t care. Can you imagine that they would have been taken to a museum, anywhere in the world? I would go.
– Well, there is a part of art that is perishable. Look at the ninots of the Fallas, for example, authentic sculptures and they burn.

– The works made of chalk on the sidewalks, those fantastic and ephemeral castles on the beach …
-[Risas]It has a certain symbolism. Everything or almost everything dies. Precisely that gives value to the pyramids, to those few things that have been there for so long.

– It seems to me that it is a reflection to take a turn these days of confinement: the value of the ephemeral or non-ephemeral. To begin with, we are ephemeral and fragile and many of us were forgetting.
– Yes, andwe have to value many of the things we have, and others that we had and maybe we won’t have again. And not to take them for granted, but a privilege that we enjoy or have enjoyed and, remembering that, it comes in very handy. Life is like that and probably man, especially Western, from the first world, has a disease of arrogance and self-centeredness and from time to time the Earth reminds him of how small he is.

– Are you one of those who believe that humanity, that people are going to get better out of this?
-[Risas]Well, humanity has an impressive capacity to disappoint, so I would not split a spear. Yes, in the short term, sure, but then everything will be forgotten and we will stumble on the same stone again, which is what man has shown time and time again.

– Maybe this just brings out who you really are. He’s pulling out some miserable ones, but he’s also pulling out numerous heroes who perhaps didn’t even know they were. They thought they were normal and they are not: they are extraordinary.
– Well, I do, however. MeI have always had a lot of confidence in the town, in the citizen, in the neighbor. I think that in the end, the history of the human being is one horror after another, that the world is and will be crap and, well, one tries to impregnate himself with other things, there are many wonderful things. We are capable of the best and the worst, or at least that is what we have shown throughout our history. Now we are amazed at how good we are with you know what, but we are the same society that has Africa starving. The lesson that can be learned from this, I hope, is that many people discover how good they can be with themselves and all that they can learn.You know what’s up That this solitude situation is generally avoided, because in solitude attacks the conscience and you have to sit down, sometimes, to talk to yourself. When I started as a monologist, I traveled alone, I acted alone and I went alone to the hostel and, maybe, since I had no other profession or benefit and I was traveling, I stayed four, five days kicking around the city alone. I have spent many hours alone and I have enjoyed them and maybe at the beginning of those trips that feeling of grief took hold of myself, but that feeling you overcome quickly and you, yourself, are a very good company, and now? What do you have internet, phone?

– And the fridge is full, full of everything you want.
– Exactly. There are people here who are having a very, very bad time, because they are sick or because they are fighting without means against something that overflows them. And you see a number of people lamenting frivolities, demanding attention? This is not the time. This is not your time now. There is a need for applause from others that perhaps, now, is exaggerated: one hundred thousand followers, one hundred thousand ‘likes’, that someone tell you how handsome you are?

– I read around, I don’t remember from whom, something old: “He took pictures of himself as if he needed to remind himself that he exists.” It was like the notice that the ‘selfies’ were going to arrive.
– Can be. However, there were many artists who painted themselves not as self-centeredness, but as punishment. Self-centeredness in man, selfishness, should not be denied.Pride also helps you free yourself from some unfair circumstance that imprisons you. The problem is when this breaks down and the most important thing for you, now? is that imbecility. We are social creatures, we are not made to be alone. That other phrase: “Most of man’s problems are that he cannot be alone at home”; that to me, with a lot of respect because I am sure he would be a great thinker, someone better than me, but he seems like a bullshit. It is like saying “most of man’s problems would be solved if they had wings and could fly2. But the thing is that we do not have them! It is like animals that are not made to be in cages either, and they are caged, and in the end, they rebel. But we have the reason to know why we are doing it. Now. Once you leave, surely you have grown somewhat that ability to see that nothing happens for two months without that little house and for listen to you see what you have to say to yourself.

– One of the many things I have read out there: “If you don’t come out with a book or an idea for a new project or business these days, don’t ever say that what you lack is time.” I believe that there is an audience that is not only evaluating what you do, but also that you come out much stronger. See all the work behind you.
– Who is going to write the script for me! No, no … Well, of course, as anyone is called a ‘comedian’, it is logical that some people believe that they write the scripts for us, but no. That cannot be, they are not comical.

– And as a farewell, what would you like to say to the readers?
Let them stay in their fucking house! Let them listen and take advantage to do many thingsand to reunite with themselves. I am referring to those who are not directly affected by the disease and to those who are, to say that they have all our admiration, that this is a curse, an unfortunate lottery. They don’t deserve it, but that we are all with them, that they get ahead, that we need them. And to you, who have a promissory note, you owe me a beer.


