Postponed due to COVID-19 Povetkin’s fight with White will take place without spectators



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Medical students allowed to graduate early due to COVID-19 emergency – Telemundo Phoenix / Tucson

PHOENIX – University of Arizona medical students who want to join the front line in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic can apply to graduate sooner.

The University of Arizona – Phoenix College of Medicine announced that it will offer eligible fourth-year students the opportunity to graduate before mid-May. Each student’s application should be reviewed by a committee next week. But, graduates could be working in a clinical setting in mid-April.

The announcement comes as the state’s coronavirus cases rose to more than 1,000 on Monday.

University Dean Guy Reed said these are “extraordinary times” and that the school “admires students who want to pursue this option.”

The generation that graduates this year is made up of around 90 students. Reed added that more than half have already met the requirements to obtain their medical degrees.

An expert doctor who was an adviser to President Barack Obama talks about the deadly outbreak that affects the country.

To qualify, students must submit their request in writing and receive a letter from the director of the program they will serve.
The University of Arizona is among several medical schools, including New York University, which offers early graduation in the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic.


Doctors reject proposal to make validation of medical degrees more flexible – Health

The unions that group all the doctors in the country sent this Wednesday a letter to President Iván Duque in which strongly reject the possibility of making time and procedures more flexible for the validation of medical degrees and their specialties obtained abroad.

On Tuesday night, in a transmission, President Iván Duque anticipated that the Government was preparing a decree to accelerate the validations of the medical degrees obtained in educational institutions outside Colombia, in order to attend to the health emergency that the country is experiencing due to the coronavirus.

In a document that would be the draft decree, known by this newspaper, it is indicated that this measure seeks to establish “the legal exercise of the profession of titles in general medicine, specialists, subspecialists in medical and surgical specialties, masters and doctorates concerning the health area, titles of nurses, physiotherapists, who completed and completed their studies abroad ”.

The foregoing in order to prevent and control the spread of covid-19 in the territory and mitigate its effects “In the face of a possible collapse of the institutions providing health services that today are the main line to face the sanitary emergency ”.

Likewise, the draft decree, which has not been made official, proposes to temporarily grant extraordinary functions to the governors of each department so that, through the departmental health institutes, issue the corresponding administrative acts authorizing the legal exercise of the profession of the titles of health professionals in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.

However, in the response letter signed by representatives of nine unions, the “great concern for the possibility that the national government is raised any flexibility of the times and procedures required for validation titles of general practitioner and first or second medical specialties that come from abroad; indistinctly”.

Doctors warn that more than a shortage of professionals in this field what exists an inequitable distribution of the same in the different regions, conditioned by limitations for the exercise and problems in the contracting on the part of the different actors of the system.

The proposals

In another part of the letter, the health unions propose to Duque seven alternatives to face the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic from the health level.

Starting from the basis that “in Colombia there is no deficit of health professionals”, some of them are graduating from the first of April to about 2,500 doctors who have already completed their careers in medical schools; hiring those who have already graduated but are waiting to complete their rural year or have not found a job; and formally link resident physicians.

“General practitioners and some other specialties could be given the possibility of exercising at this juncture by license or transitory permit, which would end at the end of the crisis and then, these professionals graduated abroad, thus temporarily validated, would initiate their corresponding regulatory procedures, ”is another proposal.

(Also read: INS verifies case of twins in Popayán: one died, another tested positive).

The signatory unions are the Colombian Association of Scientific Societies, the National Academy of Medicine, the Colombian Medical College, the Colombian Medical Federation, the Colombian Association of Faculties of Medicine, the National Union Medical Association, the National Association of Inmates and Residents, the Association of Medical Students and the Colombian Federation of Medical Unions.

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The largest digital library opens its doors to everyone with 20,000 titles

No one will go through this collective quarantine without books, even if they can’t find anything they really want to read on their shelves. The Basque Government has opened access to the general public to eLiburutegia, the largest digital library in Spain, which has in its catalog 20,000 books to read on the computer, tablet or eBook and more than 15,000 movies. Just send an email to, request it and provide the information you request.

Given the exceptional situation we are experiencing, a shortcut has been sought in order to enjoy a service normally reserved for members of the Basque Public Reading Network, who must register. Now that libraries have closed their doors and books are a refuge more than ever, the Department of Culture and Language Policy has temporarily enabled an address without barriers: Here network users who have not registered can request their password and those who are not registered in any library have the possibility of obtaining both the card and the password.

