The affection of others saves you as much as medical care

Edgardo Monsalvo is doctor, he was infected with coronavirus and was discriminated against. The professional provides a detailed account of each of the instances that he went through in late March and early April of this year. The dates, the moments in which each thing happened are very clear. The names, the faces, the words. The gestures: the good ones and the others.

2020, which is already an unforgettable year for everyone, will leave an immense mark on the life history of this 56-year-old man who graduated from the Faculty of Medical Sciences of RosarioHe made his residency at the Provincial Hospital and years later he settled in Armstrong, about 100 kilometers from the city.

It was there, when due to an intra-family contagion, during the early days of the pandemic, a sore began to open in him that is already closing, but which he needs to account for in order to reflect on the emotional impact of the disease. Covid-19, which affects the respiratory system, but which can become an almost lethal weapon when it is a reason for discrimination, blaming and violence.

The posters that some neighbors hung to doctors and nurses in the buildings asking them to leave, the escraches on social networks that include even photos of addresses or absolutely personal situations and the attacks on WhatsApp groups had their peak when the first infected people appeared , but they have not fully yielded. And even though Edgardo Monsalvo hastens to clarify that “gratitude is greater than any complaint” and that throughout the process he received great signs of affection and the immeasurable support of the colleagues who attended him in Rosario, the truth is that he had a hard time because he was harassed and criticized for suffering Covid-19. That is why today he wishes that no one else had to tolerate the misery caused by irrationality and fear, because ultimately, the human being usually rejects – and in the worst way – what terrifies him.

Several weeks before the strict quarantine was imposed in Argentina, health workers had begun to internalize the need to prepare and prepare institutions to have everything they need to face a virus that had awakened in China and it was wreaking havoc in Europe.

That he arrived in the country was a matter of weeks or days. The chinstrap and social distancing were just emerging as essential measures to minimize the risk of contagion and although the wave was close, there was still a kind of spring on these sides.

With 30 years as a doctor, working at the Hospital de Cañada de Gómez in the morning and consulting in the afternoon, Edgardo understood the need to commit everything possible to delay or stop the consequences of the epidemic as much as possible, and he joined without doubt it to the emergency committee that was assembled in Armstrong.

The first cases of Covid-19 were just appearing nationwide. A single chance encounter of a few minutes with her daughter’s boyfriend, who is an orthopedic surgeon in a private sanatorium in Rosario, and who contracted the virus although he was asymptomatic, was enough for Edgardo to catch it. The same as his wife, also a doctor, and probably his daughter and his wife’s son, who although they were close contacts and even had symptoms, were never swabbed (but that’s another part of the story).

The quarantine was ordered a few days later. But at this point, this doctor, who decided to immediately isolate himself, like his family, was already dealing with Covid-19 in his body. Of the whole group, he was the one who had the worst time. He lost his sense of smell completely, he had a fever, he felt terrible pain and extreme tiredness, which forced him to be hospitalized. There he needed oxygen (with a mustache), he spent five days in the general ward (two in critical care). He came out with five kilos less and a major weakness.

The hits

“Just as the doctors and nurses who assisted me showed empathy, responsibility for their profession and a love for their patient, there was also the other, because when I was discharged and I returned to my city I could not believe what was happening,” he recalls. .

And what was happening was nothing more than a fierce campaign of attacks against him and his family. They even threatened to set him on fire. They accused him of movements and actions “that were never, ever true, but the accounts were so painstakingly armed that many believed them.”

Even some people who had worked side by side with him in the emergency committee disappeared and did not offer help when he needed it the most, as he mentions.

“When I was in therapy I felt that I had overturned with the car and I was tumbling and tumbling and I didn’t know when it stopped. But the pain of the accusations and that they point that way to you was something totally unexpected that led me to think of leaving the place where I live and have practiced my profession for 30 years. ”

The recuperation

“Medical attention, the intervention of professionals can save you, but love and support are equally important,” says Edgardo, who recalls that one night, while in therapy, one of the nurses at the British Sanitarium, where he was treated, He sat down to accompany him for over an hour. “That was an unforgettable gesture and more than necessary, as was the affection of colleagues, kinesiologists, staff in general, who understand the disease-health process as I understand it: from the scientific point of view, but also from affection, love, and containment, which are as important as attending to the symptom ”.

Edgardo returned to his activities little by little, after several negative swabs and extensive isolation. At the beginning of the 12 or 15 patients I saw daily, only 3 or 4 returned. Fear does not serve reasons and the lack of knowledge about the Covid-19, added to the terror that some neighbors instilled in those who became ill, took their toll. But the pandemic progressed, there was more and more information and awareness that this can happen to anyone and patients began to approach the office again.