Coronavirus in Asturias: The firefighter and ten times champion of the Descent of the Sella Walter Bouzn surpasses COVID-19

“Today I am going to swell that list of people cured in COVID-19Let’s hope that in the next few days that list will continue to grow and that of infections and, above all, that of deaths will be paralyzed “,Walter Bouzán wrote early in the afternoon today in the profile of a well-known social network.

The paddler from Riosellano,from the El Sella Canoeing Club, ten times winner of the Sella International Descent (8 of them consecutive in K-2, along with Álvaro Fernández Fiuza; and another 2 in the K-1 category), who serves in the Oviedo Fire Department, if there is no setback,Monday, after being discharged,You could rejoin your professional activity.


François Chartier: “Sometimes stopping is an opportunity to reorganize your life”

He defines himself as a creator of harmonies, but his work goes far beyond pairing food and drinks on a tasting menu. He Canadian François Chartier (Montreal, 1964) is able to help cooks to create recipes, develop together with a multinational like Sony una application to combine aromas, or scientifically demonstrate that the cava sticks with everything. He also plays the guitar and writes books such as ‘Papilla and molecules’, which set the standard for the profession worldwide. Robert Parker defined him as a “genius” and Ferran Adrià as the world’s greatest flavor expert. But Chartier has shown, above all, to have a very fine nose to move in the world of gastronomy.

-What is the key to successfully working on so many different projects?

-It is a mixture of intuition and luck. When you work hard you become the locomotive. I am very curious, I need to learn constantly. But when you go too fast you don’t have time to observe what is happening around you. In 2000 I had to close my company. At first it was going to be for a year, but in the end there were two, and I also got sick. However, that dangerous moment made me reflect. I learned to use my knowledge differently, and if we are talking about my work today, it is thanks to that decisive moment. Sometimes stopping is an opportunity to reorganize your life.

-He is a master in the controversial art of pairing. How much science and intuition do you have?

-Many things. The job of a sommelier or that of a chef is to share pleasure, not so much to share your science or your knowledge, but to use it for the enjoyment of others. The restaurant table cannot be a school. Customers have come to have a good time. It is not only knowledge, it is experience. You have to taste a lot, but also know how to cook. And the main problem of many sommeliers around the world is that they do not know how to cook. How is it possible that we tell diners what they have to drink if we don’t know how the dishes have been prepared?

-Your method is based on joining similar molecules present in wine and food, but in that equation, where are the particular tastes of the client?

-They are a very important subjective part that the sommelier should always take into account. At a table of four people with different tastes when pairing a pesto we can find harmonies with the molecules of basil in a verdejo, in a ‘pale ale’ beer for those who do not like wine, or even or in tea Sencha green for those who do not drink alcohol. This way everyone will have a different but equally satisfying experience. So pairing should not be routine. The key is communication between people, and keeping your heart and head open.

-Why do we usually choose wine based on food and not vice versa?

-Celler de Can Roca or Mugaritz have already made menus inspired by wines, such as El Corral de la Morería with sherry. In 1992, as a sommelier in Quebec, I had to design a menu to pair seven different vintages of a wine with pronounced notes of licorice and blackberry, so I asked the chef to add a little licorice and blackberry to his traditional caribou stew. From that day on, 70% of my work is based on helping to create recipes that go well with the wines, rather than choosing wines from the winery that go well with the recipe.

-When did you realize that you had a gift for aromas?

– I do not remember it, but my brother, who is older than me, told me that from a very young age when we went to a restaurant I smelled food and I really liked talking about aromas. I have not been aware until years later, but apparently since I was a kid I was already a ‘freak’ of aromas. I don’t know whether to call it a gift, but I do think that my life is linked with pleasure, the pleasure of eating, of drinking, of music …

-What do your childhood memories smell like?

-I remember a pork ragout that we ate at Christmas, typical of Quebec, that uses cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves … The time to get home and smell that stew from the door is my cupcake from Proust. Scents have a more important impact on our life than what we see or hear, but most of the time we don’t realize it.

-Can you make a pairing between people?

-Of course. Energy is also released between people. That makes them connect sometimes and sometimes not. It is important to surround yourself with people who have complementary energies. I met my wife three years ago at a dinner hosted by Ferran Centelles. They sat us together and three minutes after we started talking something magical had emerged, as if we had known each other for life. Today I live in Barcelona with her and we have two daughters. It was a perfect harmony.


Italy could have 600,000 infected, ten times more than those registered

Angelo Borrelli, head of Civil Protection and special commissioner for this crisis in Italy, considers “credible” that for each person infected with coronavirus registered there are nine others who do not know that they are infected. According to the latest official data, there are almost 64,000 citizens affected by Covid-19 in the country, but in total there could be more than 600,000, about 1% of the Italian population. So far, more than 6,000 people have died from the pandemic and 7,400 have managed to overcome the disease, although Borrelli himself acknowledges that the figures being considered are “imperfect”.