In this way they will be able to visit this library, which in recent days had already doubled its loan volume. It was launched in late 2014 and currently has 43,000 users who last year ‘recalled’ 68,981 copies, an average of 189 a day. Each person has four books a month and two movies a week at their fingertips. Since the coronavirus crisis was shown in all its harshness, including the suspension of cultural activity, the numbers have soared: 353 loans on Friday, 380 on Saturday and 465 on Sunday, just double that of March 8.

Karmele Jaio

This has led the Basque Government to open wide the doors of a trunk where, according to the data provided, it is mainly seeking evasion. ‘The lords of time’, the outcome of the trilogy of the white city written by the Vitorian Eva García Sáenz de Urturi tops the list of most loaned books in Spanish in recent days. They are followed by ‘Everything that happened with Miranda Huff’, by Javier Castillo, and ‘La cara norte del corazón’, by Dolores Redondo. Readers demand suspenseful plots that take them away from the uncertainty in which we live. In Basque, the most requested is’ Amaren eskuak ‘, the novel by Karmele Jaio that brought Mireia Gabilondo to the cinema, along with the mystery of ’33 ezkil’, by Miren Gorrotxategi Azkune, and ‘Sorgin belarra’, by Toti Martínez de Lezea.

One of the objectives of the launch of eLiburutegia is to promote an orderly consumption of digital content that takes into account copyright. The Department of Culture and Language Policy is responsible for paying licenses and buys an average of five for each book. If the uses are exhausted (for each license twenty downloads can be made), more are acquired, something that usually happens with bestsellers.

Generalized access will remain in force until the situation returns to normal and people can go back to the libraries to obtain their card. Hopefully sooner rather than later, but waiting will always be less unpleasant with a good library. explains how to download digital content on different electronic devices, and any questions can be consulted through Twitter (@eliburutegia_) and Facebook (https: //www.facebook. com / eliburutegiak /).


Early forecast updated for March!

Happy Birthday to me! What better way to celebrate being a 33-year-old Oscar prognostic than the updated forecast on the big day? Furthermore, with so many articles related to the film concerning cancellations and delays (with others surely coming soon), this is a positive, albeit temporary, moment of something positive to look forward to. However, as for the forecasts, not much has changed, although I have included some versions of the early years, in part to make sure that a light stays on on them. The months ahead will be fascinating, for many reasons, but this is another snapshot of what the race could be like. Have fun and hope that things return to normal before too long:

Here are some slightly tinkered with the first predictions about the Oscars:


1. Mank
2. From 5 Bloods
3. The Chicago test 7
4. West Side Story
5. Come on, come on
6. News from the world
7. Nomadland
8. Stillwater
9. Ammonite
10. Blonde

Next in Line: 11. The Last Duel 12. Tenet 13. In the Heights 14. The French Dispatch 15. I’m thinking of putting an end to things 16. Minars 17. The Eyes of Tammy Faye 18. Annette 19. On the Rocks 20 Dune 21. Promising young woman 22. Next goal wins 23. Those who wish me dead 24. Hillbilly Elegy 25. King Richard 26. Greyhound 27. Happiest season 28. Never rarely sometimes always 29. Wonder Woman 1984 30. Soul


1. David Fincher – Mank
2. Spike Lee – From 5 Bloods
3. Steven Spielberg – West Side Story
4. Mike Mills – Come on, come on
5. Chloe Zhao – Nomadland

Next in Line: 6. Paul Greengrass – World news 7. Andrew Dominik – Blonde 8. Aaron Sorkin – The Trial of the Chicago 7 9. Ridley Scott – The Last Duel 10. Mike Mills – C’mon C’mon


1. Matt Damon – Stillwater (or The Last Duel)
2. Gary Oldman – Mank
3. Joaquin Phoenix – Cmonmon
4. Tom Hanks – News from the world (or Greyhound)
5. Bill Murray – On the Rocks

Next in Line: 6. Andrew Garfield – The Eyes of Tammy Faye 7. Will Smith – King Richard 8. Adam Driver – Annette (or The Last Duel) 9. Michael Fassbender – Next Goal Wins 10. Ben Affleck – The Way Back


1. Carey Mulligan – Promising young woman
2. Jessica Chastain – Tammy Faye’s eyes
3. Ana de Armas – Blonde
4. Kate Winslet – Ammonite
5. Frances McDormand – Nomadland