“The return was difficult, but fortunately there are many people who never walked away and prioritized love. Without doubt the appreciation is greater than any complaint, “he says.

The doctor has already donated plasma twice for the experimental treatments that are being carried out. These days he received the news that a patient who was ill recovered quickly with the serum that had been taken from him. “When they call me to donate, there I am,” he said with a smile.

“Perhaps donating is a fundamental step to finish healing what still hurts inside,” he added: “The pain that this pandemic brings can be a great raw material to improve as human beings and especially to ask ourselves big questions.”


Enel came with her turbine

At the end of July, the Italian energy holding Enel appealed to Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov and Energy Minister Alexander Novak with a request to soften the conditions for selecting projects to modernize old TPPs. Vedomosti got acquainted with the document. Its authenticity was confirmed by a market source and a federal official.

Since 2019, a state program for the modernization of old thermal power plants has been in effect in the country, estimated at 1.9 trillion rubles. Generation companies submit projects for the modernization of their stations for a competitive selection; a prerequisite for participation is the use of Russian turbines or foreign assembled in the Russian Federation with a high degree of localization. Projects that are approved in this way are entitled to a guaranteed return on investment of 14% per annum through increased payments to consumers. Within the framework of this program, 40 GW of TPP capacities should be modernized in Russia by 2031.


CEC announced a hacker attack from abroad on the website about the Constitution :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Sergey Vedyashkin / AGN “Moscow”

A portal with information on voting on amendments to the Basic Law was attacked from abroad. This was stated by the Central Election Commission (CEC).

“In the morning, DDoS attacks on the Constitution2020.rf website, allegedly from the UK and Singapore, were recorded,” the report said.

Venediktov announced the “equator” of the appearance of online voting on the Constitution

Alexey Venediktov


According to data on the morning of June 28, 903.3 thousand Russians took part in the remote voting, turnout in this form exceeded 77%. In total, 30 million 917 thousand 512 people voted on the amendments.

On June 26, the CEC already recorded a DDoS attack on its website. The commission noted that this did not cause problems and the portal remained operational.


In the US payments coronavirus has received over one million “dead souls” :: Society :: RBC

In the United States because of the rush of recipients of incentive payments were not associated with the database registration of deaths, and as a result of funds received over a million “dead souls”, said the audit chamber of the country

Photo: Drew Angerer / Getty Images

The U.S. government paid more than $1.4 billion “to dead souls” as incentive payments on the background of the pandemic coronavirus, says the report of the accounting chamber.

“According to the main inspector of the Ministry of Finance for taxes, as of April 30, nearly 1.1 million payments in the amount of $1.4 billion was sent to the deceased”, — stated in the document.

The authors noted that the IRS and the Treasury “promptly started paying 160.4 million payments in the amount of $269 billion,” but “experienced difficulties in the delivery of payments to certain individuals and additional risks in respect of payments to those who had no right to receive payments is deceased or fraud.”

The chamber found that because of the rush of recipients of incentive payments were not associated with the database registration of deaths, and the tax office found no legal grounds to refuse compensation to those who filed a tax return in 2018 and 2019, but later died.

For payments to families with children up to 16 years will receive more than 270 billion rubles.

Photo: Komsomolskaya Pravda / Global Look Press

In this regard, the chamber recommended that the US tax service “to consider cost-effective ways of warning” about the way of repayment of payments received in error.

At the end of March the US President, Donald trump has signed the law on allocation of $2 trillion to help the economy of the country because of the virus. This financial aid package was the largest in the history of the country. Funds were allocated for additional funding of the health system, business support and direct payments to Americans.

Citizens with an annual income up to $75 million will receive $1.2 thousand, while families with children by $500 per child. Support is provided for those who have lost their jobs and who cut wages. On loans for small businesses, the U.S. government will direct $367 billion, another $130 billion will go to the hospitals.

According to the Johns Hopkins University, in the United States since the beginning of the pandemic coronavirus infected 2.4 million people. At the same time, the Director of the Center for control and prevention of diseases of the USA Robert Redfield announced that the country may be about 25 million cases, ten times more than official figures. “This virus often causes asymptomatic disease. We’ve identified roughly 10% [от масштабов] outbreak” — he said, reports The Hill.