In an interview published this Tuesday by the newspaper ‘La Repubblica’, the head of Civil Protection is cautious about the decrease in the number of new infected registered in the last two days: 3,780 yesterday and 3,957 on Sunday, compared to 4,821 on Saturday, the worst day so far with 793 deaths. The commissioner considers that the restrictions applied throughout the territory “begin to feel” national two weeks ago and says that “in the next few hours, other effects should be seen.” In this way, it will be possible to verify if the pandemic has truly passed its peak and the contagious curve begins to decrease.

In the first weeks of the emergency, the country experienced “chaos”, regrets Borrelli, who assures that the central authorities had to “redirect reason” to the regional presidents, who have the competence in health. In the interview, he also confesses the difficulties in buying medical supplies in other countries, acknowledges his fear that “no more masks will arrive from abroad” and asks to promote the national manufacture of these products.

According to mathematical projections, in about a week Italy will have overtaken China in number of infected, a reality that Borrelli “would never have expected”. To try to stop infections in recent days, new restrictions have been approved. Yesterday was the first business day since the new government decree came into force, allowing only economic activities related to the production and distribution of goods and services considered essential to open. This measure supposes the closure of around 70% of the productive fabric, according to the estimate of Vincenzo Boccia, president of the Confindustria, the Italian employers, who calculated the loss of Italian companies due to the bolt at up to 100,000 million euros.

The Government has also decided to punish more harshly those who leave the house without reason. It can only be done for reasons of work, health or imperative need and a written justification must be shown to the Police. To the fines of 206 euros and three months in prison in force throughout the national territory Initially, subsequent penalties of up to 2,000 euros and the seizure of the used vehicle will be added. Drones are being used to help security forces monitor the streets in various locations in the country.


San Diego Unified is asking for more money for the transition to online learning – NBC 7 San Diego

California’s two largest school districts call on state aid in the wake of school closings that last longer than expected.

The San Diego Unified School District and Los Angeles Unified School District ask the state for an additional $ 500 per child in the state to help pay for the transition to full online learning.

In a letter to state officials, SDUSD Superintendent Cindy Marten and LAUSD Superintendent Austin Beutner also said they would like to form a task force.

“The combination of state policy makers and field professionals working side by side (obviously remotely) can be a reasonable approach in these usual times,” according to the letter.

SDUSD Trustee Richard Barrera said: “At present, we are saying here the support we need to get the rest of the school year online.”

Barrera said the state is anticipating a drastic drop in state revenue which could make the financial situation even more difficult for school districts that depend on state funding.

At that point, Barrera said that school districts need the federal government to take the initiative in preventing layoffs for those educating children.

The Council of the Great City Schools, which according to its website, “brings together 76 of the nation’s largest urban school districts,” sent a letter to the United States Congress, asking for federal dollars.

The Council urged legislators to include public schools in the incentive package considered.

“To avoid mass layoffs of people educating our children, we must be included in the federal stimulus package,” said Barrera, “and we must be included substantially.”

Read the full letters to Congress in the links below.


High schools, universities reveal reimbursement fees, credit policies – NBC 7 San Diego

With most university campuses closed and many students returning home, families are looking for details of possible reimbursements or school credits, as well as reimbursement policies related to campus accommodation and catering costs.

The University of San Diego offers proportionate reimbursements for room and board expenses, parking permit fees and its fee for the Student Life Pavilion, but the USD student government group will not reimburse the tuition fee for college students. The group instead decided to use that money “to provide support to students with financial needs who have been affected” by the closure of the campus.

USD administrators also offer a 60% refund for students who withdraw from university by March 20. The university published the details of its “financial arrangements” for families on its website.

Max Chan, a graduate of the Canyon Crest Academy now in his first year at the University of Southern California, was forced to return home after the coronavirus epidemic. Her father, former NBC7 reporter Chris Chan, said that USC does not offer refunds or credits for the fall semester lessons because Max and other students are attending the spring lessons online.

“It’s hard to argue, say,” Well, it’s only 60 or 70 percent worth, “and ask for that money back or ask for a discount,” said Chris Chan.

But the Chan family is relieved that USC, like the USD, will offer them a proportional discount for Max’s unused dormitory rent and meal plan.

In Cal State San Marcos, classes also continue online, starting March 20. The university does not offer tuition refunds. Students who live on campus have the option to cancel the housing contract without penalty if they decide to move from campus. CSUSM spokesman Eric Breier told NBC 7, however, that campus housing remains open “for residents who would like to stay.” The CSUSM website contains detailed information on its housing policy, as well as notifications on the cancellation of campus events and general information on the impact of the coronavirus on the San Marcos campus.

In contrast, UCSD administrators are “strongly urging” students to leave La Jolla campus “as soon as possible, but no later than March 29th”. School officials said students who cannot return home should have enough room for “effective social removal”. Students who leave the campus by the deadline of March 29 will receive a full refund of housing costs for the spring quarter, UCSD spokeswoman Leslie Sepuka said.