Next in Line: 6. Rachel Zegler – West Side Story 7. Marion Cottilard – Annette 8. Jesse Buckley – I’m thinking of putting an end to things 9. Elisabeth Moss – The Invisible Man 10. Sidney Flanigan – Never rarely sometimes always


1. Tom Burke – Mank
2. Jesse Plemons – I’m thinking of ending things
3. Sacha Baron Cohen – The Trial of the Chicago 7
4. Chadwick Boseman – From 5 Bloods
5. Eddie Redmayne – The Trial of the Chicago 7

Next in Line: 6. Ben Affleck – The Last Duel 7. David Strathairn – Nomadland 8. Joseph Gordon-Levitt – The Trial of the Chicago 7 9. Bill Murray – The French Dispatch 10. Paul Walter Hauser – From 5 Bloods


1. Saoirse Ronan – Ammonite
2. Rashida Jones – On the Rocks
3. Abigail Breslin – Stillwater
4. Jodie Comer – The last duel
5. Amanda Seyfried – Mank

Next in Line: 6. Lily Collins – Mank 7. Gabby Hoffman – Cmonmon ‘8. Ariana DeBose – West Side Story 9. Rebecca Ferguson – Dune 10. Rita Moreno – West Side Story


1. The Chicago test 7
2. Cmon Cmon
3. Mank
4. From 5 Bloods
5. On the Rocks

Next in Line: 6. The French Dispatch 7. Tenet 8. The King of Staten Island 9. The Eyes of Tammy Faye 10. Never rarely sometimes always


1. Nomadland
2. West Side Story
3. Blonde
4. The last duel
5. I’m thinking of ending things

Next in Line: 6. News from the world 7. The next goal wins 8. Dune 9. Those who want me dead 10. Greyhound


1. Soul
2. Later
3. How do you live?
4. The Croods 2
5. Tom and Jerry


1. Tenet
2. West Side Story
3. Dune
4. The French expedition
5. The last duel


1. Mank
2. Principle
3. West Side Story
4. Dune
5. The last duel


1. Mank
2. The French expedition
3. The last duel
4. Dune
5. Ammonite


1. Tenet
2. Mank
3. News from the world
4. Dune
5. From 5 Bloods


1. The French expedition
2. Mank
3. Dune
4. The witches
5. Mulan


1. Tenet
2. West Side Story
3. Dune
4. In the Heights
5. There is no time to die


1. Tenet
2. West Side Story
3. Dune
4. In the Heights
5. There is no time to die


1. Tenet
2. Dune
3. Eternal
4. Godzilla vs Kong
5. Wonder Woman 1984


1. Mank
2. Dune
3. Soul
4. The French expedition
5. From 5 Bloods


1. There is no time to die
2. In the Heights
3. Soul
4. Annette
5. Miss Americana


1. Dick Johnson is dead
2. Crip Camp
3. Miss Americana
4. Status of the boys
5. A thousand cuts


1. ???
2. ???
3. ???
4. ???
5. ???

Stay tuned for an update next month!


N ° 16 FSU Visit n. 1 in Florida

At the end of their first ACC victory of the season against n. 12 Duke on Sunday, n. 16 Florida State (10-5, 1-2 ACC) will play two midweek matches – at no. 1 Florida (16-0) on Tuesday evening at the Sunshine Showdown in Gainesville and Wednesday at home against Illinois State (6-8).

Game notes

The Seminoles are about to leave for 2-2 weeks, beating Mercer on Tuesday and releasing 2 out of 3 in Durham against the Blue Devils.

Florida enters the week as the last undefeated team left in the nation. In the past two years, FSU has beaten two teams that were at least 10-0 or better: NC State in 2019 (19-0) and Mercer in 2020 (11-0).

The state of Illinois is 5-8 on the road this season with wins at no. 23 of Oklahoma State and at no. 13 Arkansas. The Redbirds will play Tuesday night against Florida A&M in Tallahassee.

Fans can watch Tuesday’s game at McKethan Stadium in Gainesville on SEC Network + and Wednesday’s meeting with the State of Illinois at home on the ACC network. Both games can be played on the radio in Tallahassee on 106.1 FM or nationwide through the FSU Gamingay app.

GAME 16 – Florida State at Florida
Tuesday 10 March 2020
FSU: LHP Antonio Velez (0-0, 0.79 ERA) vs. UF: RHP Nick Pogue (1-0, 6.14 ERA)
SEC network + – 18:30

GAME 17 – State of Illinois to the state of Florida
Wednesday 11 March 2020
FSU: TBD vs. ISU: RHP Jack Anderson (0-0, 6.75 ERA)
ACC Network – 6pm


The FSU holds the advantage of all series against the Gators, 128-121.