The spread of the coronavirus Covid-19 in the world

The number of confirmed cases of infection

Source: JHU

Data for the world i

Victoria Polyakova


LADA Granta new generation: independent Published renders

“State employee” may obtain the body frame and the platform from the Renault Logan.

Probable appearance of LADA Granta new generation. Photo: “Lada.Online”

Portal “Lada.Online” has published a new LADA Granta, the independent renderings of the new generation. According to the author of the images, the model can obtain two versions — with the usual LADA Vesta the “x” on the doors without them.

According to the author of the render, the LADA Granta in the new generation will get the platform B0 from Renault Logan, as well as the body shell from the French “state employees”. This version is quite plausible, after all, the Renault Group is the parent company for AVTOVAZ and LADA many models use technologies French.

The transition to the base of the “Logan” will LADA Granta become larger in size, which is a definite plus for cheap cars — budget cars often can not boast of spaciousness in the cabin.

Body length actual Renault Logan is 4346 mm, and “Grants” — 4250 mm.

The version with the doors of the LADA Vesta. Photo: “Lada.Online”

In terms of appearance, the novelty will differ by more acute and aggressive, “x-features” on the front end that will allow the model to become more youth.

Motors new “Grant” can get from “Logan”, because of the line upgrade for VAZ engines no information.
It is expected that the LADA Granta will debut a new generation in 2021, but the official information about the premiere was also not announced.


The manufacturer of the herbicide Roundup will pay $10 billion to American farmers

The German company Bayer will pay more than $10 billion to residents of the U.S. who filed lawsuits against Monsanto due to the potential Carcinogenicity of means from weeds Roundup, the company said. Bayer will allocate from $8.8 to $9.6 billion for a license is filed, another $1.25 billion will be allocated for possible future cases.

The concern will resolve about 95 000 individual lawsuits from gardeners and farmers, 25 000 claims remain outside the scope of the settlement agreement. Sources The New York Times, people familiar with the negotiations, noted that each of filed with the court will receive from $5000 up to $25,000, depending on the severity of the damage to health. “The statement does not imply recognition [Bayer] of responsibility or guilt”, — stated in the message of the company.

Bayer bought Monsanto in June 2018 at this point, the company had filed hundreds of lawsuits over the use of glyphosphate in the herbicide Roundup and its alleged health effects. Consensus about whether glyphosphate cancer, no. The international Agency for research on cancer calls the substance “probably carcinogenic”. Protection Agency environmental (EPA), the United States believes that glyphosate is safe with careful use.


Chanel sales increased by 13% in 2019

Sales Chanel in 2019 increased by 13% relative to the 2018 and amounted to $12.3 billion, indicated in the financial report of the company (“Vedomosti” has read the document). Brand sales crossed the mark of $12 billion for the first time in its history. Operating profit rose 16.6% to $3,49-billion Year went well for all categories of goods, despite the obvious difficulties, such as protests in France and Hong Kong, highlights the financial Director of the brand, Philip Blondie.

Chanel publishes its financial report for the third time in its history. For the first time the legendary brand with 111 years of history, has published financial data in 2018 Then it became known that Chanel, with its turnover of $9,62 billion ‒ second sales fashion luxury brand after Louis Vuitton (part of LVMH group). This position Chanel holds now.

2019 first for the company after the death of fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, who served as creative Director of Chanel since 1983 (Lagerfeld, died in February 2019). By decision of the General Director and one of the owners of Chanel Wertheimer Alan chief designer of the brand was Virginia VIAR, who worked side by side with Lagerfeld since the mid-1980s. All 2019 one of the main issues within the industry was whether VIAR to support the interest of clients at the same level as in the Lagerfeld. In the published report does not include sales figures of each of the departments of stamps (three of them: “Fashion”, “Cosmetics and fragrances” and “Watches and jewelry”), but clarifies that the division of the “Fashion” show “outstanding results, reaching double-digit growth in all regions and in all product lines”. According to Reuters, the sales growth of the apparel and accessories category pret-a-porter accounted for 28%.

But despite the steady growth that the company shows for many years, the effects of coronavirus strike indicators is very strong and can be felt until the end of 2021, but I don’t know Blondie. Most of the stores and manufactories of the brand remained closed for about two months in almost all countries, said in an interview with “Vedomosti” the President of the division, “Fashion” Bruno Pawlowski. Boutiques continued to work only in South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong, although there is due associated with coronavirus restrictions were reduced hours of work. Now opened about 85% of the brand’s shops and sales in China since the opening of boutiques in March rose more than 100%, said Blondie in an interview with Reuters. According to him, sales have started to grow in the boutiques of Paris, Milan and Berlin. But still closed duty-free shops at the airports, whose contribution to the economy of the company was significant.