Sepuka said, however, that, “in line with the president’s UC office guide”, there will be no tax refunds or contributions because “the campus remains operational” with virtual and alternative learning methods.

San Diego state administrators have published detailed information on reimbursements, credits and lesson status on the university’s website. An SDSU spokesman urged students and their families to check his coronavirus information page frequently, “since we are updating it several times a day.”

Many local families also hope for refunds or credits for school trips to the east coast and around the world that have been canceled due to the pandemic.

Peter Schwarz said the travel company that canceled a $ 3,400 trip to the East Coast planned for his son’s middle school class offers a full refund, minus their $ 250 deposit. He said families also the possibility of withholding the refund, in the hope that the trip will be rescheduled.

After talking to other parents, Schwarz decided to decline the refund offered.

“Hopefully they will continue to offer that refund,” said Schwarz. “This was the only thing that was a little vague in their communication. Do we have to take the refund now and we won’t receive it later? It’s unclear.”

At least one family, however, is taking legal action in San Diego against the organizers of an exchange program for US students. In a lawsuit filed on March 11, the student is contesting the tour group’s alleged refusal to refund the full $ 3,800 cost of the program. The student’s attorneys also want a judge to declare the company’s contract inapplicable and “inconceivable”. That lawsuit could last for months, however, as California courts essentially closed local courts and filed civil cases during the pandemic.


Heavy rain absorbs Thursday in three states before temperatures peak above 70 degrees – NBC New York

Heavy rains have come overnight and it is expected that the showers will continue to wet the tri-state the morning before spring and temperatures similar to those of spring increase.

Patches of rain, at times abundant, try to dampen the morning commute for those who have yet to go to work, but things should clear up around 9:00 am It will remain cloudy, but dry, with temperatures in the mid-50s before more showers come back overnight, says Storm Team 4.

Thunderstorms are possible early Friday mornings, mainly for those north and west of New York City. There will be some breaks in the clouds during the day and temperatures will rise in the 70s. More thunder is possible due to the incoming cold front which makes the atmosphere unstable.

Temperatures will drop below 50 degrees over the weekend again, but it will be dry before the rain returns during the next working week.


Mass. Child Care Centers Closing Monday for all workers, except those critical of Coronavirus – NBC Boston

Massachusetts child care centers will close on Monday amid the coronavirus epidemic, but some exempt centers will open to take care of the children of critical workers, Governor Charlie Baker said Wednesday during a briefing.

Over 2,000 Massachusetts residents have been quarantined because of the coronavirus, according to the latest numbers released on Wednesday by state health officials.

The new figures show that 2,054 residents have been quarantined, with 1,168 still in quarantine and 886 that are no longer in quarantine. This is almost double the 1,083 total of a week ago.

As the number of COVID-19 cases in Massachusetts rises steadily, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh – who reported 45 cases in Boston on Wednesday afternoon – exposed his thought process about what would be needed to issue a shelter order. on site.

Baker said Tuesday that he had no intention of ordering residents to take refuge on the spot. However, more than a dozen state and local Democrats are urging the Republican to reconsider in an open letter.

Governor Charlie Baker says Massachusetts has no plans for its residents to take refuge on the spot, but said “difficult days are coming.”

In the letter, released Tuesday afternoon, the 17 Democrats asked Baker to seek shelter by Tuesday after other cities such as San Francisco.

“Doctors tell us that COVID-19 is about 10 times more contagious than the flu and that 1 in 5 infected people will contract severe pneumonia that will require hospitalization,” they said.

“Suppressing the spread of the virus is essential to protect the ability of healthcare professionals to manage the influx of new patients and to safeguard public health and safety. Epidemiologists have suggested that Massachusetts could see up to 10,000 cases by the end of this month.”

As of Tuesday, the total number of coronavirus cases in Massachusetts has risen to 218, according to public health officials.

The Motor Vehicle Registry was reopened on Wednesday, which attracted large crowds of people lined up, despite Governor Baker and Mayor Walsh’s call for social expulsion in Massachusetts.

Baker said Tuesday that while there were “difficult days ahead”, there were no plans to implement an ongoing refuge.

“We will probably have some very difficult days ahead of us, as we are still at the start of the battle against this virus,” said Baker. “Faith and trust. We will succeed by putting together, taking care of each other.”

Baker plans to provide an update on the coronavirus pandemic at 15:00. at the State House with Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito, sect. of health and human services Marylou Sudders and DPH Commissioner Dr. Monica Bharel.

In a Tuesday night television speech, Walsh called on the audience to distance social to flatten the coronavirus curve.

“We simply need everyone’s help, and that’s how we will get past this,” said Walsh. “This is not the time for home parties, dating or visiting friends. We need everyone to limit their contacts right now.”