Antonio Velez will make his first start of the season against the Gators. The left-handed senior scored an average of 0.79 points from the bullpen this season, with 14 strikeouts and a walk in 11.1 innings cast.


The only meeting between the FSU and the state of Illinois came with a 6-3 Seminole win at Tallahassee on March 9, 2004.

A couple of World Series champions were featured in the initial Seminoles lineup in their solitary encounter with the Redbirds. FSU Hall of Famer and current actor in the Atlanta Braves organization, Shane Robinson, started in central court for the Noles and led the team offensively, going 3 on 4 with an RBI. The retired MLB infielder and younger brother of College Baseball Hall of Famer J.D. Drew, Stephen Drew, started from shorttop.


The 14th Florida State took one of three against the 12 Blue Devils in Durham this weekend, with two tightly contested defeats of one race each.

On Friday night, in a duel with the launch of the ACC, the FSU dropped to Duke, 2-1. CJ Van Eyk (1-1) got the start for the Noles and conceded only three hits in six innings, but Duke’s Bryce Jarvis (3-1) did not allow an FSU baserunner until they were there two outs in the seventh inning. The lone run marked by Florida State came to the top of the ninth inning after a walk, two wild shots and an RBI groundout. Despite the loss, Van Eyk eliminated six bars while allowing only one race to be earned, and Jonah Scolaro (1.1 IP, 2 K) and Chase Haney (0.2 IP, 2 K) threw solid relief releases.

On Saturday afternoon, the Blue Devils took the weekend streak with a 4-3 win. Appetizer Shane Drohan launched its longest release of 2020 with 5.1 innings launched. He allowed four shots earned and recorded six strikeouts. Antonio Velez threw 2.2 innings unscored from the pen, allowing only two strokes and pulling out two. Florida State has had eight hits, including a large fly by Elijah Cabell for her first solo humerus in 2020. She also walked twice in the second year (third career multi-walk game), and was hit by a shot for the 14th time, the most in the country and already more than he had as a freshman (13 in 58 games).

Florida State racked up its first ACC of the season on Sunday by defeating Duke, 10-2, behind three high season homers from Elijah Cabell (three series; seventh), Reese Albert (two series; eighteenth career) and Logan Lacey ( first at the FSU). At the plate, the Noles scored 13 shots and made six walks with all nine appetizers that reached the base at least once. Albert, Cabell, Lacey and Robby Martin have all had multiple successes, with Cabell setting his five RBI career record in one game.

Jack Anderson (2-0) gained the victory with 3.2 frames without any shortcuts in relief, recording three strikeouts. Chase Haney (0.2 IP, 2 K). Clayton Kwiatkowski (1.2 IP, 4 K), Parker Messick (0.2 IP, 1 K) and Doug Kirkland (0.1 IP, 1 K) came out of the pen without allowing a baserunner for the rest of the afternoon. Haney appeared on the 11thth weather this season and 106th time of his career, tying him for the fifth in the history of the FSU in the major appearances and the eighth in the total appearances.


Florida State is hosting Georgia Tech at Dick Howser this weekend for a three game streak. With a couple of 6:00 p.m. starting Friday and Saturday and at 1:00 p.m. final Sunday, the Seminoles try to improve their 1-2 season record in the Atlantic Coast Conference representation.

Fans can watch the game on ACC Network Extra, listen to the radio at Tallahassee on 106.1 FM or nationwide through the FSU Gamingay app.

For more information on Florida state baseball, check out for the latest news and planning information, or keep up to date with the team on social media via Twitter (@FSUBaseball), Facebook (/ FSUBaseball) and Instagram (@NoleBaseball) .


Pair of softball postmen wins

PDF Box Scores – FSU d. Penn 8-0 | FSU d. Detroit Mercy 16-0

LONGWOOD, Fla. – Closing their time at THE Spring Games, the Seminoles earned a couple of run-rule wins on Sunday while 11th Florida State (17-6) defeated Penn (7-4) with an 8-0 score in six innings, as well as a 16-0 win in five innings against Detroit Mercy (2-21).