However, the company will try by the end of 2020, to make a profit. This Chanel reduces the cost of promotion and promotion of more than a quarter, to cut production and cancel or transformerait part of the activities ‒ for example, replace some of the shows of new collections online broadcasts (but the major shows of the brand still hopes to conduct a live, insisted Pawlowski). In addition, the payment of dividends declined brand owners, brothers Alan and Gerard Wertheimer. Also in Chanel clarifies that personnel costs will not be reduced, and state subsidies for reimbursement of the salary Fund the company refused.


Vucic announced the victory of the ruling party in the parliamentary elections :: Policy :: RBC

According to preliminary estimates, election Commission of Serbia, the President’s party has gained more than 63% of the vote. The Parliament’s 250 seats. During the previous elections of SPP supported almost 50% of voters

Aleksandar Vucic

(Photo: Darko Vojinovic / AP)

The President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic announced the victory of the ruling Serbian progressive party (SNS) election Assembly (Parliament) on 21 June. It is reported by local newspaper “Evening news”.

“Tonight we won the trust of the people, the biggest in the history of Serbia, in the conditions when few people believed in it. We got a big warning people that must be even more responsible and diligent,” said Vucic in the electoral headquarters of the party.

According to him, the victory of the party is “impressive and compelling”.

According to the preliminary data of the electoral Commission of Serbia, the party of SPP is gaining 63,35% of the vote. Followed by the socialist party of Serbia with a score of 10.62%. On the third place of the Serbian radical party with a score of 1.58%.

In Serbia, demonstrations of supporters and opponents Vucic. Video

In the Serbian Parliament with 250 seats, for seats of deputies who are elected for four years, fought in 21 block. The previous vote was to be held in 2018, however, the then President Tomislav Nikolic dissolved Parliament and called early elections. Vucic then the party got almost 50% of the votes. The leader of the SPP became President in August 2017.


Domogarov explained his post Yefremov :: Society :: RBC

Alexander Domogarov

(Photo: Anton Kardashov / AGN “Moscow”)

Actor Alexander Domogarov explained that his post about the situation with Mikhail Efremov, he devoted not a “tragedy” of the actor, and the comments from the envious, and called for an end to the persecution. The actor wrote in Instagram, reports “RIA Novosti”.

“People, stop… Stop baiting! Michael will be punished! But not yours!” — said the actor. He noted that Ephraim now want to “crush to dust” those who had said nothing about him or applauded him.

According to Domogarova, people “envy hoarded poison.”

Nikita Efremov wished the father is worthy to take the punishment for the accident

Nikita Efremov

Earlier Domogarov wrote in Instagram that “a terrible disaster that happened to Ephraim, showed the attitude of society and has become a litmus test. The artist pointed out that Efremov really guilty, but his court to judge, not people. “And you’re condemning, not drinking, not throwing wives have always lived with one wife, no cheating, no friends or girlfriends?”, — wrote Domogarov and urged them not to come to their performances.


How to get a discount when making car insurance

Drivers who have not violated traffic rules and was not involved in an accident, you can count on preferential terms.

Photo: the insurance policy, source:

The introduction in Russia of a regime of self-isolation, which significantly impact on people’s lives, has led to a drop in demand for new and used vehicles. In turn, this phenomenon has led to lower demand for CTP policies and hull, which in the foreseeable future, may decrease the cost of the insurance certificate for motorists, annually insuring their vehicles.

Experts portal Naavtotrasse told how to get a discount when applying for insurance on the car. According to analysts, in case of extension of validity of the insurance policy motorist benefits in the amount of from 5 to 15% of the cost of the hull. The discount is provided only for those drivers that do not violate the regime of isolation and did not commit an accident in this period of time. Such measures will allow insurance companies to retain customer loyalty.

As noted by the experts Naavttotrasse, other countries invented different approach to addressing this question. Foreign authorities suggested motorists to get the money back that they spent on the issue of insurance. But the representatives of the Central Bank emphasize that the Russians can not wait for such benefits, as the country does not exist the necessary conditions, so motorists will have to settle for the discounts offered by insurance companies.

Photo: Hyundai, source: Hyundai

The police said that in the first days of the regime of self-isolation decreased significantly the number of accidents, but after the lifting of restrictive measures the drivers again began to violate traffic rules. This in turn can cause failure to discount the issue of insurance to individuals who are guilty of committing a traffic accident or other traffic violations.