“A really good week and weekend away from this team,” said the FSU coach Lonni Alameda. “Starting with the UCF trip and then coming here for a whole weekend of games. We have a lot of bats and situations for many players and the team has really come together as a unit, which will be great for us as we move forward. Now is the time to prepare for the next half of this long road trip that we are about to face. “

Game 1: No. 11 Florida State 8, Penn 0 (six innings)
Penn loaded the bases with two outs at the top of the first inning after a single and a couple of hit by pitch, but the FSU’s starting pitcher Brianna Enter got out of the jam with a groundout at third base to finish the innings.

The state of Florida rose to the bottom of the second inning after loading the bases after a double Devyn Flaherty, a single of Chloe Culp and a walk to Morgan Noah. Penn’s mistake off Sydney Sherrill brought in the first heat of the game to make it 1-0 FSU.

A solo home run by Elizabeth Mason, his third HR of the season, extended Seminole’s lead to 2-0 at the end of the third.

The Noles added two more heats in the fourth inning, triggered by Noah’s double advantage. Kiersten Landers followed with a single bunt and a Sherrill RBI led to a run. Mason drove in his second game RBI with a sacrificial fly later in the innings.

Caylan Arnold entered to throw the top of the sixth inning to relieve Enter. Enter (1-2) ended with 5.0 innings with no score thrown, with four hits, zero passes and three strikeouts. Arnold allowed one hit and recorded a strikeout in his one inning or relief.

The Seminoles finished the game with four points at the bottom of the sixth inning to secure the race rule victory. Walks to Sherrill and Mason, together with Josie Muffley being hit by a shot, loaded the bases with nobody out. Kaley Mudge led to a shot with the choice of a defender and Flaherty followed a single RBI to make 6-0 FSU. Flaherty stole second place and a couple of Penn’s wild shots scored Mudge and Flaherty to end the game.

Game 2: No. 11 Florida State 16, Detroit Mercy 0 (five innings)
The state of Florida scored three one-shot shots at the top of the first inning to get an initial 3-0 lead over Detroit Mercy. Sydney Sherrill opened the game with a walk and Josie Muffley he was hit by a shot. Elizabeth Mason reached the choice of a defender and stole second base to put the Noles in second and third with one out. Cassidy Davis he opened the score with a single RBI and a sacrifice flies by Dani Morgan turned into a couple of tracks after a Detroit Mercy launch error.

The Noles added six points to the top of the second while the FSU brought 11 batters on the plate in the innings. Singles of Kaia LoPreste is Kiersten Landers, along with a walk in Sherrill, loaded the bases, allowing Muffley to publish an RBI while being hit by a shot for the second time in the game. Davis emptied the bases with a three-pronged double in the center and Devyn Flaherty is Morgan Noah each recorded RBI singles as the state of Florida extended its lead to 9-0.

Landers opened the third FSU inning with a double in the center and Sherrill followed up with his third walk of the game and Muffley made 10-0 Noles with a single RBI in the center. Mason and Davis both retreated by the green light, but led one RBI in each bat and the Seminoles took the lead 12-0 at the bottom of the third.

Flaherty started with a double in the center to begin the fourth inning of the FSU and after a walk in Noah, LoPreste brought them both with a double off the wall in the left field to extend Seminole’s advantage to 14-0.

Chloe Culp and Morgan made it to the top in the fifth inning and both scored double braces from Flaherty, his second brace, to make 16-0.

Davis entered to launch the Noles’ final innings and did not allow a hit and released a strikeout to close the game.

Kathryn Sandercock (9-1) fired two shots on 4.0 innings with one walk and two strikeouts in the win. The second year ended with only 52 shots in the game, including a second five-shot inning.

The Seminoles will continue their 13-game journey on Wednesday March 11 to kick off the annual Fresh From Florida Sunshine Showdown against eighth Florida in Gainesville, Florida. The first pitch is scheduled for 18:00. and the game will be streamed on SEC Network +. Links for live broadcasting and statistics will be available on the softball program page on

Fans can listen to FSU’s softball coaching staff Lonni Alameda and assistant coaches Travis Wilson is Troy Cameron, in their weekly podcast: Coaches and Coffee – The FSU Softball Podcast. Every week, coaches talk about the current state of the Seminole softball team, talk about NCAA softball from across the country and have a lot of fun along the way. The podcast is available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play or directly on our website –

Follow the Florida State softball on Twitter (@FSU_Softball) and Instagram (fsusoftball) and like us on our Facebook page ( to keep you updated on everything related to the Seminole softball.


The Jassby baby money app raises $ 5 million

Jassby, an app that allows kids to receive, manage and spend their money, raised $ 5 million in a round of financing alongside Needham Bank and Moneta Capital.

Existing investors Blumberg Capital, Correlation VC and PnP Ventures joined the round, bringing Jassby’s total funding to $ 10 million.

Jassby offers families a service through which children can receive money from their parents and grandparents and can therefore save, donate or spend on a safe and controlled digital platform.

The app combines a digital wallet and a purchasing tool, helping children on a budget and start building good habits that connect what they “have” to what they “want” in a safe Walled Garden.

With over 100,000 users, the app claims that it will use the latest funding to accelerate its development roadmap and push for a million uses within a year.

Adoram Gaash, Managing Partner, Moneta, says: “Jassby has created a holistic digital financial ecosystem for children, teens and parents, which addresses the real problem of financial illiteracy and allows children to use financial services in a very intelligent way.”


Doctors Without Borders now on Revolut donations

You can now donate directly to Doctors Without Borders (Doctors Without Borders) through Revolut Donations.

Together, the Revolut community has helped create positive changes by donating over a million euros to good causes. We are so excited to welcome MSF as a new partner.

Since 1971, MSF has been at the forefront of humanitarian emergencies worldwide. MSF’s expert medical teams act quickly to provide treatment and save lives in conflict areas and following natural disasters and epidemics. To date, these brave medical professionals have helped save tens of millions of lives, as well as providing important mental health treatments.

With your support, MSF can continue its life-saving work by providing the necessary arrangements for emergency treatment in the field.
The recent involvement of MSF

Rohingya refugee crisis in Myanmar

With the unprecedented influx of Rohingya refugees crossing the border from Myanmar to Bangladesh, MSF has been forced to enormously increase its response capacity. In the first six months of the crisis alone, MSF treated 350,000 patients. In June 2019, MSF had delivered 3,200 children, provided 31,500 individual mental health visits and treated over 1,000 survivors of sexual and gender-based violence.

Civil War of Yemen

With an estimated 20 million people in need of humanitarian assistance due to the civil war, MSF’s activities in Yemen are among the largest in the world. Since the start of the conflict in 2015, over one million patients have been treated in MSF’s emergency rooms, 143,467 cases of cholera and 101,817 surgeries have been treated.

Northeast Nigeria crisis

In northeastern Nigeria, a decade of conflict between military and armed opposition groups has suffered a heavy toll: about 35,000 people have been killed since 2009, 1.8 million internally displaced people and 7.1 million people need humanitarian assistance. MSF currently provides lifesaving medical care in permanent facilities, while counselors treat people for depression and anxiety, as well as for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and psychosomatic trauma disorder.
How to donate to MSF with Revolut Donations

Make a minimum donation or whatever you want with Revolut Donations. Choose to round up the reserve change and donate the difference, set up a recurring payment of any amount, or make a one-time donation of any amount.

To donate to Doctors Without Borders, go to Dashboard> Donations> Doctors Without Borders


Should you get travel insurance amid Coronavirus concerns? – NBC Chicago

Many travelers remain in doubt as to whether or not they should travel after fears of the hijacked coronavirus titles.

On Tuesday, in the lively O’Hare International terminal, some travelers said they considered canceling their travels, while others said they didn’t think twice.

Many of the travelers who went out of town on Tuesday booked their trips long before COVID-19 became a worldwide concern. They told NBC 5 not to seriously consider buying travel insurance – and that’s good news for them.

If they had given up on these charges, they would probably be unfortunate for any coronavirus-related cancellation on their part.

“A big problem with travel insurance is that most of the policies sold don’t actually cover you for things like epidemics and pandemics. They are explicitly excluded from coverage,” said Consumer Checkbook CEO Kevin Brasler to NBC 5.

The only armored reimbursement protection for passengers at this point is for those who have purchased tickets for the hard-hit regions, such as China, South Korea or Italy. In a growing list, airlines including American, Delta and United have issued temporary exemptions for cancellation fees.

Governor J.B. Pritzker and the director of the Illinois Department of Public Health, Ngozi Ezike, discuss the state’s response to COVID-19 after a fourth case was confirmed on Monday.

According to Kasara Barto with the Squaremouth travel insurance search engine, those who choose to purchase travel insurance will want to get a “cancellation for any reason” plan.

This insurance is priced much higher than the average travel insurance, however, said Jesse Neugarten, CEO of Dollar Flight Club.

“These high-end insurance plans are ideal for the current travel climate,” he said. “The only drawback you might consider is that these policies can cost up to 50% more than a standard travel insurance policy.”